Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 9


Setting: at the hospital

Ram rushes to Priya's bedside and everyone else follows. He holds Priya's hand gently and is so relieved to see her finally open her eyes.

Ram: Priya you are finally awake!!! How are you feeling now?

Everyone looks at Priya anxiously waiting for her answer.

Priya: I am "fighting fit" now, (she smiles weakly, she is feeling like crap but she does not want anyone to worry about her)
Ram: (he also forces a slight smile with tears in his eyes)
Neha: Priya what were you doing getting wet in the rain anyways?

Ram and Priya blush at the thought of the answer to Neha's question. Niharika is standing in the corner like a status with wide eyes, she is looking from left to right. Mamaji and Sid are also in tension. Niharika notices that everyone is busy with Priya and so she tries to leave the room and quietly walks towards the door.

Priya: Mummyji, where are you going?

Hearing this Niharika is startled and stops dead in her tracks. She turns around, gulps and looks at everyone in the room who were now looking right at her.

Niharika: Actually Priya I am going to call the doctor and get your discharge papers ready. You rest baby, we will talk lots when we get home.

Priya: Wait, let's talk here, right now. Actually, I have to tell you all something and I am glad in a way that atleast me being sick has provided me with this opportunity. If there is anything to be learnt from these past few torturous days it is that nothing and no one (she glares at Niharika) is what or who they seem. And no matter how hard you try to hide behind a lie, the truth will always come forward. Today I want to tell you all about a raaz. I want to rip this raaz from its' roots so that it can never grow and hurt my family again.

niharika is sweating, being put on the spot like this is making it really hard for her to think about what to do. Priya notices the nervousness that is clearly exhibited in Niharika's expression. Priya is running out of breath and is very weak due to the fever but she has made up her mind that she will send this statement to Niharika today, she will continue and expose as much of the raaz about Niharika that destiny will allow her too in this very moment. Priya is DETERMINED but Niharika gets LUCKY! Ram notices how much Priya is struggling and interrupts her.

Ram: Priya Stop talking, the doctor has ordered for you to rest. It doesn't matter how much you say that you are fine but I can tell by the paleness in your face that you are extremely ill.
Priya: Nahi Ram! Let me finish what I have to say. I don't know when I will get this opportunity again.
Niharika: Ram is absolutely right Priya. We will have many such opportunities again. I know in the past few days the relationship between our two families have been strained (ram interrupts her)

Ram: Ma please. Priya is sick right now and the doctor said that she needs rest and needs to be kept away from this stress. So why are you bringing all of this up again. (he looks at Priya) Aur Priya, I will not listen to anything you have to say right now. Whatever it is, it is not more important than your health and well-being.

Sudhir: Priya beta, Ram is right. You need to get better first, than whatever you have to say, whenever you want to say we will ALL come together and listen.

Priya: Lekin Papa this is… (ram interrupts again)
Ram: okay priya, let me make you a deal. First you get better and then I PROMISE that I will give you my undivided attention as you finish telling me what it is that you want to tell me. if it is a problem that is bothering you then TOGETHER we will find a solution. C'mon Priya, you can do this much for me… for us all.
Priya: okay fine.
Sudhir: Saabash Beta!

Niharika exhales deeply; she had just dodged a bullet. The fear that was conducting her heartbeat a moment ago had begun to slowly transform into excitement. She looked at Mamaji and Sid and signalled them, "let's go"

Niharika: Very good Priya! She touches her hand and request sympathetically, " Can I go now and talk to the doctor and get the discharge papers?"

Ram: Rukhiya Ma, I will go…

Setting: Inside KM

Everyone has gone to their own homes and Priya, Ram, Niharika, Mamaji, Sid and Ishika return to KM. Ram is pushing Priya in a wheelchair and reaches the bottom of the stairs. Priya tries to get up out of the wheelchair in order to walk up the stairs and to her room, but Ram places his hand on her shoulder against which she cannot stand. He lifts Priya in his arms and begins to carry her up the stairs.

Priya: Ram, what are you doing? Everyone is watching!

Niharika, Mamaji, Sid and Ishika stand there shocked at Ram's affectionate action. Niharika is burning up with jealousy, overall it was not a good day for her. First Priya came so close to exposing her evil deeds and then now yeh motu carries this middle class piece of trash up the stairs like she is some Queen.

Ram: so what? Whoever is watching can watch. Besides you always tease me about being healthy so atleast let me take advantage of being healthy.

Setting: Raya's Room

Ram makes Priya sit in bed and props a pillow behind her. He calls Bansi Kaka and orders some vegetable soup.

Priya: Ram I am too sleepy right now, I don't want to eat anything. Please can I just sleep?
Ram: chup Priya, you have to do as I say for this week. I am not taking any chances with your health.
Priya: okay, but by the time Bansi Kaka comes with the soup I will probably be asleep.
Ram: C'mon Priya in my company you won't be able to fall asleep. I will entertain you!
Priya: **smiles** oh really?
Ram: off course? Main hu itna charming that no girl feels sleepy when they are with me.
Priya: besides me, which other girl have you tested this charm on.
Ram: **laughs** I just said it like that. There is no other girl in my life, tumhari siva and I don't need or want anyone else in my life, tumhari siva.
Priya: Ap Ram se Ranjha kab bangaya?
Ram: When? Hmm..Let me think (he moves closer to her), ever since Heer came into my life and taught me how to love.

Bansi Kaka: Sir, Soup.
Priya: Ram,
Ram: Haan Priya,
Priya: Woh Bansi Kaka
Ram: Arey Priya, how did bansi kaka get into the middle of this conversation?
Priya: (she shakes him and points to the door) Ram, Bansi Kaka, Woh apne soup mungaya tha...

Suddenly ram realizes what was happening. He got off the bed quickly and went to get the soup from Bansi Kaka and told him to go. Priya was laughing at the sight of Ram's actions.  Ram smiled seeing her laugh, he found peace in her laughter. He went and sat on the bed with her and fed her the soup. She was getting full but Ram tried to make her push herself to eat more before she took her medication. After eating Ram tucked her in bed and got in bed next to her.

Ram: Priya are you okay?
Priya: no Ram I am cold.
Ram: (Ram sits up in bed) okay let me turn off the AC and get another comforter.

He goes to get up but Priya holds his hand.
Priya: ram you don't understand.
Ram: Arey, Priya I can't read your mind, tell me what you want me to do and I will do it.
Priya: Does a wife have to tell her husband to cuddle with her? Forget it.
Ram: oops sorry yaar. You know I panic when you are sick, I just want to do things right.

He curls up close to her and puts his hand around her waist. Priya, with her back turned to Ram, holds his arm in place. They both fall asleep.

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