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All's Fair in Love and War Part 21


Niharika feels like she is about to melt from the heat in that tiny shoebox of an apartment. Her and mamaji were waiting for Ram to return from Priya's apartment. They are getting extremely excited because Ram is taking a long time to come back to his apartment. Looks like Ram is enjoying Priya's company and this would in turn lead to Ram wanting Priya back into his life. Finally at 12am they hear someone open the door to their apartment, it's Ram. He walks in with a big frown on his face.
Niharika: (comes out of the room rubbing her eyes as if she had just woken up from the sound of the door) Ram u are back. It's so late at night. Were u with Priya?
Ram: (agitated) Priya, Priya, Priya I'm tired of hearing about Priya. Can we discuss other topics in this house besides Priya. (He storms past Niharika who is shocked, angry and confused.)
Niharika: (thinks out loud) looks like I'm going to live in this hell hole for a while, this motu is never going to love Priya. If I knew that Ram kicking her out of the house would be determental to our financial standing than I would have just had her killed while she still loved Ram. (She remember the pundit saying that if she leaves with love in her heart than it would have no bad effect on his financial status.)
She calls Natasha to ask what had happened and whether Ram spent time with Priya. Natasha says no mom, I had to force Ram to stay back an extra 15 minutes after u all left. Priya was awake but Ram was completly rude and insensitive by ignoring her. This made Priya mad and she went to sleep early. Niharika wondered where he was if he was not at Priya's house.)
In the meantime Sid ends up at the KM completely wasted. He is beating down the door and shouting DAD! DAD! Krishnaji and Amarnath come out of their room and meet Jayesh in the hallway outside his room.
Jayesh: it's Siddhant (tears in his eyes, he is overjoyed, he loved his son and daughter but Niharika snatched them away from him)
Krishuji: (worries if Niharika had sent him. She opens the door) what do you want?
Jayesh comes from behind in his robe, rubbing his eyes and yawning.
Jayesh: who is it krishnaji? (Acts surprised to see Sid)
Krishuji: I don't know, some intoxicated spoiled child. But I feel like I've seen him before. Who is he calling dad?
Jayesh: sorry krishnaji he is actually my son. I'll handle it. (Looks at Sid) can I help you?
Sid: (barely able to stand properly. He goes to hold Jayesh by the collar and jayesh moves to the side, he falls hard on the ground and passes out. They take him inside and make him sleep in the guest room. Jayesh stays in his room to watch over him. In the morning when sid wakes up, he notices that he was in an unknown room, he tries to get up but notices that his leg was bandaged indicating that he was hurt. He tries to get up but jayesh stops him)
Sid: don't touch me, u lost that right as my father when u faked ur death.
Jayesh: I have no intention of being a father to a son who never came looking for his dad. U were so absorbed in the high profile life that ur mother taught u to live.
Sid: NO DAD! Why would I come looking for u? By abandoning us u left mom no choice but to marry that old man, ram's dad. And now u come back and kick us out u couldn't stomach the fact that mom got over you and moved on to being rich. But u know what whether u accept it or not I am still ur son and I have rights as ur son. I want a share in this property.
Jayesh: Sid ur such a big boy, but u'll only be a man once u realize the value of relationships. If u think that becoming rich is living a better life than you can't be more wrong. Today I am standing in front of u alive but instead of asking me why or how, u are demanding ur share in this rich lifestyle.
Sid: I am no longer a child that u can lie ur way back into my life.
Jayesh: and I am no longer that dad who will take u back just to give u aash aur aaram! U are big na? Okay than listen, u should be able to handle this truth and evil doing of ur mom. (He tells him about niharika and how she always wanted a high profile life, how she saw amarnath kapoor and how she broke apart their family. How she sent him to jail for medicine fraud and told sid and ishika that he was dead) okay I understand at that time when she fed u this lie, u were very small. But now u r a big boy and I am standing in front of u alive. Now go and find out whether I am telling the truth or ur mom. Understand relationship, krishuji has taught me about the importance of relationships and u have no share in any of my present lifestyle if u don't accept the truth and reality of my past. (Sid storms out of the house, the adrenaline and anger making him forget the pain in his leg. As a dad, Jayesh hated to send his son off like that but this was not his sid it was monster that niharika had created. Niharika seperated him from his kids and niharika would pay, very soon!)
