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Kismat Ke Khiladi Part 8

Part 8

There was an eruption of emotions that tickled every cell in her lower abdomen, like his kiss was equivalent to being hurled in one speed down a 90 feet rollercoaster. "Is this the same love shamelessly making its presence? Is this the same love that I swore did not exist for him anymore?" She thought as he continued proving to his love just how much she still loves him, begging her to spit out her anger. 

The child giggled loudly giving both Ram and Priya a whiff of reality. Priya pushed Ram away, completely embarrassed and in shock that she lost her composure. Ram thought as he watched Priya nervously looking around checking to see if anybody else saw them kiss, "Priya I don't care what you say now and not even what you do. One thing is for sure; you are mine and only mine. The coincidence of this kiss makes me certain that even God does not want to see us apart. The way that you were engrossed in it, forgetting the world around you tells me that you still love me. No matter what you say, actions speak louder than words. And I heard your action and reaction loud and clear. What they're saying is harmonious to my ears, Mr. Kapoor I love you."
Champ: (interrupting Ram's beautiful train of thought)  Uncle now the problem is solved between you and aunty, right?
Ram: (he felt determined but definitely not foolish enough to think that everything was sorted out just like that. Taking a crack at the child's question he forced Priya into an eyelock with his reply) Tonight we won a big battle and now I am sure that pretty soon we will also win the war.
Champ: (confused) Uncle (he yanked Ram's arms and his attention followed promptly after) why are you beating around the bush? Give me a straight forward answer. Is the problem solved? haan ya na?? If no than we can go through all the steps again. (He threatened)
Priya: (now a little scared of the power of this manipulative child. He used his innocence cleverly as a weapon almost as if he was trained in this act. She knew that Champ had it in him to coerce them into repeating everything again but she knew that she did not have it in her to maintain her anger towards Ram. She had already lost her composure, tugging on his jacket and indirectly she non-verbally communicated her passion for him feeding his ego a buffet of her overly active emotions.  The thought of Ram's hot breath buffing her lips again made the thin hair on her arms stand up in response. With avoidance at the very top of her priority list, she replied hastily to diffuse the child's threat.) Haan the problem is solved. Thank you Champ! (she flayed her arm forward inviting the child in for a hug. Proud of his accomplishment as a mediator between two adults fighting like children, Champ eagerly complied, hurling himself into her embrace. But Ram was clearly able to pin point the fable in her words because her eyes were reciting a different tale of deception, the same deceit that he failed to recognize in the morning; a mistake he would be foolish to repeat.) Okay Champ! Lets go find your parents. They must be so worried! And besides didn't you tell me that you were hungry?

"Bintu!" an annoying voice bolstered behind them. Ram and Priya both propped themselves up on to their feet using the palms of their hands to push off the ground. Champ ran and flung himself onto the woman who completely engulfed him within the core of her body stamping his forehead with kisses.
Bintu/Champ: Mumma I missed you. Uncle and Aunty took good care of me but still I missed you, Papa and Di. (Bintu's mom placed her son feet first on the spotless floor of the high-class restaurant and turned her attention to a stiffly planted Ram and Priya.) Thank you so much for taking such good care of my son. Actually he is a big time troublemaker and so I hope that he did not bother you two that much.
Bintu: (stomped his foot, pouted and whined) MOM!!!
Bintu's Mom: What MOM?? You are a little devil. Who told you to leave for the washroom without informing your Papa or me? We turned our back for one second and you were gone. And I am sure� I am so sure that you definitely harassed aunty and uncle. I can tell by the petrified look on their faces.
Ram: (intervened on behalf of Champ who played such a critical role in his determination that Priya still had feelings for him) No No � Your son was very nice and well-behaved� (Looks at Priya who is gauging him in shock) Isn't that right Priya?
Priya: (took a deep breath in and exhaled a lie in Champ defense) Yes, he was very (she cringed) good. In fact, we were going to bring him to you guys but you see he did not remember the number of the table where you all were sitting.
Bintu's Mom: (ruffled Bintu's hair with pride, an action which evidently irritated him) by the way�I think I have seen you two somewhere� But where? (She taps the middle of her chin with her index finger while staring up at the ceiling and pondering. The friction between her thumb and middle finger produced an audible snap, which alerted Ram and Priya that a light bulb had switched on in her head) That's it!!! Bhai saab you are the romantic entrepreneur whose face was plastered all over news channels this morning right?
Ram: (he nodded his head authenticating her claim. Once more he startled Priya by grabbing hold of her hand firmly as he stated) And this is my wife... (he drowned himself in her big brown eyes boasting a faint smile) For whom I did everything�
Bintu's Mom: Wow Mrs, (Priya gulps nervously and looks at Bintu's mom) you are one lucky woman to have found a man like your husband who loves you so much!
Ram: (interrupted) No, actually I consider myself blessed to have found a wife like her who has taught me the essence of life beyond boardrooms and industries.
Priya: (looked away angrily and thought) Mr. Kapoor stop this nonsense�If Bintu's mom wasn't here than I would not have let you get away with this opportunistic move of yours.
Bintu Mom: Jo bhi ho bhai saab! You are lucky to have each other. Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor (Priya looked at her) may god bless your relationship by granting you a child very soon� (Priya and Ram remained awestruck�The thought of a child tickled their fantasies from the moment that they had lost their first child.)
Bintu: Mumma chalo na� I am hungry�
Bintu's Mom: Okay okay� we are going! Say bye and thank you to your aunty and uncle
Bintu: I will say Bye� But they should be thanking me (he winked at Ram and Priya)
Bintu's Mom: (pulled his ear gently) Baadmash!! (Lets go of Bintu's ear and looked at Ram and Priya) Sorry about that! Ohh and Thank you once again for taking care of my child!
Ram & Priya: It's okay! (they watched as Bintu and his mom waddled to the far left side of the restaurant where their table was located.)

