Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 4


Setting: family room
Ram runs to the table where the laptop is placed and sits down in front of it. Priya goes and stands by his side.

Ram: choti where r u? You know we have been searching for you like crazy.

Priya: yeah Natasha and Karthik and the entire family are so tense with your absence.

Natasha: sorry bhai, sorry priya. That day when i got discharged i got a text from shaqs who told me about a fashion show in paris. He had booked my ticket and i needed some time off so i went with him.

Priya: itna sub kuch hogiya and u didnt notify anyone.

Ram: yeah choti priya is right, we thought that karthik (he stopped before completeing the sentence, looking up at priya and realizing what a big mistake he had made).

Natasha: i know i am so sorry. The thing is i lost my phone on the way to paris so as soon i got a chance i decided to do a video chat.

Ram: choti, how can you be so careless. I mean u just went through so much emotional sress with the DV incident and...(he was interrupted)

Natasha: (interrupts Ram) bhai i have to tell you something about that. The truth is that (she hesitates) karthik did not hit me.

Ram: no choti u dont have to be scared and clear his name. I know he met u in the hospital and might have threatened u to say that.

Natasha: no bhai. He really didnt. That night it is true that karthik was really angry because i forgot to give papa medicine for which he fainted. And it is also true that karthik even kicked me out of the house but he did not hit me.

Ram: then how did u get all those bruises?

(priya looks at niharika, and natasha looks at priya before she utters what she was told to say, knowing that priya already knows the truth and might interrupt her)

Natasha: well that day when i got kicked out i was running angrily down the stairs to leave. I took out my cellphone and dialed moms number but while i was doing that i got distracted and missed a step, lost my balance and fell down the hard cement stairs. I called mom to come pick me up and when she asked me about my bruises i told her that karthik had beat me because I wanted him to pay for kicking me out of the house.

(priya is completely shocked. Ram's face turned pale and sweat was dripping from the side of his face)

Ram: choti why did u tell such a big lie. I didnt expect this from you, i trusted u and fought everyone for you. I even fought my wife and for what? Just to find out that all i was fighting for is a lie. (he clenches his left fist, absolutely enraged. If choti was in front of him he would have slapped her so hard, even if he later regretted it).

Priya: but natasha in the hospital u said... (before she could finish her sentence, someone in the background calls natasha's name, saying natasha the designs are ready can u please check them out)

Natasha: bhai please forgive me (ram looks away). Priya i am so sorry, please tell karthik, ma and papa that i am sorry too. (there was guilt in natasha's eyes. Her apology was complicated. Her eyes were screaming sorry for something else and her mouth said sorry for something else. Before priya could say anything else, the call was disconnected).

Priya: i have to talk to niharika about this. Something does not feel right, is natasha really in paris enjoying herself or is this another one of niharika's evil schemes? But atleast karthik's name is cleared. Now Ram knows that karthik is innoncent. Priya looks down at Ram, who was still sitting, she places her hand on his shoulder and says Ram (niharika is shocked to hear her say Ram). Ram who is so ashamed at all the things he put priya and her family through, looks away. He was too ashamed to even look her in the eyes. Priya realizes this and says, "i am going to freshen up" and she leaves for their room.

Ram remains seated pondering how he will apologize to Priya. He has hurt her so badly these past couple of days. Niharika walks up to him.

Niharika: ram i am so mad at choti, how can she be so careless. I was ready to support her til my last breath with this DV case but all this turned out to be a lie. Omg i dont know how i will be able to face shipra and sudhir. Omg and poor karthik, i have said so many bad things to him.

Ram: it's okay ma, i have messed this up so i will set it straight. He gets up to leave.

Niharika: oh ram! Make sure u call the commissioners to stop their search for Natasha.

Ram just walks away without saying a word. He had to talk to Priya. When he got upstairs priya was ready and about to leave.

Setting: RAYA's room
Ram: priya woh... (just then his phone rings and it was the commissioner. He steps aside, turning his back to priya and tells the commissioner that Natasha was fine. By the time he had finished and turned back around, Priya had already left. He called priya's name but there was no response. Then he called for bansi kaka who told him that priya had gone out already.

Ram: (thinking) priya must be so mad at me and she has every right to be. After all i treated her so badly these past couple of days. I am such a fool i dont deserve her, she is so much better than me. But i still have to say sorry, i have to bring that beautiful smile back on her face.. I love her and i can not and will not live without her. 

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