Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 19


1month and 2 weeks later at the kapoor mansion. Everyone is packing their essentials. Because of a mishap in the pharmaceutical company, kapoor industries incurred a great loss. The loss was so great that Ram was unable to drag the company out of it and slowly but surely he went bankrupt. The pharmaceutical company, which was in Priya's name, was kapoor industries greatest asset providing them with enormous profits. As a result of this loss Kapoor Industries was taken over by Avinash group of Industries, a newly developed but rapidly growing industry. Along with the Kapoor industries, the owner of Avinash group of industries bought the kapoor mansion resulting in Ram and his family being evicted. Today was the day that the new owner would shift in. Ram is in the bar drinking. Niharika is pissed off at him and her destiny. All her hard work has gone down the drain. It seemed like just overnight she went from rags to riches and now back to rags. Dadi is also very sad because this company was her husbands and late sons life work. She knew Ram had lost hope but she also knew that it would be Ram alone who can bring them out of this slum. Since dadi had some money in her savings, she decided that it was her responsibility being the eldest to do something. It's 10pm and bansi kaka comes to the bar where Ram is drowning himself in alcohol.
Bansi Kaka: sir, the owners of Avinash group of industries are here.
Ram: go and tell everyone to bring their stuff downstairs, we have to go now. (He gets up but is about to trip but he holds on to the counter. He meets everyone downstairs. It was apparent that everyone had been crying. Ram walks towards the owner of avinash group of industries and now the owner of kapoor industries and says excuse me. The man turns around and niharika almost faints)
Jayesh: (with his arms stretched out to shake Ram's hand) Hi, my name is Jayesh Kharekar, 50 percent owner of avinash group of industries and kapoor industries. I am sorry for your loss but from one business man to another, business is business. But if anyone knew me earlier (he looks at niharika) they would have never thought that I would be successful in business. Waise I don't know much about business but behind every successful man there is a woman (priya's face flashes in front of Ram's eyes). My story is similar to that, I would like to introduce my better half, my lucky charm, my partner in life and business, Krishna Kharekar!
Krishna walks in with an evil grin on her face and stares directly at niharika who gets dizzy and is about to lose her balance but mamaji catches her and stands her up.
Dadi is also shocked and so is Ram.
Ram (infuriated): I knew u were chracterless but today I know you are so HEARTLESS! You knew this was dad's prized possession. You killed him but that didn't satisfy you. You wanted his money, his property.
Niharika: how dare you. She walks towards her to slap her but krishna grabs her arm, giving her a death stare, she flings her arm down and slaps niharika. The impact echoes off the wall of the KM.
Krishna: stay within ur limits. Now I am not the same krishna that you manipulated. Don't ever make this mistake again. And Ram you're one to talk about who I am. Yes I am heartless now because when I had a heart everyone broke it. Now I have no heart and no one in my heart. I only live for my husband, (she holds Jayesh's hand, Niharika's face is burning from the tight slap she received from krishna and of jealousy) I am not characterless like your father. While he was still married to me he had an affair with this woman and the proof is right there (she points to rishab).
Dadi: shut up. My son was not like that.
Krishna: no mother will ever say that their son is wrong.
Ram: you shouldn't even talk about what a mother would or would not do, you were never able to be a good mother.
Krishna: enough! You all can leave now. My husband and I have returned from austrailia today and we're tired, we would like to rest.
Ram is the first to leave, he takes niharika with him. Dadi and rishab leave the KM last before dadi leaves krishna touches her feet and dadi blesses her. Krishna apologizes for being rude and dadi says don't worry I know u better than that... Tears well up in dadis, rishabs and krishna's eyes. As soon as everyone leaves Amarnath Kapoor enters the Kapoor Mansion. The king has arrived in his kingdom!

Dadi tells ishika that she should go and live with her in-laws and niharika also says that that is what's best for her. Rishab arranges for the driver and dadi directs the driver to go to an apartment building where she has made arrangements for all of them to live. Finally they arrive at the apartment and get out of the car.

