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Kismat Ke Khiladi Part 21

Part 21

Ram withdrew his affection staring in wonder at the door and than at Priya who didn't seem bothered by the disturbance as if she was expecting it.
"Come in!" She gave permission to the intruders.
Swinging open the door a butler dressed in a long black tuxedo introduced himself.
"M'aam sorry for disturbing you. Would you like us to set up the dinner now?"
Ram smiled, tongue in cheek impressed with Priya's cute attempt to woo him. It was quite fun being pacified and getting the extra attention that heso badly craved.
"Yes. We need to eat now. I wonder where my mind was lost." Ram saw her beautiful eyes gleaming with shyness as she spoke daringly; being bold yet hesitating to go all in.
"Priya I think you were hungry for something else." Priya's face flushed with a salmon pink undertone listening to the obvious naughtiness in Ram's vocals and the truthfulness in his words.
"Uhh no...R-ram." Priya stuttered staring nervously at the butler and than back at Ram subtly conveying a message for him to shut up through her gaze. "I know I said that, but I think I will just stick to the menu." She smiled meekly at the butler.
"Are you sure M'aam?"
"Yes I am sure."
The butler huddled in his team of waiters arranging a game plan to score a touch down on the category of impressions. They laid out the food in front of Ram and Priya staying consistent with the elegant theme that was requested. The tension was paramount amongst the waiters who feared a screw up in front of such highly renowned customers. But they failed to realize that Ram and Priya were too lost in each others eyes to notice! Adding the final touches to the hastily planned dinner and scanning the layout on the table one last time the butler piped up proudly, marveling his masterpiece.
"M'aam I have created the vision that you had described for this special night. Do you like it?"
"Yes...Everything is great! Thanks..."
"Okay. Enjoy M'aam! Enjoy sir! I will be right here if you need anything."
Ram couldn't tolerate the safe distance between them. He wanted to be careless in his love, he wanted to thank her in his own unique manner. But alas, the butler stood rooted slightly to the left of the table with his hands folded behind his back waiting for orders and hampering Ram's desire.
"Ummm...Excuse me..." Ram spoke up unable to control his desire for some privacy with his wife.
"Yes Sir." The otherwise calm and collected butler robotically jerked into action melting from his statue stance on Ram's command.
"I think that we are fine here. And the decor and set up is truly outstanding. But um...My wife and I would like some time alone. We will call you if we need anything further."
"Sure Sir..." Stating dishearteningly the butler left the terrace allowing Ram to heave a sigh of relief and scoot his chair next to Priya.
"I thought he would never leave." Ram stated jokingly, aiming to distract Priya with his words as he slickly grabbed her hand from underneath the table pulling it close to his lips. "Thank you for this Priya." Ram whispered, kissing her hand while she struggled to yank it out of his firm delicious torture.
"You're welcome Ram. Now enough! Please lets eat..." Ram refused to heed her pleas doing the exact opposite. Engraving soft and warm wet splotches down the length of her arm. "But you didn't ask me what I wanted to eat."
"I have all your favourites. Aloo ka paratha, mango and lime pickles, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, fried rice...His index finger pressed against her lips putting a halt to her list of options. "Shh... You are missing my point... I believe we were in the middle of something before we were rudely interrupted and you know what? I hate distraction especially when I am with you..." Ram slowly traced the voluptuous shape of her lips glaring intently at his actions. Losing himself in the crevices of its perfect formation he had no idea when she slapped his hand away from her face and began taking out his food.
"Ram enough is enough! The whole day you had your way refusing to eat anything. Do you have any idea how bad that is for your health?"
"Priya this is not fair." He pouted childishly folding his arms across his chest and watching from the corners of his eyes as she placed 2 aloo paranthas on his plate.
"Usually I won't allow you to indulge in your unhealthy habits. So don't get used to me serving you aloo paranthas. But today I know you will either eat unhealthy or not eat at all. I don't know what you were thinking taking such strong medications on an empty stomach even after the doctor specifically warned you." Ripping a piece of the fluffed parantha she dipped it in rich, creamy yoghurt and than scooped up some lime pickle with it before she held it in front of his mouth. "Eat!" she commanded, mixing discipline with sweetness, the best of its kind.
"No..." he turned his face away...
"Ram why are you acting like a child. Chup chap khaiyai..." He remained unreceptive to her command forcing her to explore other options. "Okay do you want some butter chicken?" She placed the bite that she had lovingly prepared for him on his plate and proceeded to get him some butter chicken. "I was crazy offering you aloo paratha first. You probably want to eat something meaty right? Don't worry! I will fix that problem right away!"
Priya was about to lift the top off the dish containing butter chicken when Ram stopped her bygripping her wrist and maneuvering her arm away from it.
"Butter chicken? What will you eat?" he questioned worriedly.
