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All's Fair In Love and War Part 13


Priya came home and went upstairs to her room. She saw Ram sitting on the sofa  in the dark and turned on the light. She went to him and kneeled down where he was sitting. What was he thinking? What did he want to talk to her about? The angry look on his face was scaring her. She held his hand, still kneeling beside him. He was staring deep in her eyes in search of answers.

Priya: what happened Ram?
Ram: (takes Priya hand and makes her palms face upward and then places the divorce papers in her hand). Ma said that this fell out of your purse when you were leaving.
Priya: (priya stands up promptly after reading the paper in a state of shock. She had no such thing in her possession. She immediately realized that this is what Niharika meant when she said that her love will be tested. Tears well up in her eyes as she is both angry and sad.) ram these papers are not mine.
Ram: (gets up and stands right in front of her face. He grips her right arm with his left hand tightly) then does that mean that my mom is lying, why would she lie. It is under her direction that the two of us got married in the first places.
Priya: (she squirms a bit since Ram's grip was sort of hurting her but Ram would not budge) Yes Ram she is lying. She has lied to you all these...
Ram: (interrupts her mid-sentence and yells, shaking her arm) just stop it Priya. I know why you think mom is lying. Because you yourself have lied so many times that now you  think that everyone is like you.
Priya: (her forehead scrunched in frustration and hurt) why do you mean Ram? What have I lied to you about?
Ram: (he flings Priya's arm in force making her turn sideways in that moment. Letting to of his grip he turns his back to priya) You promised me that you would not talk to that women who broke my fathers heart leading up to his death. (he turns to face Priya again, getting really close to her face and yelling) Why did you lie and break your promise? You knew that if I find out it would kill me. Moreover I trusted you and shared that bitter moment of my past with you and you completely slapped me in the face by going and talking to her. (he grabbed her by both shoulders and shook her as he asked) kyun Priya kyun???
Priya: (tears gently escaped from Priya's eyes. She came back to her senses and shrugged Ram's hand off his shoulders) I am sorry Ram but I had to talk to her she is innocent (he grabbed his hand for support, squeezing it for re-assurance as she began to tell all about how she found out about how niharika slapped Natasha and blamed it on Karthik to create tensions between them. And to a certain extent she succeeded as Ram was so angry and sad about Natasha and did not even listen to Priya once. With that niharika proved that Ram listened to his family more and that Priya was nothing to him.
Ram: (tears of guilt welled up in Ram's eyes dripping silently on a confusion adorned face)
Priya: Priya continued to tell about all the raaz. How niharika kicked KK out of the house  blaming her for cheating which she never did. She told that KK only stayed away because she promised someone that she would in order to secure your life.) Ram we all love you but why don't you see that these people are only after your money? Why is it so hard for you to differentiate between those who love you and those who don't.
Ram: (he releases his hand from Priyas in a fit of rage) Priya how can you say all these things about my mom? Now I am beginning to open my eyes and I am able to see who is my own and who is just here for my money. The biggest mistake I made was understanding you. What kind of wife are you? You are supposed to join families together and not tear them apart by making up stories. You lied to me about not talking to KK so what guarantee is it that you are telling the truth about this?
Priya: (holds his arm) Ram I can get proof if you want, that's why I have been talking to KK to find out the truth and I have also talked to... (she was also going to mention jayesh but ram interrupted her again)
Ram: stop this nonsense Priya! I don't want to hear anything about my mom. I know why you are doing this it makes sense to me now. These divorce papers, your lies, talking to KK behind my back! You are after my money! Like I said Priya you see people the way you are and that is why you keep seeing Ma as a gold digger because you yourself are one. Why didn't you just ask me if you wanted money? I would have made you my queen. Despite all this I still love you a lot, I am ready to give you all my property if u had just asked. Why did you have to play this game to get it? I loved you Priya, I changed myself for you and all this time all I was for you was a blank cheque.
Priya: NO Ra...
Ram: (joins his palms together and pleads) Priya please I beg of you, don't say a single word more about my mom. She has stood by us like a rock through the hard times. If today she only wants money from me it is her right. She has full rights to everything. Please let's solve this problem, I love my mom a lot and I love you too even if both of you only love me for my money. I can't choose between the two of you. But what she has told me about you makes more sense. Priya I won't ask you for anything more. Everyone wins. You can have my property and one day when you truly love me for me then you can give me a child and not use him/her to get money from me.

Ram is crying continuously. He is so hurt by Priyas truth but even more hurt that he can't let her go.

