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Kismat Ka Khel Part 24

Part 24
She dragged her feet to get ready sitting on the stool in front of her dresser trying to achieve some resemblance of normalcy in the chaos that unfolded around her. This was a mission for Priya that she was on for 2 hours since Ram had left angrily. Her tears mingled with her eyeliner creating black streaks on their journey down her cheeks; continually flowing, the black line of tears took orders from the sorrow in her heart that refused to be sidelined. She ran to the bathroom to wash her face, the cool water splashed against her skin roughly as if it were punishing her by neglecting her of its traditional refreshing and calm effect. Patting her face dry with a towel, that would once softly kiss her skin, she returned to the room unsure of what to do next. The knock on the door was just the distraction that she needed to take her mind off the sorrow and guilt stirring in her heart. She opened the door as enthusiastically as she could, an attempt that was as pathetic as her anger towards Ram. Ram? Maybe its him! she thought as she began unbolting the door faster but the theme since Ram had left in the morning was disappointment and this expectation was no exception.
Neha: How are you Priya?
Priya loved Neha but right now she only wanted to see Ram. She tuned away from the door and walked into the room.
Rahul: oww mom, that hurts.
Priya turned around to see Neha pinching Rahuls ear in between her index finger and thumb.
Priya (in shock): Neha what are you doing? Why are you hurting him? Leave him (she walks towards them)
Neha (she stuck out her hand): nahi Priya don't stop me. This Saitaan deserves this (she pinched tighter)
Rahul (in pain): eee owww MOM okay okay I made a mistake but I learned from you and dad.
Neha (now startled, she lets go of his ear): what??
Rahul (he moves away from his moms grasp and rubs his ear as he talks): When we were younger you got Priya aunty drunk to bring her and Ram uncle closer hay na?
Neha leaps towards Rahul to grab him again but priya stands in the way and Rahul cleverly takes shelter behind her.
Priya: Neha! Enough! Tell me what is going on waise bhi I have this killer headache and now all this Please yaar just tell me
Neha: I wont tell you anything. This baatameez will tell you Bolo Saitaan what did you do last night?
Priya stares intently at Rahul while Neha gives him an evil glare.
Rahul: ummm Priya aunty last night I told the waiter that you wanted a drink and you gulped down the first one, I told him you wanted another one and another one (Priya expression changes from calm to angry, Rahul swallows hard and tries to justify why what he did should be forgiven) Priya aunty honestly I just wanted you and Ram uncle to be a happy couple like you were before when we were younger and I did not know that you would get so wasted
Priya (looks at Neha): yeh bikul na apki taara hain (looks at Rahul who was rubbing his ear, which was still paining but stops immediately when Priya looks at him) What was the need for all this Rahul?
Neha (interrupts): I will tell you why he wanted to impress his girlfriend. Koi Cady Wady naam hai uski Woh actually (she begins to explain proudly) I finally hacked into his laptop and read the email he sent her last night He attached the video of Ram apologizing to you last night and than the two of you hugging, which by the way was soo sweet (Priya glares at her angrily) yes and uhh also he wrote something filmy like Cady Ram uncle and Priya aunty have become one again so why should we delay ;) Bikul apna dad ke taara flirt kar raha tha uss email mein
Priya: oh god aur mein ne socha ki Ram nay yeh saab kuch kiya
Neha: Nahi Priyafatty was actually very cool about everything. The way he covered for you last night hats off to him everybody thought you spilled juice on your outfit and nobody even knew that you were drunk and had vomited all over him and yourself (priyas mouth opens in shock) I mean it was obvious that you were angry but Ram handled you so nicely and in a way what Rahul did helped lighten the evening But Rahul what you did was very bad, think what would have happened if Priya aunty got hurt
Rahul (apologetically): I know mom I am sorry. And Priya Aunty I am also sorry for all this mess
Priya: its okay whats done is done, just dont do it again okay?
Rahul: yes! Promise! Uhh mom can I go now?
Neha: yes go and tell dad that I will be spending the day with Priya and to pick me up in the evening when he comes back from the office
Rahul leaves nodding in agreement. Neha diverts her attention to Priya who went to sit on the bed, her eyes becoming watery again. The guilt from the fact that her accusation was false built up in her mind like a burden that she couldnt shrug off.
Neha (went and sat next to her): Priya it okay na? It happens!
Priya: no its not okay Neha (she explains the quarrel that took place in the morning and begins sobbing uncontrollably resting her head on Nehas shoulder.)
