Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair In Love and War Part 10


Setting: Raya's Room
A week passes since Priya had returned from the hospital and she is feeling MUCH BETTER! However, Ram has been treating her like a baby and not allowing her to do anything. She was actually enjoying being pampered by this big baby but now she was really tired of lying around. With this thought she decides to teach one class today. This was a good opportunity for her to leave because Ram was at the office and she would be home before he would return. 

Priya: Okay I am all ready to go. (Grabs her bag). The kids will be surprised to see me after such a long time; I can't let their education suffer anymore. Good decision to go and teach Priya! This way I can kill two birds with one stone. By going today I will get some much-needed fresh air and also I will come closer to finishing the syllabus. Should I tell Ram?

She gets her phone out and was about to dial Ram's number but then she decided not to because she did not want to distract him. Also he would overreact and come home immediately. Since Priya was sick he had already missed two days of work and might be behind. She decides to not tell him right now but instead tell him once he gets home. And she leaves! Shortly after she leaves Ram comes home from work early. He walks into the room quietly wanting to surprise Priya but she was not there. He searched the entire room for her but was unsuccessful. Upset and worried he calls Priya on her cell.

Ram: Priya where the hell are you?
Priya: Ram, are you home already?
Ram: (says sarcastically) No, I have cameras in the room and am watching you from the office. Off course I am home but where are you?
Priya: (she mouths the word shoot) Umm Ram, I am at school I have to teach a class today.
Ram: WHAT?!!!
Priya: (pulls the phone away from her ears)
Ram: Priya you stay right there, I am coming to pick you up. How can you be so careless with your health after the doctor told you to rest?
Priya: I was thinking about my health, Ram. That is why I decided to go from the room.
Ram: what do you mean?
Priya: being in the room for an entire week was making me sick, I wanted some fresh air Ram. And I am feeling much better now it has been a week. Please don't worry… Trust me I am fine. Do one thing, you rest at home and when my classes are over I will give you a call to come and pick me up. Please Ram please.
Ram: okay fine. Have it your way as always. But let me tell you I am not happy.
Priya: Ram, please don't be upset try and understand… Okay Ram, the students are here I have to start the class. I will talk to you soon. Bye.
Ram: Bye (he hangs up the phone)

Setting: In Ram's Car
Ram came to pick up Priya after her classes were finished. He was completely silent and did not even look at Priya when she entered. Priya notices that Ram is still upset with her and she tries to pacify this big Baby.

Priya: Hi Ram! How was your day?
Ram: (silent)
Priya: You know what Ram, when you are upset like this then you look even more Gollu! (she laughs and looks at him but he is still silent with an upset expression). C'mon Ram, I was just kidding. Please don't be upset now Ram I said I was
Ram: (before she could say sorry, Ram who was still not looking at her interrupts her and says in an angry, stern tone) Put on your seatbelt we have to go.
Priya: (says teasingly) Why? I don't want to put on my seatbelt you just drive if you are in such a hurry. Besides people put on their seatbelts for safety. But you are with me and I feel safe.
Ram: (gets agitated and states in a louder tone) Stop this nonsense and just put on your seatbelt.
Priya: (priya folds her arms to show that she is adamant about not putting on her seatbelt)
Ram: (looks at her and is getting really angry. Without saying anything more, he takes off his seatbelt and leans over to Priya side in order to grab her seatbelt.)
Priya: (grabs ram's faces gently and kisses him on the cheek. Ram is shocked at Priya's bold action; he freezes in that position.)  She whispers in his ear, please mujhe maaf kardo na Ram. (she moves to his cheek to give him another kiss but just as she does Ram turns his face slightly, placing a gentle kiss on her lips) She pushes him away and says, RAM!
Ram: what Priya? You started it. (He laughs)
Priya: (blushes) Now I know how to pacify you when you are angry with me.
Ram: (says in a naughty tone) I should get angry more often.
Priya: Ram, Tum bhi na

They both put on their seatbelts and drive off to the KM, laughing and enjoying each other's company.

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