Saturday, July 25, 2015

FF: Kuch Mere Dil Ne Kaha Part 21

Ram and Priya sharing some sweet moments before they go their separate paths. 
 Ram apologizes to Priya for everything that he has done after realizing that Priya was the reason that his dada-ji is still alive today. It's obvious he loves his dada-ji a lot. Sudhir overhears Ram's apology and is now aware of how Ram has been treating Priya. She had initially lied to him and said that she willingly married Ram. Sudhir is infuriated. But before he could do anything Ram's dadi and dada-ji intervene. Dada-ji health is still not at its best so Ram and Sudhir both assist him to the living room forcing him to rest. 

Part 21

She couldn't agree more with his words. He was right for a change. Nothing was nearly as beautiful or magical like each time they came together. Now! This moment and each second it contained was a definition of bliss, a euphoric sea of pleasure.  Curling her bottom lip Priya tugged it shyly observing Ram's unfocused gaze wandering the length of her body in search of a place to begin. Sensing the desire in her changed expression, Ram whispered against the arch up the side of her neck. " This time... Let's try something different." The warmth of his breath was tantalizing causing her grip on reality to nearly slip through her delicate fingers. She whimpered softly being stripped of the heat from his body as he got up suddenly. Priya opened her eyes and scanned the room for Ram who was nowhere in sight. She sat up in bed brushing aside a strand of hair from her face. Her eyebrows bunched in curiosity watching Ram as he marched out of the closet with a tie in each hand and a naughty grin outlined on his delectable lips. Putting two and two together Priya quickly guessed his intentions. Her jaw hung in shock as a strangely tempting thought bounced anxiously in her mind. "Is Ram going to use that...No, no, no... He wouldn't... He doesn't have it in him... Does he?" Priya gulped nervously as he approached her with his trappings in hand. She sat there frozen, hypnotized by his intent. The spell that he had cast on her without an ounce of effort could only be shattered by his touch alone. Holding her right hand Ram wrapped a blue tie around her petit wrist tying a loose knot to secure it in place. "Ram you can't be serious." She finally piped up, sounding not the least bit convincing in her attempt at an objection. Staring deep into the depths of her dark brown eyes Ram stated in his firm, I mean business' tone.  "I have never been anything but serious. You of all people should know this very well." His voice was so manly; it possessed an insanely intense and erotic effect on its own. A rush of pleasure cascaded down the pit of her stomach in feverish anticipation of his next move. As Ram finished knotting the second tie around her left wrist he seized her lips in a frantic kiss coaxing her tongue into a dance of passion with much ease. Ram was surprised by her sense of urgency. An intense rush of warmth surged through his body. She felt the outline of his stiff presence between her legs; mind numbingly hot and extremely hard. 
Tugging the loose ends of each tie Ram pulled Priya to her feet. The desire to be within her grew as quickly as he did. Therefore, there wasn't much technique in the way Ram undressed Priya. It was simply an urgent weave of his fingers through the layers of her saree working down to his ultimate prize, her bare body.
"Lie down." He ordered in complete control.
Having no other option with Ram guiding her backwards, Priya did as she was told. Sliding his palms up the side of her arms Ram knotted the loose ends of each tie to the brass columns of the rustic headboard. "Now the fun begins," He whispered against the raised skin on her neck before planting a trail of wet kisses down the length of her arm. Caressing every inch of her face sporadically with his soft, warm lips Ram continued on his downward path. Priya arched her back off the mattress unraveling beneath him as he nuzzled her neck. "Ram." She uttered in a moan, which lacked the composure of her otherwise boisterous tone. She wriggled beneath him in an attempt to contain the overflow of sensations evoked by the circular play of his tongue on her perked buds. Intrinsically, Priya tried to move her hands towards his head so that her fingers could run freely through his lush dark hair. Not getting very far in her attempt Priya met resistance recalling her bonded state.
"Ram, untie me please." Her pleading was music to his ears.
 "Not a chance." He stated before slowly tracing a vertical line down the length of her stomach with the tip of his hot, wet tongue. Any speck of composure had been shrugged aside the moment his warm breath kissed the heated flesh between her legs. And the reigns of reality, which she had so carefully contained in her possession suddenly, ceased to exist all together.

