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Kismat Ka Khel Part 9

Part 9
Sudhir opens the door after some time. He sees Priya standing there with tear filled, apologetic and hopeful eyes staring back at him through the gate.
Priya: Papa please listen to me. Papa I miss you, I need your help.
Tightly gripping the dreadful gate that taunted her by acting effectively as a barrier between her sorrows and happiness, she continues to plea to her dad to let her in. Afraid that he might close the door like last time, she begins to plea faster saying all that she has to say in one breath. Sudhir turns his face away listening to her daughters desperate pleas. He does nothing just stares away knowing very well that her constant pleading with those big, moist, painful eyes will melt his heart in an instant. Seeing him stand there like a statue sent a cold shudder through her heart as it shivered, losing hope for the first time since all this had happened.
Priya: Papa I am going. I love you papa...this is the first time that you have turned your back to me, your Priya.
He shuts his eyes tight hearing her shaky voice but remains frozen. She turns around to leave when suddenly her ears perk up to the sound of the gate clicking open. Spinning back around she saw her Papa had moved away from the door. She enters the apartment shutting the door behind her. Seeing her father sitting on the sofa she goes near him and kneels down on the floor in front of him, looking up at him before she rest the side of her head on his lap.
Priya: papa please forgive me I know that even though it was not my intention, I have hurt everyone so much. Especially you! You have always been there in my life as a friend and I didnt even bother to get your opinion before I made the biggest decision of my life. I want to rectify my mistake, I cant see everyone in pain on my account or anyones for that matter and you know this Papa!
She looks up at Sudhir who is sitting on the sofa, gripping the edge of it with both his hands and looking in the direction away from Priya. Priya shakes his legs and pleads, his body shakes with her action but his mind is firm and his emotions remains stagnant. She gets up and sits on the sofa right in front of his gaze. One glance at her face, drenched with tears and her eyes overflowing with remorse leaves him helpless. He shuts his eyes tight not ready to comply too her pleas and give in to her justifications.
Priya (her voice rattling due to her convulsive crying): Papa please I am your baby girl, your daughter, your friend, I am your Priya. Dont you recognize me? Dont you love me? Why arent you looking at me Papa? Do you hate me so much that you cant even listen to why I did what I did?
Sudhir (finally he spoke up, startling her): Baas Priya!!! (he paused, opened his eyes, she is confused with where this is going, his body language and his words did not match) I am sorry All this is my fault, there must be something lacking in my love or in the trust in our relationship that caused you to take such a drastic decision. I am such an unfit father that I could not do anything for you. Thats why my Priya, my beti, daddys little angel couldn't confide in me with her troubles.
Priya: Papa dont say such things, it is not like that!! I trust you completely.
Sudhir: than why Priya?? Why didnt you tell me that you were alive? The Priya I knew would come running to her Papa with each of her little worries and this Priya sitting in front of me, (he looks at her, an eyebrow raised, confusion planted in his expression amplified by his scrunched up forehead) she cant be my Priya.
Priya starts sobbing, her eyes shut tight and her bottom lip sticking out slightly as she pouts. Sudhir is reminded of her childhood days when Priya used to cry in that same manner. His heart melts and he just cant resist wiping her tears with the palms of his shivering hands. She calms down feeling his touch, which has always had this soothing effect on her. And as a reflex, she immerses herself into his embrace, holding him tight as she wept; he places his one hand on the back of her head patting it gently. He breaks the hug and gets her to stand up with him.
Sudhir: Priya look at me. (she continues to look down, her eyes still brimming with tears), Priyyaaa beta(he says more sternly with a desperately sincere undertone. She squeezes her nostrils together as she sniffles and looks up at him innocently). Now thats like my good girl. (she smiles through her tears. He wipes her cheeks once more). You go to the washroom and wipe your face and Papa will make some Aadaarak walay chai and than Priya and her Papa will drink and discuss all tensions away just like old times. (he smiles)
She freshens up and meets him back in the living room. Aahhh the smell of the room was enticing to her senses sending her nerves back in time as she felt the same sensation the same relaxation that would follow the smell of gaaram gaaram Aadaarak chai! She sat next to her father on the sofa and she explained everything that happened to her. Everything from her accident, to her return to the KM with Raina, her decision to depart from KM giving Ram the opportunity to move forward in life, the news of her pregnancy, her attempt to contact Ram, the bitter realization that he may have moved on and her struggles to also move on in life with Pihu being her direction and motivation. She explained Rams intrusion in her life and his decision to take Pihu away from her, which lead to the compromise marriage with Rajat so that she could re-enter Mumbai and be with her daughter. Sudhir listened intently, imagining her daughter struggles and feeling pride in her sacrifice but when she explained the reason for the marriage he just had to stop her from delving deeper into the sea of misunderstandings.
Sudhir: beta thats wrong. Your name is cleared; Ram spent his many empty, sleepless nights to remove the false accusations against you. He wanted you to rest in peace and that would only be possible if your name was cleared. In this battle he made night and day into one and his love for you lead him to victory. If you entered as Priya Kapoor no one would have laid a finger on you. But poor Ram, he is like the walking dead, his heart beats with no purpose. Hes back to his old habits flirting with death.
This thought saddens Priya immensely but she has seen his destructive behaviour herself this month. She wonders why Ram told Rajat that he would have Priya arrested the minute that she steps foot in Mumbai? She teased the possibility that perhaps Rajat was lying. Discarding this thought with the acknowledgment of Rajats helpful demeanor towards her she began to question whether Ram had lied in order to prevent Priya from coming to Mumbai for Pihu. She had to ask Rajat whether he knew about this truth, she had to hear it from him before she would make any assumptions against him, he has helped her so much these past couple of days.. Her mind could not handle the distress in her heart regarding Rams pain at her and Rajats expense so she asks her father for some advice. She wonders what she has to do in order to make Ram realize that she has not moved on either and that her and Rajat were just friends, good friends.
Sudhir: Priya just be honest with Ram, he deserves your honesty. Stop hurting yourself to protect people; you have to live your life for your own happiness. Who you choose to spend this happiness with is your choice. You have a decision to make, either let go of Rajat and bring Ram back in your life or remain with Rajat and set Ram free with the truth that your happiness is with someone else. Whatever your decision is I am with you but Priya remember this decision is not yours alone, Pihu is also a huge factor.

