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All's Fair in Love and War Part 18

Ram: I am sorry Priya.

Ram walks over to Priya's bedside with tears in his eyes. Priya shifts a bit in her bed, her eyes scrunch up expressing a look of confusion.

Ram: looks like you r still mad. You have every right to be, I shouldn't have said the things I said. (he holds her hand and stops talking about the fight, he didn't want to stress her out. He has a plan to pacify her, the minute she recovers he will shower her with so much love that she will forget those hateful words and moments between them.) Priya how are you feeling now? Fighting fit? (he chuckles trying to make her smile)

Priya: I am sorry. (she pulls her hand back, she looks around as if she is searching for someone familiar) but do I know you? Who are you? And what are you doing in my room? Is this some sort of a joke? (she gathers all the strength inside of her weak body and screams for her ma and papa)

Shipra and Sudhir come into the room followed by the doctor. Priyas heart rate became elevated. She is so scared and begging for answers.

Doctor: Priya what's wrong please relax. Take long deep breathes. Ram please can you leave the room. I will meet you outside.

Ram walks out obediently. In this moment his feelings did not matter only thing that mattered was Priyas well-being. After about 10minutes the doctor came out of the room and walked towards ram and the kapoors

Doctor: ram Priya has sustained an injury to her head. She is suffering from memory loss. According to Priya she was leaving her coaching classes when she got into a taxi to go home. After that she remembers getting into an accident while she was talking to her mom, Shipra, on the phone. (KK knows that she was the one on the phone)
Ram: what about us? Our Shaadi? Our life?
Doctor: the last thing she remembers was Ayesha's fashion show when she needed the yellow bracelet. Sorry Mr.kapoor.
Vikram: this is not right, can't you tell her that that is not the case. It is bad for her to be living this lie.
Doctor: no don't dare tell her the truth, it can be very harmful to her health. The shock from knowing the truth can send her into a coma from which it will be nearly impossible for her to wake up.
KK: doctor what do we do? We can't just leave her like this my son's life...
Ram: no Ma, I don't care about myself. If Priya is better off not remembering than I will never let her find out. Doctor is this permanent?
Doctor: that is really hard to tell. Sometimes this amnesia can last months, years and in rare cases it can last forever. What you can do to help her remember is replay incidences that you had together. Stimulate her mind with these memories very slowly, that way her mind can try to recall those original moments and begin to piece them together. She has to do this on her own and at her own pace. That is the most important part. (The doctors pager rings and he has to tend to another patient. He tells ram to contact him if he has any further questions. He wishes the sharmas and kapoors the best of luck)

Shipra: (says to Sudhir and Karthik in a loud voice so that Ram and his family could hear) You can force things as much as you want but in the end destiny determines what is meant to be and break what is not! Those who are wise understand what destiny is trying to tell them and back away, those who aren't will be pushed away. (she glares at Ram who Is looking down in shock. Shipra, Sudhir and Karthik walk into Priyas room)

As ram was leaving the hospital with his mom, dad nuts, Jayesh and Vikram he gets a call from Niharika. He looks at his mom and dad and then picks up the phone.

NIH: ram where the hell are you, I have been so worried about you. Its so late at night and no one in this house can sleep without you.
Ram: I am okay...Ma (he clenched his fist) but you won't be okay.
NIH: what?? (she gets scared)
Ram: sorry what I meant was why r u not okay? I am here with Vikram having a few drinks and I will be home soon enough. Don't wait up for me. Ma, don't worry about me it can have a negative effect on your health and I don't want that. Please go to sleep.
NIH: okay ram if you insist than I will go to sleep but do come home fast and don't drink too much you have to go to the office in the morning/
Ram: Ma, ur always watching out for me. Thank you and good night
NIH: good night baby.

Everybody went to the hotel that KK ad AK were staying at. KK made some coffee for all of them. This was such a confusing moment in Ram's life, in one sense he was happy that his dad was alive, and in the other sense he was sad that his love had forgotten him. He stood by the window watching it drizzle slightly outside. He thought about how much Priya loved the rain and how he kissed her in the rain. Those were the good days and he hadn't left them so far behind. I am sorry Priya, he thought, but I will bring you back into my life even if I have to fight destiny until my last breath. He was brought back to reality when KK called out to him.