A week passes by in what seems like a blink of an eye for Ram. He wanted to freeze the moments that he was with Priya. Their friendship had developed quite a bit and Ram was happy but as a husband he was craving his rights and praying to god that by remembering him in his true avatar she would also assert her rights as his wife. Natasha and karthik were a great help. Ram would be notified everytime Priya stepped out of the apartment whether it was for walk or for groceries. He would accidentally bump into her and have conversations with her trying to get her to remember. Hoping that something he says or does strikes a chord in her heart and mind. One day he recieves a text from Natasha at 10pm. The text informed him that Gudiya (priya's code name)  is going downstairs for a walk. She is feeling suffocated inside. Will u be able to provide her with company? I will go with her if mom is around and u can't make it. Ram replied, no I CAN make it! Thanks natasha! A smile creeped up on Ram's face, he didn't know what to talk about with Priya but he was excited to be in her presence.
Priya walked around downstairs, she was feeling suffocated up in her apartment. She had recovered quite a bit and really wanted to start working again. She stood still staring into the dark night when she felt that someone was watching her from behind. She smiled her heart jumped for joy. He had been flirting with her, she knew it. If it was anyone else she would have stopped them dead in their track but there was something about him. His innocense was overwhelming. His hesitation was arousing. He was by no means the man of her dreams, the one she wrote about in her diary. But for the first time since he entered her life, she questioned that dream. Her thoughts were interupted when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She smiled and took a deep breathe in and then out
Priya: Mr. Kapoor (she turned around to see the innoncently handsome man who made her question her expectation of the man of her dreams)
Ashwin: no Priya, it's me Ashwin! How are you?
Priya: (completely disappointed) Hi!
Ashwin: I heard about ur accident and other things? Are u okay?
Priya: (wonders what does ashwin mean by "other things") yeah I am fine. How is shruti?
Ashwin: shruti left me after that incident.  
Priya: (confused) what incident? What happened?
Ashwin: priya I don't want to talk about it. Whatever happened, happened for the best anyways. I am now certain that I love you Priya and only you. I made a very big mistake and now is the chance for me to fix it. (Priya is baffled)
Priya: ashwin what the hell are you talking about. U r my past and whatever problems that a husband and wife have they should solve it together. I am just an outsider.  
Ashwin: ur not an outsider Priya, u r the only one that was ever truly mine.
Priya: just leave ashwin or else.
Ashwin: (moves close to her and priya moves back. He tries to grab her arm and she pulls her arm back) or else what Priya?
Priya: don't u dare touch me! And I said leave. (Ashwin's stares deep in her eyes as he keeps walking towards her) ashwin I said stop it (she continues moving back until her back hit something, she is almost falls down but before she does she feels two big hands hold her firmly on each arm, standing her up. She turns her head sideways and looks up to  see Mr.kapoor. He was staring directly at Ashwin with beads of sweat from his forehead rolling down the side of his face. His eyes were angrily fixated on Ashwin. Priya felt his anger in his grip he held her so tightly. He moved her aside and stood right in between ashwin and priya.)
Ram: didn't u hear her? Leave!
Ashwin: mind ur own business.
Ram: Priya is my business.
Ashwin: the whole world knows that business is not going good for the ram kapoor. Let me take priya off ur hands and make her my business. Besides I'll treat her far better than u ever will. (Ram raises his hand to slap Ashwin)
Ashwin: (grabs Ram's hand and flings it down) don't u dare make that mistake again. U don't scare me anymore. Ur so worthless now, u no longer have the financial status that allowed u to exert ur power over people. But still I have to re-pay u for something (he raises his hand to slap Ram but priya grabs his hand flings it down and slaps Ashwin hard across the face)
Priya: who the hell do u think u r talking to Mr. Kapoor like that? Who gave u that right? (She sticks her index finger out pointing at ashwin's face) Mr. Kapoor may not have anything today but he has something that u will NEVER have, not even in ur dreams. (She held Ram's hand and interwined her fingers with his)  He has me as a friend and well-wisher and if destiny wants than something else. (She looks at Ram who is standing there shocked) now leave.
Ashwin has no choice but to leave. Priya looks at Ram and asks him if he is okay. Ram nods, his eyes wide open staring at Priya.
Priya: kya? Why are u staring at me like that
Ram: (notices from the tone of her voice that she is still angry) nothing... Remind me to NEVER get u angry.
Priya: Mr. Kapoor ashwin was my past and I can handle him but I can't stand anyone ever raising their hand at you or telling u nonsense.
Ram: (his heart is overwhelmed with Priya's reaction, he remembers the time when Priya said no one can make fun of you but me. Even though she has lost all memory of their relationship, the love for him is still there. He moves closer to Priya and takes both of her hands in his hands.) Priya relax! No matter what Ashwin said to me I don't mind. You know why?
