Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 8


Setting: Raya's Room
Ram: PRIYA!?

Priya is laying on the floor unconscious. Ram rushes to her side, puts his arm around her shoulders and tries to make her sit. He taps her faces with his fingertips, trying to get her to wake up. BUT there is no response. He notices that her skin was burning hot and immediately realizes that she is sick. Ram is panicking, he brushes priya's hair with his fingers trying to get it off her face. Just then he notices that she is also bleeding on her forehead.

Ram: OMG, What's wrong with Priya, she is hurt and she is not waking up.

He picked Priya off the ground and placed her on the bed and sits on the edge of the bed next to Priya, holding on to her hands. With his free hand he calls the doctor. When the doctor arrives Priya is still unconscious and her fever did not subside; not even a little bit. The evil trio join Ram in his room along with Ishika (Nuts, dadi and Rishab are still out of town)

Doc: Mr. Kapoor, Priya has a very high fever and her body is too weak to fight it off. On top of that she must have hit her head on something when she fell unconscious and as a result she has lost some blood. We need to get her admitted to the hospital where we can better take care of her.

Niharika: yes doctor we should get moving right away. I will call the ambulance. (She leaves the room with an evil smirk on her face)

Mamaji and Sid are shocked to hear so much concern from Niharika. But in the back of her mind Niharika has a plan. She knows that if Priya leaves to the hospital then Ram will spend most of his time there. This will allow her to go into their room and search for that CD and be able to assess what kind of threat Priya is to her before she makes her next move.

Setting: Hospital

Ram is in the room with Priya and so is the evil trio alongside Ishika. Shortly after, Neha, Vikram and the Sharma's arrive at the hospital too. Priya is laying in bed with glucose IV line hooked up to her as well as an oxygen mask. Vikram and Neha walk up to Ram and Vikram places one hand on his shoulder.

Vikram: don't worry Ram, she will be fine. Waise Ram, how did she get a fever.

Ram: last night we got wet in the rain storm. Why didn't Priya wake me up if she wasn't feeling good? Maybe we could have avoided this?

Neha: Ram, perhaps you don't know Priya. She thinks that she can take care of herself, independent jo hai. Always taking care of other people's health but not hers. BUT Ram don't get to tensed na, Priya is very strong also. She will kick this fever's butt.

The doctor walks into the room and everyone looks at him with questions marks and concerns in their eyes.

Doctor: there is nothing to worry about, pretty soon Priya will regain consciousness. She just needed some energy and we have had her hooked up to glucose. Once she regains consciousness, you can take her home, even tonight.

Ram: but doctor, shouldn't we keep her here until the morning in case of anything. We can't be so careless. She has hurt her head.

Doctor: exactly Mr. Kapoor, you all need to stop being careless. Do not give her too much stress, it is not good for her body or health. I am pretty sure she must have been in some sort of stress right now, otherwise a person like Priya who is absolutely healthy should have had NO PROBLEMS in fighting off this fever.

Everybody becomes silent, recalling the events that unfolded in the past few days. Ram especially felt guilty because knowingly or unknowingly he was a huge part in Priya's stress.

Niharika: I know doctor. You are absolutely right. (cue the crocodile tears). These past few days were very stressful but beechari Priya had done nothing wrong. I am sorry Ram I shouldn't have put that thought in your mind that it was Karthik that kidnapped Natasha. (she turns to Karthik and apologizes, Karthik just nods but deep down in his heart he knows that this is just a facade).

Doctor: please stop all this. I don't know what has happened but at this time it is very important to keep Priya away from all this in order for her to get better.

Ram: (walks over to Niharika) haan Ma, forget all this. There is no fault of yours in all this. You just reacted how a mother would and I know that you did not intend on hurting anybody.

Niharika: (continues crying). If anything happens to Priya than I will never be able to forgive myself. Doctor can you please just keep Priya here overnight because if anything happens to her than I would not be able too (doctor cuts her off)

Doctor: seriously Ms. Kapoor there is no need for that, I assure you that she is going to be absolutely fine. Haan, just make sure that she eats regularly, stay away from stress and gets a lot of rest. I have also written up some medication (he hands it over to Ram) give it to her on time and she will be fit in no time. (he leaves the room)

Priya: kyun itne overacting karthi ho Mummyji.

Niharika turns around sharply and looks at Priya, who had regained consciousness. Everyone's face lit up but there was still a hint of confusion in the air as the Sharma's and Ram wondered what she meant by what she had just said Description: onfused(karthik, sid, vikram, Ishika knew exactly what she was talking about). Niharika began to sweat as she wondered whether Priya was going to open her big mouth right here and right now about her real identity and the raaz

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