Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kuch Mere Dil Ne Kaha Part 7

Part 7
Pulling on the tall, stainless steel refrigerator doors, Priya stared disappointingly into the empty spaces, which seemed to be a common theme consistent within the cavities of each cabinet that hung throughout the modern, sleek designed kitchen. Cold steam radiating from the barren fridge weaved teasingly around her exposed legs causing Goosebumps to rise in protest. "I can't believe this' What's the point of having such a big kitchen if you don't stock it with food?" she growled as she began closing the refrigerator door and mentally devising some other alternative for a meal.
"What am I going to do with this man?" she thought out loud.
"You can love him to bits and pieces'" a voice came out from nowhere making Priya jump in her spot' It was only when the doors finally slammed shut, freeing itself from her grip when she realized that he had been leaning against the edge of the counter near the sink conveniently hidden from her sight.
"You scared me," she gasped, planting her palm on her chest over his shirt to slow down her rapid breaths. He laughed nervously and scratched his head. Pushing off the balls of his feet he regained an upright stance, pausing only for a brief second before inching towards her. Her index finger promptly sprang up to object his crystal clear intentions. "Don't you dare..." With a devilish grin, he moistened his lips by quickly swirling his tongue against it whilst continuing in her direction' "I'm serious Ra-." She stopped mid-sentence, glancing sideways at the wall that obstructed her backwards path. Gulping deeply, she stared into his determined eyes, her cheeks automatically flushed with a pink tinge seeing exactly what was on his mind. He planted his left hand on the wall before she could side-step her way to freedom. She threw in the towels, realizing wisely that she was completely cornered and disarmed by his gaze; the same gaze that had the potency to instantly turn her kneecaps into blocks of Jell-O. This man knew what he wanted, just as well as he knew how to reach the target in his mind and right now his only aim was figuring out the reason behind Priya's alleged anger. He traced his fingers along her jawline anchoring her chin to make her look up at him. Touching his lips to hers, he ignited a subtle passion and than whispered, "You're shivering'" She closed her eyes and whispered back, "It's you're fault for being so close to me." Slightly caressing her cheeks with the faint touch of his lips he replied, "Are you going to tell me what I did wrong?" Her hands felt its way up his bare chest; she could feel his heart skip a beat. "If I tell you what you did wrong, than how will you ever learn?" He crisscrossed kisses down her neck whispering in between her sighs of pleasure, "I already know what it is that's bothering you." Her hands ran through his thick hair, the ends of her fingers gently scraping his scalp while her mind went blank, void of any smart remarks. "It's because you can't get over how I treated you in the past and that's why you can't enjoy this night to the fullest'" he sighed throwing a lowball excuse before he forced himself to back off of her when he was convinced that she had been completely drunk on his love. Continuing with the most innocent and sad tone in his voice, he said, "I'm sorry, it's just that'" Speaking up as fast as she could recover some sense from beyond the depths of her nostalgic state of mind she disagreed, not wanting to further mislead him, "No Ram, it's not that at all' I have no complaints about what happened or how it happened, everything was perfect'I'm not mad at you at all, I was just teasing y--." The minute she snapped back to reality from her pleasure trip and saw the mischievous grin on his face, she slapped his arm, realizing how blindly she walked into his scam... "Ram you are such a jerk'I hate you'Let me go'" She twisted and turned to get away but it was to no avail, he quickly grabbed her arms tightly pulling her intimately close to himself.
"C'mon Ms. Priya Ram Kapoor, you started this teasing game' Now don't be a spoilsport"
"Leave me Ram'" she insisted'
"Never'" he said staring deep into her eyes to show her that he meant it.
"ouch, ahh' You're hurting me.." Digging up her sleeves, this was the best trick that she found.
"nice try'but I've held you tighter than this tonight and I'm not an expert or anything but I don't think the sounds you were making was because you were in pain." She blushed with a coy glare in her eyes. Seizing the moment, he curled his index finger under her chin, tilting it up to easily capture her lips for no other reason than to kiss her so deep that he could reach her soul. But his plans crashed before it even took flight' Just as he was about to devour her, the sound of the obnoxious doorbell ripped every shred of romance until it was scattered like colourless, confetti pieces in the longing atmosphere that surrounded them.  

