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All's Fair in Love and War Part 14


Setting: Raya's Room
Ram sat on his bed in the dark after Priya had left. Niharika walks into the room, she was delighted when she saw Priya walk out of the house with her suitcase.

Nih: Ram, (she turns on the light) why are you sitting in the dark? (she walks over to the side of the bed and just then her eyes land on the night table where the signed divorce papers were placed. Her face lit up as she picked up the paper.) How can Priya do this to you, you loved her and she just took advantage of it. Ram you sign this paper and finish this chapter of your life. (she hands Ram the paper and a pen)
Ram: (pushes the paper away, gets off the bed and walks out of the room)
Nih: Ram, Ram, Where are you going? (she smiles) Now you can cry and sulk all you want Ram but you killed your relationship with your own hand. Like father like son!

Ram leaves the house, gets in the car and calls Vikram.

Vikram: Haan Ram bolo
Ram: it's all over!
Vikram: what happened Ram? Is everything okay? Priya?
Ram: Priya is gone, forever! Vikram I can't explain over the phone. Can I please come over?
Vikram: Haan Ram come over!

Setting: Vikrams House
Neha: what's the matter baby, was that fatty?
Vikram: Haan Neha! It was Ram, something is wrong.
Neha: Is Priya okay?
Vikram: he said that Priya is gone forever.
Neha: What? For sure he must have done something. Let me call her. (Neha calls Priya but there is no answer) She is not answering. I am scared.

Ram arrives at Vikrams house and rings the doorbell. Vikram opens the door and notices Ram is in very bad shape. His eyes are red as if he was crying for days.

Vikram: Ram what happened yaar? Come in.

Ram goes in and Neha gives him a hug. He sits on the sofa. The kids are playing  in the living room.

Kids: Ram uncle, Priya aunty kahan hai?
Ram: sorry beta she is not coming.
Kids: kyun?
Ram: (gets teary eyed)
Neha: kids Priya aunty is very busy that's why she couldn't come but she loves you all a lot. Let's go play a game in the room. (she takes the kids into the room)

Vikram gets Ram a drink and sits down with him and asks him what happened. Ram tells him everything and how Priya left him. Vikram wonders if he should tell ram that he also knows about KK and that he was the one who brought her to meet Priya. And that he knows about the meeting. He chooses not to tell anything at the moment because Ram really needs someone that he can talk to. If he tells Ram and he gets angry then Ram might isolate himself and it would be easier for Niharika to manipulate him.

Vikram: I don't know what is right or wrong but I know one thing for sure and that is that Priya loves you and you love her too. You guys are meant for each other.
Ram: I did not want Priya to leave, I asked her to stay so that we can fix all our problems. I am sure that there is a misunderstanding between mom and Priya and I wanted to really make things better. Vikram I don't know but my whole life I lived for my family and never expected that I would ever fall in love with someone. But now it's like no matter what she does to me I cannot hate her. Why did she talk to KK behind my back? She promised and it is KK who has influenced her to go the wrong path. (he chugs down his drink and vikram makes him another)
Vikram: you can still fix things Ram, try and talk to her.
Ram: she doesn't love me like I do Vikram. All she wanted was money and she wanted to leave my life. I told her that if she leaves than she is not to come back and she didn't stop. She doesn't love me (he chugs down another drink and asks Vikram to pour another one)
Vikram: Ram, a lot of things are not what it seems. But no matter what happens I know for a fact that Priya…
Ram: Vikram stop it yaar, who's side are you on.
Vikram: I am on the side of truth. Ram I have never seen you happier than when you are with Priya. If she only cared about your money then why did she tell you to be healthy? Why would she want you to live long if she wanted to live without you? These are things you have to think about Ram, you can't just take anything at face value. You guys need to talk about this.
Ram: (continues drinking, while Vikram was talking he had poured himself another drink)

The kids run into the living room to say good night to their dad and also Ram uncle. The little kid (LK) notices that Ram is crying, he walks up to him and wipes his eyes with his hands.

LK: Ram uncle, you are missing Priya aunty na?
Ram: (he shakes his head up and down and forces a smile)
LK: Priya aunty is very nice; I don't know why they want o hurt her.
Ram: (startled by what this little kid has just said and so he asks him) Who wants to hurt her beta?
LK: (he asks for Ram's phone and plays a video the same one that he took when he was playing hide and seek) these people!  (He shows Ram the video)