Priya: why?
Ram: because u r with me and that's more important to me than anything.
Priya: (blushes and looks down)
Ram: (let's go of her hands, he does not want to rush anything and ruin their blossoming love) waise Priya, I have a great idea to cool you down. (He puts out his index finger) ek second. (He runs over to the kulfi stand and gets two kulfis and brings them back for Priya)
Priya: (priya looking at him with a smile on her face seeing him standing there with two kulfi's, one in each hand)
Ram: (notices her smiling) what?
Priya: (takes the end of her dupatta and wipes the sweat off his forehead and then fixes his hair to the side, as she is doing this another blurry image flashes in front of her eyes but disappears. She snaps back to reality when Ram asks what happened) nothing mr. Kapoor ur sweating so much, u need to cool down more than me.
Ram: (hands a kulfi to her and smiles) very funny!
Priya and ram both laugh. They are eating and talking leaning against Ram's car. Priya finishes her kulfi and begins to shiver a bit as the wind speed increases. Ram notices this and takes off his jacket.
Ram: priya give me ur dupatta.
Priya: kyun?
Ram: (he places his finger on Priya's lip, this drove Priya crazy and he knew it. Butterflies were dancing in her stomach, she wondered what was so magical about his touch) shh, no questions just do as I say!
Priya: (gives ram her dupatta completely lost in his touch. He removes his finger to take the dupatta and she breathes out a sigh of relief followed by slowly blinking her eyes. Priya was still leaning on the car, ram made her stand straight. He moved close to her staring into her eyes, she was breathing heavily. Without looking he placed his jacket over her shoulders. She had her eyes closed. Ram didn't want to stop at that, he was mesmerized by her display of pleasure, what made it more arousing for him was that his touch had this effect on her. Why was it so hard for him to resist? He couldn't wait til Priya regained her memory, his craving for her has increased far beyond simply touch, he wanted more... In this moment he didn't know whether he was selfish or selfless because he loved to touch her and she loved his touch.  He went behind Priya and gently pulled her hair out from under his jacket and placed it on her shoulder just like the way she wore it always.
Ram: (controls himself from doing anything more. He thinks to himself: priya once u remember me and our relationship than no one can hold me back. Priya still has her eyes closed tight) umm priya, are u okay now? I noticed u were shivering.  
Priya: (startled, she opens her eyes. What is this man doing to her) haan, umm we should go back upstairs. Our families might be worrying about us.
Ram: priya, not our families but our family!
They waited for the elevator, priya was stealing glances at Ram. What was in his mind? Who is he and why does he tease her? Ram notices priya staring at him.
Ram: priya what happened? (In his mind he was thinking oh no did I go to far, did I ruin our newly formed relationship or is she remembering something)
Priya: kuch nahi Mr. Kapoor.
(Just then the elevator came and they both got in. Ram and priya stood silently in the elevator.  Before the elevator reached their floor it came to a stop abruptly and the lights went out! Priya got scared and buried her face into Ram's chest. His cologne smelled so familiar. She dug her fingertips in to his back. Ram sensed her fear.
Ram: what's wrong priya (he wraps his arm around her caressing her back over his jacket)
Priya: (sobs) I am scared of the dark.
Ram: aree Priya this is not something to cry over, I am here na? So don't worry. (He tries to break the hug but is unsucessful, she is clinging so tightly to him)
Ram: priya ek second. Let me see what's going on.
Priya shakes her head left to right still buried in his chest.
Ram: priya I have u here, I will keep u safe. Just hold my hand.
Priya: (breaks the hug but does not hold his hand, she holds his entire arm.)
Ram: (smiles at his wife's childish behaviour. He secures her close to him by putting his arm around her tugging her close to him. Priya nestles close to his chest holding his shirt.  They walk in unison to the intercom in the elevator, his phone lighting the way. He presses the button of the intercom but there is no response. Looks like the power is completly out in the entire building. He thought in his mind we might be stuck here for a while. Priya opened her eyes seeing the light on Ram's phone.
Priya: Mr. Kapoor (still holding his shirt tightly) I am scared. Why is the intercom not working?
Ram: priya main hoon na? Don't be scared. The power is gone out, the security guard must be working on bringing it back so don't worry. Let me call natasha and see what happened? (Before he finished dialing the number Ram's phone died. He pat Priya on the back saying it's okay)
half and hour passed and they were still stuck. By now their legs were tired and they were sitting on the floor of the elevator still in the same position. Both were in complete silence. Priya was to scared to talk. Just then she heard some noise.