A futile week passed by since Ram had seen his brother alive. He was tempted to the core each day to inform his grieving bhabhi that her husband was live and well. Each time he came close to saying something he remembered the nightmare he had when he came home that day after meeting Sid. In this convoluted conception of his mind, he relived the entire day up until the point where he was brought into the bedroom where in place of Ayehsa laid his brother Siddhant. He woke up in a pool of his own sweat and it didn't help that he had a tendency to normally perspire a lot. Images of his brother connected to machines for basic functions like breathing made Ram fear the thought of shutting his eyes for even a second. So Johnny Walker was his self prescribed sedation that allowed his mind and body a chance to recharge forgetting who and where he was until he would wake up in the same cycle of hell that he called life. Priya, Vikram and Ram worked closely on a couple of deals but truthfully the majority of work was split evenly between Vikram and Priya. Ram, who ran to Vikram to unload details of his every little problem, now fumbled with a truth that was feasting on his flesh from the inside out. Sid didn't know who set out to kill him and he had explicitly asked Ram to keep his secret a secret. Although, Ram could bet his life that Vikram had no involvement in the tragedies of the past, he was not comfortable enough to wager his brothers well being on a strong assumption. Vikram, however knew something was bothering Ram not because of any particular suspicion but solely on the fact that he actually treated Priya like a human being talking to her strictly when it was related to business and avoiding her otherwise.
 The thing with lying on any level for any reason is that if you don't want to get caught than you probably shouldn't lie in the first place. Yet the most cynical liars who have gotten away with years of fables find new ways to dodge the bullet named truth. How? The secret is experience. But experience can only take us so far before we face something new that leaves us dumbfounded. Sheena wisely constructed a false sense of reality that Ram never thought to question because it was coming from her. However, when truth and lies finally collide the doubt created becomes the lethal poison that finds a way to destroy everyone involved. The life expectancy of a lie is extended when the person who told it is the only person who knows. For an expert, Sheena made a novice mistake that ended up costing her the trust and respect that she had garnered from Ram over the years. One afternoon Ram had left early from work to question Sheena about the couple million-dollar cheques that Siddhant did indeed sign out in her name before his planned death. When he reached her room, he stopped right outside the door, peeking in uncharacteristically through the crack that was left from the open angle. She was on the phone with someone and judging by the enthusiasm with which she spoke it was someone that she knew very well. At first Ram thought it was Mr. Mittal and decided to leave her with some privacy to carry out a conversation with her father. But as soon as he turned to leave he heard her utter a name that compelled him to eavesdrop.
Sheena: Raj, I miss  you'When are you coming to Mumbai? (she paused, presumably to hear the response on the other end of the line) Yes I remember what I have to do next and I am focused but everyone needs a little incentive. (a brief pause later she continued joyfully) Thank god I have you'If it weren't for you I would have been foolishly bribed with gold, leaving behind a gold mine like this mansion. And you know what? Each member in this family is stupider than the last. I thought Sid was easy to manipulate but Ram ' (she laughed) Arey Yaar, don't worry' No one can hear me' (she looked back at the small crack provided by the open door and as she came near to close it,  Ram ducked to the side.)
The conversation carried on but in mumbles that Ram was unable to comprehend. In a trance, Ram walked away from her bedroom and up a flight of stairs to his personal bar. He definitely needed a drink to take the edge off the stabbing pain in his chest. Two people that he trusted blindly had taken advantage of him in the same week. The first person that broke his trust was Siddhant and like the first cut that wound was undoubtedly the deepest. As one drink turned to two shots and two shots to half a bottle Ram was convinced that Sid knew about Sheena's deceitful ways, he knew more than he made Ram aware of' Everyone knew more than him and they had collectively kept him in the dark. He didn't know why he was so enraged; it was not like if they had told him about Sheena, he would have believed them. But still his ego threw a massive tantrum and the only person he could think of to blame was Priya. She had been with him the whole week but yet she didn't care to tell him, despite seeing him in such grief, that Sheena was the missing piece to the puzzle, which he was so desperate to complete for his brother. Slamming his fist hard on the bar table he wobbled to a standing position with its assistance. In and out of consciousness he somehow made his way to the garage, hurling himself in the back seat of the first car that his blurred vision made out.
