Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 20


Niharika is sitting in a dark room on a rocking chair with a glass of scotch in her right hand. She is lost thinking about her conversation with the pundit. The same one that she hired to pull out an auspicious date of her convienience for Ram and Priya's wedding.
Pundit: yes, ram has made a very big mistake kicking his wife out of the house. She is the laxami of that house. Her destiny is written in favour of her husband/boyfriend. Through her he will be able to reach great fortunes BUT if he disrespects her or somehow loses her love than that will be the reason for their downfall.
Niharika: (thinks about where Ashwin is at in his life always struggling after he cheated priya and broke her heart) what if she dies?
Pundit: if she dies with love in her heart than that will have no impact on Ram's life. But since Ram has humiliated her, if anything happens to her now Ram will never be able to attain his previous position. Also Ram can't marry any other girl if he tries too than this will be VERY BAD!
Niharika: why didn't you tell me all this before she married Ram. She is such a burden. What do we do?  
Pundit: you never asked! U only wanted to get them married fast! Now there is ONLY ONE OPTION get priya back into Ram's life, she will bring so much fortune. It's guranteed!
Niharika snaps out of the flashback as an intoxicated Sid enters the room. He is very angry and demanding answers. Mamaji is trying to calm him down but this is not working.
Sid: mom what the hell. At the KM, that was dad right?  You said he was dead. I remember you told me and ishika that he had met with an accident and out of helplessness you had to marry that old man amarnath.
Niharika: calm down Sid
Sid: NO! I won't calm down until u tell me what the hell is going on here. First u say dad is dead but than he comes back and ruins our life so now we are living like poor people and he is a king.
Niharika: (slaps sid) shut up sid! You are forgetting that if it wasn't for me you would never known what it felt like to be rich. And secondly u are drunk, go lie down when morning comes and u have sobered up than I will explain everything to you. (She goes to soothe the face she slapped but Sid pushes her hand away and runs out of the room)
Niharika: bhai what's going on! My hard work is all crumbling down. I seperated Ram and Priya and now I have to bring them together? And I have harboured so much hate in Ram's heart for Priya that now that seems impossible. And that Priya who claimed that she loved Ram has not even tried to contact him. (She sits down hard on the rocking chair)
Mamaji: I know sweety you have really shot urself in the leg with your own gun with this plan. The plan was good but in front of destiny what can we do! Chaal let's make Ram love Priya enough to bring her back into his life than slowly as his life gets better ours will too. I can't see any other option.
Niharika: but how bhaiya. U've seen how much Ram hates her! Argh ! (She grips the arm rest of the chair)
Mamaji: we'll think of something! Make ur mind work overtime and I will do the same. (They both chug down scotch and think when Niharika gets a phone call from rishab)
Rishab: mom Ram bhaiya is drunk and he is going to Priya's apartment to give the signed divorce paper to Priya. Dadi is getting very angry, she says we will be ruined but Ram bhaiya is not listening. Please help, he will only listen to you.
Niharika: okay rishab give him the phone. (She hears screaming in the background and rishab telling ram here take the phone).
Ram: mom u will not stop me. I am going! (He hangs up)
Niharika is shocked and tells mamaji we have to go before this motu complicates things even more)
When she gets to the apartment building, she rushes up to the 4th floor to stop a plan that she had initiated. Ram was knocking on the Priya's door and priya had answered the door. It was all planned and timed perfectly, he wanted niharika to stop what she had started and in order to do that he had to take this risk.
Priya: you? Here? Who are you and what do you want?
Ram: I am natasha's brother, and I am came to give you this! (He was about to hand over to her the divorce papers but just in the nick of time niharika snatches it out of Ram's hand)
Priya: (confused) what's going on, why are u guys here and who are u?
Niharika: (panting, since she has just run up the stairs) Ram have you lost ur mind. I am so sorry priya, ram is a bit drunk.
Priya: (in a louder tone since she is getting frustrated) will someone explain what's going on and what is in that paper that you wanted to give me.
Just then natasha comes to the door and snatches the paper from niharika before priya could grab it.
Natasha: sorry di, actually bhai brought this paper for me for work. I'm sorry for his behaviour but he is just really mad that karthik and I ran away and got married. He is just begining to accept it di please forgive him and my mom. Bhai, mom can I talk to you outside, sorry di let me explain. (Just then karthik comes and calms priya down. In the meantime natasha steps outside and closes the door behind her. She explains to her mom and Ram about priya losing her memory and how in order to get back into karthik's life she had to lie they eloped and got married because priya does not remember the wedding or her wedding. Niharika asks natasha why she doesn't just tell her the truth to make her remember but natasha warns her not to do such a thing otherwise she could go into a coma and even die.)
Ram: (looks at niharika) that's not our problem.
Niharika: Ram how can you be so insensitive?
Ram: and what about all she did to me?
Niharika: never mind that Ram! So what if she wanted ur money, u kicked her out and now we have no money. Isn't that ironic? With u many lives are connected! You have to bring her back into ur life Ram, we will all help you. I wouldn't believe this either if the pundit didn't tell me himself (ram thinks I know niharika that's why I paid the pundit to tell you all that)
Ram: okay but only for everyone. But just know that I don't love her.
Niharika (thinks to herself, soon u will love her. If I can make u hate her than I can make u love her enough for her to bring us back into KM and keep us there) natasha rip those papers and throw them out. Tell ur in-laws that we will be coming over for dinner tonight and if they want the well-being of their daughter they will not interfere in our plan.
