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All's Fair in Love and War Part 12


It's been a week now and Priya is completely recovered from her fever. Niharika is beginning to wonder whether Priya actually has any evidence on her and if she does than why hasn't Ram confronted her yet. All these thoughts dance in her mind and she finally comes to the conclusion that she cannot sit and wait, she has to do something. Somehow she has to get back the control and dominance that she had in KM. After Ram leaves for the office she approaches Priya who was also just on her way out to her classes.

NIH: Priya, ek second!
Priya: (turns around and give Nih a cold stare) Yes mummyji?
NIH: (she walks towards Priya and stands right in front of her and starts clapping)
Priya: (with a smile of her face) mummyji i knew that you had lost your heart on your cold and twisted journey into the KM but today I see that you have lost your mind also.
NIH: (stops clapping, her eyes widened and she gives Priya a stern look, than all of a sudden her evil smile returns to her face) You see Priya, that's just your middle class mentality speaking. As you know I used to be middle class too but you know what's the difference between you and I? You think with your heart and I think with my mind. I don't care about feelings but you do! This is why you could not tell your so called husband about the things that I've done to get to where I am today. After all his heart would shatter into pieces knowing that HIS god like mother has done such an evil thing.
Priya: hmm... You know what, your not as dumb as you look. But your also not as smart as you think. You think that love and feelings are weaknesses? Well you can't be more wrong than that. My love, just like my silence is my strength. See, my silence has made you so nervous that you came to me wondering what my next step is: ram and I love one another and this is making you insecure. You're wondering, what if Ram believes me? What will happen to you then?
NIH: wow Priya, I must say thank you. You have really given me a heck of a battle. But unfortunately your road ends here. Confused? Let me explain. Tonight your so called love will be tested. Let's see if this love is actually your strength or your weakness.
(she turns to leave but then suddenly turns back around)
NIH: oh shoot I almost forgot to tell you something. When you lose something than you realize it's true value. Yes I may have lost my mind by allowing you to manipulate me these past couple of days BUT now my mind is working better than before. You are quite clever I did not expect you to make such a stupid mistake. Again you look confused. If someone is attacking you and you have a gun in your hand you will shoot to protect yourself. But you didn't do such a thing. There is no DVD, no evidence, nothing. It's just your word against mine. (she starts clapping again) But I am impressed you are quite the actress but I have been doing this for years and you can't beat me at my own game.

Niharika walks away and Priya stands there in shock. How does she know and what was she talking about when she said that my love will be tested tonight? She thinks to herself that she must see krishuji today after her class. What is this new trick that niharika is playing. She is hoping that krishuji finally decides to help her in this battle. Priya walks out the door lost in her thoughts.

Setting: KM
Ram comes home early from work in the evening. He was really missing Priya and for some reason he could feel that she was thinking about him. He walks into the house and past the dining room calling Priya's name only to be greeted with silence. Then he sees his mom sitting at the dining table. He walks towards her and notices that she is crying...

Ram: Ma, what's wrong?
NIH: (gets up quickly, wiping her tears) oh umm Ram you are home? Sorry i didn't see you come in. I'm fine you go and freshen up.
Ram: I will do that after, first you tell me why you are crying. Where is Priya? (He calls out for Priya again and notices that when he mentioned Priyas name, his mom's sobs became more exaggerated)
NIH: Ram i don't know how to say this but I am so sorry it is because of me that we have to see this day. I insisted that you marry Priya but I swear I did not know that she would turn out to be a gold digger.
Ram: mom surely there must be some misunderstanding. Priya loves me and not my money.
NIH: that's what I thought too Ram. (she pick up a stack of stapled papers that was lying face down on the table and handed it to Ram). But then I found this in her possession.

Ram reads the front page and realizes immediately that they were divorce papers. He is shocked. He refuses to believe this. Surely there must be something missing to this story that his mom is telling him. But why would she lie? More importantly why would Priya carry these papers anyways?

Ram: Ma, this is not right. I refuse to believe this. Priya is a good girl, she is my wife, she loves me a lot. If she wanted my money she had the chance to take it. (he tells her about the time when Niharika had given Ram the divorce papers after the KK incident and had asked him to get Priya to sign it and leave because she is beginning to dig into the KK raaz. When Ram told Priya that she could have anything after the divorce, Priya flat out refused.)
Nih: (a bit shocked because she did not know that Priya had refused the property, she decides to take the situation another route) Well if she loved you Ram than she would have honoured your promise. Priya was a good girl but she has changed. She has been talking to KK in spite of your promise. I think it is because of this she has changed so much, surely KK must have taught her well and made her realize the financial value attached to your name.
Ram: (clenches his fist, crumbling the divorce paper slightly. Hearing KK's name enraged his mind and what made him even angrier was the fact that Priya was still talking to her. But there was a problem, his mind wanted to believe whatever his mom was saying about Priya but his heart was in complete opposition) No Ma, I cannot believe this. There must be some misunderstanding.
Nih: Ram the proof is right in front of you; these divorce papers fell out of Priya's purse as she was going to her classes today. Why are you acting so foolish? Why? Love is blind but you are not.
Ram: Stop! Priya is not like that. You must be mistaken she would never break my promise and talk to KK. She does not want my money and she does not want to leave me. In fact, she wants to start a family with me. Why would she want to do that, if she is planning on leaving?
Nih: oh for gods sake Ram. She is playing a game with you. Do you know who you are? You are the Ram Kapoor! Girls would line up to start a family with you. For Priya that child would be her receipt not a symbol of your love. Please open your eyes. Snap out of this fantasy world and think clearly. Mothers want their child to dream and likewise I do too. But your relationship with Priya is not a dream it is a nightmare; a nightmare that I created because I forced you to marry her. Now you have to wake up from this nightmare because the longer you stay in it the harder it will be for you to wake up. Sign those papers and throw her out of your life, let her know that she cannot manipulate you any longer using "love" as her weapon. Then only I will find peace, otherwise I will never be able to forgive myself knowing that it is because of me that you are in this situation (tears rolling down her cheeks as she runs to her room)

Ram is so confused. Is his mom correct about Priya? Off course she must be, I mean why would she lie about all this? He looks at the divorce papers and a tear rolls down his cheek and onto it. What is a man to do when his heart is in battle with his mind? he remembered what Priya told him about her dad. If your heart and mind have different perspectives, always follow your heart. (he wipes his tears)

Ram: before I do anything I have to ask Priya her side of the story. Maybe she has a reason for this paper. He texts Priya, "Priya come home ASAP, we need to talk"

Setting: Secret meeting with KK (divided by a wall, where Vikram brought KK to talk to Priya)

Priya is standing on one side of the wall begging KK to give her something to work with. She explained everything that had happened in the past week and up until this morning. KK told her that she had gone to far by challenging Niharika like that. Now Niharika will for sure do something to eliminate her permanently from Ram's life. She told Priya to be careful and she still advised her to leave KM and Ram willingly before Niharika has her thrown out. Just as this conversation was going on Priya received Ram's text and was curious as to what Ram wanted to talk about. Nothing good every follows, "we need to talk" in a relationship. She told KK that she has to leave, looks like Ram is home early. KK stands there worried; her motherly instincts are sensing that something unjust is about to happen. This is the same feeling she had when AK kicked her out of the house. She prayed, "Please god, protect Ram and Priya."

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