Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kuch Mere Dil Ne Kaha Part 5


Picture perfect�Very few things fit into that category. The greatest moments are not those captured in a camera but those engrained in the richest part of our minds, to live on forever. He, who was adamant on fulfilling all his wildest dreams in the few hours offered by the night, now slept with his limbs curled in towards his chest, snoring up a ruckus and not allowing the love of his life to have a wink of rest. The thin, long branches of a nearby tree tapped gently against the windows of the bedroom, drunkingly swaying to the intoxicating tune of the whistling winds. Curly locks of thick, lush hair nestled closely against the side of Priya's neck whilst she stood leaning her arm against the rails of the balcony, admiring the alluring chaos in the brewing storm. With his over-sized, white dress shirt loosely dangling an inch above her knees, she basked in a unique feeling of comfortness that she seemed to have been in search of her entire life. Almost instantly after her hand involuntarily stretched to palm the liquid beads that freshly ripped through the clouds, she felt a strong pair of arms slithering along the circumference of her waist, warmly embracing her from behind. And just as she was about to address his presence she heard what sounded like a string of firecrackers followed by several thunderous claps; it was as if the gods up above were rejoicing with loud applauds of approval, for the unlikely couple that the world saw unfit but whom they knit together elegantly with the thread of destiny. But no matter how appealingly the rumbling in the clouds was described to Priya, she despised it's frightening cry. In one motion she spun on her heels and buried her face as far into his bare chest as possible until the noise subsided. Before she let go and took a step back, she slowly opened her eyes to authenticate the silence. The tension-scribed creases on her forehead began to tread along the path of disappearance, fading as she gazed up at the amused expression on his face. And just like that the fear, which was in her eyes a moment ago, was immediately replaced by a subtle anger that was more apt to be labelled a minor irritation.
"What's so funny?" She snapped throwing a fist lightly at his chest.
"ouch..." he whined dramatically as her fist made a soft contact with his flesh before he stammered in response to her question. "Nothing is funny... I was just..."
"You were just what?" Her arms folded, gravitating naturally towards her chest and securing in place under her bosom.
"I was just wondering how you can love the rain and be afraid of a little thunder?" He held back a smile that hijacked his lips the moment he noticed her hostility weaken as evidenced by the gentle look that took shape in her eyes.
"The same way that people love life but are afraid of living." She glanced out at the worsening weather and than continued. "Anyways, I've decided that I am not talking to you." Planting the seed of curiosity in his mind, she walked back into the bedroom knowing he wasn't far behind.
"What? Why wouldn't you talk to me? What did I do?" He probed with sincere wonder.
It was only when she froze in her steps and he collided into her that she realized how closely behind her he was. "Sorry..." he said promptly catching a hold of her hand so that she wouldn't fall. Kissing her teeth to exhibit a false sense of irritation, she twisted her arm in his grip to free herself but he used the current predicament wisely to his advantage.
"Leave me�" She demanded, understanding that struggling would only result in her being further entrapped.
"Not until you tell me what this is all about... " His free hand caressed a trail to the arch of her back propping her up against his body with one swift, jerk forward. "You're not the type to fuss over trivial matters� So either I really screwed up or you're just teasing me� Which one is it?" He spoke seductively, nuzzling her face with the slightly cool tip of his nose owing to the fact that the storm brought with it a whoosh of chilli, brisk winds. Priya had on his shirt so sparing his pants, he had nothing else on for warmth but the closeness of their embrace.
She played along with his romantic bargain, speaking in a seductive tone of her own� "Think about it�" With the tip of her index finger, she outlined his lips leaning on the pads of her toes to move in slowly for a kiss. Angling his head to prepare for the most seamless seal of their lips, he closed his eyes and waited for the moment, the touch� But what he got instead was a nudge as she slipped through the spaces of his gradually loosening hold. "In your dreams�" she said, chuckling at the childish look of discontent that took over the muscles in his face. "I am going to the kitchen, to whip up something for us to eat. In the meantime, try and figure out the reason behind my silence�" She walked up to the doorway and paused, turning around to add. "Just for the record, I believe that you can do this�I fell in love with the smartest of businessmen." He watched as she disappeared into the dimly lit hallway and when she was gone he massaged his temple with his fingers and spoke his thoughts aloud, "What could she have possibly meant by that.? Is she mad at me or is she not? Whatever it is, I am going to go mad figuring this out�" He walked slowly down to the kitchen, in his every step forward was a prayer for some spark to set off his train of thought.