KK: ram beta, come and sit down the coffee is ready.

He sat down with his real family after such a long time. The happiness surges back into his heart but he couldn't enjoy it fully because the person responsible for creating the feeling of happiness in his heart was not with him. He remembered the last time he touched her in the hospital and a tear rolled down his eye.

AK: ram beta, please don't cry anymore. Crying over spilled milk does not solve anything.
Ram: no but Priya says it makes the burden of pain a little bit easier to bear but she was not wrong, nothing is easy to bear without her.

KK's heart sank seeing her son in so much pain.

Ram: niharika has to pay for creating misunderstandings between Priya and I. She has to pay for separating my mom and dad away from me. She has to pay for trying to kill my dad for the property. And I will make her regret all that she has done. I could send her to jail but that does not guarantee that she won't hurt Priya like she said in the video. Just like she had Natasha kidnapped all that time. She has the power that she gets from our wealth. Her greatest weapon. I need everyone's support in executing this plan I have, (he puts his hand out) do I have all ur support. (everybody puts their hand in the middle) 2 months just 2 months I will have to stay away from Priya to keep her safe. In ramayan, bhagwan Shri ram fought for his sita, crossing all barriers to get to Lanka. Today I promise that this Ram will also fight for his Sita who is in the same city as him but lost within herself. Nothing will stop and no one can successfully come in my way. (he explains his entire plan to everyone and explains their roles in the plan. He listens to everyone's opinions and makes changes where it is necessary. When he is finished everyone has a determined smile on their face. He calls Dadi and also gets her on board and asks her to come back to the KM. she is an instrumental part in their plan. They all cheers with their coffee cups and Ram hugs his parents and goes home to start the first part of his plan)

Setting: KM in the middle of the night
Ram enter his room struggling to walk up the stairs. He has a half empty bottle of scotch in his hand. He is yelling and creating a ruckus.

Ram: who the hell does this girl think she is? I don't need her, she needs me.

He reaches his room. And picks up the picture of Priya and him which was on the night table. He slammed it on the floor and it shattered to pieces. Niharika and mamaji rush into Ram's room. They think that someone has broken in. Mamaji carries a cricket bat and walk cautiously behind Priya. They glance into Ram's room and they are shocked to see Ram sucking down scotch from a now nearly 1 quarter empty bottle.

Ram: (grabs the divorce paper which had Priyas signature and is about to rip it when niharika grabs it from him)
NIH: ram what are you doing?
Ram: no Ma, let me rip it. She wants to give me a divorce? What is her position to give me a divorce I will give her a divorce and make sure that that middle class girl remains middle class. (he goes to grab the paper but trips and falls as NIH pulls it away)
NIH: ram get up and go to sleep. (she signals mamaji to help stand him up and make him sit in bed. They do just that. They practically throw Ram on the bed and call Bansi kaka to clean up the pieces of glass from the shattered frame)
Ram: I hate that woman Ma. I hate her. You were so right about her. She only wanted my money... (he drift off to sleep, mumbling those words)
NIH: yeh mota bhi na (she looks at her brother) I was sleeping so well and he came and ruined it (she is saying this as she walks out the room).
Ram: (when she leaves Ram opens his eyes) get used to this feeling NIH it is going to soon be your daily reality. (Bansi kaka comes to clean the room and he ask him to leave)

Ram picks up priya's picture off the floor and places a gentle kiss on it.

Priya: I am sorry my love. I do not mean anything that I said. I love you Priya and I will do anything to have you by my side. We will be together very soon. But to protect you I have to make niharika think that I hate you so that she does not think of you as a threat and leaves you alone. Please trust your Ram this much. Your ram will create such a situation that this Ravan in our life (thinks about nih) will try to force me to love you again. Just wait and watch! (he tries to fall asleep with Priya's picture glued to his heart)

The next morning NIH wakes up to the sound of the fire alarm.

NIH: (to mamaji on their way to rayas room where the sound was coming from) I told this middle class girl not to light up the diya in the room.
Mamaji: oye sweety what middle class girl. You kicked one out, did another one sneak in.
NIH: oh shoot, I forgot! You know bhaya it's because that motu woke me up last night, I didn't get enough rest and now (she makes an irritated face) I don't know what this motu is doing!