Neha (pats her head trying to calm her down): Priya you have made a big mistake. I understand what Ram might be going through, he worked so hard putting together that welcome back party for you last night and than all thisBut dont worry Ram loves you a lot and he will forget everything if you just call and apologize
Priya dials Rams number but her call goes directly to voicemail
Priya (in between sobs): he he didnt answer Neha have I broken everything beyond repair
Neha: no Priya it doesnt happen like that feelings dont change so drastically overnight. (Neha pulled out Rahuls phone from her pocket, she had confiscated his phone and laptop as punishment She showed Priya the video from last night of Ram apologizing and professing his love in front of everyone.) See Priya fatty loves you a lot so dont think such futile thoughts. So what if he is not answering his phone, maybe hes busy. Vikram was telling me about a very important deal that they have to seal today so shaayad he is busy with that But dont worry, he will be home and than you can talk to him personally. Actually you no what? Its good that he didnt answer his phone. Sorrys and I love yous are best said in person and you my dear have to say both In the meantime, I have an idea Lets cook all of Rams favourite dishes, that way you can surprise him when he comes home from a hard day of work
Priya: Neha the last time I did that he yelled at me are you sure this is going to work?
Neha: off course yaar and last time was differentI am sure it will work, you know what they say, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.
Although Priya spent most of the day in the kitchen, the hours shed faster than waiting for the man of the hour to show up. His expression in reaction to her surprise played out in a variety of ways in her mind. With the food laid out on the table and the carefree ticking of the clock, priyas eyes remained fixed on the door.
Priya (thinking out loud): Kaamal hain!! Its 7pm and Ram is not home yet. (She looks at her phone) and hes not even answering my calls. Looks like hes very angry.
She was sitting on the sofa, lost in her thoughts, fiddling with her dupatta when she felt someones hand squeeze her shoulder. Snapping out of her thoughts, she turned around to see Krishna and Dadi standing behind her
Krishna: Priya now how much longer will you wait? We are going to eat, please join us. Vikram said Ram would be late tonight because of the Mittals deal that he is working on. Please yeh Zid chor doh. Ram will understand, especially since he knows that your health is unwell
Dadi: haan Priya puttar, golu ka aur intezar maat kijiye come and eat with us
Priya is overwhelmed with guilt. If only Krishna and Dadi knew the real reason behind his delay. Priya was almost certain that Ram was avoiding her and why wouldnt he? She had hurt him so badly and maybe that is why he is not answering her phone calls.
Priya (she got up): Dadi Ma maybe you are right Ram would want me to eat but the truth is I am really not hungry. Moreover I dont want him to eat by himself. We will eat together
Krishna and Dadi just shook their heads from side to side; there was no other option but to give in to her stubbornness
Priya (forced her lips to curl up into a smile): Chalo Ma and Dadi, I will come to the dining table with you and serve Pihu and Kush (she screamed from the base of the stairs) PIHU, KUSH, COME DOWNSTAIRS ITS DINNERTIME
The two of them happily ditched their homework and rushed down the stairs sitting in their designated seats by the dining table Their hurriedness lightened the room, an effect that they were completely oblivious too
Pihu: Mumma mujhe aloo ke parata chaiye
Kush: mujhe bhi
Priya: ekk minute, Pihu, Kush did you two wash your hands?
They looked at each other and than back at Priya who stood with her hands resting on her hips knowing exactly what their answer will be.
Kush: oops
Pihu: sorry
Priya: koi baat nahi, you can still go and wash it (they ran to the washroom)
When Kush and Pihu returned Priya was laying out their plates.
Pihu: mumma!!!
Priya turned around to see Pihu and Kush standing with their palms stuck out and a big grin plastered across their cute faces. Kneeling down Priya pretended to analyze their palms for any germs and after about 5 seconds she said,
Priya: Wow good job!! All the little germs have run away, now you guys can eat.
Pihu (screamed): yay!!
Pihu ran to her seat while Priya watched chuckling and thinking, Bikul Ram pe gayi hain. Eating is her hobby She turned her gaze to Kush who stood there looking at the ground, something was obviously eating at him.
Priya: Kush? (he looked up at the sound of her voice) What happened? (everyone stopped what they were doing and watched him)
Kush: nothingBuss I wish that my mumma loved me the way that you love Pihu and I
He looked down as a tear squeezed out of his little eyes and hit the ground shattering into several tiny droplets. Priyas eyes moistened along with everyone elses in the room, she hooked her index finger and lifted his chin up With no words to replace his agony and express her sorrow she simply wiped his moist cheeks with the palm of her hand and pulled him into her warm embrace. She kissed him on his cheeks several times while still holding on to him tightly Pihu stepped down from her seat and tapped Priya on the shoulder to get her attention but she was unsuccessful.
Pihu (tapping her shoulder repeatedly she said): Mumma Mummma
Priya completed the hug, still holding on to Kush she looked at Pihu and asked,
Priya: Kya Pihu what is it baachi?
Pihu: I cant eat with all this sadness around me Mumma so I have a solution
Priya: kya?
