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All's Fair in Love and War Part 22


Everyone is getting ready for the function in the evening, which is a mere 2 hours away. Niharika would never dream of attending such a low class function because in her mind she is still upper class with upper class dreams of returning back to the Kapoor mansion. To fulfill these dreams and once again enter the Kapoor Mansion she has decided to attend the function and execute her plans. She was powdering her face a final time in her small matchbox of a room. Mamaji was standing there with a glass of rum. Niharika sees him chugging it down in the mirror and pouring another glass.
Niharika: (she gets up and grabs the bottle away from him dropping some rum on the ground) Bhaiya what are you doing? You have work to do, we are not here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. At this rate you will be drunk before Ram.
Mamaji: oye Sweety, your brother is not that weak, I can drink this whole bottle and still be in enough sense to execute your plan. But I am kind of nervous. We know that times are not good for us right now, so will your plan work?
Niharika: Once again, you say something bad about my plan before it even happens. What is your problem? This plan will work 100%, it worked 20 years ago when I used it to get Amarnath and it will work this time with his son, Ram.  Baas you just get Ram drunk and in Priya's Room and the rest will happen on it's own.
Mamaji: But what about the Sharma's?
Niharika: don't worry about them I will keep them distracted enough for a drunk and jealous Ram to take advantage of Priya. Trust me I saw the fire in his eyes and his possessiveness afterwards with Priya yesterday. This time he will not hold back.  After that we just have to make Ram guilty for what he did with Priya and her image to such a degree that Ram has to take Priya back even as an obligation. I know how to manipulate Ram's feelings in such a way that he will dance on my command.
Mamaji: oye good luck, is subh bhaat pe ek shot (he goes to take the bottle but Niharika pulls away)
Niharika: no bhaiya, now we only take a shot in KM with the most expensive scotch, not this cheap rum. (Niharika has an evil smile on her face and a certain light of determination in her eyes)
In the sharma's house everyone was just about ready. Natasha and Karthik were running a bit late because they had to go to the office so Priya said that she would wait for them and come down to the party with them. She assured Shipra, Sudhir and Ayesha that she was fine. When they left Niharika came knocking on her door. She opened the door thinking that it was Natasha and Karthik. She stood with the door open staring at Niharika, there was something about her that made Priya's soul feel suffocated and angry.
Niharika: HI priya can I come in.
Priya: yes, of course. (she opens the gate door and lets Niharika in, niharika enters the house and looks around)
Niharika: where is everybody?
Priya: They all went down to the party.
Niharika: (thinks: Perfect so you're all alone) Aren't you coming down also? Are you feeling alright?
Priya: nahi auntyji aise kuch nahi hain. I was waiting for Karthik and Natasha than we will all go together. Ma, papa and Ayesha are downstairs already.
Niharika: I was just going down also just wanted to give natasha this bracelet. Can u give it to her.
Priya: yea sure (she takes the bracelet, thinking about how random it is for niharika to come over to give Natasha a bracelet at this time)
Niharika: okay Priya see you downstairs soon! (She leaves with a big grin on her face)
When she leaves, Priya decides to go to place the bracelet in Natasha's room. She opens the wardrobe and places it with the rest of her jewelery. She is about to turn and close the wardrobe when her eyes fell on the edge of a paper with her name on it. It was placed snuggly under a stack of jewelry boxes. 
Priya: what is this paper that has my name on it and why is it in Natasha and Karthik's room? (She begins to  pull it out slowly being careful not to tear it) Is this the same paper that Mr.Kapoor brought for Natasha that day. (She continues to pull it out when she sees Ram Kapoor's name on the line next to hers) That means that these papers were meant for me and not Natasha but why did Niharika say it was for Natasha. (She finally finishes pulling it out and is shocked to read the title which stated boldly, "DIVORCE")
Her mind begins racing frantically. Finally things began to make sense to her. Mr.Kapoor's touch, her inability to resist him, her constant encounters with him wherever she went. She felt a sharp pain shooting in her head, she clutched it in anguish and shock. What was going on? The blurry visions that were haunting her these past weeks began to flash in front of her eyes on repeat. But this time they were becoming clearer and she could hear voices. Her headache grew in intensity. Tears escaped from her eyes, trying to escape the painful environment in her skull. The pressure is building up as the images get clearer and the voices get louder. She screams and squeezes her head with both hands, the paper still in her grip. Everything rushes back to her like a bad dream, sprinkled with beautiful, heart warming moments. The rollercoaster of memories ended like a movie as a clear black screen occupied her vision. She shuddered blinking her eyes fast but everything was dark. She felt her legs give out as she collasped on the floor. Her voice gave out but she forced out a one syllabal word, a word close to her heart, RAM...
Ram was on his way down the stairs, when he felt his heart speed up. He got very nervous and started to take in long heavy breaths. He got very worried.
