Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love And War Part 24


The next day Ram is discharged from the hospital and goes back to the KM. He is able to walk by himself and was feeling absolutely fine, just a little disheartened that Priya did not come to meet him in the hospital. Krishna and Amarnath insisted on walking him up to his room despite Ram stating that he was fine. When he got to his room and opened the door his eyes were met with emptiness. His mind flashed back to moments he spent with Priya in that room. AK and KK walked him to his bed. Ram's legs were moving without direction while his eyes were roaming  around the room. Every piece of furniture that his eyes landed on reminded him of priya. Ram was seated on his bed and KK and AK left telling him to rest. When they left Ram got up, his heart was in agony. He walked over to the window.  
Ram: yeh Priya bhi na. Didn't even come and see me in the hospital once. I know I made a mistake, but I am human. She thinks I don't love her but how do I explain to her that I do. (He is getting frustrated) She is the one who doesn't love me otherwise she would have came to see me. (Then he remembers the fight they had when he called her a gold digger and before he left he told her that if u leave than don't bother coming back. Suddenly his heart became happy) Oh so that's why she didn't come because I told her that, maybe she is waiting for me to take her back. (He stepped forward to leave and go get her but he stopped when another flashback haunted him. He remembered when she regained her memory and she was shouting at him suddenly her head began to hurt and she told him to leave because his presence was making her pain worse. His heart fell back into the sea of depression.) No I can't hurt her anymore. But I can't live here either, I told Priya don't ever come back if u leave and now I won't come back to the KM until she comes back into my life.
That evening at dinner he told the whole family about his decision to leave KM and go to Australia. Everybody was against this decision, they tried to convince him to stay back but were unsuccessful. He had already made up his mind and was going to leave tomorrow. In front of Ram's stubbornness the family has no choice but to give in. AK told him that he can leave tomorrow on one condition. Since Ram was leaving Rishab had to take charge of the business. He told Ram to attend an important meeting with Rishab it was the first time that he was going to close a deal and Ram's support and feedback will help him tremendously in the future. AK said that he would book his flight tickets for him and have it sent to the hotel venue where the meeting would take place and Ram could leave directly from there once the meeting is over. Ram agreed! Ram went to his room and packed his bags and had them placed in the car ready for tomorrow. He slept sitting upright on the sofa.
The next morning Ram said goodbye to his family. They were all crying hoping that their tears would have an effect on him but it did not phase him, he had his mind set already. Ram went to Vikram and Neha's house and had lunch with them. They were also very sad about his decision to leave. Neha told Ram that he would talk to Priya but Ram said no if she wants to call she can do it herself, when she is ready. Don't force her. Ram headed to his office and finished off some pending work with great difficulty since Priya's thoughts kept invading his mind. He looked at his phone almost 50 times anticipating a call from Priya. But he was not so lucky. When Rishab came into Ram's office he was sleeping with his phone in his hand and his head on his desk. He woke him up and told him bhai it's 7pm, time to go to the meeting to finalize the deal. In the car Rishab was occupied with reviewing the details of the deal while Ram stared out the window, Priya dancing through his minds.
Rishab: bhai can u double check the deal I want to make sure that I have all things accounted for.
Ram: (continues staring out the window)
Rishab: bhai? (Shakes his arm gently)
Ram: (snaps back to reality. Looks at Rishab) hmmm?
Rishab: woh bhai the details of the deal. Can u please double check and see if I didn't miss anything important?
Ram: yeah sure (he said this so apathetically. It was like his mind and heart were both on strike refusing to work until Priya was in his arms. He tried to review the files but was unable too, he could hear Priya's voice in his ears, "I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU...AND I REALLY REALLY DO!" He shut the file, closed his eyes tightly, and swallowed hard to hold back his tears. Rishab notices this and says)
Rishab: bhai are u okay? Does ur head hurt? What happened bhai?
Ram: (opens his eyes) nothing Rishab. S-sorry I can't look at this right now.(He hands the file over to Rishab)
Rishab: (takes the file) bhai I know u r missing bhabhi.
Ram: why would I miss her? Does she even care about me? I was in the hospital and she didn't even come to see me, not even once (rishab stayed quiet, even though he knew that Priya did come and visit him when he fell asleep). I am the stupid one, who is madly in love with her. She doesn't even care whether I live or die.
Rishab: it's not like that bhai!
Ram: oh please rishab stop taking ur bhabhi's side. I understand we got into a fight and it was over misunderstandings. But she saw I was injured and she didn't even call once.
Rishab: you could have called too bhai, just once before u leave.
Ram: nahi rishab she said that she doesn't want to see me again. So fine I will leave, forever.
The rest of the journey was spent in silence. Suddenly the car came to a stop.

Driver: sir we have arrived at the crystal plaza hotel.

Ram was stunned, this was the same place where vikram had sent Ram and Priya to open their gift. He remembered that priya was drunk that day because neha had mixed booze in her juice. Ram cursed his destiny, he was already missing Priya soo much and now this crystal plaza hotel. Rishab and Ram went inside the hotel. To Ram's surprise the hotel was very beautiful. He remembered he told Priya that the hotel does not look too grand from the looks of it and Priya told him that maybe we should go and check inside. She was right as always, inside the hotel was something special. They went directly to the board room where the meeting took place. It was extremely successful and a very profitable deal was also successfully closed. Exactly at 8:30pm when the meeting was over Rishab called AK to tell him what happened. AK congratulated him and told him to tell Ram that his tickets to Australia were with the receptionist. Rishab passed along the message to Ram and said goodbye since he had to go to the office to file the paper work on this deal.
Ram went to the receptionist and asked for the tickets. The receptionist gave him a letter on which it read, "I have what u want, something that belongs to you. Why r u in such a hurry? Meet me in Room 801, I will give it to you there only and than u can be on ur way to ur destination if u so please."
Ram: (thinks: what the hell is this?...)
Ram heads up to room 801 and knocks on the door. It was open, he walks in cautiously. He sees the room is completely decorated just like on his suhagraat with Priya. Everything from the balloons to the candles, he walked in further to the bedroom and sure enough it was arranged in the same manner. It was like a complete replica of the room that vikram and neha had decorated for Ram and Priya on their suhag raat. He walked back out into the living room, amazed when his eyes fell on the coffee table. There were 6 ticket holders placed on the coffee table arranged in a heart shape. He picked the first one up and opened it hoping to find his Australia tickets but instead there was a little note which read, "I love you Ram". He picked the second one up, "I'm sorry", the third one read, "please forgive me", the fourth one read, "maat jao na! I can't live without you and besides u owe me", (ram confused and anxiously grabbed the next one) the fifth one read,"yaad hai aapko? mujhe kisse ko zindagi dena hai aur ye bhi wish sirf tum pura kar sakte hain" (he blushed and picked up the last one), "aagay kaab barogay Ram? ;) "
He heard the door close behind him and somebody clicked the lock into place. He swallowed and turned around, his mouth open and eyebrows raised at the sight.  He stood there like a statue, trying not to blink because he didn't want to miss a second of this amazing view!!!

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