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Kismat Ka Khel Part 7

Part 7
That morning you got ready and went to the kitchen to make everyone breakfast. Remembering what each person liked to eat, you prepared something special for everyone. What you got in return for your hard work broke my heart.

Everyone was sitting at the dining table including Ram. Kush was thorougly enjoying his pancakes and Pihu was eating her favourite Aloo Paratha.
Kush: wow bade Ma these are the best pancakes ever.
Pihu: my mumma is the best at everything she makes but she is super best at making aloo paratha.
Priya wants to serve Ram who is sitting at the table not eating anything. He is staring at the food options on the table. Pihu is Priya's little angel whom without saying anything places a paratha on Ram's plate.
Pihu: papa, mumma told me that mujh me aur ap main dher cheez same same hain. So your favourite is aloo paratha like mine. Mumma told me. Khao na papa, bahut tasty hain.
Pihu's innoncence and way of speaking brought a smile to everyone's face. Ram hesitated and broke a piece of the paratha. In the meantime Ayesha came downstairs, walked to the dining table and grabbed an apple and was on her way when Priya stopped her.
Priya: arey Ayesha since when did you like fruits. I made pancakes for you just like when you were younger. Kush bhikul ap pe gay... (Ayesha interupts her by placing her index finger telling her to hold on as she was on the phone. She points to the bluetooth device in her ear)
Ayesha: sorry about that, some people just don't have any manners! Haan yes so what were you saying?....... Yes absolutely I will be there very soon...
She hangs up the call.
Ayesha: sorry di... I mean Priya my tastes in food choices have changed.
Shipra: haan Priya kapur (she taunts) meri ek laauti beti hain ayesha. And she is a model and can't afford to ruin her perfect figure by eating pancakes.
Priya (is completly hurt by their words but she still manages to smile and say): wow my lil sis is so big. I would never have believed that you would stop eating pancakes, though.
Ram: actually it's not hard to believe. She has a reason, since she is soon to be india's top model. So adjusting on food choices is a small sacrifice... Some people change their preference in people for no apparent reason. Which is just disgusting, even more digusting than these damn parathas

He throws the piece he had picked up to eat back on the plate and yelllled bansi kaka..He requested bansi kaka to make him some fresh aloo paratha with extra ghee. Everyone else gave their order for breakfast. Nobody ate what Priya made. Rajat saw sadness take over Pihus face due to her Papas rude action. She had so sweetly given the paratha to him but instead of eating it for her sake, ram had thrown it aside feeding his ego and anger towards priya. It worked, Priya was so hurt that she got up to leave. But Rajat held her hand, looking directly and angerily at Ram, who stared back at Rajat with the same intensity.
Rajat: priya today I wanna eat some aloo paratha. I mean Cady, Raina and Pihu are insisting that it is delcious so ek baar toh try karna parega, hay na pihu?
He lets go of her hand and she hands him a paratha on his plate. He was about to eat a piece void of any butter, yoghurt or achar when Pihu interupted him.
Pihu: uncle aise nahi.
Rajat stopped a little startled.
Pihu: pehle thora maakan dalo (she takes a scoop and places it on his plate). Khamti lagai toh aur dhalo. (Rajat signals with his hand, okay that's enough butter). Than you dip it in maakhan (she dips a piece from his plate in butter) and than you eat it. (She feeds rajat). Ab aya na maaza aloo paratha ke?
Rajat (nods): yes.
Rajat felt so happy with Pihu's action. Never before had anyone fed him paratha so lovingly. He started feeling guilty last week for what he was doing to Priya, but today he felt worse because of the cold realization that Pihu would be just as hurt if not more hurt by the outcome of his games. His eyes were stinging, as if tears were itching to escape but were afraid to journey down his cheeks.
Pihu (notices Rajat lost in his thoughts): kahao na uncle. Should I show u once more?
Rajat: no I think I understand
He does exactly what pihu did placing a paratha on her plate, narrating each step out loud and feeds pihu.
Rajat: was that right?
Pihu sticks up both her thumbs in acceptance.
Priya: Mr. Kapur why did u give her another one she already had 2.
Pihu pouts.
Rajat: arey Priya let her eat na. She is just a kid.
Priya: Rajat I swear u r spoiling her. That's the last one Pihu (she says sternly).
Pihu (nods): okay!
Pihu breaks a piece and feeds Priya. Ram is burning up with jealously. He slams his hand on the table and leaves without eating anything. One by one everyone leaves the table without eating anything. Rajat, Kush and Pihu continue having their breakfast. Priya runs to Pihu's room and breaks down crying. Rajat, who was begining to develop a soft corner for Priya and her ability to smile past the struggles, followed her shortly after with a plate of food. Rajat had only wanted to sever the ties between Ram and Priya but instead of having her faith shattered in love, she loved everyone more. Things were getting out of hand as the stakes became higher. Ram was hurting Priya because of Rajat but Priya was stronger than ever and Ram and Rajat were both hurting instead. Rajat wasn't sure why when Ram got close to Priya he got jealous and when Ram hurts Priya it would hurt him. He walked into the room to see Priya sitting on the bed crying. He put the plate down on the drawer and placed his hand on her shoulder. She quickly wiped her tears and put on a fake smile and got up.
Priya: Mr.Kapur do you need anything? Pihu is not troubling you is she?
Rajat: Priya why r u doing this?
Priya: what am I doing?
Rajat: acting like nothing has happened!
Priya: Mr. Kapur this is my families love. Baado ke ghussa mein pyar chupa hain. It's my fault I hurt them so much but despite that they are letting me stay here with Pihu. I will listen to everything just to be with her. And nobody knows the reason behind our marriage, if they knew that we are just husband and wife on paper than they would understand my helplessness, I am sure of it. Ram thinks I betrayed him but that's how it looks. How can I blame him for being angry? I know he still loves me that is why he is angry. Pihu also loves her papa so much; she has grown so attached to him. Mr. Kapur what do I do? I want pihu to be in my life but I can't take her away from Ram's life either now. I want to stay here in Mumbai with everyone but if I stay here than we have to remain married and if we remain married than my loved one will remain in pain, especially Ram.
Rajat: I don't know what to say. (he pauses, even he doesnt believe himself.)
Deep down inside he knew exactly what he has to say. He could just give her a divorce and set her free. He knows that Ram had fought for her innocence and succeeded so that basis of their marriage is unnecessary. He wants to see her happy but he is unhappy with giving her a divorce and letting her know that he knew all along. He wanted her love not her hatred. Oh, god he wanted to love her and to be with her so bad. We always want things that we cant have and always reach for things we cant grab. But that never stops us from wanting, and so Rajat continued selfishly comforting Priya with false reassurance.
Rajat: Priya don't worry everything will work out. How can you be so sad, in these past 5 years I have said so much to you but I never seen you like this. I mean I don't get it, you are shattered by their words but you still love them. Why? Why r u trying so hard to make a place in the hearts of those who hurt you.
Priya: I told you Mr. Kapur. Their hate is their love for me. If they meant no one to me than their words would never hurt me. But they are everything to me!
Rajat: so does that mean I mean nothing to you because in these 5 years I have said some really mean things and you still kept smiling. And today I am saying such nice things to you and you are crying? I am so confused.
Priya (laughs): Mr. Kapur I think that by now we are good friends. So please dont say anything mean to me anymore because with that logic it will hurt so much more than anything you said in the past 5 years.
Rajat (forces a smile because he knows that she is hurting because of the misunderstandings that he had created): I will never hurt you Priya. But you are hurting me for two reasons.
Priya: what? How?

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