Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 23


Sid walks in with Ram's ticket in his hand. He hands it over to Priya who is glaring at him confused. If only she knew what was on his mind, but right now was not the time to wonder she had to go and stop  Ram.
Priya: papa, I have to go and stop Ram.
Sid: please bhabhi let me take u, it will be faster. I'll explain everything on the way there. I know ur confused as to why I am doing this but trust me my intention is good. I know which airport he went to, I bumped into him on my way up here and that's when I quickly took the ticket out of his bag. Trust me bhabhi! Now is not the time to talk. We need to get to the airport and bring bhai back. (He begs everyone to give him a chance and that he is really changed. Priya has no choice but to go with him. Right now she would do anything just to see Ram and tell him how incredibly sorry she was, they get into the car and drive off and head to the airport.)
2 hours later everyone was waiting anxiously for a knock on the door, when Priya would bring Ram back. But the wait seemed like forever. Karthik tried to call Priya's cell but everytime someone kept hanging up his call. They began to get worried. Natasha worried whether Sid was behind all of this. But their tension was shattered when they heard a knock on the door. They opened the door to see Ram. Dadi who was also waiting with the sharma's waddled her way to the door.
Dadi: golu, priya brought u back. Kahan hai meri priya puttar? (She looked around but could not see priya)
Ram: dadi what do u mean? Why would Priya be with me? I came here looking for sid, he bumped into me downstairs and now I can't find my ticket. For sure he has it. (He looked at Ayesha) sid said he was coming here to meet you, where is he? (Ram was angry)
Natasha: bhai, Sid is with bhabhi, he took her to go and stop you but we have heard nothing from the two of them.
Karthik: yeah and everytime I call di's phone she hangs up. I thought she might have been busy with you and that's why! But u r here now, so where is my di?
Ram: (even more angry now) u sent priya with sid?? (Looks at Natasha) choti they don't know how sid is but u know him very well, he is a duplicate of Niharika. Why didn't u stop him? (He gets a flashback of the video on his phone in which niharika said that she would kill Priya and it would be much easier to do so once Priya left KM. Does niharika know the truth about his plan? He takes out his cell phone and dials priya's number. Someone picks up,) Priya?? Priya is that you? Where r u? What did Sid do to you? I will kill him!
Niharika: don't even think about laying a finger on my son Ram.
Ram: tum!!! Where is Priya?
Niharika: priya is right here with me, I have the love of ur life and u will do as I say or else, u can spend the rest of ur life as a widower.
Ram: don't u dare (he shouts). If I see even a scratch on Priya than I will break all hell loose.
Niharika: RAM STOP SHOUTING. Ma hu mein tumhara!  
Ram: (angrily) what do you want?
Niharika: Jayesh, I want u to bring Jayesh to me than I will give u ur Priya back. I will sms the address to you BUT don't get smart, the minute I see the police or suspect any danger I will kill Priya.
Ram: (shocked) no I will do as u say just don't hurt her.
Niharika hangs up the phone and texts the address to Ram. She turns around to look at sid and mamaji. Good idea sid! I am proud of u my son! Now no one can stop me from entering into the KM. I cannot wait until the love blossoms between Ram and Priya. So on to my next plan.
Mamaji: cheers Sid! (They crash their drinking glass together and turn to stare at a nervous Priya who is tied up to a wooden chair. They are in a dark abandoned warehouse. There is only 1 light hanging from the ceiling which provides just enough light to make out people's faces, the surroundings are dark and dusty)
Sid: waise mom, if only we had money today than we could have someone else to kidnap Priya,  just like u did with Natasha , effortless.
Niharika: haan sid, but on the bright side we can gurantee that the job gets done. Don't trust anyone but urself, especially when money is involved.
Mamaji: oye sweety what if Ram brings the police.
Niharika: Ram is Priya's faithful dog, he will do no such thing that will jeopardize her safety.
Just than they heard the screeching of tires. Sid goes to the window and says Ram is here. Priya's eyes fill up with tears, her knight in shining armour has arrived, she knew he would but at the same time she didn't want him to get hurt. They saw two shadows walk into the warehouse as they got closer to the light they saw that it was Jayesh and Ram. Ram saw Priya and was about to run to her when niharika stepped in front of her.
Ram: I brought Jayesh now release Priya.
Niharika: No one is leaving this warehouse until my work is done.
Ram: what work?
Niharika: it's a very auspicious day Ram, today Jayesh and I will be getting married.
Priya and Ram are shocked.
Jayesh: I knew this day would come. (He walks toward niharika) I saw just how jealous u were seeing me with krishnaji. (He looks at Sid) u see Sid ur mom likes rich men and today I am the richest of them all.
Niharika: why work hard for money when you can just marry into money.
Jayesh: first love is always the best. No matter how many partners u have afterwards u can never forget ur first love. Okay I will marry u but on one condition.
Niharika: u don't have anything in ur control to be setting conditions. I will kill her if u act too smart (she points at Priya)
Jayesh: (shrugs) go ahead, she is nobody to me.
Ram: what r u saying??? I will (he leaps forward at jayesh but someone hits him on the back of his head with a block of wood, he grabs his head and falls to the floor. He looks up at mamaji's face, he is the one that hit him.  Priya is screaming Ram!!! Jayesh pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket, walks towards Priya and ties it over her mouth. Niharika is shocked.
Ram is still squirming on the floor. Priya is crying helplessly, she wants to hold him tight against her chest and take his pain away.
