Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 15


Ram was on the floor with his face buried in his palms. He was crying non-stop and wanted to kill himself for being such a jerk. This was all his fault, why didn't he stand up for his love? Why didnt he act on his love and force Priya to stay? Suddenly he felt someone grabbing his shirt right under his chin and pulling him up. He had no energy or drive to oppose. It was Karthik who was pulling him up. When ram got up, Karthik clenched his fingers forming a fist and aiming it at Ram's face. Before his punch could connect Vikram pulled him back and held him.

Vikram: Karthik calm down. Now is not the time to do this we have to go to the hospital.
Karthik: (fidgeting to break Vikram's hold on him so that he could lash out at Ram) don't hold me back! I will kill him, he killed my sister. When his sister lied about me he reacted in the same way but in this case he actually killed my sister. Let me go!
Ram: (standing lifeless with tears streaming down his cheeks)
Vikram: ram leave. Leave ram go to the car we have to go to the hospital. I will meet you downstairs.
Shipra: (screaming) don't you dare!!! Dont you dare go to the hospital. You have no right. My beti loved you, she gave you life and you took away her life??? (she walks to ram and grabs his shirt with both hands) leave from here!!! RIGHT NOW and DON'T EvER ShoW UR FACE HERE AGAIN. (she pushed ram outside their apartment and ram lost his balance and fell hard on the floor. Vikram ran to his side and helped him up)
Vikram: (says to a lifeless ram) lets go home Ram. (he walked ram to the car and put him in the car)

Setting: in vikrams car

Ram: I have to see her.
Vikram: ram not now. We will go later. Right now everyone is too angry, we will go when they calm down.
Ram: no Vikram. I have to go now. So what if they're angry I will endure all the abuse from them but please take me there. If you don't than I will just go myself. (he moves his hand to open the door to get out but Vikram stops him)
Vikram: okay ram we will go. Please relax.

Setting: hospital

By the time ram and Vikram get to the hospital, the sharmas were already there. They glared when they saw Ram. Karthik was just about to go and push ram out of the hospital when he was interrupted by a nurse who called them in to identify the body. They all walked into a room in which the lighting was scarce with the exception of a bright light hanging just above a body. They walked close to the body, which was covered by a white sheet. Everyones' heart was racing as Karthik slowly pulled the sheet down to uncover the face. Ram who was standing at the door also watched, praying to god that there was some sort of mistake. In the next second, which seemed like forever, the face was uncovered. Ram dropped to the floor seeing the face on the body. It was not the love of his life, god has answered his prayers once again because that was the body of some man. He was relieved but still anxious, where was Priya?

Karthik: (to the nurse) this is not my sister. The phone you answered belonged to my sister and so we thought... Where did you get the phone?
Nurse: the phone was found next to the patient at the scene of the accident.
Karthik: accident? What accident? Where is my sister nurse?
Nurse: there were three people involved in the accident. Two of them passed away but one is in critical condition in the ICU on the third floor.

Since Ram was closest to the door he used that to his advantage and ran up the stairs to the third floor. The adrenaline was high causing his heart to beat like crazy, almost as crazy as he is for Priya. He prayed all the way up, hoping that it was Priya who has survived. He only saw one thing in front of his eyes and that was Priya's smiling face. When he reached upstairs he ran to the corridor where Priyas room would be. Right outside of Priyas room he saw the doctor standing there and talking to a woman who had very curly, short hair. His heart sank what if this woman was this patients mother? If that was the case then this would for sure not be Priya. He walked over to the woman and doctor anyways and said excuse me. The woman turned around and it was his mother, Krishna Kapoor.

Ram: Mom, Priya kaise hai?
KK: (her ears perked up hearing that one syllable word that her ears were craving to hear all these years)
Ram: mom! (ram shook her)
KK: Haan beta, she is in the room. Ram she is very badly hurt, both physical because of the crash and mentally because of you.
Ram: (runs towards the door and is about to open the room door when he hears someone say, Ruk Jao Ram! He turns around to see Sudhir)
Sudhir; please I beg of you leave now. After so many hours we find out that our daughter is alive. Are you here to finish her off? Please, we are not rich like you, our only possession is our family. I gave you my most prized possession and you saw no value in her. Now why have you come here. I said leave!
Karthik: (he is infuriated and is about to go and drag ram away from the room but Sudhir stopped him)
Sudhir: nahi beta! Priya needs us, you know ram is a very rich man, he controls the cops so don't mess with him or he will get mad, throw a fit and throw you in jail again. Priya needs you. Besides if you throw rocks into mud, you get your own clothes dirty. So leave this man and his dirty thoughts. (he brings his palms together and begs Ram) please I beg of you, please you have already done us so many favors. Spare us now from your favors or our whole life will go by repaying you.
Ram: (felt so hurt, he found it hard to breath. Priya was right, money can't buy everything. Ram Kapoor has all the money but this is a curse, he has no love, no trust and now no self-respect. He stood there as the sharma's brushed past him and entered the room! He turned around and watched through the circle glass opening on the door. He saw Priya attached to machines and tubes. She must be in so much pain and I am the reason behind it all, he thought. Just as he was thinking all these things he felt a hand on his shoulder.

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