Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 25


Priya stood in front of him dressed like she was the first day that she entered the KM.(He flashed back to that day. He had left her all alone on her first day in the KM to go to the US to close the deal on a company that he bought for Natasha and Karthik) He stared at Priya, she looked divine to him, his bride. He remembered that day when they got married, never expected that he would grow to love her even more than himself and his family. She walked towards him elegantly, her hips swaying from side to side. He watched her from top to bottom than bottom to top. She had a ticket holder in her right hand, surely this was the one with the austrailia tickets in it. He was mesmerized, she stood in front of him, tucked the ticket into her sari by her waist. If he wanted it, he had to get it she thought n blushed.

Priya: (snapped her fingers in front of his eyes) Ram, (she took both his hands in her hands, looked into his eyes) I love you (lets go of his hand and rested her hands against his chest, she went up on her tippy toes, staring into his eyes, getting closer to his face, he was getting nervous, her palms felt the increase in his heart beats as she moved closer to his lips, she heard a gulp as he swallowed, she smiled slightly closed her eyes and kissed him on the cheek. Her lips still grazing his cheeks as she whispered, mujhe maaf kardo.)

He felt her warm breath on his cheek, her lips brushing his skin ever so slightly as she spoke, sending massive chills down his spine. She moved closer and closer to his lips, which were still partly parted in shock. He leaned forward and bypassed her lips moving directly to her neck. A tear rolled down her cheek, she was anticipating his lips to come in contact with her neck at any second, closing her eyes tightly. Instead he surprised her, running his hands slowly across her belly initiating goosebumps. He was so close to her he could feel her breath and hear her heart beating rapidly. He also heard it stall in confusion as he plucked the ticket from her sari at her waist. Stepping back, he saw her eyes still shut tight, he stepped to the side a bit and was walking past her to leave. Her back still turned to him she grabbed his hand and slowly turned around pulling his arm to bring him close to her, where he belonged. He sighed and was about to say something when she grabbed his collar pulling him close in a hurry to finish what she had started. Her lips glued to his, she trys to deepen the kiss but he is not responding. She breaks the kiss disappointed but still willing to try.

Priya: (tears in her eyes, she says in a shaky voice, scared that she may have lost him) Chup, Bilkul Chup... (He raises his eyes and looks at her) Ab tum Kuch nahi.(He stops her mid-sentence by placing his finger on her lips, she shivers as she takes a deep breath in and closes her eyes, tears finally escaping down her cheeks. Why was he torturing her?).
Ram: Priya, (hearing Ram's voice she opens her eyes) u already said too much uss din (refering to when she gained her memory) aur aaj bhi. Nothing u can say will stop me, let me do as I please. (With this he turns around and walks towards the door)
Priya: (screaming) ruk jao Ram! (He stops right in front of the closed door. She walks towards him and holds his arm tugging as she spoke but he won't turn around to face her) I said I was sorry, I can't live without u Ram. Why don't u love me? Mein itni buuri hu Ram that u will leave me and go?
Ram: (no answer from him, he takes his hand and brushes Priya's hand off his arm, opens the door and leaves, closing the door behind him. Priya walks into the living room and drops on the sofa, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably, she picks up her phone and calls Neha)

Neha: Hello (hears Priya sobbing) Priya what happened? Are u okay? Priya?
Priya: Ram doesn't love me Neha, he left. My plan failed. Please tell Vikram to stop him, please Neha I can't live without him. (She is crying copiously)
Neha: Nahi Priya, Fatty loves u a lot.
Priya: Neha.. That's what I thought too but woh chala gaya. I told Mummyji and Papaji that I would bring back their son and (she begins sobbing loudly). This is all my fault, if that day I didn't leave KM in anger I would have never gotten into an accident and lost my memory. Why did god do this to me? He should have just killed me instead of taking Ram away from me. (She crys and stubbornly repeats) I wish I didn't survive that day, Instead of living without Ram I would rather be dea..

PRIYA!!!!!!!!!!! (She is startled by the sound of a familiar voice, stands up and turns to see who it was. She see's Ram charging towards her)
Ram walks towards her and snatches the phone out of her hand and smashes it on the floor. His hands angrily grip both her arms and he shakes her as he talks. She winches in pain and is stunned to see him back.

Priya: what hap.. (Again is interupted by Ram)
Ram: (he has an angry tone and is speaking through his clenched teeth. He bent forward to be face to face with her, staring deep into her tear filled eyes) SHUT UP! (She is taken aback and startled by his loud voice.) R u out of ur mind, talking such nonsense things?
Priya: what did I say wro..
Ram: I said Shut-Up dammit. Bahut bol chuki hu ap. Now I will talk and u will listen. What were u saying on the phone? That u would rather (he stops and grips her arm tighter at the thought of her being dead) when u were in the hospital I died a thousand deaths waiting and praying for u to get better and u will say such a stupid thing. These two months I spent without u I lived in hell and u will say such a stupid thing. U know what this means? That you don't love me! (She opens her mouth to object, he shakes her) I said shut-up na!
Priya: no Ram.. (She begins to say this when Ram plants a kiss on her lips. She is startled by the force and passion of his kiss, he back off her lips slightly, fanning her now throbbing lips with his warm breath as he whispered, chup mera baat abhi khatum nahi huwa)
Ram: I love u Priya and I missed u soo much. I wanted to hold u for so long but that day u never came to the hospital to see me, I waited for u I wanted to tell u there and than. Today I waited for ur phone call like a mad man. And now u r in front of me, do u think I will just walk away? (Her heart is melting listening to his words; he can see it in her eyes. He let's go of her arms and reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out the ticket, he rips it in front of her and throws it on the floor) No way Priya, I am not going anywhere (her eyes lit up and a smile snuck up on her face followed by a sigh of relief.) So u must be wondering where I went just now. (He stepped back and looked at her from top to bottom) u look so beautiful Priya (she blushes) but somethings are missing otherwise u would be looking perfect (she looks up disappointed and confused). I went to get those things that were missing that I kept in my wallet that I had forgotten in the car. After ur accident I had taken it back with the desire to return it to you one day and today my desire and my wish will come true. (He pulled out her mangalsutra and rings from his pocket. Tears of happiness filling her eyes as he grabbed her hand and slid the ring on her finger, before letting go of her hand he kissed her ring finger sending a tingling sensation up her arm. Her heart was racing as he steps very close to her and calmy places the mangalsutra around her neck. He moves his hands back slowly to purposely tease her with his touch, she can't take it anymore and buries her face into his chest. But he is not done giving her pleasure yet, he had just started and today no one could hold back his desire to make love to Priya. A desire that he had bottled up for 2 months. Priya held him tightly, he whispered in her ears, brushing her earlobe with his mouth as he spoke)

Ram: priya, u left the letter with the receptionist right? (He felt her nod against his chest) in the letter u said u have something that belongs to me, so doh na mujhe! (She breaks the hugs and looks at him confused)
Priya: I gave the ticket to u already, (she looks at the ripped up tickets on the floor)

Ram: (lifts her head up with his index finger and places a soft kiss on her lips and whispers) Yaad hain the day before we confessed our love for each other. U said u felt like u finally belonged to me. (She nods) so (he lifts her up) I am here to take what belongs to me. (He walked towards the bedroom with Priya in his arm staring deep into his eyes. She blushed with the thought of what Ram would do to her, they had done it before but today they would unite after 2 long complicated months)

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