Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 5


Setting: police station
Priya: what do you mean u cant release Karthik, i am telling you that he is innocent.

Officer: sorry mam! Like i said we have special instructions from the commissioner to keep him in the lock up. I am just doing my job.

Priya: call your commissioner, i want to talk with him.

Officer: sorry mam! He is in a very important meeting but he is scheduled to come to the police station this evening at 6pm. Can u please come back then? If he says yes then you can take ur brother home.

Priya: theek hain. I will be back then and i will give the commissioner a piece of my mind,  how can he keep innocent people in jail under special instruction.

She leaves the police station and goes to class. After she was done her class at 4pm she decided to go and see her mom and dad to tell them that karthik's innocence has been revealed and natasha is safe and sound. Taking papa out of this tension will be really good for his health.

Setting: Sharma house

Priya knocks the door. What is taking them so long to open the door, i hope that everything is okay. (she knocks again, and goes into her purse to find her phone) let me call and check.

(Just then someone opens the door) she looks up in shock

Karthik: hi dee!

Priya: karthik when did you come home. I went to the police station this morning but they said.. Acha never mind, i am just so happy to see you. Karthik you have gotten so skinny, dont worry tumhar dee hain na, i will cook ur favourite dishes today for you.(she grabs him and give him a big hug). Then she walks into the house but continues to look back at karthik asking him how he is and how sorry she is that he had to be punished for something that he didnt do.

Priya: waise karthik, who bailed you out of jail? (just as she is saying this she turns around to put her purse on the sofa and was once again surprised to see Ram sitting there. Her heart was pleased to see the man of her dreams.)

Karthik: Dee jiju bailed me out. (ram stands up at the sight of priya, he could not take his eyes off of her. This is the face that he was craving too see the whole day. Suddenly he is reminded of what he came here to do and so he walks to priya and holds both her hands. He mustered up the courage to look at her in the eyes and said)

Ram: priya from the bottom of my heart i am so very sorry for the way that i treated you. (tears fill up in priya's eyes). I know you are angry at me and u have every right to be but please give me one more chance. (priya remains silent, she looks around to see her mom, papa, ayesha and karthik standing there with big smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes. Priya wants to give Ram a big hug and tell him that she loves him and that she was never mad at him to begin with. The only thing that was making her upset was that he was not giving her any attention. But how can she say all this, her whole family was watching, she looks back at Ram, he was teary eyed.)

Ram: (thinking) oh no she is really mad at me, i can not lose her. (he was so desperate to hear three words from her mouth, "i forgive you". But she wasnt saying anything, Ram felt so helpless. He went down on both knees, cupping her tiny hands in his big hands and closed his hands together with hers inside his. He moved it to his head and looked down. He said: please priya please forgive me. I am really very sorry.

Ayesha: dee forgive jiju

Shipra & Sudhir: haan beta, maaf kardo.

Karthik: c'mon dee!

Hearing all this Ram snaps back to reality. He quickly gets up on his feet with a shy look on his face, which makes priya smile slightly. Completely mesmerized by priya's presence and desperate for forgiveness he had forgotten that he was infront of his in laws. His ears turn red and he mouths to priya, "sorry".

Priya wipes her tears and says, "it's okay (she pauses) rram".

Ram's face lit up, he couldnt believe his ears and neither could anybody else in the room.

Shipra: Sudhir, did you hear how lovingly she said Ram. Sooo sweet.

(priya and ram both blush as everyone starts laughing. Ram and priya secretly look at each other and smile).

Priya: Ma mein kitchen mein jati hoon. I have to cook Karthik's favourite dishes. (she runs to the kitchen.)

Karthik: (walks over to ram and places his hand on his shoulder) come jiju lets sit and talk.

Karthik, Sudhir and Ram sit in the living room and talk. While shipra, Ayesha and Priya are in the kitchen cooking. Every chance they get priya and ram steal a glance at each other.

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