Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 6


Setting: Shipra and Sudhirs house

They all had dinner at Shipra and Sudhirs house, sharing many jokes, laughing and having a good time.

Karthik (gets a little emotional and excuses himself from the dinner table)

Priya: arey Karthik kya hua? Ma, main je ke check karte hoon (priya is just about to go but Ram holds her hand)

Ram: agar app ko iteraaz nahi ho, then can I talk to him.

Priya: (nods her head)

Setting: Karthik's Room by the window

Ram: (places a hand on Karthik's shoulder) kya hua Karthik? Abi bhi mujshe naaraaz ho?

Karthik: (turns around to face Ram) nahi jiju, baas Natasha ki yaad agaaya. Wonder how she is and whether she ate or not.

Ram: (clenches his fist) yeh choti bhi na, kisi ko khaadar nahi karti hain. I apologize on her behalf, I raised her like my own daughter but couldn't teach her about love and respect. Aur Priya ne apko aur Ayesha ko itna ache se rista nibana sikaya. But don't worry Karthik, once Natasha returns back from her fashion show I will tell her to immediately return home to you. I am done spoiling her and giving her all this freedom.

Karthik: nahi Jiju , maat karna aise. I loved and accepted Natasha just the way she is and I don't want her to change or be forced into accepting me if she does not want to.

Ram: I am very proud of you! You are an incredible person. After all that has happened you are still so loving towards her. Choti will never find anyone as priceless as you. I hope she realizes this before it is too late.

Karthik: Thanks Jiju! Let's go back to the living room now. Everyone must be waiting for us.

Ram: (nods his head and looks at his watch) yeah you're right. Waise priya and I should be going now.

Setting: Living Room by the Sofa

Ram and Karthik walk back in to the living room.

Priya: Karthik is everything okay?
Karthik: haan Di, everything is good.

Ram: Priya, shall we leave now?

Priya: (she hesitates and looks at Karthik) Ram if it is okay with you then can I please stay here tonight?

Ram: (stands there confused) Kyun? Mera maatlab, is there anything wrong?

Priya: ummm well, Karthik needs me right now. I know he must be missing Natasha and for these few days meri Papa's health has not been good, so is liye.

Shipra: (interrupts) Priya you go to your home now with Ram. Karthik is not a small kid, and plus he has me, Sudhir and Ayesha to talk care of him. And don't worry about your Papa itni saalo se I've cared for him. Do one thing, go home and take care of your Ram ;)

Karthik: Haan dee, main bilkuul theek hoon!

Ram: (Ram has a victory smile on his face) chale Priya?

Both Ram and Priya leave for the KM.

Setting: In Ram's Car

Ram and Priya are on their way to the KM. The weather outside looks stormy as evidenced by the swaying of tree branches under the direction of the gusty winds. While outside, it is chaotic, Ram and Priya are cozy inside their car. There was silence in the car but it was a peaceful one. There was no awkwardness in this silence, just comfort that can be found between two lovers whose heartbeats are enough for communication. Ram glances at Priya, who was texting someone.

Ram: Priya, who are you texting so late at night. Waise, you never pick up your phone or even text me back sometimes. Whoever that person is, he must be special.

Priya:  (she teases him) Haan he is very special and very near to me.

Ram: (stunned) Okay, I'm sorry I won't disturb you while you talk to this "special person". Don't worry about me, I have no importance in you life right? (his voice hints a tinge of jealousy)

Priya: Arey, Ram Relax! I am just texting Karthik to remind him to pick up more medicine for Papa tomorrow morning. And now you're talking all big, where was this jealousy when you told me to stay back at my maayka and that you don't need me.

Ram: c'mon Priya, I did not mean it like that. I was just really mad that day and I took it out on you, I said I was sorry.
Priya: gussa? And you say that I don't pick up your calls or text you back. Please, let me tell you, you spend most of your time angry or working so when exactly do you text me?

Ram: okay, SORRY BABA, please mujhe maaf kardo.

Priya: theek hain! (Priya does not say anything more and instead she looks out the car window. Just then her phone beeps. She looks at it and sees that she got a new message. When she opens it she sees that it is from Ram. She smiles and looks at him. He acts like he does not know what's going on and continues driving with a smile on his face that he is trying to hide. The message from Ram reads, " I love you Priya <3". Priya blushes and replies back, "Liar, your actions don't reflect your words </3" she hits send and continues to look out the window)

Ram: (his phone beeps: he opens the message knowing exactly who it was from. When he read the message, his heart sank. He looks over at Priya with a frown on his face. Then he looks forward and continues to drive. Suddenly the car comes to a halt as they arrive outside the KM. Ram gets out of his car.

Priya: (oh no looks like he is mad at me now. Yeh Ram bhi na kitna sensitive hai. She gets out of the car and turns to close the door behind her. When she turn back around she is shocked to see Ram right in her face.)

Ram moves close to Priya as Priya steps back. They look intently into each other's eyes. Eventually Priya runs out of room to back up as she is already touching the car. Her heart was beating so fast and she began to breathe heavily. Ram notices that he is getting to her and moves as close as possible to her. She tries to run but Ram slams both of his hands on the car door, pinning her against the car. She tries to look away but Ram follows her gaze, not allowing her to look away.

Priya: (breathing heavily, her chest moves up and down) R-ram (she stutters) w-what are you doing?

Ram: (he moves his mouth close to her ears and whispers, his hot breath against her soft skin making her get goosebumps) shhh. Priya ab main kuch nahi kahunga (he kisses her neck, sending chills down Priya's spine, he feels her moving against his body, he pins her tighter and whispers in her ears again) Baas karoonga' (he kisses her ear)

Priya: (priya moans slightly and tries to catch her breath and says) kya karega ap?

Ram: (slides his hands up priya's arms, her neck and eventually he reaches her cheeks. He caresses it gently and then cups her face firmly lifting it up slightly. He moves close to her quivering lips and whispers) Pyaar!

Priya: (she had her eyes closed, and as Ram whispered, "Pyaar" she felt the warmth of his breath against her trembling lips. Before she could say anything more she felt his moist lips firmly lock onto her lips. He moved one hand on her back and pulled her closer to himself. Her heart was beating so fast against his chest, for the time being it felt like their heartbeats were one. Priya grabs the collar of his shirt for stability. They continue to kiss passionately, when it begins to rain heavily.  But this does not stop them . . . 

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