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All's Fair In Love and War Part 11


Setting: in the Living Room
When they reached home they had dinner. After they finish having dinner Ram and Priya sit in the living room since Priya is tired of being cooped up in the room. Ram is watching a cricket match and Priya is next to him. She is asking him questions about the game and Ram is enjoying giving her answers to her questions. Ram gets a call from Vikram.

Ram: Haan Vikram! What's up?
Vikram: nothing much Ram. The kids heard about Priya being sick and they just want to come and see her. They have been asking for days and this time they won't take no for an answer. Are you guys busy, can we come over?
Ram: Vikram off course you can come over anytime. Please don't insult our friendship by asking. Priya and I are always glad to see you all. (He looks at Priya and smiles)
Vikram: okay, Ram see you soon.
Ram: (hears Nevi's kids cheer in the background) he chuckles, "okay then, see you soon" (he places his phone on the sofa next to him and places his arm around Priya's shoulder as they continue to watch the game)

Soon after that Nevi arrive with their kids. The kids run to Priya and give her big hugs. They ask how she is feeling now and Priya tells them that she absolutely fine and that she is feeling even better now that they have come and visited her. They sit for a while in the living room and then the baby kid says that he is hungry. Nevi says that maybe we should get going but Raya stops them by saying that the kids can eat here. Ram calls Bansi Kaka and asks the kids to follow him and tell him what they want to eat. The kids go into the kitchen with Bansi Kaka, while Nevi and Raya go up to Raya's room to talk in privacy. When the kids return they notice that no one is there'

Baby kid [BK]: Where did everybody go?  Mom? Dad?
Chubby kid [CK]: Priya Aunty?
Girl kid [GK]: Ram Uncle?
BK: I think that they are playing hide and seek with us.
CK: yeah maybe, you're right?
GK: hey I have an idea. Let's go and hide somewhere and then Mom, Dad, Priya aunty and Ram uncle will look for us.
BK: but what if they forget about us and then mom and dad go home.
CK: don't worry they will look for us because we have school tomorrow and they will come and look for us soon too. Good Idea GK let's go and hide.

They are getting ready to run and go hide when BK notices Ram's phone on the sofa. He must have forgotten to pick it up.

BK: wait, Ram uncle forgot his phone here. (he picks it up and shows the other two kids)
CK: BK just put it in your pocket for now. When Ram uncle finds us then we will give it to him.
GK: that's correct and if we get bored because they are taking to long to find us then we can play Angry birds (lol). chalo before they come back. 

They rush to go and hide somewhere. Eventually they enter into a bedroom that had the door partly open. All three of them go and hide in the closet and close the door. BK gets scared of the dark and asks if they can open the door a little bit. The other two kids who were not much braver, agree to this suggestion. They wait and wait and then suddenly they hear footsteps approaching the room.

BK: I can't wait to see their expressions. (he pulls out the phone from his pocket) CK, GK I am going to record their expressions. Good idea?
GK & CK: BK you are very smart. They are coming, quick start the video camera on the phone.

BK starts the camera and captures the entire room from the slight opening of the closet door. The kids remain absolutely quiet trying so hard to hold back their giggles.

