Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 2


Setting: Niharikas room

Niharika storms into her room and slams the door as she enters. Mamaji who was sitting in her room eating tandoori chicken nearly chokes at the sound of the door slamming.

Mamaji: oy sweety why are slamming the door like an angry teenager. Kya hua? U almost made me choke on this delicious chicken.

Niharika walks over too him and snatches the chicken out of his hand and throws it on the ground... bhaiya u r good for nothing, sitting here stuffing ur face aur wahan priya ne mujhe kitna kuch suna diya.

Mamaji looks at his watch and interrupts. Aray sisterji. Priya still has 48hours, u just chill, she should be in tension not u.

Niharika screeches. And says bhaiya the tables are turned. She explains everything that happened downstairs.

Mamaji nods his head in disbelief. Waise ek baat kaho sweety. Yeh Priya bhi na ekdum middle class hai. She is soo cheap. You gave her a generous 72 hours to make her decision and she just gave you 24 hours, as if time mein bhi paisa lakta hai.

Niharika: BHAIYA! This is not the time to joke. Forget it i was the dumb one, i dont know why i thought that if i came to u then maybe u would help me out but off course not. You would only help if u are free from drinking and stufing ur face. She speedwalks out of her room frustrated. She thinks, somehow i have to get that dvd from priya. What can i do. I cant bring Natasha back. That stupid girl will open her mouth and spill the beans about everything to anybody who asks her nicely... WHAT DO I DO! Ek taraf meri image and dhusayri tarif le middle class girl ki high class demands.

Setting: Rayas room

Priya walked into her room completely exhausted. Ram had not returned home from the office yet. This thought made Priya really sad but she had decided that until Ram comes home she will not fall asleep. She put her bag in the closet and went to freshen up. When she came out of the bathroom she noticed that Ram still wasnt home. Disappointed she sat on the bed just waiting for Ram to come home so that she can try to talk to him and comfort him. She really missed the way things were between them. But now things have changed. The thing that hurt her the most was when Ram said that he didnt need her. Why wont Ram understand that Priya needs him so very much. They have both become so alone but if they got together to fight this misunderstanding then they will surely win. *tears begin rolling down her eyes* she wipes her tears and looks at her phone. It is now 10pm and Ram still had not come home; she began to worry and so she decided to give Ram a call after much debate.

Priya: hello Ram! When r u coming home? Aur aap ne kuch khaiya?
Ram: *angry tone* eat? How can i eat? Ur nalayak brother has not left me in a state of mind to eat. And i will come home when i am ready. I need to be left alone.
Priya: listen Ram.. U are again misunderstanding me. I dont want to talk about that for one second. I am just concerned for your health (she pauses) and for us.
Ram: oh soo sorry Priya for misunderstanding u again. Can u please tell me what i need to say in order to not hurt ur feelings.
Priya: Ra...
Ram: (cuts Priya off). Oh just stop it Priya. Why r u behaving like this, how can i think about my health and us. Who knows in what state Natasha is in. Just do me a favour leave me alone for now. And if u really want to help me then please act like my wife and help me find Natasha. Talk to your nalayak brother about where he has put her.
Priya: Ram how can you... (she hears beeping sounds on the other end of the phone. Ram had hung up).

That night she cried herself to sleep. She kept wondering what niharika will do tomorrow morning. Will she bring Natasha back. Natasha has to come back, she is the glue that  holds me and Ram together. She was digusted at how fragile her relationship was with ram that they would need to depend on the presence of Natasha as opposed to love in order to stay together.  

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