Sudhir stood with his back to the living room, arms crossed and eyes fixed on Ram. Having assisted his Dada-ji to sit with his feet up in the recliner sofa chair, Ram immediately made his way out to the back patio. With one hand in his pocket and the other pressing his phone to his ear, Ram marched on the hot mosaic cut cement floor of the deck, focused on his conversation with the MD.
"What's running through your mind Sudhir?" Dada-ji questioned, shattering the silence in the room.
"How can the apple fall so far from the tree?" Sudhir replied, turning to face the elderly man whom he respected.
"Come sit." Dada-ji invited.
"I'd rather stand." Sudhir declined.
Dada-ji couldn't help but chuckle at the irony. Sudhir was just as stubborn as Ram.
"The apple has fallen right where it belongs." Dada-ji mumbled a tickling fact.
"What?" Sudhir asked appearing genuinely confused.
"Nothing." Feeling relaxed in the rare presence of his loved ones Dada-ji stretched out more comfortably in his seat. "Sudhir, I told Ram to do what he has done. It was my plan. I wanted Jeet's daughter to finish what he had started. There was no one else I could trust. But I had no idea that Ram would behave the way that he did towards Priya. Don't worry Sudhir. I will talk to him and I ensure you that he will listen."
"I'm afraid that that's not going to cut it. Ram is reckless and arrogant. Even if he had come to me and asked for permission, I would have never agreed with this plan. Priya is way to innocent and a man like him knows exactly how to take advantage of that."
"Sudhir, my son. Remember how this all happened? How we got here? Whom we're doing this all for?"
Sudhir turned his back to the living room once more. Only this time he did it to save face and to shelter his guilt. "How can I forget? I always felt responsible for Jeet's death. Even until this day I haven't found the courage to look Priya in the eyes and confess to what I have done. It's a curse to carry this burden and a blessing to have a daughter like Priya. Uncle I am so afraid of losing her. But when she finds out, I can't stop her from hating me."
"What is it Papa?" Priya's voice rose from behind him, catapulting him off his track.  Sudhir gulped and slowly turned to face his daughter, knowing the time had come to do what he dreaded doing for years.  Priya had been in the kitchen with Ram's Dadi helping her make tea and snacks. Sudhir should have really been more careful but perhaps it was time Priya found out. Placing the tray she was holding, on the coffee table in front of her Priya walked towards her Papa. She was so anxious for an answer that she seemed oblivious to the loud slam of the back door as Ram came into the house. "What is the big secret? Why is everyone hiding things from me? Why do I have to figure out the truth in bits and pieces? Everyone knows, everyone but me. Don't I have the right to know what's really going on?"

