Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 3


Setting: Raya's Room

It is 3am and Ram finally arrives home. He tip toes into his room because he does not want to wake up Priya. He also feels so bad for the way that he spoke with Priya on the phone earlier. But he is just so angry these days that he does not know what to do. Priya is his wife but he feels that she is taking Karthiks' side. He walks over to the bed and stands next to where Priya is sleeping. Analyzing her face, he notices that she has dried tearstains on her cheeks.
He kneels down and goes to place his hand on her head but then he stops, he does not want to wake her up. Kneeling on the side of the bed, Ram holds Priya's hand in his hand gently. He looks at her to see if she was still sleeping and sure enough she was.

Ram: Priya, I love you so much and I am so sorry that our relationship has come to this point. I know that I have been a very terrible husband these days but I was just trying to be a good brother but I have failed at that too. I am so sorry but as you support your brother I have to support my sister. I wish I could believe you, but the reality is that you are Karthiks sister and he has kidnapped my sister. And Ma is so tensed about choti too. You know I can't see her angry but it hurts me soo much to see you in pain as well. What is a man to do in this situation? He lets go of priya's hand and stands up. This is ALL Karthik's fault, he has ruined so many relationships, I will ruin him and I don't care if he is my wife's brother or not! He angrily stomps to the washroom to freshen up.

Priya: (turns to face away from the washroom, a tear squeezes past her closed eyelids. She was awake the whole time and had heard everything that Ram said). She wipes her tears and tries to fall asleep. But all she wanted to do was give Ram a big hug and tell him that he is not alone. She loves him just as much as he loves her and is going through the same feelings as well. She felt bad for him because he had been blinded by Niharika's false love for so long that now it is going to be so hard to break him free. But she has to try; she has to give Ram so much love that no other love can ever take her place. 

Ram comes out of the washroom and gets into his side of the bed. Priya can feel Ram's helpless gaze upon her as she lies in bed pretending to sleep. Then Ram turns away from Priya and falls asleep.

It's 7am, Ram and Priya were sleeping in bed facing each other. They were so close to each other despite consciously trying to stay away. It was like Ram's body was drawn to Priya's and Priya's body was ever so inviting. **KNOCK KNOCK**

Niharika: (stands outside Raya's room, knocking on the door) Ram wake up and come downstairs. Ram are you awake, you have to come downstairs.

Ram: (opens his eyes) he was physically and mentally drained but he had a mission, he had to find choti. He says: yes Ma, I am coming. (he opens the door to see his mom standing there in a pink and purple salwar) yes Ma, what happened?

Niharika: it's Natasha.

Ram: he yells loudly, kya hua Choti ko? Is she okay? I will kill Karthik!

(Hearing Ram yelling, priya wakes up and sees Niharika standing and talking to Ram. She wonders what it is about; she walks to the door)

Niharika: Relax Ram! Kuch nahi hua Natasha ko. (she sees Priya walking to the door) Arey Priya, you're awake too. Perfect. Both you and Ram have to come downstairs with me, I have great news. WE FOUND NATASHA!.

Ram is so happy, he runs down the stairs. Priya gives Niharika a stern look and then proceeds to follow Ram down the stairs. Niharika's lips curl up into an evil grin and she also follows Ram and Priya.

Ram: (reaches downstairs) choti, choti, where are you choti? My eyes have been begging to see you. (he looks at his mom, who is standing at the bottom of the stairs next to Priya, and asks) Ma, kahan hai Choti.

Niharika: **points to the table** there she is.

Ram turns around quickly and sees a laptop.

Natasha (on the laptop on video chat): Hi Bhai, mein theek hoon!

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