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All's Fair in Love and War Part 17


KK places a hand on Ram's shoulder giving it a little squeeze.

KK: Ram beta it's okay. Let them help Priya.

The nurse goes into the room. Ram watches from the circle window in the door as the doctors shock Priya's heart to revive her. Her body jolted with every shock but the line remained flat. Ram felt so helpless if he could he would kill himself if that would save her. He cursed himself because when he "could" help it he didn't. He could have stopped her, he could have tried to persuade her harder to stay back. But he didn't. What kind of husband was he? The beeping of the monitor in Priyas room snapped him out of his thoughts. The doctors were successful in bringing Priya back. He watched them with a million thanks in his heart, as they adjusted the oxygen meter and checked the IV lines. As soon as the doctor came out of the room, ram gave him a big hug!

Ram:thank you doctor, thank you so much for saving Priya and bringing her back. She is going to be fine now right? When will she wake up? Soon right? Doctor tell me! (he shook him) why aren't you saying anything? (AK pulled ram back and looked at the doctor for an answer)
Doctor: (looks at the sharmas and the kapoors) the next 24 hours will be a test. We have done whatever we could to sustain her. Now the rest is in gods hand. I suggest that you all pray now, if she does not wake up by tomorrow morning than I doubt that she ever will.
Ram: (grabs the doctors collar) what do you mean that you doubt she will ever wake up? Nothing will happen to Priya! Do you hear me??! (Vikram pulls Ram back. AK apologizes to the doctor on Ram's behalf)
Vikram: ram what r you doing, please relax.

Ram releases himself from Vikrams grip and rushes out of the hospital. Vikram calls out for him and goes to follow him but KK stops him.

KK: let him go Vikram, he needs some alone time to think. He will be back, his Priya is here so he won't go anywhere else.

Karthik gives Natasha an evil glare and then looks away. The sharmas and kapoors sit away from each other. Shipra walks towards the temple inside the hospital, followed by KK.

Ram walks out of the hospital, he bumps into a man and almost falls over. The man yells at him but ram continues walking. He has become absolutely numb and can only see one thing and that was his destination. He continues walking with sweet memories of his beloved flashing in front of his eyes. It begins raining really hard, he walks dangerously on the road with cars honking at him before swerving past him. But Ram is in his own world, which starts with Priya and ends with Priya. How can one woman give her so much happiness and how can he give that same woman so much pain. With all these thoughts dancing in his mind, he reaches his destination. He drops on his knees on the hard cement stairs. With tears in his eyes, he brings his palms together and looks up at the beautiful Ganesh murti staring back at him. This is the same temple he came too when he had asked for his life (during BC scare for PRIYA) and Ganeshji did not disappoint him.

Ram: Ganeshji my life is in danger. I hurt her with my words, actions and INACTIONS. But Ganeshji you know that I never knew that niharika was lying all along. I spent majority of my life away from those who loved me and I loved hard those who were only using me. But now the one I love is slowly drifting away from me and there is nothing I can do. I know that I dont pray often but I have always had faith in you and kept you in my heart. I am nothing without my love, please keep my faith alive. Ganeshji I am very bad, punish me. Priya is very nice, she always has everyone's best interest at heart. Everything she does is for everyone else. The world needs people like her, she deserves to live. Take me instead, please Ganeshji. Please save Priya. I've always thought about myself and my family, I loved making money so that people I loved could spend it. But today I stand before you a changed man, I don't want anything just Priyas well-being. Nobody believes me when I say that I love Priya, but Ganeshji you know everything in everyone's heart. (a strong wind blows past the walls in the temple making the bell ring as it sways vigorously) If my heart beats only for Priya show me a miracle. (Ganesh Vandana begins to play in the background, the bell continues to ring as it sways) If Priya's name resides in each breath I take than show me a miracle. If seeing Priya smile is in its  true sense is the reason for my existence, show me a miracle. If my love for Priya is alive and begging for recognition, show me a miracle. (screen flashes to Priya in the hospital, she is gasping for air, her chest is rising with each inspiration. Shipra sitting in the room, opens the room door and calls for the doctor. Everyone is tensed as they stand up) If my love for Priya surpasses the definition of love as it is known to society, then show me a miracle. [ganesh Vandana continues to play in the background and the bell continues to ring] (doctor asks Shipra to leave the room she does and Karthik holds her giving her support. Everyone is waiting for the doctor to come out and tell them something. Priya continues to gasp for air, the monitor starts beating faster as her heart rate increases. The doctor turns up the oxygen level. Priyas body begins to shake as she continues to gasp for air, this time her respiration rate is getting fast and shallow). [ganesh Vandana continues playing along with bell, the sound is speeding up]. Ganeshji you are the wise one who sees all and knows all, if everything I said is true and came from the bottom of my heart than please show me a miracle. Please Ganeshji SAVE PRIYA! (ram remains on his knees, begging god for his love.) [ganesh Vandana stops playing abruptly]

Setting: Hospital
(at the hospital the doctor comes out of the room looking shocked. Everyone gets really scared their heart begins beating really fast. They look at the doctor who is standing quietly looking at them)

Karthik: doctor please tell us how is di doing now.
Doctor: (takes off his glasses) Priya is... (he exhales) Completely out of danger.