Ram was her warrior of love, an expert one at that. Perhaps that's why Priya always found it hard to refuse him. He moved back up the path of kisses, which he had created, a grin of satisfaction curled on his glistening lips, evidence of her desire for him. His knees dug into the mattress on either side of her hips, continuing the theme of entrapment. Tugging his tie Ram threw it to the floor. She watched enviously as he began unbuttoning, working slowly down his shirt until it was off his back. "Not fair." She voiced her displeasure.
"Is there a problem?" He questioned mischievously even though he knew exactly what she wanted.
"That's my job." She blurted out in a soft whine.
"I notice that you're a bit tied up" Ram teased concealing his grin. "So I thought I'd give you a hand."
Priya pouted expressing her annoyance. "Raaammm!"
In response, he leaned down for a kiss and devoured her frowning lips. Distracted by the twirl of his tongue in her mouth, Priya's complaint was quickly lost in the sounds of her pleasure, an appreciation of his actions. Gasping for air in between the play of their lips Priya heard a faint sound as Ram unzipped his pants. Kicking off the last shred of his clothes, she felt him between her, no barrier, just heated flesh craving to come together. Unable to hold back any longer, Ram sheathed himself within her. Priya was caught off guard by his roughness, his pace, his desperation. Although her body screamed in satisfaction, there was still that unfulfilled desire to touch him, an ache of sorts within her for which Ram was the only remedy. Freeing her lips, Ram slid his mouth down the arch of her neck, nibbling and sucking gently at her flesh, teasing her with the subtle sting.
"Ram..." She asked, finding the words amidst her airy sighs. "Why?" Slowing down his pace to a sensual grind, Ram questioned in a whisper against her ears, dropping a kiss as he finished, craving to hear her intentions. "I want to wrap my arms around you. Feel your heartbeat as it kisses my palms through your chest. I want to run my fingers through your hair, down the length of your back, feel you as you move within me." Priya spoke in desperation aching to feel him inside and out. "Enough of this torture baby, I want to feel you love me." She groaned as he took her lips captive in a rough tug of war, a battle to hold the throne in the realm of passion. He felt her lips curl into a smile, as he finally obliged, setting her hands loose from the bind of his tie. Now they were on even playing grounds. It was now her turn to return his favours. Pinning her hands to the mattress he regained control, drinking in the passion that was pooled in her eyes. Gasping for air there was no hiding their exhaustion but there was no time to address it because in this moment that they had held captive, fulfilling the need for one another was the only thing of any importance. They rode the waves of passion as high as it took them before crashing into a sea of ecstasy, an overflow of emotions. The laughter, the tears, the teasing all lead to one conclusion, Ram and Priya were soul mates. Destiny was what brought them together making them cross paths so they could stumble on a crazy, addictive kind of love. One that mimed the likes of lust but was so much more than anything that anyone could ever imagine.

Priya listened quietly with a dagger on her heart. She was desperate for the truth knowing very well that its bitterness could eliminate any sweetness in her life and forbid it from ever entering again. Her identity, the very source of her being, could be slaughtered in one swing of that same dagger, but she needed to know.
"Priya, beta. I don't know how to tell you this." Sudhir cradled both her hands in his as if to lighten the blow.
"Just tell me Papa." She demanded anxiously. "I can handle it." That statement was consolation for her own ears, more than anyone else's in the room.
Clearing his throat Sudhir slowly began revealing the truth, which he had safeguarded in a dark corner of his heart, rusting for many years. "Your parents weren't killed an accident beta. They were..." He paused... "They were murdered. And it's all my fault."
Shattering into a million pieces he finally said it. An undeserving lightness prevailed in his heart as the burden was finally lifted off of it. Ram was just as shocked as Priya. When she had told him that her parents had passed away in a car accident, Ram didn't bother probing any further. He was stunned with an overwhelming sense of sadness, a sense of guilt for the way that he had treated her.
"But you told me the car accident. And. And. Promising my father to take care of me... What was all that? It just doesn't make sense." Her mind was in a haze. She felt many things in that disheartening moment with confusion and betrayal being at the top of the list of emotions.  
"Priya, beta come lets have a seat and I will explain everything." Sudhir tried to guide her to the sofa but she pulled her hands back and out of reach.
"Why did you say it was all your fault?" Her questions were just as scattered as the thoughts chasing around in her head. She didn't want to cry but without warning a stream of tears pooled in her eyes, muddling her gaze. How was she to react if Sudhir had a hand in her parents demise? She gave him the place of her father. He lied to her about the accident, all those years. Does she even know this man she has been calling Papa? A plethora of thoughts flooded her mind enticing her sanity to snap. Daring her to lose it. She felt weak in her knees and the silence wasn't making the situation any better. "I need answers, dammit." She shrieked feeling the heat of her rage engulf her in its flames. Sudhir's head hung low in shame. He seemed unable to muster up even an ounce of courage to speak. This was his worst nightmare and it was playing right in front of his eyes. This time there was no waking up from it.
Noticing Priya's staggering gait, Ram rushed to her side just in time for her to fall back on him. "Priya!" He called her name aloud forcing Sudhir to finally look up. Clutching her head Priya continued mumbling, "I need answers. I want to know. I need..." as Ram carried her in his arms to the couch. Laying her down delicately he sat on the floor on his knees, slouching over her limp body and splashing drops of water on her face with his fingertips. "Priya, wake up. Please, Priya. Utho na." There was an intense urge in his heart to protect her. He had never wanted to do so much for someone like he did in that moment for Priya. It was a strange feeling like no other but he definitely felt it for her, for the first time, in that moment. It wasn't pity, it was something stronger then that. However, there was no time to dissect it or even to make sense of it. Right now he needed to know that she was going to be okay.

