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Kismat Ka Khel Part 26

Part 26
Priya (pulls back the tray): Ayesha, when did you become so digusting? He is your jiju, maatlab meri husband. All my life I lived for my family and admist fulfilling every one of your stupid wishes I never got a chance to live for myself. And today when I finally got my share of happiness you want to snatch it away from me. Chalo, Priya Sharma shaayaad kar bhi lete apki wish pura but today I am not Priya Sharma, I am Priya Ram Kapoor. And this pyaar that you keep talking about is simply status, wealth, modeling deals, you know all the high-end stuff that Ram Kapoor's name is able to give you. If you can't love your own son than how will you be able to love my man? It's high time now that you start living for yourself because Priya Sharma, the one who used to live for you is dead and in her place stands Priya Ram Kapoor who only lives for her husband, the only person who ever truly loved her unconditionally. The only time I will ever leave is if Ram himself tells me that he doesn't love me, he loves you. When I feel that Ram loves you more than me, which is never going to happen, I will happily leave, but until than please move aside I have to go to my husband and my two kids.
Ayesha's mouth parted in disbelief as Priya's words left her shaken up like the ground had just shifted beneath her feet. Priya nonchalantly walked past her and into the room, closing the door behind her with the heel of her foot. Ram looked up at her before his eyes moved down to the tray of food she held firmly in her grip.
Ram: I am not hungry.
The delicious aroma arising from the perfect blend of spices danced up his nostrils making his mouth water.
Priya: (she rested the tray on the bed and walked up to him hastily, feeling his forehead with the back of her hand) Ram, are you not feeling well?
Ram: what what are you doing? (he tried to move back)
Priya: I am checking if you have a fever Ram Kapoor is turning down food? Kids, I don't believe this (Pihu and Kush giggled making Ram feel embarrassed)
Ram: haan so? I am not hungry
Kush: Papa please eat just a little bit
Pihu: Haan papa if you don't eat than how will you take your medicine and if you don't take your medicine than how will you get better?
Priya just sat back on the bed and watched as Pihu and Kush fed Ram who pretended like he was not enjoying the food. But Priya knew that he was just trying to irritate her and could tell by the speed at which he had finished his food that he was indeed hungry.
Priya: Ram, your tablets.
She pointed to the bottles on the tray. He tried to resist but she signaled towards the kids who were observing him like a hawk. She handed him the tablets followed by a glass of water. He looked away and handed the empty glass back to her. She grabbed his hand along with the glass forcing him to look at her and the minute that he did, she winked and smiled as her teeth seductively tugged her lower lip. Ram's eyes widened as he glanced at the kids who were thankfully discussing something amongst themselves. He pulled his hand back as fast as he could and nervously picked up his phone, sliding through the menus as if he was really busy. His eyes were hypnotized by her swaying hips as she walked towards the door, cast under the spell of her perfectly shaped body that she was practically thrusting on him a minute ago.
Ayesha: Ram how are you feeling now? Ram?
He was not entirely sure when Ayesha had entered the guest room but he was certain that it was not too long ago since Priya was still there with the tray in her hand. Breaking free from the spell he was cast under, he fell back into reality with a thud followed by the realization that Ayesha had cared for him more than his own wife during his time of illness. Priya's heart worried as she noticed his anger re-surfacing in his expressions.
Ram: Sorry Ayesha I was just a little uhhh distracted. Actually I didn't really get to thank you for all that you have done for me in the past couple of days. (He got up and hugged her, staring directly at Priya as he did. He broke the hug and stepped back) you are truly a gem of a person; you did more for me than anyone else.
Ayesha (noticed Ram glaring angrily at Priya): No Ram, it's the least I could have done for you, after all that you have done for Kush and I.
Pihu (interrupted their conversation; she did not like the way her Papa hugged Ayesha, which made her mom sad): Papa!! (he looked at her, she got up on the bed and she walked towards him. She leaped forward and hugged him tightly before she let go and asked) Papa, I love you and I missed you so much. Can Kush and I sleep here tonight with you?
Ram: Of course beta yeh bhi koi puchne wali baat hain? You two can sleep here everyday if you want.
Kush: can mumma also sleep here with us?