Ram: priya! (He begins to walk toward priya's apartment instead of going downstairs. He felt that she was in trouble. He rushed to her apartment and knocked on the door. NO ANSWER! This time he knocked and said Priya. Still No answer. He thought that maybe he was just imagining things but why was his heart in turmoil. Just as he was about to knock again he felt someone's hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Karthik and Natasha.
Natasha: bhai u are still here. Is everything okay?
Ram: nahi choti I got this weird..(He stops) actually I was looking for Priya!
Karthik: di is not downstairs? Ma, papa and ayesha all left so she should be down there too (he became worried and Ram noticed this)
Ram: no karthik relax. I haven't been downstairs yet, maybe she left. If she didn't than we could have gone together. Sorry to trouble u, u all get ready and I will see u downstairs.
Karthik and Natasha go inside the apartment and Ram was on his way downstairs but before he could take the first step he heard. DI!!! BHABHI!!! He rushed into the apartment searching for natasha and Karthik and found them in their room. He looked at them and than looked at what their eyes were fixed on. PRIYA, he shouted and slid on the floor next to where she lay.
Ram: Choti call the doctor. (She does as she is told, while Ram carries priya and places her on the bed. A million thoughts rushing through his mind as he waits for the doctor to arrive. When the doctor came he checked Priya and assured everyone that everything is fine. Something must have triggered Priya's memory and this sudden recognition of her identity was too much for her to take in all at once so she fainted. The doctor had given her an injection and told Ram that now Priya remembers everything, she is very lucky because in most cases the person forgets their memory permanently. Ram is overjoyed, he sits next to priya and holds her hand.)
Kartik: let me tell ma and papa.
Ram: no Karthik let them enjoy themselves, everything is fine now. If u tell them now they will freak out and their whole night will be ruined.
Natasha: haan Karthik, besides Papa's health is not good right now. Let's just wait til Priya wakes up. Seeing her in this state will be to worrisome for him.
Karthik: okay! (Just then he gets a call from Ayesha. She said that Ma and Papa were waiting for them. They are getting worried. Ram tells Karthik and Natasha to go to the party. He is with Priya, don't worry. He tells them to tell Sudhir and Shipra that Priya fell asleep waiting for them and now her mood is off. She insisted that karthik and natasha go to the party, she wants to sleep. Karthik and Natasha do as they are told and leave for the party)
Ram sits next to Priya caressing her hair and kissing the back of her hand which remained secured in his hand. He had tears of joy in his eyes and a big smile on his face. There were so many things that he wanted to share with Priya but first he wanted to hold her and never let her go. He sat anxiously waiting for Priya to open her eyes. He periodically kept placing wet kisses on the back of her hand. Just than Ram's phone rang it was Niharika. He got up from the bed and stood by the bedroom door, he didn't want to disturb Priya. 
Niharika: Ram where r u?
Ram: I am at a friends house. She needs me. (He looked at Priya and smiled, she continued to lay there peacefully)
Niharika: you need to be here at the party trying to win over ur wife and u r at one of ur girlfriends house.
Ram: I told u Priya does not mean anything to me. The only reason I am here is because you and dadi insisted that I try to get Priya to come back to the KM.
Niharika: ram she is ur wife. U married her and lived in the same room as her. U even said that you loved her.
Ram: no she was my wife, I already signed the divorce papers, I sent all her clothes from the KM to her house. She only loved my money, u were right! (His soul hated to say it but he had to just to make  niharika believe what he was saying) I hate priya. There is no love between us, sharing a bed does not translate to love. Besides I had no other option at that time, (he clenched his fist) so I had to make use of Priya. That doesn't mean I LOVE HER! It was a compromise and now it's over, I don't want her and u know what I don't even miss her... Thank god we are through. So please leave me alone I am not going to take her back. U enjoy urself! (He hung up)
Niharika is shocked. Her plan has completely failed, there is no sign of Priya and no sign of Ram and on top of that mamaji was completly wasted...
Ram hung up the phone and heard, "Mr.Kapoor!" He turned around and saw Priya standing up by the foot of the bed.
Ram: Arey Priya, why r u standing u need to rest (he rushed to her side and went to hold her hand, she pulled back. He gets tensed, does she remember?) priya what's wrong? U know who I am right?
Priya: off course ur mr.Ram Kapoor my husband. (Ram spread his arms out and takes a step towards Priya to give her a hug but she places her hand on his chest, sandwiching a paper between her palm and his chest) sorry, I mean my ex-husband. (She pulled her hand back and the paper fell on the floor)
Ram: (felt his heart drop, he looked down at the paper and picked it up. Yes it was the same paper that priya had signed, and that he had signed just to show Niharika that he hated Priya, the same paper that Natasha was supposed to get rid off) no Priya this is not what it looks like. (He steps forward but priya steps back and puts her index finger up)
Priya: don't come near me. U don't have that right anymore. All ur rights finished when u signed that paper. 
