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Kismat Ke Khiladi Part 12

Part 12
Priya: What is your condition?
Ram: (sighs) My condition is very simple.
Priya: And what? Mine wasn't... (She swallowed nervously and shifted her weight on to her back foot, cleverly creating a safe distance between them without even moving) I don't know what your intentions are but I have a right to refuse whatever it is that you want.
Ram: (Ram's rushed intake of air traveled in a fragmented pattern into his lungs due to the tinge of anger that her words created once more. He slowly walked towards her staring blankly in her eyes, making her fear his intentions as she took back steps until her buttocks grazed the smooth cotton covered edge of his table. Stilling in front of her just a hair strand gap between their bodies, Ram spoke through gritted teeth) You have a very bad habit of putting words in my mouth. It has got to stop�I don't know why you never let me finish my sentences. (She quenched her dry lips and swallowed uncomfortably, looking away from his angry stare for an escape. But he followed her gaze keeping her imprisoned in his steel cold eye lock. Putting his palms on the table encasing her in between his arms he moved his face close to hers and whispered.) Don't get me wrong Priya you are extremely tempting. (She closed her eyes fearing the worst. What was scarier than his intentions was her body's desire and her uncertainty in her ability to resist him if he were to make a move. She listened to his raspy, seductive whisper with her eyes closed.) But I love you and your company not your body. Trust me if my intentions were as low as you are making them out to be than I would have had my way with you much earlier this evening. But I don't want to have you like that. I will have you physically when you wholeheartedly surrender yourself to me. Not forcefully against your will.
A cold breeze embraced her, spreading goosebumps equally across the surface of her body. The warmth of his closeness refused to shelter her as he backed away from her slowly. She trembled parting her eyes open but he was no longer in front of her. He had gone back to the same side of room where his files were neatly stacked. She watched him pull out a folder from the stack with a pen visibly tucked within it.
Ram: (he walked towards her, opening the folder and pulling out an official looking document with her name printed boldly next to his) This is it! This is my condition. (he handed her the paper, gripping the pen in one hand and placing the now empty folder on the table) It is a document on which I need your signature. Basically it is a reconsideration of the divorce that you filed against me. (She looked up at him angrily)  Don't worry if the judge accepts this file and he rejects our divorce, than I promise when I am certain that Ayesha loves my brother genuinely I will re-file for this divorce and set you free� (He added) If by than that is still what you want. 
Priya: It's too late for this (she waves the paper in the air) our divorce will be final in two weeks. The judge will never accept it...
Ram: he will... The judge who is handling our case is a firm believer of second chances. If we agree to marriage counseling he will accept this in a heartbeat. The councilor will report our progress to the judge and from there he will decide whether our relationship has potential to survive or whether a divorce is the best option. (She seemed stressed) Don't worry there are only 6 meetings, 3 per each week for two weeks until our scheduled divorce date. (He sweetened his proposal making it hard for her to resist) At least we can reduce the tension that was caused between our families after we split up. This will benefit Ayesha and Sid's relationship greatly...
Priya: (thinking hard about his proposition she finally makes her decision) Okay! (she takes the pen from him and was about to sign but than she stops holding the pen an inch away from the paper.) I just want to clear one thing. (His heart halts in anticipation) I am not going to stay at the Kapoor mansion with you.
Ram: (his answer surprises her) And I am not going to force you to stay with me at the Kapoor mansion. I've seen the consequences of a forced relationship, my mom and dad stayed together to revive their marriage and that ended terribly. I don't want that to happen to us. Ideally I want you to be with me in our mansion because my family is incomplete without my wife. But only when you are ready�
Priya: (his answers sparked a sense of longing in her heart. His patience despite his adamant desire for her made him more respectable in her eyes. She clears her throat in hopes to shatter the overwhelming feeling of want building up in the pit of her stomach. The name Babe rang once more in her ears making her task easier. She quietly signed the paper and handed it rudely back to him) It's hard for me to digest one thing. (He raises his left eyebrow in wonder) You have put such a small price on a company that meant more to you than anyone or anything in this world. You must really trust your brother to hand it entirely over to him so easily.
Ram: (The muscles around his eyes relaxed as he smirked in response to her smart ass remark) Well my priorities have changed.