"Take me to Priya's house'" he ordered the fearful driver who could smell the stench of booze on him.
Meanwhile, Priya had just returned home from work, exhausted to say the least. Kicking off her sandals, she ran her fingers through her hair pushing it back and tying it into a loose ponytail. Slumping down on the couch she exhaled deeply, shutting her eyes briefly before examining the empty house. "Ma? Papa?" she called out, too lazy to get up and actually search for them. Hearing her voice, Karthik walked into the living room holding Kush in his arms.
Karthik: Di, you're home' How was your day?
The moment Kush laid eyes on Priya he had began stretching his tiny arms towards her, rambling something in excitement probably saying how badly he missed her the whole day. The pure joy in his action gave Priya ample strength to get up and take Kush from Karthik, placing a kiss on his forehead saying, "Aww my baby, I missed you too'" Karthik smiled in peace witnessing a bond like no other he had ever seen.
Karthik: Di, have a seat' I'll get you something to drink'
Priya: (speaking over Kush's excited squeals) No Karthik, I am fine' Ma, Papa kahan hain?
Karthik: (sadly) Di, you haven't forgiven me yet right? I am sorry di for the things I said,
Priya: Karthik, what are you talking about? I was never mad at you to begin with'
Karthik: Than sit down di' let me get you something to drink'
She shook her head and smiled'
Priya: okay baba!
Karthik: (walking to the kitchen he hollered) Papa had his doctor's appointment today and Ma went with him also. (he brought back a glass of ice cold water for Priya, handing it over to her he said) Here you go Di' No one works harder than you'
Kush watched with his eyebrows knotted as Priya took a much-needed gulp of the ice-cold water.
Karthik: (handing Kush lukewarm water in his bottle) Here you are Champ' I haven't forgotten about you'
Taking the bottle from Karthik hesitantly, Kush glared at it and than at Priya's glass and than back at his bottle before he chucked it on the floor'
Priya: (trying to speak with some strictness but not quite being able to pull it off) Kush ye kya kiya apne?  (Kush reached for her glass, starting to whimper when she pulled it back) Aacha so ye baat hain' Kush wants to drink like a big boy in the glass. (She brought the glass of water to his mouth and he nibbled at the top of the cup with his gums maintaining a confused look on his face. Karthik and Priya laughed but he was not bothered as he continued to explore the mystery of how to get the water from the glass and into his little mouth; it was definitely harder than it looked)
Karthik: Di, is it okay if I go? I have to meet a friend.
Priya: Yeah sure Karthik' Why are you asking me? Go right ahead'
Karthik: umm' If you want I can wait until Ma and Papa come home? I feel bad leaving you all alone like this'
Priya: (she insisted) Don't worry Karthik' I will be fine' Waise bhi, I have this naughty boy to keep me company. (she smiled watching Kush continue on his quest for water)
Karthik: Thanks di' You are the best' (he kissed her forehead and said goodbye)
When Karthik left, Priya walked over to the sink and spilled out her water, filling her cup back up with something lukewarm so that Kush could actually drink' She made him sit on the countertop, supporting him in place with her arm around him and than she helped him drink with tiny tilts of the cup. He spat out more than he drank, scrunching his face with every little sip and making a mess on his t-shirt. Priya watched him dip his hand into the glass, sucking the water from his fingers, clearly not pleased with the results. Being with Kush gave her a refreshing blast of happiness but for some reason there was uneasiness in her heart, which was constantly restricting her ability to enjoy freely. It started when she left the office and now it reached a point where she couldn't ignore the feeling; no matter how hard she tried.

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