Ayesha: aww Kush beta you want to me to sleep here with you Okay if you ins (before she could finish her sentence Kush interrupted)
Kush: no not you (he walked over to Priya and tugged on her saree) mumma can you sleep here with us also? Please
Priya: off course I will beta
Ram was surprised that Kush was addressing Priya as his mom. He looked at Ayesha who smiled nervously
Ayesha: uhh good night
Before she could leave the room, Priya calls out to her
Priya: Ayesha ek minute. (she stands in front of Ayesha and hands her the tray) can you take this to the kitchen since it's on the way to your room. Itna aur favour karlo apni jiju (he looked at Ram) ke liye
Ayesha looked back at everyone and mocked a friendly smile. Glaring angrily at Priya, she took the tray and stomped furiously out of the room.
A week had passed by since Ram's return from the hospital and against the doctors orders he convinced his family that he was absolutely fine to go work. He insisted that if he stayed at home and the Mittal's deal slipped through his fingers he would not be able to bear the loss, which would in turn have worse consequences on his health. Staying true to the promise that he had made to Dadi, Ram worked minimal hours and was home atleast an hour early for dinner. He drowned himself in his work so much so that sometimes Priya felt that he unintentionally ignored her and before she came into the room he would have fallen asleep along with the kids. One day before he left for work, he sought blessing from Dadi and Krishna telling them that he might be home by 9pm, which is much later than he had promised them. This day was important for him since all his hard work throughout the week, boiled down to the finalization of the Mittal's deal. Priya decided to do something a little special for Ram since she had not had the chance to apologize properly amidst his hectic schedule. With a little assistance from Soumaya and Neha, she set up a romantic candlelight dinner on the terrace for Ram. Neha had left early, wishing her all the best, "Priya I am leaving now. Best of luck my dear. Make sure you eat a lot, you will need all the energy you can get in order to handle Ram tonight" Priya blushed profusely and thought, "Our passion and longing for each other is equally matched". She heard Ram's car roll up in the driveway. Soumaya ran downstairs according to plan; she had to make Ram come up to the terrace. When they left Priya added the final touch to their romantic night by placing a thin white mattress on the ground so that they could count stars after dinner, if he wanted.
Soumaya (called out to Ram as he walked into the KM and was heading towards the guest room): Bhappa please wait one second.
She ran towards him
Soumaya: Bhappa, dadi wanted to talk you
Ram: okay I will freshen up and than go to her room (he began to walk away but she stops him again)
Soumaya: uhh no woh actually she said it's urgent and she is waiting on the terrace for you (she cursed herself in her head thinking, "Soumaya itna stupid excuse only you can come up with".)
Ram: okay I will go right now. Is everything okay?
Soumaya:I don't know, see for yourself. She did not tell us anything, she is only asking for golu.
Ram rushed up to the terrace his mind perplexed with what Dadi might want to talk about at this hour. The moment he laid eyes on the candlelight dinner followed by the decoration, he knew that Soumaya had misguided him. He became enraged at Soumaya not at all keen of being made a fool off, especially after a rough day at work. Surely there was a purpose for all this decoration but he was in no mood to dig for the reason. He turned to leave when Priya grabbed his hand.
Priya: Ram, where are you going?
She pulled his arm gently getting him to turn around and face her. She balanced her weight on her toes in order to get some elevation as she leaned forward and kissed him softly on his cheek. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard.
Priya: Actually I wanted to apologize to you that day but than your accident. So I thought that I would surprise you tonight...Hay na great idea? It can be a celebration for the deal finalization along with my apology. (She held both his hands and stared into his eyes) Ram I am sooo sorry. What can I do to make it up to you?
Ram: so you are sorry for what? For ditching me 5 years ago, for accusing me of getting you drunk so that I could molest you or for discarding me like a piece of trash to die in the hospital.
Priya: For everything Ram I am sorry for everything please don't do this, it'll spoil your mood. Let's enjoy this dinner and try to move forward together. Dekho aaj apne woh deal bhi toh finalize kia hay na? we can celebrate na? 
Ram: celebrate for what??? And my mood is beyond spoiled. First the stupid Mittal's...ARGH, screw them and their deal. Than when I come home Soumaya lies to me that dadi needed to talk to me on the terrace and now this You are behind all of this Priya, if it wasn't for your stupid accusations that morning we wouldn't have had that fight and I would have been able to concentrate and finalize that deal the same evening. And now you are teaching Soumaya to lieto hell with you and your candlelight dinner, what difference does all this make now anyways. When I needed you the most you were nowhere to be found. You know how much it hurt me Priya when that nurse said she saw you for the first time in my room and Ayesha was there each and every single day? Priya that should have been you You are my wife not Ayesha. But unfortunately it seems like everybody in this house loves me more than you and I am the damn fool that loves you more than anything and anyone else in this world KaashKaash mein Ayesha se pyar karta than today my love would not have been rejected and humiliated.