"Yes butter chicken! Its your favourite chicken dish isn't it? And fear not I will have the fried rice and mattar paneer later. First you eat...You didn't eat since this morning and god forbid if you lose any weight there will be less of you to love." She smiled and raised both her eyebrows in anticipation for his harsh remark towards her for bringing up his weight. But no such thing happened. Instead he glared angrily at Priya before he let go of her hand and laid out some fried rice and mattar paneer on her plate. Scooping a spoonful up he held it in front of her mouth and spoke sensing she was about too bombard him with questions.
"I didn't eat since this morning but you didn't eat since last night. And so how can you lecture me about health when you don't care about yours? First you will eat because your good health is more important to me than my own."
She chuckled dryly, trying desperately to sound truthful as she spoke. "No Ram I ate. I even had dinner before coming with you."
He smiled and huffed. "Nice try! But you are the worst liar I know." Once more he moved the spoon towards her mouth with urgency for her to open up. "You're dad told me. Remember I spoke to him on the phone. He told me that you didn't leave your room the whole day. So stop being stubborn and open up!" Priya finally opened her mouth and engulfed her favourite mix of mattar paneer and long grain basmati rice. The fact that he fed her made it taste even more delicious, a possibility that she had never puzzled. Ram smiled victoriously and handed her the spoon. "My turn!" He opened his mouth waiting for her to feed him. They took turns feeding each other basking in the romantic ambiance that this night yielded.
"I am stuffed!" Ram leaned back in his chair with his palm circling his belly. "By the way�Priya how did you manage to set up this lovely dinner in 15 minutes in this rather exclusive location?"
"Well�" She leaned to the edge of her seat startling Ram slightly and stated seductively, "Mr. Kapoor you must have forgotten I am Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor�With a name like that, all of this is nothing!" As fast as she could Priya brushed her soft lips on his prickly cheek and stood up to run away. But before she took her second step he grabbed her hand protesting against being tormented without evening the scores.
"Ram let go of my hand...Please Ram...I was going to call the waiter to take this food away and ask him to bring dessert. Please... " Her wrist writhed under the captivity of his long fingers. Ram slowly got up off his seat purposely pacing his movement in order to ensure that he wrangled every ounce of satisfaction out of each passing second.
"What did you say?" he asked wanting to hear Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor from her mouth again.
"I am going to call the waiter?" she replied as an answer to his question.
"No before that." he asked once more unpleased with the previous answer.
"Ram let go of my hand?"
"Priya!!! Before that..." Kissing his teeth he asked irritably
"Mr.Kapoor?" She teased after taking a short pause to maximize the effect of her words. But her lips betrayed her master plan quivering into an enthused curved shape.
"I see..." Ram caressed Priyas arms maneuvering it around his neck and than moving closer to her. "So...Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor...Is it fun getting me all worked up like that?" Ram rhetorically questioned with ample naughtiness in his motive seeping through to his voice and reflecting in his dark brown pupils. His arms moulded to fit around Priya's waist in a manner that positioned his palm squarely against the base of her spine, which he used cleverly to nudge her closer to himself.
Stealing glances, shyly wavering her gaze away from Ram, Priya stated. "Woh main?"
Ram made the best of this new angle that Priya provided. Tortuously slow he glided the tip of his warm nose along the side of her face that was most readily available to him.
"Mrs. kapoor Why are you hiding your beautiful eyes from me? I want to get lost in them." He hardly whispered his confession, placing a soft snow flake like kiss on her jawline when he reached the end of his lustrous path.
"Ram..." She sighed out in between her pleasure.
"Yes Priya..." He spoke softly continuing to penetrate a leak through her shyness splicing the smooth skin on the edge of her face with his soft lips.
"" she stuttered...
"Haan bolo." Ram backed off of Priya thinking that he might have hurt her or even worse did too much, too fast.
"My phone is vibrating on the table." Priya giggled at his tense expressions rushing past him to the table where her phone lay flashing and beating on the table as if it was throwing a tantrum, unhappy being ignored. "Hello." She answered and winked at a flustered Ram who stood with his lips tightened and his palms wiping across his sweaty forehead.
"Hello?" Priya's playful demeanour was replaced with a worrisome tone and confused body language, which Ram expertly noted. Suddenly a nightmarish thought struck a painful chord in his worked up mind. "Could it be...Ashwin?" Without even thinking twice, he briskly walked towards Priya, snatching the phone from her hand and slamming it on the floor shattering it's composure. The intestines of the phone lay in pieces on the floor, the centrepiece of both Ram and Priya's field of vision.
"Ram what the hell was that for? Have you lost your mind?" She shrieked kneeling down immediately to salvage what was left of her already old and broken phone.
"I don't want you to be talking to him!" He yelled in his defense hoping that his rash action would not hamper the progress in their relationship knowing very well about her overreacting tendencies.
"What do you mean? You don't want me talking to my papa?" She sucked her teeth and questioned once more, "What the hell is wrong with you Ram?"