Everybody's heart jumps with joy. Tears continue to flow but they were tears of joy.

Doctor: this is truly a miracle. I have never in my career seen somebody who is in the state that Priya was in regain consciousness so fast. She is awake. If you guys want to see her only one person can go in at a time. Don't talk about the accident, her body is still very weak but that will recover with time.

Shipra rushes into the room first. Vikram takes out his cell and calls Ram.

Setting: at the Mandir

Ram sees the number, remains on his knees, looks pleadingly at Ganeshji. His heart beating hard against his chest. He answers his phone but does not say anything.

Vikram: ram? Ram, Priya is awake doctor said her life is completely out of danger. This is truly a miracle. Btw where are you? Come fast!

Ram does not say a word, his face lit up. He thanks Ganeshji and rings the bell of the Mandir and literally runs back to the hospital. It is still raining really hard. Raindrops hit Ram's face mixing in perfectly with his tears of relief and joy.

Setting: at the hospital

He finally reached the hospital, soaking wet. He walked up to the kapoors with a BIG SMILE on his face.

Ram: Ma, ganeshji accepted my prayers. (he was so happy, practically jumping up and down). Vikram, Dad, Natasha, Priya is going to be okay. I have to see her. [he walks towards the door and is about to open it when Shipra comes out of the room and closes the door behind her. She stands in front of the door with her arms stretched out blocking it)
Shipra: Mr. Ram, perhaps you didn't hear me the first few times I told you BUT you are NOT MEETING PRIYA. Her family is here now, PLEASE (she puts her palms together) PLEASE leave!
Ram: Listen I am sorry for what happened between Priya and I BUT I really really want to see her. I need to see her. (he goes to move Shipra's arm to enter the room when Sudhir hold his arm)
Sudhir: Ram, Shipra is right. You have to go, you said that Priya signed on the divorce papers so she must have done so for a reason. Now you go and sign on it and finish this compromise once and for all.
Ram: no papaji, it is not a compro…
Karthik: Perhaps you did not hear what Ma and Papa said. Leave Ram. (he notices Ram standing there still not even budging) This is all my fault, if I hadn't insisted on Di getting married than today she would not have to be in so much pain. The reason behind your marriage was Nutz and I right? (he walks over to Natasha and grabs her arm and walks back to Ram) Well today I end this relationship and so you don't have to maintain your relationship with Di. You take care of your sister and family (he moves Natasha towards Ram and lets go of her arm) and I will take care of my sister and family.
KK: Please Shipra ji, sudhir ji and Karthik this is not the time and place to discuss this. There is a reason behind Ram's reaction, most of his life he lived with people who used him for his money and now please don't take away the only person that he ever loved. I will explain everything to you guys. But please let Ram meet Priya, the two of them love each other. (she is about to put her palms together to plead but Ram stops her)
Ram: no Ma, I created this problem and I will solve it. (he turns to the Sharmas). Papaji, Ma ji I respect you guys a lot and I tried to meet Priya with your consent but you refused. But no one can stop me, she is my wife and I love her whether you all choose to accept that or not is your problem. I will leave from here if Priya herself tells me too. And why are you all so concerned about the fight between Priya and I? husband and wife have fights all the time, that does not mean that they don't care about each other. Ma ji and Papaji have you two never fought over a misunderstanding and is that why you guys are together still? And why is everybody talking about compromise (he looks at Karthik), Haan Priya and I got married because of you and Natasha but that does not mean that if you break up then we will also break up. Our relationship has evolved and we really love each other, if you and Natasha want to break up then so be it, that's between you and Natasha, husband and wife. But let me tell you all one thing clearly. No paper is going to come in between Priya and I so stop coming in between us. So ma ji please move out of the way because you standing there will not stop me from meeting Priya. No power in the world can stop me from meeting her. I am not taking no for an answer, in fact I am not even asking for an answer. She is still my wife and right now she is a little mad at me so I have to pacify her. The sooner you move out of the way the sooner I can pacify her. (shipra puts her arms down and Ram opens the door)

Ram looks at Priya with teary eyes and Priya looks right back at Ram. They both stare at each other for a while. Ram begins to walk towards her.

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