Ram: i love you Priya, why do I love you so much that I can't remove u from my life even after you have done this to me and my family.
Priya: (her face is wet from tears. Her heart is bleeding at the sight of how weak their love is still to this day). Ra... Mr. Kapoor (Ram's looks at her, this is a name that she has not called him in a long time) what happened Mr. Kapoor, why are you shocked at hearing this name? You have insulted my love for you and made me a stranger. Before our love you were Mr. Kapoor and now that you have insulted our love we are back to square one. (with tears streaming down her eyes she exclaims) I was wrong about you Mr. Kapoor, yesterday what your dad did to your mom, today you are doing to me. Why is it so hard to believe that both time Niharika is behind this. (ram opens his mouth to object but Priya raises her index finger and says) no mr. Kapoor you said what you had to say now I will talk and you listen. I don't want your property, I wanted you. I talked to KK because I wanted to help you. I opened up and told you all the truth because I believed in you, I believed in our love). But our relationship is a compromise and today you proved that it always will be. And how dare you say that you love me, you give love a bad name. What is love without trust? It's nothing. Our love was simply sharing the bed together because you don't trust me. You can share the bed with anybody, what is it about relationship that gave it it's value. Nothing and I only realize this today. (she picked up the divorce paper) a love that is so weak as ours is not worthy of sustaining. Men and women come in between people's relationship but for us a simple paper was enough for you to insult it. I kept telling you that I did not bring these papers into the house but you can't see past the fact that your mom told you. And what about me? When I tell you something you need proof and when she says something you believe her blindly.
Ram: Priya I gave you a chance to explain yourself.
Priya: (interrupts) why? Why did you do me this favour? You wasted both your time and mine. Because you had already made up your mind that niharika is right and I am wrong. So no matter what I said you weren't ready to listen. It would have been better if u didn't ask me at all. That night when we made love for the first time, do you think I did that because I wanted your money? What do you think I am? I don't know what hurts me more the fact that you don't believe me or the fact that you think that I only pretended to love you for your money. I don't know what else to do in order to prove to you that I love you. You think that I want to have a child with you so I could use him to get money from you but you don't know that I just desperately wanted to start a family with you. But thank god we don't have a child otherwise you would suspect him too. And a child would be a symbol of our love but there is no love between us. I can't stay in this house any longer Mr. Kapoor, I did not expect this from you.
Ram: yeah off course you would leave Priya that's what your ultimate goal was. That's why u brought the divorce papers right? You want money right? If you divorce me then I will not give you a single penny but if you stay with me then I will transfer half of everything I have in your name and we can try to start again. I don't know why but I really do love you and even after all this I can't hate you.
Priya: (walks over to the desk an grabs a pen, picks up the divorce papers and is about to sign. Ram's heart sinks.) I only wanted your love but there is no love between us. The only love between us is just a word, it never meant anything. (Priya signs it, her heart aching with each stroke of the pen).
Ram: Priya why r u doing this? I said we will work together to fix this!
Priya: fix what mr.kapoor? Nothing is broken but your thoughts. As for our relationship today you have proved that it is a compromise and so that's all that's going to break when we sign on this paper. Just like a business deal, which is simple enough for a business man. You have left me with no choice, this is the only way that I can show you that I have no interest in your money.
Ram: Priya if u leave this house right now like this then you can't ever come back.
Priya: don't worry I won't. I rather be alone then be with a man who can't trust anyone but his mom. Who can't make any decision without proof. Who can't fight for anyone else besides his family, which I am still not a part of. (she hands him the divorce paper and pen, packs her suitcase and leaves)

Ram watched as she was leaving and just when she reached the bedroom door he grabbed her hand. Priya don't leave he sobbed, we can try to fix this I know KK is the reason behind the change in your behavior.

Priya: no Mr.Kapoor there is no reason for me to stay. Unlike u i make my own decisons by following my heart and not under the influence of anyone else. Money can't buy happiness and it can't buy love. Unfortunately, u never felt my love and one day when you realize that everything that I said was true then you will regret it. But Mr.Kapoor by then it might be too late.

With that she left the house, once she got in the taxi she called her KK n told her what had happened. KK was very sad to hear what had happened to Priya she could sense the pain in her voice. Niharika was such a witch but she kept succeeding in her evil intentions. Priya was shattered that Ram questioned her love, she knew that he would not believe her about niharika right off the bat but at least with her love she could have convinced her. She was wrong, and niharika was right. Her love was tested and it failed. Why do bad things always happen to good people. She cried as she spoke to KK and KK told her to calm down and that she has done the right thing. Nothing happens before its time. And there will be a time when Ram will know the truth and will personally come and take her back. But Priya said that it will be very hard for her to come back and Mr.Kapoor said that of she left today then she will not come back. KK tells Priya that he is only acting under the influence of niharika. Priya says, how can he suspect her love, Mr. Kapoor witnessed her love and not niharika how come Mr.kapoor did not stand up for her? How come he suspected her love? That's the part that hurt her the most. Suddenly KK heard a loud crash, she heard a thud as if something dropped on the floor.

KK: Priya? Priya?

No response from Priya's end and KK gets worried! She hangs up and calls again! 

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