Setting: Niharika's Room

Mamji: Sweety, calm down.
Nih: how can I calm down bhaiya. Priya is still in this house, my plan of kicking Priya out of KM and out of Ram's life has failed. Do you know how long I waited for the right moment to kick her out? As soon as I received the call from Natasha that she was leaving that middle class family, I rushed over to her side. I slapped her with my own hands and caused all those bruises on her face and convinced her to say that Karthik did it. BHAIYA, I even framed Karthik for kidnapping Natasha, when the truth is I had taken her from the hospital and shipped her to that village so that the misunderstandings between Ram and Priya could grow.
Mamaji: Sweety, don't worry we will think of something else. I know your evil mind is capable of doing it. The way you trapped Amarnath Kapoor in your love for his money and created so much doubts in his mind that he questioned his own wife's character. He even threw her out of the house and EVEN til this day RAM hates her. You made him believe that she deserted his dad and went off with some other man. When the truth is that that never happened. Now look at you! You are at the top, Ram is supporting all your kids, even Sid and Ishika who are from your previous marriage. And RAM will never suspect you EVER, that is how good you are Sweety. He worships you, Priya is just a business deal for him. A business deal that you arranged, whenever you say to end it, I AM SURE he will not go against you. After all you took care of his dying dad. Have some confidence Sweety and think what should we do next.
Nih: (with an evil grin on his face) Haan you are right Bhaiya I have done all that. But kicking Krishna Kapoor out of this house was like taking candy from a baby. Amarnath was a big idiot who believed everything I said. But this motu is growing fond of Priya on a daily basis. Did you see how he took care of that middle class piece of trash when she was sick? And Priya knows all the truth about me, she knows about how I trapped Amarnath, kicked Krishna out of Ram and Amarnaths life and took her place. She knows everything Bhaiya. And she has that DVD. If she shows it to that motu than my money making machine will be gone and I can't have that. Once this property comes under my name fully then I don't need that motu. But look Bhaiya he even signed one company in Priya's name. I think I have met my match Bhaiya, why is kicking Priya out so hard!
Mamaji: here Sweety, have some scotch and think with a cool mind. What do we do about this obstacle name Priya?
Nih: she has some guts, did you see in the hospital how she was challenging me by trying to expose me in front of everyone.
Mamaji: haan! But sweety God must have written your destiny with a golden pen. You just escaped, this means that you are meant to be filthy rich and KM patrani.
Nih: (she smiles) Bhaiya, you are very smart. Now come what may, I will not let anyone come in between me and my money. And in order to do this I have to kill this raaz. This raaz should always remain a raaz. Priya must die, I will kill her with my own hands just like I killed her sasur-ji. As long as she lives the chances of my Raaz being exposed will still be there, and I will NOT take this risk. I have worked too hard to get to where I am. 
Mamaji: what if we create a situation where Ram kicks her out of the KM?
Nih: I don't care about that anymore Bhaiya. If Ram kicks Priya out of the KM then it will be even better! It will be easier to kill her when she is not in the KM, just make it look like an accident. BUT if I am not able to create such a situation, then how hard can it be to kill her in this house. I killed Amarnath kapoor right under Ram and Krishna's nose and nobody suspected me.
Mamaji: Waah Sweety, Waah! Is baat pe cheers! (they chug down the drinks)

Their celebration was short lived. Ram comes into Niharika's room and asks, "Ma have you seen Vikram's kids, we can't find them anywhere". Putting on a concerned face, Niharika and Mamaji go outside and pretend to look for them. They were all looking all over the place. Just then the kids come out from the bedroom and tiptoe to the living room. Everyone is looking around with worried looks on their faces (some genuine and others fake)

BK, CK & GK: SURPRISE, hum long yahaan hain!
Neha: (in an angry tone) where were you guys? This is very bad, is this how you behave at someone else's house.
Vikram: yeah kids, we were so worried.
GK: we didn't do anything wrong Papa. You guys were the one's who started it.
Neha: what do you mean?
CK: we came from the kitchen and no one was in the living room so we thought you all were playing hide and seek with us. So we decided to go and hide so you guys can find us.

NEVI and RAYA feel a little bit responsible, they should have come down to see the kids in the kitchen after some time had passed.

BK: you guys are very bad at playing hide and seek. We were hiding for so long and you couldn't find us.
Priya: acha, well now tell us where did you guys hide?

BK was about to say but then GK stops him.
GK: nahin we can't tell. Next time we will play again and hide in the same spot. We can't tell you our secret spot.
Neha: very bad children. No more cartoons for a week.
Ram: arey Neha. Let it be they are kids. And this is their house too.
Vikram: nahin Ram! Don't give them permission or else they will bring this house down. (he laughs). Anyways, we should get going now, it's late now and the kids have school tomorrow morning.

Nevi is about to leave with their kids. They walk to the door. Mamaji and Niharika go back to Niharika's room to continue drinking.

BK: papa wait! I forgot to do something. (he runs back into the house to Ram). Ram uncle, ap ka phone. You forgot it on the sofa.
Ram: (takes it from him and thanks him) thank you!

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