Priya: Mr. Kapoor
No answer. She heard the noise again.
Priya: Mr. Kapoor (she tugged his arm)
Ram: priya I am tired let me sleep (with his one arm still around Priya's back he brought his other arm around priya's waist just under her belly. He rested his head on priya's chest above her cleavage and right under her neck. Ram warm breath teased Priya's senses. Her fear disappeared and she smiled slightly. She laughed at the thought that Ram had so bravely said that he would protect her but he is fast asleep and the noise that scared her was Ram snoring. Unconciously Priya's hand made its way to Ram's head and her fingers weaved through his thick hair as he continued to snore. Ram snuggled in more closely, his lips, which were slightly parted,  rested on Priya's skin sending a shiver down her spine, he hugged her tightly, stirring a bit in his sleep. The snoring which should have been obnoxious was a lullaby to her ears because before she knew it she had fallen asleep.)
Niharika comes skipping into her apartment.
Mamaji: oye sweety, yeh bijali ke saang teri dimag bhi chala gaya?
Niharika: (gives him a stern look) shut up bhaiya! I have some good news.
Mamaji: kya? We are moving back to the KM? (His face lights up)
Niharika: no but the day that we go back into the KM is coming close. (She tells him about the Ashwin incident that she witnessed outside and how Ram got jealous.) U know what this means bhaiya? There is still space for Priya in his heart otherwise he would not get jealous. (Then priya slapped Ashwin and they had kulfi and Ram gave Priya his jacket and Priya's reaction) ram was holding back though but now that the lamp of love is lit in his heart pretty soon he will take Priya back.
Mamaji: oye sweety u r completly shamless I am feeling embarrassed hearing what happened and u were watching (he shakes his head)
Niharika: if I was ashamed then would I be able to deliver such great news. And wait there is more. Ram and Priya are stuck in the elevator right now, god knows what's going on in there.
Mamaji: baas kar sweety. I will die of shame. (He is about to leave when the light comes back on. She forces him to follow her to the elevator to see in what state Priya and Ram were in. Mamaji hesitates but niharika forces him. Priya comes out of the elevator with her dupatta intact. As she opened the door to her apartment, she wondered why Ram chose to get off at the third floor, he said he forgot something in his car. She closes the door after she enters into her apartment, everyone was sleeping. She leaned against the door with a smile on her face. She had an amazing time with Mr.Kapoor. She placed her hand on her chest where Mr.Kapoor had placed his head to sleep. Her heart was beating fast, she walked to her room unable to sleep though because she was so happy.
Niharika: (rushes to the elevator) where the hell is that motu.
Mamaji: (who had his eyes covered finally uncovers his eyes) lo sweety there is noone here if he was here there would be no way we would have missed him. It's okay sweety it was quite dark and maybe u thought u saw someone go in with priya.  
Niharika:  argh no bhaiya I saw him. (Just than Ram comes walking up the stairs)
Ram: Ma u haven't slept yet?
Niharika: Ram where were u?
Ram: (thinks about how he had got off a floor before Priya and than went to ashwin's apartment. He held him by the collar, pinned him against the wall and told him that if he ever even thinks about coming near Priya or even looking at her there would be no one worse than him.. , he slapped him three times and threw him on the ground. He kneeled down next to him and said this is ur status and don't u EVER forget it. Today I have nothing but I don't need anything or anyone to destroy you, I will do it myself. Yesterday I had money and priya but today I have no money but I still have Priya. You never had money and u will NEVER have Priya so STAY AWAY!)
Niharika: (shakes Ram) Ram is everything okay, (she notices that he had his fist clenched)
Ram: yeah Ma I am just tired.(He goes to leave but stops when Niharika says)
Niharika: it was good how u saved ur wife from Ashwin today.
Ram: no ma, I saved Natasha's sister in law from Ashwin and if it was any girl I would have done the same. Nothing special (he walks into the apartment letting out a huge sigh of relief and than remembering the beautiful time he had with Priya)
Niharika: this motu is as dumb as a bat when it comes to love. I am not planning on dying in this tacky apartment building. Now I will have to do something.
Mamaji: sweety don't interfere between lovers and enemies.
Niharika: no bhaiya I have too! I have a fool proof plan to trap Ram into accepting Priya.
She tells him that tomorrow there is a function in the evening in which all people in the apartment building will attend. It was some sort of a dance party.  That is where she will execute her plan. She explains the plan to Mamaji! he raises his eyebrows enjoying the details and is quite impressed!  

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