They reach Ram's room and see that he is burning a picture and staring at it while it burn with an evil grin.

NIH: ram what r u doing?
Ram: I am have removed Priya from my mind and heart and now I will remove every ounce of her belongings from my life.
NIH: ram we can just throw it out, there is no need to burn anything. (she slaps ram's hand making him release the picture and stomps on it to put out the fire)
Ram: why did you stop me? Okay fine we will do it my way. Bansi kaka, Bansi kaka,
Bansi kaka: yes sir
Ram: I am leaving to go to the office and by the time I come back I want everything packed and shipped to Priyas house. If anything is left behind than i will fire you. (he storms out of the room)
Mamaji: wow sweety what a nice game you have played. Ram does not want anything to do with Priya. You should have done this before.
NIH: thank you bhaya. Now when these clothes reach Priyas house she will get the message loud and clear. (she sighs) ahhh our problem is solved. Now we relax as everything goes back to normal.

In the evening when ram returned home from work and went up to his room. His heart trembled with the knowledge that everything has gone back to the way it was in his room before his marriage. A tear escaped from his eye.

Ram: (thinking to himself) no ram you have to be strong for Priya. She tried to unite mom and I before our fight, she tried to protect me and now it's my turn. Everything happens for a reason. Priya does not remember anything, she does not have to experience any pain of separation or anything. (this thought makes ram get some assurance and strength to carry on with his plan). He went downstairs to the living room where NIH and mamaji were sitting.

Ram: Bansi kaka, go get us three drinks, scotch extra strong.
Mamaji: oye ram putar what are we celebrating.
NIH: obviously bhaya he must have gotten a big contract at work.
Ram: (he chuckles) no Ma, I have a surprise. But first where is choti? Choti?choti??
Natasha: (comes to the living) yes bhai!
Ram: (he takes out two papers from the file folder that he was holding. He hands it to Natasha) choti, divorce papers. Sign it and I will sign one too. Let's end our relationship once and for all with that family. You are young and rushed into this marriage and I was forced into mine. But now we can both be free birds. (he takes out a pen and hands it to Natasha)
NIH: ram but Natasha is their daughter in law she should go back. (she can't afford to have Nutz in the house again, especially after all that's happened. She is stupid, it will take her one second to open her mouth to ram and reveal all the truth)
Ram: no Ma! My dear sister will have nothing to do with that middle class family. I tried to warn you before that all they care about is money but nobody listened to me. It's okay, all is not lost. Sign the papers choti.
Natasha: no bhai! I will not sign these papers. I love Karthik!
Ram: do you think after all that's happened he will forgive you?
Natasha: even if he doesn't I will spend my entire life begging for his forgiveness. I will fix what I have broken.
Ram: Ma, say something. This is a big mistake.
Natasha: no bhai I don't care what you say or do in ur relationship but you cant control I love Karthik and I will stay with him only. And if anybody forces me to end this relationship than I will kill myself. (she storms out of the house. Ram call choti, choti and goes to run after her but NIH stops him. That's exactly what ram wanted her to do)

Natasha goes to KKs hotel to execute the second half of the plan. Natasha calls Karthik to star hotel telling him that it's urgent and her life is in danger. Karthik arrives at the hotel and is shocked to see that Natasha is absolutely fine. He gets angry is about to leave when KK stops him. They explain everything that has happened with the kapoors in the past few years and how niharika ruined all their lives and about rams plan and how his support is greatly needed. At first Karthik hesitates but then KK said that the decision is urs Karthik but please ur yes can save many people's lives. Even Priya would want you to do this. She tried to expose niharika too. If not for anyone then please do it for her. Please beta. Karthik agrees. Karthik and Natasha head to the sharmas house according to the plan.

Setting: at the sharma's
They knock at the door and Shipra answers. She is shocked but Karthik sands up for Natasha and their relationship. Shipra has no choice but to give in but she is not happy. Sudhir is more accepting but he is worried about Priya and what answer we will give to her when she asks about Natasha. Karthik tells them that he will just say that he made her run away from home and married her. He said he would handle everything once she is discharged. 

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