Soon the day passed and it was dinnertime. Ram was excited the whole day, today he would see priya out in the open and he was expected to romance his way back into loving her. This was perfect for ram who loved priya to death. It was cheating because loving priya was what he did best. He was sooo excited as they stood outside the sharma's house waiting for them to open the door. The sharma's cooperated because they had come to know about Ram's plan through karthik and natasha. Priya opened the door and as soon as Ram laid eyes on her he was aroused. She was wearing a yellow salwar with green dupatta. His favourite colour combination (their inside joke). Everyone walked in leaving Ram stunned at the door. Natasha notices his sudden display of emotions. She goes and hugs him and whispers, " close ur mouth bhai and ur welcome neha told me this favorite combination and so I asked bhabhi to wear it" he quickly snaps back to reality and enters in the house trying hard to force a stern look on his face. He rejected the padkoras that Priya had made and was indifferent about all the items on the menu that Priya had prepared. This worried Niharika as she told Natasha quietly, "when we leave u make Ram stay back a bit and try to get him to talk to Priya". Natasha thought in her head, "that won't be a problem Mom once u leave bhai will be all over bhabhi". And according to plan Natasha asked Ram to stay back as she had some questions about the office. The sharma's had gone to sleep leaving natasha, karthik and ram to talk. Priya was in the kitchen washing the dishes. Ram made an excuse to see her, he told natasha and karthik that he was going to give Priya a dish and than come back to their room to continue their talk.
Ram entered the kitchen with the dirty dish and dirty thoughts in his mind. Without delay he acted on his thoughts. Priya glanced at him with soap still on both her hands as Ram advanced towards her, a determined look on his face.
Priya: uMmm do u need something, Mr.Kapoor.
Her question was met with silence, she turned to face him and was shocked to see how close to her he was. Who is this man and why does her heart skip a beat when he's near her. She wanted him closer any gap between them was stinging her. He read her mind and moved closer, she played along moving back until her back touched the counter. By now his body was touching hers, his hands interwined with hers pinning her to the counter. His face was inches away from hers, she felt his hot breath brush against her lips. She tried to move away, fearing someone might come but he tightened his grip on her hands. He moved in for the kiSs but changed direction, giving her an overwhelming surge of pleasure as he nuzzled her neck to shoulder without taking a break. Her head moving towards his head and then away slightly to give him more access, her eyes shut tightly.  She is gasping for air, trying to contain the pleasure he was teasing her with, "M-mr. K-kapoor, give it to me" Ram startled by her urgency came close to her lips and whispered, "why r u so anxious I will definetly give it to you." Priya: the dish in ur hand, give me the dish in ur hand." She flung her hand forward to take the dish as water droplets jumped from the tip of her fingers landing on his face.  He snapped out of his dirty fantasy disappointed. How long was he standing there? He felt a little embarrased.
Ram: sorry Priya, woh mein, umm
Priya: the dish? (Her hand still out, she wipes her hair out of her face with the back of her hand and gets a little bit of soap on her forehead. Ram smiles, priya notices this and says) kya?
Ram: woh tumari (he was about to tell her but then he has another plan. He walks towards Priya and places the dish in her hand. She is about to turn towards the sink but Ram holds her arm. She is shocked by this action but more shocked that his touch felt so familiar, his holding her arm stopping her felt so familiar. She fidgets as he moves closer to her)
Priya: Mr.Kapoor what are you... (He interupts her by placing his finger on her lips)
Ram: trust me priya! (He leaves her arm putting his trust in her that she won't pull away and surely she did no such thing, she stood there. Her eyes moving from side to side as if she is trying to recall something. As if all this has happened before, as if his fingers met her lips before. Her thought were interupted by ram. He had grabbed a cloth and was wiping  the soap off Priya's forhead so delicately, his tongue stuck out a bit as he was concentrating so hard. Priya's heart melted with this sight. He is such a big baby, and kind of cute, she smiled. Ram noticed. Is the girl with soap on her forhead laughing at me. They both share a good laugh, followed by an eyelock session. Ram could stare into her eyes forever but he had to move ahead.
Ram: um Priya I think we got off on the wrong foot, sorry I was kind of ride today and didn't eat the padkora u made.Truth is I am kind of craving it now.
Priya: (she laughs) well I can give you some but on one condition.
Ram: kya? ( A little surprised)
Priya: (she extends her arm) friends?
Ram: (extends his arm, shakes her hand and says) yes, friends.
Ram eats some padkoras, remembering the time he had made it for her, she is still doing the dishes and he is admiring her from behind. He remembered the blouse ke hook, and thinking about how sexy his wife looked in a sari. Priya snapped her fingers in front of his face. He snapped back to reality nibbling on a padkora.
Priya: kya hua?
Ram: I have a surprise for you. Well actually I was gonna enjoy it myself but now that we are friends. Close ur eyes and put ur hand forward.
Priya: what?
Ram: c'mon priya trust me. We're friends right?
Priya: (nods and than does as Ram says. Ram takes out paan from his jacket pocket and places it on priya's open palms.)
Ram: open ur eyes.
Priya: paan! (She opens the wrapper) meetha paan. I love this!
Ram: I know. (Priya startled for a second, ram notices) I mean I know that you might like it because a lot of people like to have one after dinner and sudhir ji told me that he sometimes eats it with you.
Priya believes him. He takes a sigh of relief, the last thing he wanted to do was put pressure on her mind by forcing her to recall and he almost did just then. They enjoyed the paan and then Ram left. Karthik and Natasha had fallen asleep, they knew Ram must be busy with Priya and they did not want to disturb them. Priya lay in bed thinking about her evening and how her and Ram became friends. Everytime she thinks about the evening her mind creates a blurry image. She tries to see it clearly but it just wasn't happening. But she wasn't going to give up. What was her mind showing. Why does she feel so relaxed around Mr.Kapoor? Why did his touch give her butterflies in her stomach? Why did she trust him without any valid reason? She barely knew the guy but she felt like she had known him forever. She tossed and turned in bed, these thoughts dancing through her mind. 

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