Priya jerked her arm back roughly in a fit of rage. Tearing the perfect seal that his hand had made with hers, she broke free from his grasp.
Priya: Mr. Kapoor that is enough! Why are you taking advantage of the situation?
Ram: hold on a second Priya� What did I take advantage of exactly? I was just thrown into a situation, if Cham�I mean Bintu didn't make me do all this, I wouldn't have� So don't flatter yourself too much�
Priya: you couldn't say no to him?
Ram: I can ask you the same question!
Priya: You know what? I don't have time for this� (She turned around to leave)
Ram: (desperately pleaded) Okay wait! (Unsure of the reason, she stopped walking and listened with her back still turned to him)  I need to talk to you� about us!
Priya: (shook her head from left to right) There is nothing left to talk about. (she began walking towards the booth where she was supposed to meet Ayesha)
Ram: (he followed closely behind her) yes there is Priya. There are a lot of things to talk about. Why are you being so ignorant?
Priya: Fine I am ignorant� Happy? Now please stop this�
Ram: (his voice slowly increased as his frustration level built up) Will you stop walking and listen to me. You said what you had to say. Since morning I have been letting you talk. Now it's my turn.
They stood in the center of the restaurant amongst families, friends and lovers who dined amidst a brewing storm not feeling it's effects as of yet. Very shortly they would be treated to a dinner and a show, free of charge, paid for by the arrogance of two lovers whose relationship has maintained sourness for no obvious reason.
Priya: (stopped and made a sharp semi- U-turn upon hearing his last remark. The surroundings dissipated from her peripherals, her voice amplified with sarcasm. And the reason for her visit to the restaurant in the first place was now a distant memory.) Mr. Kapoor so nice of you for putting up with my constant blabbering from the morning. You see 'cause only your words hold value but still you listened. Thank you so much!
Ram: (stepped so close to her with angry flames fuming in his eyes. She backed up as far back as she could go until she hit a table, nearly knocking over a glass of freshly poured red wine.) DID I SAY THAT? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH?
Siddhant heard a voice that matched that of his brother, which served as the unpleasant reason for him to ditch the sweet conversation he was engaged in with Ayesha.  He worriedly informed her about his fear that the sudden commotion might involve his brother. His heart quadrupled in it's pace as he practically ran out of the private booth with Ayesha following closely behind. Rushing past the quickly formed crowd that watched the onslaught of a relationship gasping for breath, Ayesha and Sid reached the center of the loosely constructed circle in the middle of the restaurant.
Sid: Bhai?!! (he wedged himself between Ram and Priya)
Ayesha: Di? (she looked at Priya not sure what to make of the scene)
Sid and Ayesha glanced at each other and than back at their siblings as did Ram and Priya.
Ayesha: J-jiju? (she stammered looking at Ram and than at Priya)
Sid: Bhabhi! (he exclaimed putting in place the last piece of the puzzle)

Security Guard: Everybody clear this area� Return back to your tables. On behalf of the management and staff we are so sorry for the disturbance� (everyone hesitantly walked back to their tables regretting that the show was now over. The security guard walked up to Ram, Priya, Ayesha and Sid.) You guys have to leave this restaurant NOW! Otherwise you will be escorted out! The choice is yours.

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