Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 7


Setting: outside the KM, in the parking lot

The two lovers are lost in their passionate kiss that was long overdue. Suddenly Priya snaps back to reality and realizes where they are. She pushes Ram back and breaks the liplock. Ram still has his arms around her.

Priya: Ram let me go, what are you doing? (She fidgets in his arms trying to get loose from his grip but is unsuccessful)
Ram: Well, I'm showing you with actions how much I love you because you don't believe my words. (he leans in to kiss her again but Priya pulls back)
Priya: Ram' (she moves her gaze past him and lifts her arm. She points behind Ram) Woh Siddhant is coming'
Ram: (upon hearing this Ram quickly snaps back to reality and lets go off Priya. He turns around quickly to see Siddhant but to his surprise when he turned around no one was there.) Priya, there is no one' (he turns back to face her but notices that she is no longer there. Realizing that she had just made a fool out of him, he smiles, shakes his head and looks around for her. He sees her laughing at him close to the entrance and he walks towards her saying) C'mon, yaar Priya this is not fair.
Priya: What? Fair? C'mon Ram everyone knows that All's Fair in Love and War. (she laughs seeing the expression on his face) Nowww let's go inside before someone really see's us.
Ram: haan, Chalo! (ram sulks and stomps inside the house like a big baby.)
Priya: (Priya follows with a smile on her face and she thinks) Ram you are still so innocent.  

Setting: In Raya's Room

They both enter the room completely drenched. Ram locked the door behind him and set his eyes on Priya who was grabbing towels for her and Ram.

Priya: (walks over to Ram and hands him the towel) Ram wipe yourself off and get changed otherwise you may fall sick and then you will blame me again.
Ram: (goes to reach for the towel but instead he grabs Priya's hand and yanks her towards him. He then wraps his arms around her waist) Priya, in this rain I am willing to get wet anytime and fall sick over and over again.
Priya: (wraps her arms around his neck and looks in his eyes) arey wa, so much love for the rain.
Ram: all thanks to you! You never fail to amaze me'
Priya: I'm glad you finally acknowledged and enjoyed the beauty of the rain
Ram: (adorns a naughty smile) Well if you don't mind, I'd like to enjoy the person who has made my first experience in the rain so beautiful.
Priya: (priya lowers her gaze) isme poochanay wale baat kya hain' Have I ever stopped you (she gives ram a naughty look)
Ram: (definitely turned on by this look) soch lo Priya, once I start you won't be able to stop me! (he winks)
Priya: (blushes and buries her face in Ram's chest)

Ram kisses and nuzzles his way down Priya's neck making her moan softly. She has one hand digging into his back gently and with her other hand she moves it up the back of his neck and into his wet hair. Ram drops Priya's pallu, unhooks her blouse and curls it off her shoulders. He begins to nuzzle her bare shoulder, making his way up to her neck and then back down to her shoulders. Amidst her moans, priya brings both her hands to Ram's chest and begins to unhook the buttons on his shirt. With his shirt open, she places her palms on Ram's chest, gliding both hands up to his bare shoulders and down his arms, thus taking off his shirt. In this manner they undressed each other. Ram and Priya looked into each other eyes and ram took steps forward, forcing her to take steps back. In this process they reached the bed and as Priya lay down slowly she pulled Ram with her. They made love slowly yet passionately. Priya moaned of pleasure throughout; sometimes softly and at other times loudly. Ram was encouraged by her moans as he loved to give her pleasure after such a long time. After they had finished Ram lay down beside her and Priya kissed Ram's chest and placed her head on it. Ram kissed Priya's head and they both fell asleep.

The next morning, Priya wakes up to Ram's snoring. She was laying flat on the bed and Ram was laying on his belly with his face towards Priya. He had his one arm wrapped around her (picture the scene when Ram and Priya consummated their marriage and after that Priya was awake thinking).
Priya: (looked at Ram and smiled) Finally Ram has slept peacefully after this whole Natasha drama. (She got out of bed quietly, moving Ram's hand to the side slowly when she stood up she suddenly felt dizzy for a bit, but then she was okay so she went to the washroom to freshen up).
Ram: (with his eyes still closed he feels beside him for Priya, which is when he noticed that Priya was not in bed. He rubbed his eyes and opened them slowly. He called out for Priya but got no answer in exchange. Perhaps she had gone to freshen up he thought. He walked over to the bathroom to surprise her but instead he was surprised himself) PRIYA!!

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