 Ram quickly knelt down to assist her, grabbing the battery and handing it over to her with an apology after the realization of the truth struck him. "Sorry Priya...I thought it was someone else..." He said biting his tongue when he was done.
"It's not working!" Priya tapped the power button repeatedly hitting the phone on the base of her palm to resuscitate it.
"Priya!" She didn't respond continuing to struggle with her attempts to power on her phone. Ram wasn't to keen on being ignored and he had an urge to let Priya know but she wasn't at all eager to listen. Before Ram could intervene in his own special way his phone rang continuously in his pocket doing his job for him. "Ram answer your phone. It's probably my dad." Priya looked up at him.
Ram hesitated cringing at Priya's accurate guess and mocked her before he stood up and answered. "Hello... Yes Sir, Priya is with me...When is she coming home? I thought she was going back to the Kapoor Mansion." Ram looked blankly at Priya praying that this mix up was nothing more than a misunderstanding.
Priya snatched the phone from Ram, paying him back for earlier.
"Papa..." Ram watched her intently as she delivered a harsh verdict despite his innocence. "Ram was just about to drop me home maybe in another 15 minutes or so..." Ram shut his eyes grimacing from the stinging in his chest from the after effects of her words. "Okay Papa...Yes wait up for me. I will be home soon. Bye." Priya took slow, hesitant steps towards an evidently enraged Ram. "R-ram?" She stuttered past her fear. "Your phone..." He opened his pink tinged moistened eyes to her extended arm, pulling his phone from her hand and turning his back to her. "Ram why are you being like this?"
She must have picked at a wrong nerve with this last question because in one swift motion Ram pivoted to face her as she took a startled step back. "How do you want me to behave? You always do this-you always push yourself away from me."
"Ram it's only a matter of a few days. It's my sisters wedding and I want to be with her."
Ram chuckled dryly. "That's the dumbest excuse I've ever heard. For your information your sister is not shifting to another country after she is married that you want to spend some time with her. She will be staying with Sid at the Kapoor mansion." Ram made a valid point and Priya agreed completely. But she had a motive to protect Ram by having Ashwin behind bars as soon as possible and she knew that if she went back to the KM Ram would not let her leave his sight.
"I know Ram but think about all the work that needs to be done at my house. We will have family from all over the place... How will my mom deal with all this commotion on her own?"
"Priya, Natasha, Karthik and your dad will also be there...Oh wait! Lets do one thing. Since Sid is Natasha's brother why doesn't she come and stay at Kapoor Manaion until the wedding is over? That makes sense doesn't it?" He sarcastically implored.
"Ram please don't be angry."
"Angry? Me? No Priya I am so happy! My wife is making the slightest of excuses to stay away from me, that makes me feel grand. Thank you so much..." With one last sarcastic push Ram hit the switch for seriousness grabbing Priya at the ball joint of her shoulders. "Priya...that night when we made love it was the greatest cocktail of feelings. What we assumed was a mistake was probably the only thing that I did right in my entire life. The way I opened a galaxy of my darkest and deepest secrets to you while we sat on the floor sipping champagne by the fireplace. If ever there was a meant to be feeling, I felt it than. When I rested my head on your lap and you stroked your fingers through my hair for comfort. If ever there was a feeling greater than motherly love, I felt it than. When our eyes locked and I saw the same tears that I cried for 20 years leaking through your sockets. If ever there was a feeling of one soul two bodies, I felt it than. The first kiss you hesitated the second kiss you lead and somewhere in between these delicious kisses we landed on the bed. They say you may forget what was said and done but you can never forget how you felt. Do these feeling ring a bell? Do you remember the pleasure I gave you when I  kissed you all over your body? I remember your moans throughout. Do you remember the pain when I sunk into you for the first time, our first time? I remember kissing away your tears. You taught me trust back than when your trusted me enough to let me thrust inside of you. Do you remember that feeling of fullness? Even if you forgot all that its okay because I have a lifetime to make you feel those feelings again and again. But let me remind you of something you told me that night. Even in your drunken state, in the aftermath of our love making when I laid my head on your chest to rest you said that you will never let anyone hurt me again as long as I am with you and by your side you will shower me with the love that I deserve. You are not one to back down from statements so why are you creating the distance between us that is the cause of my grief? I will never leave you until the day I die than why are you not holding onto your end of the deal? Why are you hurting me? Where is the love that you said that I deserved?"
"Ram I am not backing out from any deal. I may not remember anything that happened that night but I am thankful for it because if it weren't for that night than I would never know what it feels like to have someone mean the world to you like you mean to me. We spent three months away from each other and that made our love indestructible so a few days more would be over in no time. Try and understand Ram. I promised Ayesha and..." Priya stopped talking as Ram let go of her arms and sighed. "So is it final than? Will you have your way and stay with your dad or will you be staying with me?"

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