Ram woke up in a panic from his nap. "What time is it?" He sat up in bed and mumbled to himself. Scouring the dimly lit room in search of his phone his gaze froze as it landed on his sleeping beauty.  Ram couldn't help but grin to himself thinking about how lucky he was to have found a soulmate like Priya. Her eyebrows were scrunched slightly, it seemed as though his sudden movement had annoyed her. Smirking mischievously Ram decided to tease her further. Cuddling up beside her Ram pecked her forehead and then her eyes, her nose and finally her lush, warm lips.  "Wake up my darling," He whispered against her ear, kissing down the side of her neck, slowly, taking his time.
"Sone do na Ram. I'm tired." She stated drowsily.
"But I'm not."
"Please..." She pleaded frowning cutely, "5 more minutes, that's all."
Kissing her body sporadically Ram whispered, "Priya?"
"hmmm." She answered softly with a smile, enjoying the tickle of his lips against her skin.
"Why don't we make this a permanent thing? I can talk to your father. We can work something out. Legally we're already married. Why not tell our parents how we feel for each other? How we happened to fall in love?"
Ram watched as the smile disappeared from her lips immediately. Opening her eyes Priya examined the desperation on his face. "We've been through this Ram. It's not possible."
Ram sat up and Priya followed. "Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to stay away from you? Two weeks here and there is just not enough."
"It's hard for me too Ram." She replied sharply, pulling the bedsheets over her breasts.
"Really because it doesn't seem like you're bothered by it. You're not even willing to try."
"I told you Ram. My father doesn't like you one bit.  You know this already. He has a thing against rich people. He says they're all spoiled. As far as he's concerned this marriage was just part of a plan and now that sheena is in jail there is nothing between us."  
"I can show him like I showed you that I am not like that. I used to be that spoiled brat. But I'm not anymore. You bring out the best in me Priya." He watched her anxiously as she got up and grabbed his shirt off the floor, her go-to clothing after they have made love.
"Please Ram try and understand." Buttoning up his shirt she attempted to change the topic like she always did whenever he presented her with this issue. "Why don't we go out and enjoy the rest of the day? We still have plenty of time together. I don't want to waste it fighting over little things." Any other day he would have let the issue pass but this time he was not only hurt by her lack of effort but more so by her complete disregard for the future of their relationship. 
"This isn't a little thing dammit." He got up and walked towards her, dressed solely in his boxers. Pressing her for an explanation he reiterated his question, "Why can't we try Priya? I want to spend every day for the rest of my life with you. Why aren't you even giving this option a second thought? I know you're just as crazy for me as I am for you. So why not Priya? Why not give us a chance?"
"Because I don't want to have to choose between my father and you? I love you both. Why don't you just understand that?" She shouted.
There was a moment of painful silence between them before Ram gathered his courage and asked, "And if you had to choose who would it be?"
"Ram..." She shook her head. "Why are you doing this? Please... Just give it a rest."
"Because I need to know. And you know what Priya? You finally answered my question."
With the last nail in the coffin, Ram walked past her with his heart in a million pieces scattered all over the creamy beige marble floor. Slumping down on the bed Priya fisted the bedsheets and shut her eyes tightly. He had left her stuck between a rock and a hard place. "I choose you Ram... Always... in a heartbeat...But how ungrateful would I be if I abandoned my family at a time when they need me the most?" She sobbed in silence while he stood in the bathroom, leaning over the sink, enraged and unsure of what to make of her resistance. "Does she not love me... Of course she does... Then what is all this? Why is she doing this?" He paused slamming his fist down hard against the sink in frustration. "Enough, Priya! This time you have to choose! If you don't want your father to know about us, then you have to choose." He charged out of the bathroom and towards her, aiming to put his foot down on this matter once and for all. Even if her decision would kill him, he needed her to choose.