I would give all the money in the world to see the genuine smile on your face that day when you gained your fathers confidence. But than again, after realizing the power of love I would have given all the money in the world to go back to the five years that we spent together and fill it with love a lot sooner. That day you must have had a bounce in your step, you had taken your fathers advice and enacted the decision that brew instantly in your mind the moment you found out that Ram had fought to acquit you of all criminal charges. Divorce! It was a surprise to me but it was an even bigger surprise to Ram and the entire Kapoor Family. Ram, Priya and Rajat; three souls on different paths with different goal but all fueled but one thing, the only thing that matters in this world, LOVE.
When you got home from your fathers house that evening determined that your mind wouldnt deter from the decision that you had made, life threw you another twist. That phone call changed everyones perspective of viewing the world and viewing the people around us.

Priya was about to walk to her room with the papers that had her future inscribed on it. She heard the phone ringing in the hallway. Looking around she found no one there and putting the papers in her purse she hesistantly answered the phone.

Priya: hello?
Ayesha (breathing heavily): help me please. woh sid... kush...
priya: Ayesha!!! kahan ho tum.?
Ayesha (crying): di... di.. help me di, sid

before she could finish the phone was abruptly disconnected. she ran into shipra's room, for sure she would know about Ayesha's schedule.

priya (barging into shipra's room who was having coffee with KK and Dadi): Ma... Ma...
shipra (gets up and snakes towards her to push her out of the room and slam the door on her face): Ma? only my daughter can call me Ma. with what right are you calling me Ma?
priya scrunches her forhead and shuts her eyes for a quick second to digest her mother's arrogant response with the complete disregard of the potentially hazardous situation. KK and dadi stand up in response to shipra's words and priya's reaction, sensing an argument in the making.

priya: oh please Ma dont start with me now. Whats more important than you and me in this moment is Ayesha and Kush's safety. Where are they?

Priya tried to explain the phone call she had answered but her words just grazed the surface of shipra's ears and bounced back. Shipra felt that this was priyas way of getting the attention of the family members. She was almost certain that Priya was jealous of Ayesha's success and therefore she wanted to disturb her photo shoot with Lemar fashions at Hotel Exquiste and thats exactly what she told Priya in front of KK and Dadi. Priya had got the information she needed, indirectly Shipra had told her Ayeshas whereabouts. KK's heart trembled upon hearing Priya's words and safeguarding this uneasiness she requested Soumaya to call Ms. Roy whose sons party Kush was at. Soumaya did as she was ordered and two things became confirmed in everyones mind. First thing was that if Kush was fine and enjoying the party than Ayesha must also be safe. This confirmation lead to the second in their minds, which was that Priya was indeed lying.
However, Priya knew she wasnt lying. She got the address of Hotel Exquiste and Ms. Roy's house from the driver who had dropped Kush and Ayesha to their respective destinations. Clutching her purse tightly and dialing Ayesha's phone number she headed out of KM to go to Ayesha but before she could she bumped into Rajat who was just returning to the KM.
Rajat: I'll call you back Mr. Saxena. (he hung up the call and turned his attention to a flustered Priya) what happened Priya is everything okay?
Priya (relieved to see him): no rajat nothing is okay. I have to go.. Woh ayesha and kush... the hotel and party.
Rajat looked at Priya confused and this hint of confusion was delaying Priya in her quest to help her sister and nephew.
Priya: i.. i will explain later i have to go..
Rajat (sensing something bad was about to happen): wait tell me where you have to go and i will take you there. on the way there you will have to explain everything to me a little slowly so that i could make out what you are saying.
Priya: okay fine. We have to go to Hotel Exquiste and fast Rajat.

They both ran out of KM and Priya explained the entire situation to Rajat. Rajat called one of his drivers and told him to go and pick Kush up from the party and bring him back to KM. Priya kept thinking that she should call and inform Ram about the phone call but her fingers froze before she could dial his number. He was angry with her and like the other family members he might not believe her. After this is all over, she thought, i have to tell Ram about this and also about my decision.

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