Soumaya: Bhappa!!! (She walks onto the terrace stepping in between Ram and Priya.)
Ram: Soumaya you won't interfere. When big people are talking than small people should not interfere.
Soumaya: Nahi Bhappa! If big people act their age than small people don't have to step in. I have never seen this side of you Bhappa. Is your ego really that hurt that you didn't speculate why bhabhi was not present in the hospital?
Priya: no Soumaya(Soumaya interrupts her)
Soumaya: no bhabhi today you will not stop me, Bhappa needs to know that perhaps you love him more than he supposedly loves you. He needs to know about your intentions that only held his best interests.
She begins exposing Ayesha in front of Ram. Priya crept quietly past them, towards her room lifelessly; Ram's words formed a dagger that remained lodged in her heart making it difficult for her to breath. Her legs had a mind of their own, leading a lifeless Priya outside for some fresh air and away from the suffocating atmosphere in the Kapoor Mansion. The cold breeze froze her moist cheeks for a moment before a fresh stream of tears rolled down it, heating it back up just to be frozen again.  It was similar to the condition of her heart that would become whole only to be shattered again; she came back into Ram's life just to be separated from him again. Why do we fall in love? It's like putting your hand in fire despite knowing that you will get burned "KaashKaash mein Ayesha se pyar karta than today my love would not have been rejected and humiliated." Ram's words rang in her ears, his anger flashed in front of her eyes as she walked along the road on an aimless journey in search of solitude.
Ram practically ran to Ayesha's room swearing that he would rip her head off her body. She did all that to wedge a barrier between him and Priya and he blindly danced to her evil tune? Soumaya ran behind him, "Bhappa please jald baazi mein kuch maat kijiye. You need to be with Priya, she is probably in her room crying. Please Bhappa" Ram said, "NO Soumaya I will clear this tonight. Ayesha needs to know Priya's importance in my life and she needs to know that I will never love anyone but Priya. You go console Priya and bring her down, aaj mein saab ke samney Ayesha ko dhaake maar kar ghar se dhoor phek ne wala hoon". Soumaya runs up to Ram and Priya's room to bring Priya down, she knew that only Priya could calm Ram down before he makes a bigger mess of the situation. Ram reached Ayesha's room, her door was slightly cracked open and he could hear her conniving voice on the phone. He was about to slam open her door open when he began making sense of what she was saying on the phone,
Ayesha: Yes everything is going according to plan. Ram hates di and I am pretty sure that he will kick her out of the house soon (ram clenched his fist) Yeah I paid that nurse to say those things, you and I both know that I wasn't really there everyday. That stupid doctor said that Priya's pyaar made Ram regain his consciousness? She only came one day and that too because of my master plan, and he supposedly woke up to her touchstupidest thing I have ever heard (She laughed) I only love one man in this world and for him I could pretend to love a million Ram's for their money (The man on the other end said something, which forced Ayesha to stop talking as she listened for a moment and than responded in an irritated tone) No I am not going to back out Stop asking me that I let you kidnap my son to ruin Priya so why the hell would I feel sorry for her and have a change of heart now? I am in 100% in just keep telling me what I have to do
Ram backed away from the door utterly shocked at everything that he had just heard. He thought, "How can this bitch be related to my angel? Why the hell didn't Priya tell me all this?" His subconscious replied in favour of Priya, "Did you give her a chance? Did you ask? And if she did tell you than would you have believed her? Ram Kapoor has a very bad habit, he believes liars and shuns honesty because he needs prove." Everything that he was thinking was true, he deserved this. First Niharika and now Ayesha, both women that he trusted tried to separate him from his love and the worst part about it was that he let them, not once but twice. 
Soumaya (completely out of breath): Bhappa, Bhabhi woh bhabhi
Ram: kya hua Priya ko?
Soumaya: she is not in her room. I even checked Pihu and Kush's room but she is not there either. And I called her cell but she left it in her room
Ram (became extremely worried; he did not want to lose her and feared that he might have already lost her again): Soumaya you stay here in case she comes back and if she does make sure you call me I will go and search for her she couldn't have gone far.

Next update: Priya: Ram slow down please... I don't understand what the hurry is? You said we will stay up all night. But at the pace that you're going, we will be done in 5 minutes.

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