Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 16


NutZ: sorry bhai, this is all my fault.
Ram: I will never forgive you Natasha. If anything happens to Priya I will never forgive you. Why didn't you tell me about niharika and that she did all of this to you? Why?
Nutz: I was scared bhai, she is very dangerous. She threatened that she would harm Karthik if I ever said anything and she said that she would make you hate me and throw me out of your life.
Ram: I am disgusted. How can you be so selfish? It's all my fault I spoiled you, raised you and loved you like my own daughter and you! What did you do in return. Why the hell are you even here. Get out of my face. I never want to see you again.

Natasha starts crying turns around and is about to leave when KK stops her.

KK: ram you are angry right now. You don't mean that. Okay let's say that Natasha is selfish but if it wasn't for her than today Priya would be dead. It was her who brought Priya to the hospital. She was on her way home when she saw that there was a big accident. She walked up to the scene to see what the hold up was when she saw Priya. I was still on the line when Priyas phone fell. Nutz heard my voice and answered, she told me everything that had happened and I told her that I'd meet her in the hospital. 
Ram: (to Nutz, still in angry tone) did you tell niharika?
Nutz: no KK told me not too.

Ram was about to apologize to his mom when he heard a voice behind him.

Jayesh: krisnaji is Priya okay?
Ram: (turns around and is shocked to see jayesh, he is the same man that her mom left her dad for) what the hell are u doing here? And why are you calling my moms name? I will not let you come between us again. I have finally realized the truth.
KK: nahi Ram. It's not like that jayesh is good...
Ram: no mom he has to go i don't want to see his face again. Last time he came into our lives everything went downhill. And how the hell do you know Priya?
Jayesh: I was treating her dad when she came to find out the truth about who I really was. She kept questioning me and so I told her the truth about everything that happened and niharika's evil deeds.
Ram: mom you didn't tell Priya about all the truth, it was him? I don't think I can be more wrong today! (he sat down on the bench near Priyas room)
KK: ram please relax, now that you know the truth everything will be fine.
Ram: no mom nothing can ever be fine, dad is dead that woman killed him and all these years I worshiped her. Priya is in such a critical condition, if I lose her because of that woman I will never be able to forgive myself. I will kill mys... (KK placed her hands on Ram's mouth before he could finish the sentence)
KK: ram don't say that, don't lose hope, not all is lost. We've struggled and suffered for so long god will not be this unjust to take someone away from us once we have found happiness after a long time. Now is not the time for sulking it's the time for fighting. (she looks at Natasha) we all have to fight together, Niharika has manipulated all of us, she has taken from all of us. Now it is her turn to give and if she doesn't we will take it forcefully. Ram now that you know that truth I have no worries. You are our strength.
Ram: mom why didn't you try to contact me sooner. All the time Apeksha would try and tell me the truth. How come you never tried to clear your name? You knew that niharika was setting you up and you just quietly took it?
KK: Ram beta, at that time no matter what I said you would not have believed me. Apeksha told me about the times when she tried to talk to you. You are just like your dad in this manner, you have a very soft heart but you rarely use it to make decisions. Give your mind a rest and let your heart do the thinking. Apeksha told me that you hugged her in Australia, which means that there was a part of you that wanted to unite with us. But your hatred for me left all those desires only as beautiful thoughts.
Ram: But still Mom, you didn't even try. Don't you love me?
KK: (teary eyed) I loved you then and I love you now Ram. You are our son, our pride. I was never disappointed or hurt by your rejection. No matter how much you hated me, if you tell me once that you love me, all the hatred will be forgotten and my heart would forgive all your negative thoughts and actions. A mother's heart is like that! It is my motherly love that kept me from contacting you all these years.
Ram: what do you mean mom? What kind of love prevented you from meeting me?
KK: my love for you and your well being surpassed my love for myself and my desire to meet you, hold you, kiss you. I had to stay away from you in order to protect you. That was the promise that I had made.
Ram: to whom did you make that promise? Wait.. I know that witch Niharika, right? (once again his anger returns and he clenches his fist and goes to slam it down on the bench but before he does someone holds his arm stopping the motion. Ram looks up at a man whom he had never seen before. But somehow there was a vibe between ram and him. It was almost as if they had known each other for ages. He looked at his mom who smiled at him. Ram wondered who this man was who wore glasses, had a generous amount of black hair with the exception of the front of his head, which was slightly bald. This man was healthy but not too healthy. He wore black pants with a cream coloured shirt tucked into his pants and secured with a belt.) Wwho are you? And why did you make my mom make a promise to stay away from me?
Man: Because beta, I had to protect my son. (he looks at KK and smiles) our son!
Ram: (pulls his hand away) who the hell are you and what the hell is all this?
Man: you didn't recognize me, I am your dad. Amarnath kapoor (AK)!
Ram: ( in complete shock, he looks at his mom who nods her head. Ram gets up slowly) but I thought that you were dead and you look completely different (ekta's serial toh ek plastic surgery toh baanta hai).
AK: This man (points at Jayesh) saved my life! Niharika was going to kill me but Jayesh came in last minute with KK and took me out of the hospital. (he told Ram the whole story about how Niharika had forced him to suspect KK by telling him lies about her affair with Jayesh who is in fact niharika's husband. Eventually niharika earned a place in his heart after KK was kicked out but it wasn't long after that I began to realize her true plan and I also realized that KK was innocent. I confronted NIharika about it but by then it was too late, she said that if I opened my mouth he would kill you Ram. So I secretly talked to KK and apologized. All the stress was getting to me and I couldn't live with the guilt that I had been so unjust to your mother. With all this thinking I became very ill and had to be hospitalized, when I held your hand and told you about taking care of niharika and her kids I had no choice, she had forced me to say that because she needed financial security once I passed away. I am so sorry, because of my one mistake, everyone's lives were ruined. One night I overheard niharika talking with a doctor about giving me an injection to put me to sleep, they were going to kill me and blame it on Jayesh. I called KK and told her everything and said my last good byes but your mom was not about to give up that easily. That same night Jayesh and her came and took me out of that hospital into a safe place. Niharika was enraged the next morning to see me missing. The whole blame went on Jayesh and his license got revoked. He even spent time in jail. I had to get plastic surgery because I knew niharika would hunt me down and kill me the minute she got the chance. Before i could tell you anything and jeopardize her financial security)
Ram: (was shocked, angry and sad. All these years they had spent apart from each other because of Niharika. Priya's life is in danger because of Niharika.) I will kill her!
AK: Ram beta, calm down. We will defeat her but not by confronting her. She will take Priya's life if you go to the police. She is capable of anything. We will beat her but first we must make a plan and be smart about it.
KK & Jayesh: don't worry Ram we are with you.
Nutz: haan bhai, I am with you also!

AK gave Ram a big hug! Father and son are meeting after so many years. He was blessed that his dad was still alive. He cried on his dad's shoulder, " Dad, Priya is going to get better right? I can't live without her." AK tells Ram, "Yes, have faith in god, he brought us together after so many years. He will also bring priya back." While AK and RK were hugging, KK notices Nutz standing alone in a corner also crying. She walks to her and hugs her. "don't worry beta, everything will be alright". Their reunion was interrupted by karthik's voice.

Karthik: Doctor, Nurse come fast. Di is flat lining. Something is wrong please come fast. (2 doctors and 2 nurses rush past Ram and his family and into Priya's room. Ram runs after them but the nurse stops him at the door and says please sir, you have stay out! Let us do our job!) 

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