VIDEO: same part from Part 11 update!
Mamji: Sweety, calm down.
Nih: how can I calm down bhaiya. Priya is still in this house, my plan of kicking Priya out of KM and out of Ram's life has failed. Do you know how long I waited for the right moment to kick her out? As soon as I received the call from Natasha that she was leaving that middle class family, I rushed over to her side. I slapped her with my own hands and caused all those bruises on her face and convinced her to say that Karthik did it. BHAIYA, I even framed Karthik for kidnapping Natasha, when the truth is I had taken her from the hospital and shipped her to that village so that the misunderstandings between Ram and Priya could grow.
Mamaji: Sweety, don't worry we will think of something else. I know your evil mind is capable of doing it. The way you trapped Amarnath Kapoor in your love for his money and created so much doubts in his mind that he questioned his own wife's character. He even threw her out of the house and EVEN til this day RAM hates her. You made him believe that she deserted his dad and went off with some other man. When the truth is that that never happened. Now look at you! You are at the top, Ram is supporting all your kids, even Sid and Ishika who are from your previous marriage. And RAM will never suspect you EVER, that is how good you are Sweety. He worships you, Priya is just a business deal for him. A business deal that you arranged, whenever you say to end it, I AM SURE he will not go against you. After all you took care of his dying dad. Have some confidence Sweety and think what should we do next.
Nih: (with an evil grin on his face) Haan you are right Bhaiya I have done all that. But kicking Krishna Kapoor out of this house was like taking candy from a baby. Amarnath was a big idiot who believed everything I said. But this motu is growing fond of Priya on a daily basis. Did you see how he took care of that middle class piece of trash when she was sick? And Priya knows all the truth about me, she knows about how I trapped Amarnath, kicked Krishna out of Ram and Amarnaths life and took her place. She knows everything Bhaiya. And she has that DVD. If she shows it to that motu than my money making machine will be gone and I can't have that. Once this property comes under my name fully then I don't need that motu. But look Bhaiya he even signed one company in Priya's name. I think I have met my match Bhaiya, why is kicking Priya out so hard!
Mamaji: here Sweety, have some scotch and think with a cool mind. What do we do about this obstacle name Priya?
Nih: she has some guts, did you see in the hospital how she was challenging me by trying to expose me in front of everyone.
Mamaji: haan! But sweety God must have written your destiny with a golden pen. You just escaped, this means that you are meant to be filthy rich and KM patrani.
Nih: (she smiles) Bhaiya, you are very smart. Now come what may, I will not let anyone come in between me and my money. And in order to do this I have to kill this raaz. This raaz should always remain a raaz. Priya must die, I will kill her with my own hands just like I killed her sasur-ji. As long as she lives the chances of my Raaz being exposed will still be there, and I will NOT take this risk. I have worked too hard to get to where I am.
Mamaji: what if we create a situation where Ram kicks her out of the KM?
Nih: I don't care about that anymore Bhaiya. If Ram kicks Priya out of the KM then it will be even better! It will be easier to kill her when she is not in the KM, just make it look like an accident. BUT if I am not able to create such a situation, then how hard can it be to kill her in this house. I killed Amarnath kapoor right under Ram and Krishna's nose and nobody suspected me.
Mamaji: Waah Sweety, Waah! Is baat pe cheers! (they chug down the drinks)

Ram: (drops his phone in shock, everything Priya said about Niharika was true. He was beginning to get really angry. Vikram and Neha both noticed this.)
Neha: c'mon kids lets go to sleep now (she takes the kids into the room to put them to sleep)
Vikram: Ram, calm down
Ram: (gets up) how the hell should I calm down Vikram. Everything that I have believed in has turned out to be a lie. That woman who I placed on a pedestal and worshipped turned out to be the biggest liar. I will destroy her and that bloody mamaji. And if anything happens to my Priya than I will kill them with my bear hands. Priya is the only woman in my life who actually loved me and she even warned me and I (he flashes back to what had happened earlier and began to hate himself. Priya's words echoing in his head, "Money can't buy happiness and it can't buy love. Unfortunately, u never felt my love and one day when you realize that everything that I said was true then you will regret it. But Mr.Kapoor by then it might be too late." With this thought he panics and picks up his phone) I have to phone her Vikram, I hope it's not too late. (he calls Priya but her phone is unreachable) the call won't go through Vikram. I have to go to her house.

Ram heads towards the door and is about to leave but Vikram tells him that he is too drunk to be driving. Vikram has had only one drink and he decides to drive Ram to Priya's house.

Setting: Shipra and Sudhirs house
Ram rings the doorbell continuously at Priya's house. Karthik opens the door and everyone else is also awake and in the living room. They all wondered who it can be so late at night.

Karthik: Sir app?
Ram: I have to talk to Priya.
Sudhir: arey beta, Priya is not here. Is everything okay?
Ram: what she hasn't reached home yet, she had left so long ago. (He is really anxious. Where did she go, hopefully she is alright)

Everyone in the room notices his panicked state. Vikram puts his hand on Ram's shoulder and says, Don't worry Ram everything will be okay. Maybe she went somewhere else before coming home.

Sudhir: (walks up to Ram) Ram beta, tell me what happened we are all getting scared. Priya is supposed to be with you. Why would she be here?
Ram: tells the whole family everything that had happened earlier that evening.
Karthik: Sir how could you do this to di? I swear if anything happens to her I will…
Ram: I know Karthik I made a mistake, but right now we have to find out where Priya went. I told her not to leave the house, this is all my fault I should have believed her.
Shipra: yes Mr. Ram this is your fault and if anything happens to Priya this will your biggest mistake ever.

All this time Vikram was trying to reach Priya's cell. He had kept calling and finally had gotten through. He handed his phone to Ram.

Vikram: Ram, it's ringing. (he puts the phone on speaker)
Ram: (the phone continues ringing, just as Ram was about to hang up and try again, he hears someone's voice) hello?
Lady: hello! This is St. Maria hospital; you must be a relative of the patient.
Ram: Yes. Yes, I am. Can you please tell me what happened?
Lady: I am sorry to have to say this but the patient, to whom this phone belongs to, is no more. The accident was very bad and doctors could not save the patient. Please come to the hospital soon and identify the patient and complete all formalities.

Everyone was shocked. Shipra and Sudhir fell on the sofa. Karthik and Ayesha went to them to see if they were okay. Nobody wanted to believe what he or she had heard. All you hear in the room is crying. Ram, equally in shock, walks backwards until he hits a wall, his knees become weak and he slides down landing on the floor. Vikram rushes to his side. Ram puts his face in his hands and cries his heart out. Over and over Priya's words are ringing in his ears, "you never felt my love and one day when you realize that everything that I said was true then you will regret it. But Mr.Kapoor by then it might be too late."

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