Priya: time changes, situations change but people stay the same. We just learn to adjust but in the eyes of the world we have changed�
Ram: I beg to differ. Your love changed me. Give me a chance to prove you wrong. (He moved closer to her, pleading with his eyes)
Priya: (Thinking) No Priya this can't happen. You know he doesn't love you. (She closed her eyes, swallowing a lump of desire, feeling his hot breath against the right side of her face. He softly smooched her cheek. Savoring the sensation of his lips brushing against her face, she titled her head into his kiss unconsciously begging for more of his forbidden pleasure�) Why does he do this? Why can't I resist?
Ram: (he felt her breathing heavily. It took every ounce of strength in him to tame the desire to make love to her but he finally pulled back, cleared his throat and said) So (his loud voice oriented her to reality as she opened her eyes and tried to collect and contain her scattered feelings) my family and I will come tomorrow with the marriage proposal.
Priya: (stammering) i -i will call Natasha to pick me up�
Ram: (wiping sweat beats of his forehead with the palm of his left hand) It's okay I will drop you...
Priya: On a motorcycle? (she asked worriedly)
Ram: (chuckles) no I gave the keys to the security guard downstairs. Sumit must have picked up his ducatti already, that's the love of his life. My driver is waiting in the limo...
Priya: (fearing her weakness in his presence) No I think I should call Natasha
Ram: Don't be stubborn... Whether you like it or not, we have to work together for the sake of our siblings...(He knew that she would agree, he saw just how badly she was craving his touch. Her every action was coated in her love for him... He thought to himself) "Last time we had a love-hate war your love won over my hate. Once again we stand on opposite sides of the battlefield, fighting the same war. But this time my love will win over your hate, hands down� I promise you that the day is not far when you yourself will walk back into the Kapoor Mansion your rightful place, I just know it..."
It was an awkwardly silent ride home. Priya purposely gazed outside the tinted windows of the limo lost in the blanket of stars that pierced the sky. Ram simply enjoyed her silent awkward company in which her planned act of avoidance spoke thunderously about her lack of self-control. The most important message, which was her undeniable love for him, was established a week ago. Now he just rode that high and waited for Babe to make her arrival. Once the cloud clears the sun shines joyfully through even the most darkest of times. Babe was that ray of hope from his hopeless past who was the only person that could clear Priya's cloud of suspicion.
He gently palmed the back of her smooth hand, which rested on the heated leather seat of the limo.
Priya: (looked at his hold on her hand and quickly pulled it back. stammering) Mr. Kapoor. What are you doing?
Ram: Your apartment is here!
The view outside the car window of a familiar surrounding proved his statement as the truth. She quickly unfastened her seatbelt, which he had forced her to wear, and pulled the latch on the door clicking it open. Once again she felt his warm, fleshy palm gripping on to her hand.
Ram: (teasingly) aren't you forgetting something?
Inhaling sharply, she counted herself down before she turned around ready to verbally lash out at him.
Ram: (continued innocently) the copy of the company ownership papers. What did you think I was going to say?
Priya: nothing. (she grabbed the paper from his hand practically running out of the limo)
Ram watched a flustered Priya speed walking up the steep steps of her apartment. He opened his mouth to instruct his driver that he was ready to leave when his eyes fell on an object vibrating on the floor. Leaning forward he picked up her phone that she must have dropped when she had rushed out of the limo. He shook his head slightly amused with this new excuse that she had unknowingly created for him to see her again. "She probably hasn't gotten too far" he thought as he stepped down from the limo, making his way into her apartment building. The sight in front of him flushed the excitement off his face instantly. Priya stood in front of the elevator hugging an unknown man who was hugging her way to closely for him to bear. This man's gaze was fixed on the ground behind Priya as he smiled continuously. It wasn't a normal smile, not one that you would flash in a moment of happiness. There was a conniving undertone highlighted in this man's smile that Ram's eyes were not to keen on seeing, especially if was directed towards his Priya. Following the man's gaze Ram looked at the ground, which seemed to be fueling the cunning smile he shamelessly adorned. Gripping Priya's phone tightly he unleashed his rage violently on it seeing the paper, on which he had signed away his greatest accomplishment, laying invaluably on the ground behind her.

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