Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 27


Ram woke up with a huge smile on his face, he felt relaxed and elated thinking about the events that occurred last night. He stretched his arm to grab Priya and pull her close to him but was greeted by cold bed sheets.  Opening his eyes slightly he saw that Priya was not there. A bit nervous he opened his eyes and sat up in bed looking around and calling, "Priya". He wondered whether it was too good to be true, was last night just a dream? ... His eyes fell upon a piece of paper positioned on Priya's pillow. Picking it up he read, "Good Morning my handsome golu! Sorry I had to leave early, Neha needs me. Order some breakfast and relax. After last night you might be all out of energy … I know I should have woke you up but you looked so peaceful while you were sleeping. Anyways, I have a surprise for you in the kitchen. Indulge my darling, but only for today. P.S. I love you Mr… (sorry :P ) Ram!
Ram got up off the bed to check what the surprise was in the kitchen, he quickly put on a robe and headed to the kitchen where he saw the dining table set up with his favourite, Alloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, butter, and her favourite fruits and orange juice. He smiled, "yeh Priya bhi na! so sweet" He went to the table and sat down on the chair and took a paratha and ate it and than he took another one and another one calling out "priya if you're here I am eating another one" All ram heard was an echo in the empty kitchen. Don't know why in his heart he believed that Priya was still around in the hotel and that she was playing a trick on him. Ram: "okay! I am going to put extra butter on it"  He goes to grab the spoon and pours butter all over the paratha and than he goes and grabs another spoonful but someone grabbed his hand from behind. He dropped the spoon, smiled Description: mileand grabbed the hand that stopped him. Held it close to his mouth and said, " this was one of ur tricks hai na? And now for ur punishment!" He was about to kiss Priya hands passionately when he heard.
"PUNISHMENT?! Maine kya kia Ram?"
This voice didn't belong to Priya , he let go of the hand and turned around to see Vikram standing there confused and nervous. He gets up from the chair and fixes his robe making sure that everything is covered.
Ram: vikram... tum yahaan?
Vikram: yeah now I feel like I made a mistake by coming here, tum mujhe saazaa denay chate ho!
Ram: no woh... Kya yaar, what's going on? Priya said that neha needed her and when I woke up she was gone. And now you are here. What the hell is going on?
Vikram: tells Ram that Neha and him had a BIG fight and as a result he left the house to clear his mind and think for a while. Neha had called Priya on Ram's cell. When he was leaving his house, he bumped into Priya who told him where Ram was and so he came to see him. Ram tried to support his friend and asked him what the fight was over and Vikram told him that it was because he was working long hours and not spending time with Neha and the kids. Ram agreed with Neha and told Vikram that he should give his wife more time and that she should come first. Vikram says, "ram who's side are you on? I came here for support from my friend but instead of supporting me you are telling me that Neha is right. I am going from here." Ram stops Vikram from leaving and tells him that it's not like that. He says that they will solve the problem together but first he has to shower and get ready.
Ram goes in his room while Vikram is in the living room. when he gets in the room he calls Priya's cell but there is no response, it goes directly to voicemail. He begins to dial again a bit angry. Here he is dying to hear her voice and she does not care. Before he finishes dialing her number it hits him that yesterday he threw Priya's phone and so it must be broken. Cursing his fate, he goes to take a shower and gets ready. When he comes out of the room all ready to patch things up between Neha and Vikram and see his beautiful wife, he sees Vikram sitting on the sofa watching a cricket match. Ram tells Vikram that they should get going but Vikram insists that once he finishes the match he will go. So Ram sits down and watches the match but his mind is constantly thinking about Priya. He had just re-united with her and now once again they are separated. He was unable to bear even a second of separation.  
Vikram: Ram order some drinks
Ram: Aren't you missing your wife?
Vikram: no not right now. Right now I am only focusing on the cricket match. It's so interesting! Please let's not talk about her right now, I will deal with the tension between us later. I have had such a rough day atleast let me enjoy the match yaar. 
Ram: okay but atleast call her once.
Vikram: I've tried but she is not answering my calls.
Ram: Theek hain. I will call. (he calls but there is no answer)
Vikram: see I told you that she won't answer. Just leave her, give her some time to cool down than I will call her. Acha Ram order the drinks.
Ram orders drinks for them and slowly he begins to loosen up and enjoy the match. After all he is a guy at the end of the day, a guy who loves cricket. Just like this they spend the day together. Enjoying each other's company. They ordered food, talked, shared jokes and drank. Ram kept reminding Vikram to call Neha so that he could also talk to Priya but Vikram said that she can call him also. She also fought with him and Vikram was working long hours for her and the kids. So they waited… and waited… and than finally the call that they were both anxiously waiting for came.
Vikram: (a little scared) hello?
Priya: hi Vikram! If you and your dost are done enjoying alone time and discussing the good times you had during your bachelor days than Neha is waiting downstairs for you.
Vikram: Priya, you guys are here?
Ram: (to Vikram)  yaar mujhe baat karna hain Priya se. (vikram signals him to be quite and puts the phone on speaker)
Priya: of course we are downstairs we had no choice. Now the whole day Neha waited for you to come home and of course you never came so we had to come. Vikram how can you be so insensitive. I knew Ram was insensitive but you were sensible.
Vikram: (mouths sorry to Ram before he continues) Haan Priya tell Neha I missed her a lot. Just Ram wanted to watch a cricket match so we got busy in that.
Ram: (freaks out) what??!
Vikram: says hurriedly okay Priya bye we are coming downstairs.
Ram: charges at Vikram. Vikram tujhe toh main… App ke wajai se ab mere biwi bhi mujshe naraz hain. Let's go now I have to persuade her.
They reach downstairs but they see no one waiting in the reception area. Ram's eyes are searching for Priya.
Vikram: they said they would be down here. Let me text Neha. He texts Neha and receives a reply. He tells Ram to follow him. Ram follows nervously (still angry at Vikram) thinking oh no Priya is mad at me. They open the door and enter into a room, the lights are all out. The door closes behind them and all they see is darkness.
Ram breaks the silence: Priya?? Vikram yahan toh koi nahin hain. Are you sure this is the right room? His answer is greeted with silence. Ram: Vikram?, Priya? Neha? Koi hai?
Suddenly the light turns on. And his eyes meet a crowd of people. Amongst them were Vikram, Neha, Priya, the Sharmas and the Kapoors. They all yell out SURPRISE!!!

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