Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War Part 29


When Ram returned home in the evening his mood was completely off. He seemed sad and helpless. When Ram refused to eat Priya brought his food to the room but he had already fallen asleep. She knew something was wrong and she feared if something bad had come up on the reports! She began to worry... Priya walked towards the intercom to call Bansi Kaka to take the food downstairs when her eyes fell on a folder, entitled "Ram Kapoor". She walked towards the desk where the folder was placed and picked it up. It was stamped the city hospital with today's date on it. This was Ram's report. With the report still in her hands and her heart racing she looked over at Ram who was still fast asleep. The fear of what's in the report made her throat dry; she swallowed with great difficulty and opened the folder slowly. She read the report, in complete shock; she looked back at Ram lying on the bed with tears in her eyes. Dropping the report on the desk, she walked towards him, bent down and ran her fingers through his thick hair and kissed him on the forehead. She stood up straight, still looking at him; wiped her tears of joy and thanked god that everything in the report was normal. But she was not completely satisfied because something was bugging Ram. It is unlike him to come home, refuse to eat, refuse to talk and go straight to bed. She decided that first thing tomorrow morning she would ask him what was wrong. But for now, she called Bansi Kaka to take the food downstairs and then went to freshen up. Ram opened his eyes when he heard the washroom door close; he looked at the reports on the desk with teary eyes. He shut his eyes tight when he heard the washroom door open and pretended to be fast asleep when Priya crawled into bed. As much as it was killing him, he had to do this. Priya turned off the light on the bedside table and cuddled close to Ram, who had his back facing to Priya, and wrapped her arm around him.

The sunrays brushed Priya's face as she woke up by the sound of the alarm on her phone. She reached for her phone frantically to turn it off, worried that it might disturb Ram's sleep. When she opened her eyes more, she noticed that Ram was not next to her. Hurriedly, she sat up in bed checking the time on her phone, which read 7:00am. Surely, it was too early for Ram to go to the office and if he did than why didn't he wake her up. She called for him but there was no answer.
Bansi Kaka: ji Madame
Priya: Ram kahan hai?  (she hated having to ask bansi kaka about Ram's whereabouts. Their relationship had evolved past that now and she is burning up inside with anger)
Bansi: Sir left early for work.
Priya: Okay thanks. You can go now! (Bansi left)

She picked up her phone angrily and dialed Ram's number but than stopped.

Priya: why should I call him? He doesn't even tell me that he is leaving early. What does he think of himself (she is marching back and forth in her room fuming with rage) Just wait 'til he gets home, I won't talk to him.

Then she remembered how Ram seemed stressed out yesterday and wondered whether this tension was related to his work since his health report was completely normal. With that thought in mind she does not allow her anger to get the better of her. She calls Ram. The phone constantly rings and than goes to voicemail. Now she is worried. She calls the office phone and Jenny answers.

Jenny: Kapoor Industries, Jenny speaking how may I help you?
Priya: Jenny it's me Priya… Priya Ram Kapoor! Is Ram there, I have tried calling his cell maybe he is in a meeting or something.
Jenny: Hi M'am. Sir has not come into the office yet.
Priya: (confused) But he left for the office a while ago.
Jenny: Sorry M'am he has not reached yet. (she opens his schedule on the computer and checks when he is supposed to come into the office) Mrs. Kapoor, Sir will probably not come to the office until 11am, that's when his first meeting is.
Priya: how can that be, is there anything on his schedule for earlier.
Jenny: no M'am…ooh sorry Mrs. Kapoor, Sir has an appointment for 8am with Dr. Raj at the City Hospital for 8am, maybe he is there.
Priya: no that must be a mistake Jenny. Check again. He had an appointment yesterday.
Jenny: Yes M'am but he had a follow up scheduled for today.

Jenny's words are echoing in Priya's ears. A follow up, she thought. But his reports were normal. She read the reports again for re-assurance. She hangs up the phone and gets ready to leave. Priya tells dadi that she is leaving for some urgent work at her coaching classes. She does not want them to worry until she is 100% sure about what was going on.

Priya reached the hospital a bit late due to traffic. She was notified by the receptionist that Ram had already left. Priya insisted on meeting Dr. Raj and she was adamant that she would not leave until she got a chance too. The receptionist told her that she had to make an appointment but Priya was creating a scene. The question was about Ram's health and well-being so she was not going down without a fight. Dr. Raj came out of his office hearing all the commotion and Priya introduced herself. She asked, "Is my husband okay?" Dr. Raj sighed and told the receptionist that it was okay if Priya came in. Priya followed Dr. Raj into his office and sat down.

When Ram reached his office Jenny briefed him on his schedule and all his meetings for the day.
Jenny: (she was about to leave his office when she remembered) Sir, Mrs. Kapoor had called in the morning asking for you. She tried to reach your cell but was unable to get through. I told her that you had a doctors' appointment at the city hospital with Dr. Raj @ 8am.
Ram: What?? Why did you tell her?
Jenny: Sorry Sir, I did not know that you didn't want her to know.
Ram: just go from here. (jenny left a bit scared that she might lose her job if her telling Priya about the doctors appointment leads to an unforeseen consequence)

Ram looks at his phone and sure enough there was a missed call from Priya. He called her back a bit nervous. He thought, "what will I tell her when she asks me about the doctors appointment?  He finally decides to tell her the truth, after all she has the right to know". Priya's phone keeps ringing and than goes to voicemail.

Ram: Yeh Priya bhi na. Never answers her phone. I hope she is not too worried thinking about the doctor's appointment.

He calls the home phone at the KM and Bansi Kaka picks up.

Bansi Kaka: Kapoor Residence
Ram: Where is Priya?
Bansi: Priya M'am has left for her coaching classes.
Ram: okay thanks!

Ram hangs up and tries Priya's cell phone again. But still the results are the same. He assumes that she is too busy at her coaching classes and decides not to disturb her. Besides it would be better to discuss face to face with Priya when he tells her the truth. He sits in his chair with his eyes shut tight.

Ram: Priya I did not want to tell you. I don't want you to be hurt or worried in any way. But it's better if you hear it from me. I don't know what will hurt you more finding out the truth from me or from someone else. But atleast I can support you when you come to know about the truth. I love you Priya, I am only trying to protect you…

The day was excruciatingly long for Ram, he just wanted to go home and tell Priya the truth about his health.

When he reached home he called for Priya but instead was greeted by his mom.

Ram: Mom, Priya kahan hai?
KK: Ram, she didn't tell you. After work she went straight to her house.
Ram: no she didn't (he gets a little irritated because she could have atleast told him)
KK: (notices his chance in expression) Ram is everything okay between you two?
Ram: Haan Ma, everything is fine (he lies to her). Priya is absolutely fine. Mom, I will be back. I just remembered some urgent work. (he leaves)
KK : Ram… Ram… atleast eat something first. (but it was too late as he had already left)
AK: kya hua Krishna? Why are you yelling?
KK: Ram just came, was looking for Priya, I told him that she went to her house and he left saying that he has urgent work. My heart is telling me that something is wrong.
AK: (turns KK towards him) No Krishna. Everything is fine, don't say such things.  (he hugs her to calm her down but he also feels that something is wrong) 

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