Niharika: eww why have we come to priya's apartment.
Ram: haan dadi, let's get out of here, I don't want to see her face.
Dadi: chup! It is because of you Ram that we are in this. I talked to the pundit and he said that the reason you are in such a bad shape financially is because you kicked priya out of the house. She was the laxami of the house and you. Anyways it's not too late, you will fix what you messed up and we will all help you. Chootki you will apologize to Priya's parents.
Niharika: but mummyji
Dadi: don't BUT MUMMYJI ME! When Ram made this stupid mistake why didn't you stop him? I was out of town but you could have stopped him so now you are equally responsible. Until priya forgives ram we will be like this forever.
Ram: I don't believe in all this nonsense. The reason that we have nothing today is because of the pharmaceutical company.
Dadi: whose name was that company under?
Ram, niharika, mamaji and sid all know that it was under Priya's name.
Dadi: my son, ur dad, made the same mistake Ram putar. When he kicked krishna out of the house I saw his downfall with my own eyes. Everything was destroyed. Ram you still have a chance the pundit saw ur birth chart and told me everything Ram putar. If u bring Priya back into ur life than we can get the kapoor mansion back, we can get kapoor industries back. She is lucky for you!
Ram: okay dadi for you I will talk but not now. When I am ready I will. Where are we staying tonight, dadi you said that you have made some arrangments. Let's go there now, I am tired and need to lie down. (He turns to go back into the car and so does niharika, sid and mamaji.)
Dadi: oye chutki, where are you going. This is our new home now.
Niharika: what!? We are going to stay here in this building?
Dadi: so did you think I was going to make arrangements in the taj mahal for you?
Ram: lekin dadi, why do we have to stay here? There are many buildings, why this one? You know that woman lives here
Dadi: yeah I know, that's why I chose this building. It'll be easier for you to get priya back into your life. If anyone has a problem, they can find their own living arrangements.
Sid: I have to go and meet a friend.
Mamaji: yeah I will also accompany you sid.
Niharika: (sees sid and mamaji get in the car and she also wants to go)
Dadi: oye chutki (niharika stops dead in her tracks) where r u going? You and Ram have to stay with me and fix the mistake that you both have created.
Niharika: haan mummyji I was just umm well umm I have some work to tend too but I will be back soon. (With that she gets in the car and drives off with mamaji and Sid)
Ram turns around to face the building where his beloved lived.
Ram: (thinking:I am here Priya and I won't leave without you) dadi, rishab I have to see Priya.
Rishab: but she doesn't remember you, it'll just complicate things let's just stick to the plan.
Ram: nahi Rishab I have stayed away for too long, I have to see her even from far.
Dadi: (can't bear to see ram's pain) let's go upstairs to our apartment first.

They walk up to the fourth floor where priya lived with her family. Ram remembers the big fight that they had over natasha, the first time they met. He remembered how he had dinner with the sharma's the same night he had to fly out of the country for some work and priya had come to meet him at the airport. All these memories came rushing back to him like a gush of wind on a hot summer day. He stood in front of priya's apartment lost in thought, while rishab and dadi already entered their apartment, giving him some space. someone opened the door. It was natasha.
Natasha: bhai? What r u doing here?
Ram: woh, the plan. Priya? How is priya? Where is she? She is okay na?
Natasha: she just took some medicine and is sleeping. She is almost better. Everyone in the house is asleep I had to go out to the office and get something.
Ram: alone at this hour?
Natasha: no bhai, karthik is going to drive me there. (Karthik comes out, ram is a bit nervous. The last time he met karthik was at the hospital)
Ram: karthik I am sor...
Karthik: enough sir, ab how many times will you say sorry.
Ram: as many times as I have too in order to meet priya. Can I please see her. (He is practically begging)
Karthik: (nods, seeing the sincerity in his eyes) yes she is in her room sleeping but please be quiet ma, papa and ayesha are sleeping.
Karthik, Natasha and Ram walk to priya's room. Karthik signals natasha, let's give him some privacy. Natasha agrees.
Ram enters Priya's room! She is in deep sleep laying flat on her back. Ram wanted to pick her up and carry her room to her real room, their room! Mesmerized by how peaceful priya looked while she was sleeping, ram walked towards the bed and sat down next to her. Just then his eyes fell upon priya's bandaged hand, he lifted it gently and gave it a kiss. He places one hand on priya's waist and moves up her body slowly. Priya breathes in slightly parting her lips letting out a soft moan. Ram smiles and kneels forward, giving her a kiss on her lips. He backs away slowly still taking in her beauty.
Ram: (whispers) I am here priya and very soon we will be together.
A smile emerged on priya's lips as if she was aware that her man had come to meet her after such a long time. This made his heart jump and crave her lips some more. He leaned forward to place another kiss on her lips but someone placed a hand on his shoulder stopping him. He gets up quickly and turns around to see his dadi.
Dadi: ram putar. You really miss Priya don't you?
Ram: (nods)
Dadi: I want to see priya too, (ram holds dadi's hand and moves her to the bed side. Dadi places her hand on priya's head. She kneels down and places a kiss on her forhead) Priya you don't worry your golu and dadi are right here with you now. Baas you just get better soon. We miss you so much! (She turns to face Ram) golu let's go now before niharika comes back and sees us leaving this apartment.

They leave the room, ram looks back at Priya longingly. He wanted to hold her and sleep but destiny had other plans for them right now.

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