Jayesh: Niharika, u do things so messy, someone is trying to attack me while the other is screaming. Is this ur first time doing this. (He chuckles and moves towards her) anyways where were we? Oh yes u wanted to marry me. Okay so my condition is that u must first sign these papers. (He pulls out divorce papers from his jacket pocket and hands it to Niharika)
Niharika: (laughs) divorce from amarnath kapoor, but he is dead.. I killed him myself. So this is ur only condition?
Jayesh: (nods)
Niharika: (signs the paper, still chuckling at the stupid condition) divorce a dead guy! Why, just curiousity?
Jayesh: my mind knows he is dead but my heart is still bruised when u left me for him so to treat my broken heart I wanted to see ur signature on this.
Niharika: (hands over the signed divorce papers to Jayesh) happy? Now shall we move on.
Jayesh: as u wish!
Niharika got jayesh to sign divorce papers to end his and Krishnaji's marriage. After that a pundit read the mantras and Niharika and Jayesh married each other... Niharika had a big grin on her face when the pundit said that they were married.
Niharika: (first I married Amarnath for his money and now I married Jayesh for money. Life is good!)
Niharika's victory was short lived. Her thoughts were interupted by the feeling of cold steel on her wrist followed by a click which brought her back to reality.
Police: Ms. Niharika Jayesh Kharrekar you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Priya Ram Kapoor  and attempted murder of Amarnath Kapoor.
Mamaji tries to run but he is stopped and handcuffed too.
Krishuji runs to Ram's side, picks his head up and wraps it in a tight embrace.
Rishab opens Priya up and they both  run to krishuji and Ram. A medic comes in with a stretcher and takes Ram to the hospital. Priya and Krishuji ride in the ambulance.
Niharika: (screams) you are wasting ur time, u have no proof.
Sid: actually mom I videotaped all this, I wasn't born when u and dad got married the first time so I didn't want to miss it this time.
Niharika was shocked, her own son, her own blood had betrayed her.
Niharika: ( to police) you don't know who my husband is (she looks at Jayesh) he is the owner of avinash group of industries and kapoor industries he will bail me out in no time.
Jayesh: (takes off his mala) actually darling, there is no such thing as avinash group of industries, and I don't own Kapoor industries.
Niharika: (is about to faint hearing this) than what was all this? Who owns it then?
Amarnath Kapoor: I do! Me and my wife krishna kapoor. What's the matter niharika, u don't recognize me? I am Amarnath Kapoor. U tried to kill me but my wife's love for me kept me alive for this day. So I can get revenge. Today u are back where u started, ur own have betrayed u, how far did u think u could get living off a lie? Officers take her away from my sight.
Niharika and mamaji are taken away. Niharika stares at Sid on her way out. Sid feels bad that he betrayed his mom but she has been feeding him lies all his life. She had to be stopped. He felt a firm grip on his shoulder and turned around.
Jayesh: I am proud of u my son (he hugs Sid)
Sid: I love u dad.
Jayesh: love you too beta.
They all rush to the hospital to meet Ram, Priya and Krishuji.  
Ram woke up in the hospital shortly after, he saw his mom and dad sitting by his bed-side. The door swung open n his heart filled with joy anticipating that Priya would walk through the door. He really missed her and wanted to see if she was okay. but it was just the nurse.. Krishnaji noticed that Ram was awake. 
Krishna: beta u r awake. (She kissed his hand) tum thik to ho na ram?
Ram: (swallowed, his throat was dry) Ma, woh Priya?
Krishna: (her tears filled up with happiness. Her son loved Priya so much, even after waking up from this incident the only thing he could thing about was Priya) She is at her house Ram, she is fine.
Ram: (shuts his eyes tight holding back his tears, he took a deep breath in and thought, this means that Priya is still mad, she still thinks that I don't love her. But I can't go and see her because me being around her hurts her. He felt a rough hand on his hand and opened his eyes)
AK: don't worry Ram beta, everything will be fine. Ur gudiya will come back I will go and bring her back.
Ram: no dad! Don't force her. I want her to be happy even if her happiness is being away from me.
AK: (teary eyed) my beta ram has grown up so much, I missed so much. Now we will spend lots of time together and as long as I live I will not miss a single moment. Now u rest okay.
Ram: (he closed his eyes but all he could see was Priya's face, her long curly hair, her smile. He could hear Mr.Kapoor in his ears and he opened his eyes to see if Priya was actually there but no it was just his imagination. Once again he closed his eyes and Priya's memories flooded his mind. Before he knew it he fell asleep with a smile on his face, priya had that effect on him)
Priya walked into the room and saw Ram sleeping peacefully with a smile on his face. She did not want to disturb him so she turns to leave when she hears him snore. A smile crept up on her face, although Ram had a bandage wrapped around his head, his snoring reassured her that he was fine. She wiped the tears from her cheeks and walked towards him, she ran her fingers through his thick hair.
Priya: I love you Ram. (She bends forward and kisses him gently on his forhead over the bandage.) See you soon Ram! I tortured you a lot Ram. Didn't even remember who u were, u stayed so strong and did so much for me and I yelled at u and doubted you. I hate myself for that but love u so much more. I hope u still love me too. I promise I will make it up to you. . .  (She runs her finger through his hair again and kisses him once more on his forhead. She looks at his lips longingly and blushes, smiling and biting her lower lip. She shys away leaving the room to plan her surprise for Ram)

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