Pihu stood in front of Kush who turned to look at her Pihu wiped his tears
Pihu: Kush, please dont cry dekho I have the perfect solution our papas are the same right? (he nodded in agreement and sniffled) I am your sister right? (again he nodded in agreement) so its simple than!!! (she snapped her finger excitedly and tilted her head to the side slightly as she declared proudly) My mumma is also your mumma!! (she looks at Priya) right Mumma??
Pihus unselfish input left Priyas heart overjoyed as she inwardly thanked god a million times for blessing her with this moment.
Priya: Kush, Pihu is right! You were always my son and I love you just as much as I love Pihu So no more crying because this mumma (she points to herself) loves you sooooo much (he keeps looking down) Kush? Mumma ke baat mano gai?
Kush: (he slowly lifted his head up. His frown slowly erupted into a grin as he pushed himself into Priyas arms): Yes(he paused) Mumma!!
Pihu wrapped her tiny, chubby arms around both Kush and Priya. She was the last to join the group hug but the first to break it, her hunger getting the best of her emotions
Pihu: mumma, I am sorry to say. I love all this BUT (she rubbed her belly) I am very hungry
The room filled with joy again as an elated Kush joined his family at the dining table. It was an almost perfect moment; everyone in the room felt the absence of Ram Priya stayed true to her stubbornness, putting Pihu and Kush to bed she returned to the sofa in the living room, her eyes glued to the door witnessing no movement with the exceptation of her blinking eyelids. The lock on the door rattled finally at 11:01pm. The longing in her eyes sustained as the person who walked thorugh that door was not who she had expected.
Priya: Ayesha? You're coming now? Where were you? Are you not familiar with the term responsibility?
Ayesha walked right past Priya, rolling her eyes she went straight to her room and tried to slam the door shut but Priya interfered with her diva-like plans.
Ayesha: di what do you want? I had a long day and I am dead tried, please spare me
She tries to close the door again but Priya pushes it open and enters her room looking direcly at Ayesha she raises her hand to slap Ayesha but Ayesha grabs it and flings it back down
Ayesha: Di you are my sister, so STOP trying to be my mother
Ayeshas venomous words were like cold shivers that ripped through Priyas subconscious. She had sacrificed all her happiness just for Ayesha and Karthik and she never regretted that decision. Although, in relation she is not her mother, Priya had worked her butt off raising Ayesha and Karthik, a responsibility that she gladly took on herself.
Priya: Ayesha, what is wrong with you? You have changed so much in these past 5 years? When did you become so ungrateful?
Ayesha: di I can ask you the same question why did you have to return di? We were all happy here without you and than as soon as you came you snatched everything from me. You are a curse di, why dont you leave Ram alone, as soon as you came into this house everything went downhill, first you got mom kicked out of this house and than Kush got kidnapped.
Priya: Ayesha I am so hurt! I dont know what you are talking about and why you are saying these things? And it surprises me that you are so concerned about Kush You dont even care about him, Ayesha he is your son
Ayesha: Haan you are right? He is my son, Sids dhoka ka nishan I hate that boy
Priya: AYESHA!! How can you say that??? He had no control over anything that happened
Ayesha: well anyways, atleast something good came out of it Rams love for Kush made me fall in love with him
Priya: What are you saying Ayesha?? He is your jiju!!!
Ayesha: Di one last thing, I promise I will give Kush all the love that he deserves from a mother but please Di leave from here. Let Ram be mine
Priya (couldnt believe her ears. If Ayesha wanted her life she would have given it to her willingly but Ram was meant only for Priya) Ayesha have you lost your mind.? I always gave you everything that you wanted; cant I have this one thing? Besides Ram loves me too much, this will hurt him more than anything and than there is no gurantee that he will ever accept you. I mean cmon if he wanted too he would have fallen for you in my 5 years of absence. You cant make a deal with love Ayesha, you have to love Kush regardless of whether you get Ram or not
Priyas heart was breaking in the turmoil of her sisters new selfish demand, which made the pressure in her chest cavity increase as her heart suffocated. Adding insult to injury her phone rang in her hand and the the person on the other end of the line was the bearer of more bad news she dropped the phone to the ground and sat next to it with a lifeless thud. Ayesha turned around to identify the reason behind the mishap
Ayesha: di what happened?
No answer from Priya, not even tears to show some indirect indication of what had occured Ayesha wrapped her slimy fingers around Priyas phone. Putting it to her ear she soon realized the reason behind Priyas emotional paralysis With no heart to insinuate a sympathetic reaction, Ayesha saw this moment of agonizing discomfort as a golden opportunity to rub salt in Priyas wounds.
Ayesha: di, see I told you that you are a curse to Ram (Priya looked up at her, her face still blank) in the five years that you were away Ram was not faced with even a single scratch. And just a month since your return he got into this massive accident Please di if you ever loved him stay away from him!!!

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