Reacting in the heat of the moment, Priya instructed Siddhant to hide in the bedroom while she answered the door. Karthik and Sudhir were unsure of how to present themselves in front of a raging Ram but being keen on avoiding any unnecessary attention that would blow their cover they hid in the bedroom along with Sid. Upon hearing the lock click as it was opened, Ram barged into the living room with his mother, who had an apologetic look in her eyes.
Ram: (to Priya in his usual loud, angry voice) What are you doing here?
Priya: (not being polite either) Excuse me? This is my room�I paid for it� What's it to you?
Ram: (to his mother) Ma� I told you that she is characterless. But you and Papa have placed her on an imaginary pedestal like she is without any blemish. (turning his attention back to a nervous Priya who feared being caught prematurely) Where is he?
Priya: (maintaining her cool) I dont know what you're talking about.
Ram: (his blood boiled knowing that she was playing him for a fool) Your side business...Papa gave you a day off to take care of your ill son but you are here in a hotel room. Where are the men or should i say, your clients, that you have came here with? (he questioned boldly)
Krishna: (trying to deescalate her son's rage and presumptions) Ram beta... Please dont create a scene. Priya is not like that... If she was hiding something (priya glanced up at her with guilt in her eyes) than why would she have even opened the door?
Priya: (cursing herself, she thought) Dammit! Why 'did' I open the door?
Ram: (in an attempt to convince his mom) i knew it. I knew you wouldnt believe that Priya has a dirty character and that's why i brought you up here with me. Ma, when you were in with Dr. Roop for your check up I went outside to make a call. Thats when I saw Priya with two men and decided to follow her across the street to this hotel. Low and behold she has had a room here for a while now. Every friday night she comes to this room and it's safe to assume thats its not to sit around and watch TV. (he moved to stand intimidatingly close to Priya, glaring at her with a look that said he was convinced that she was a wh**e) Ms. Priya Sharma, i knew that you were into all of this from the moment that i came to know of your illegitimate son, Kush.
Krishna: (intervening sternly) Ram stop it... Don't say anything about that innoncent child�
Ram: (not the least bit interested in Krishna's request) So whose Kush's daddy? (he smirked egotistically) You know what, I am kind of confused (he paused, scanning her pain-stricken expression before continuing to slaughter her) not about who Kush's father is because that's probably a mystery to you as well. But you see I am confused about this whole set up that you have going for yourself. I mean Kapoor Industries pays you well. Heck, today you even bagged a promotion that you didn't deserve but still you got yourself your very own office in just two days. So than this side business, is it really necessary? Unless...(he paused again, this time pretending to be deep in thought) Oh thats right... (he continued with a hint of his ego shining through to his words) It was dumb of me to assume that this was just for the money...You do this as your hobby, you like the extra enjoy this... (tears swelled in Priya eyes as she listened helplessly to his undying false allegations.) by the way...just out of curiousity, how much do you charge for a night or in this case for an evening quickie (she looked hurtfully at him, keeping her mouth shut to keep hidden the truth of Sid and Ayesha) I am just asking because now i see some value in having you as my business advisor. You see i make deals with mostly arrogant old men and if i have you as part of the offer, i know i can seal some pretty important deals, without even trying.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Sudhir hollered, advancing towards Ram furiously with Karthik close behind.
Ram: (chuckled) oh my gosh... Ma, look... This isnt a side business, its a family business. (he comically proclaimed) Sudhir is the ceo and now young Karthik, fresh out college, is the president. A family that sells together lives well together. (he laughed)
Sudhir threw an open hand towards Ram's face but before there was any impact Ram gripped it mid-air and roughly hurled it down.
Ram: (with fire in his eyes he burned Sudhir) Dont even think about putting your hands on me.. Mr. Sudhir Sharma I will ruin you. You're already nothing but a failed friend and a has been businessman but if you make the mistake of touching me you'll be a dead man for sure.
Priya suddenly regained her courage and did what she should have done a long time ago. She knew by the look on Karthik's face that he was on the verge of punching the living daylights out of Ram. And any other day she wouldn't have came in the way of his anger. But today she wanted to have the honors, all to herself. Impulsively, she stepped up to Ram, the whites of her eyes bloody red with anger. And with as much force and passion possible she finished what her father started, slapping Ram squarely on his left cheek leaving everyone in the room stunned. When the numbness of her rage subsides she knew that she would regret this but for now she was unable to hear a word against the man who raised her and Ram had a dictionary of exactly that.
Krishna grabbed Ram's arm insisting that they leave but the last action on Priya's expense left his ego so indebted that he was pushed further away from calling it quits. Sudhir held Priya back and Krishna, Ram.
Ram: (erupting with volcanic rage) HOW DARE YOU SLAP ME, YOU TWO CENT wh**e!
Krishna: (holding Ram back with all her might) RAM JUST STOP IT.. LET'S GO HOME! (She tried tugging him towards the door but he refused to budge)
Sudhir: (gripping Priya's arms tightly so that she remained at a safe distance from Ram) ENOUGH PRIYA� THAT'S IT�(he tried calming her down but his words lacked the courage to reach her ears)
Krishna: (Her blood pressure rose as the arguments continued) Ram I don't feel to good. (she confessed but he was too busy waging a war that would render no        winners)
Priya: I WOULD BUT�(she paused when she saw Krishna's gait stagger as she      wobbled back and gripped her head) Auntyji, what's wrong� (she moved towards     her along with Ram's attention)
Ram: MA!!! (he screamed worriedly, stablizing Krishna in his arms and carrying her to the nearby  sofa�)
Not being able to hold himself back, Siddhant ran out from the bedroom and         grabbed his mother's limp hand in his begging her to wake up from her                 unconscious state. Ram was dialling the number of the doctor that they had came  to visit but he turned around sharply to see the face of the person with a familiar  voice who had suddenly emerged on the scene.
Ram: (his hands dropped down to his sides, his phone fell to the floor as he stared at the person who he had heard, with his mouth and eyes wide open in shock)       Bhai? Y-you're alive�
Siddhant: (with streams of tears flooding down his cheeks, he walked past his       bewildered little brother to reach his mother's side) Ram, call the doctor� (he     commanded, shifting his focus back to his unconcious mother) Ma, please wake up�Please Ma, I am here now�I am so sorry� Please Ma�wake up� Look! It's  me, your son�  (he shook her by the shoulder) Ma� Ma please�Please Ma�.   WAKE UP!

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