Ram: no Priya this paper is a lie (he rips the paper) our relationship status is not dictated by some papers. (He grabs her hands forcefully, he feels her struggle to break free but is unsuccessful. Finally she gives up, looks away and closes her eyes tightly) Priya I love (she interupts by yelling just stop it)
Priya: Stop lying. What relationship are u talking about, what we had was a compromise. What love r u talking about, u had no other option. U had no other option (tears rolling down her eyes while she speaks in between sobs). What my eyes saw (she points at the torn up papers on the floor) might have been a lie. But what my ears heard,  the words that ur mouth uttered, is that also a lie? (She sobs loudly, her eyes shut tightly)
Ram: (let's go of her hands. She had heard everything he said on the phone. All the lies! He cups Priya's face and was about to wipe her tears with his thumbs when she pushes his arm down)
Priya: just leave Mr. Kapoor.
Ram: no Priya I won't leave until u know the truth.
Priya: I have seen and heard the truth. Did I force u too love me? (She grabs his collar) have I ever asked for ur money or taken advantage of ur name to get things in life? I love u from the bottom of my heart, so much that it hurts. Why did u do this too me? Huh? (She shakes him by the collar, ram wraps his hand around her hand)
Ram: No Priya I Love... (She pulls her hand back and turns around and screams ENOUGH!)
Priya: I know u don't love me, u never did. I am sorry that I told u that I loved u. It's my fault, I complicated things and maybe put u in a position that forced u too say that u loved me too. (Ram stands there with tears in his eyes, he is shaking his head from left to right) If u ever respected me as a person, u will leave right now and don't ever come back. I will live with the fact that atleast we had respect in our compromise even though we never had trust or (she paused) love. 
The sharp pain returned and Priya grabbed her head. Ram moved towards her but Priya pushed him back.
Priya: no Mr. Kapoor this pain is nothing compared to the pain I have in my broken heart. Please leave u are making it worse.
Ram backed away slowly and left. He was sad and angry at his destiny and Priya for not giving him a chance to explain himself. But he left quietly because he didn't want her health to get worse. As soon as he went out he called Karthik and Natasha and explained everything that happened. Natasha felt guilty because she didn't dispose of the papers properly. He told her not to worry and cursed his destiny. He told them that he was going to do as Priya wished and back away from her life forever. Natasha advised him against doing that because Priya did not know the truth, about all his sacrifices to get her  back. Ram told Natasha that when u love someone u don't count all the things u did for them. U do it because it makes u happy to see her happy. And u remove all the things that cause her pain, even if that person is u. He said that he would be leaving, on the first flight out. If u love someone let them go if they come back then u know. He will wait for the day that Priya wants him back and that day no one will stop him from being with her, not even destiny. Natasha asked him about Niharika and their plan and he said that none of that matters when the person u are doing it for does not care.
When Natasha and Karthik went inside the apartment priya had fallen asleep in her room. The next morning Ram left for the airport, Niharika, dadi and mamaji could not stop him. He was gonna make a stop to the KM to see his mom and dad before leaving. By the time Priya woke up, got ready and came in the living room, Ram had already left. Karthik, shipra, sudhir, natasha and Ayesha were all sitting at the dining table. Priya's face was pale, her eyes were slightly red from crying. She walked over to her dad forcing a smile on her face. She asked how the party was. No one answered. What's wrong she asked? Karthik got up from his chair enraged.
Karthik: di u made a big mistake. Ram sir did everything for you and u just let him leave.
Priya: karthik u are my younger brother. Whatever happened is between Mr. Kapoor and me.
Ayesha: no di you don't know the truth.
Priya: I've seen and heard all that I need too know.
Sudhir: priya I used to be very proud of you but I never thought u would make such a mistake. (He got up and put his hand on priya head) beta, ram is a very good husband. (He explains to Priya everything that happened. From her accident to how they all began to hate Ram but Ram kept trying to make Priya regain her memory. How he left the KM and lived in this apartment away from all the luxaries that he's used too.
Natasha: (explained Ram's plan to get back at Niharika. He wanted Priya more than anything but for her happiness he stepped out of her life.)
Priya: he can't just leave, I have to stop him. Yeh Mr.Kapoor bhi na, never tells me anything. 
Natasha: he tried Priya bhabhi he tried a lot but none of it matters anymore. bhai left early in the morning, he is probably gone already.
Priya remembered how he was trying to tell her something about some truth and how she didn't listen. Tears filled her eyes, she felt a sense of helplessness, the man she was madly in love with was going to leave her. She felt an empty gap in her chest to add to the void in her life that she created. Her heart, which she strangled with her own hands, ached in an indescribable way. Her lungs lost all desire to inflate leaving her gasping for air.
Just then they heard a voice, "ram is not going anywhere I have his ticket. Priya if u leave now you can still catch him and stop him". They all turn around to see who this mystery person was and they were all stunned).

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