Saturday, September 7, 2013

All's Fair in Love and War GRAND FINALE


Shipra, Sudhir, Natasha, Karthik, Ayesha and Priya were all enjoying a kulfi just like old times at their favourite kulfi joint. They were laughing and smiling but Sudhir noticed that something was different about Priya. Although she was smiling with them, her eyes conveyed great saddness. His observation of Priya was halted when Shipra shrieked, "Mr. Ram so glad to see u here." "Come, come.
Bhaisaab ek kulfi mera dhamadji ke liye" she handed the kulfi to Ram.
Sudhir: Ram beta it's good that u came. Now our happiness has doubled.
Natasha: bhai (she hugged him) I missed u. (He hugs her back, stealing glances at Priya. Natasha notices this) Priya bhabhi u should come by more often, with this excuse bhai would come over often too. Otherwise he has forgotten about us. (Everyone laughs, Priya's expression is blank with a hint of anger).
Ram: nahi choti aise koi baat nahi hai. I was just busy with work.

They all finish their kulfi in such pleasant conversation. Ram notices Priya's expression, she hasn't looked at him once. Once they were done Ram says, "chale Priya?"
Priya: (ignores Ram) papa can I sleep over here tonight. I miss everyone so much and it's been so long since I stayed over.
Ram is annoyed, first Priya doesn't tell him that she is going to her parents home and now she wants to sleep over and is not even looking at him. Sudhir notices how Priya is ignoring Ram. He thinks it's best for her to go home but if she wants to stay he won't stop her. This way he can try to figure out what is bothering her.
Ram: but Priya I needed to talk to you.
Sudhir: Priya beta, I don't mind u staying but atleast talk to Ram first. He came here for you. If afterwards u still decide to stay over than just come on up, we will be awake for a while anyways.

With this everyone goes upstairs. Priya and Ram watch them leave. Priya has her back turned to Ram. There is an awkward silence between them.
Ram: Priya... How come u didn't tell me that u were coming over to your parents home. Don't u think I have the right to know?
Priya: (turns around and snaps back angrily) rights? U want to talk about rights Mr. Kapoor? Okay Fine!!! Let's talk. Hmm. What should we talk about? Oh yeah let's talk about how u went to the doctor to inquire about a procedure to prevent u from becoming a father. A vasectomy?? Really Mr.Kapoor??? I didn't have the right to know than, as ur wife?
Ram: Priya that's what I came here to talk to you about. I can explain.
Priya: just stop it Mr.Kapoor. U have cheated me so badly. Honestly I didn't expect this from u. Together we decorated dreams of our baby. Shared the same desire to embark on the journey of parenthood. Why did u create such dreams in my head if you didn't want a baby? What u did is inexcusable. (She wipes her tears) now it makes sense why u slept early last night, left early this morning. U didn't want to touch me until after ur procedure, am I right? u were afraid u might get me pregnant?? (He goes to hold her seeing her crying but she sticks out her hand as a border between them) enough Mr. Kapoor... I am going to make this task easy for u. I am sleeping at my parent's home. U don't have to control any urges just go and sleep peacefully in KM.
Ram stood there in shock as Priya turned around and headed towards her building. Why won't she listen to why he even thought about a vasectomy? He had to tell her. He chased after her, she walked hastely and got into the elevator. The elevator door shut in his face as he called out, "Priya, wait" Without hesitating he ran up the stairs to her floor. He was out of breath, his heart racing and beads of sweat danced on his forehead. But when he reached upstairs Priya was standing outside the elevator, wiping her tears, preparing herself to look normal before she went inside her parents home. Ram went and stood in front of her, she looks up at him shocked too see his state and realizing what he had just done.
Priya: Mr. Kapoor stop all this nonsense and go home.
Ram: (grips Priya's arms) Priya stop calling me Mr.Kapoor. I am Raam. Ur Raam.
Priya: (fidgets so that he would let her go but is unsuccessful) no my Ram loves me very much. My Ram would do anything for my happiness. My Ram knows how much I want a baby, heck my Ram wants a baby badly too. My Ram hesitates to take decisions in his personal life but u were going to take such a big decision that affects both our lives all by yourself. U cheated me of my happiness of my rights. U can't possibly be my Ram.
With this she shrugs Rams hands off her arms and walks past him towards her parents home. Ram watches her in pain over what she said when he notices her gait becoming wobbly. She seemed like she wasn't walking straight. Just when she was about to lose her balance and fall Ram scooped her in his arms. She fell unconcious in his arms.
Ram: PRIYA!!! (He knocked the sharma's door with his foot. Sudhir opened and is shocked at the sight.) Papaji please call the doctor. (He brings Priya in the home and into her old room, places her on the bed and sits right next to her with her hand in his saying, "please priya wake up, please." Sudhir places his hand on Ram's shoulder to calm him down.)

The doctor arrives and does a check up. Everyone is in the room waiting for the results.
Doctor: I have some good news and some bad news.
Ram: what happened doctor will my wife be okay.
Doctor: yes she will! And congratulations Mr.Kapoor app baap baanai wale hai. (Ram was estatic, wanted to jump for joy. But this joy was only for a split second because he was brought back to reality) Mr. Kapoor, the patient seems like she is under a great deal of stress. In these conditions she should always remain happy. Any kind of stress if continued can be hazardous to both the baby and the mom. I will write down some medicine please get it. He hands over the prescription to Ram.
Karthik: (says to the doctor) Sir, I'll drop u to the door.
Everyone congratulates Ram. Just then Priya wakes up and shipra tells her what happened. Ram notices that Priya's expression was similar to his, first happiness than sadness. But for Priya Ram was the reason she was sad. Everyone is teasing Ram and Priya, sudhir tells everyone to leave the room so Ram and Priya can have some privacy. They all leave closing the door behind them. Ram and Priya sit in silence. Priya gets up and walks towards the door.
Ram: Priya doctor said u have to rest.
Priya: (continues walking-she reaches the door, turns the doorknob and opens the door. Stands there with her hands still gripping the doorknob, she says, "Mr.Kapoor u don't have to pretend u are happy about this baby, u can leave. Go back to KM I will keep this baby")
Ram was infuriated with her words, it pierced his heart like a sword. He walks towards her, Priya can sense the anger in his eyes, he also grabs the doorknob with Priya's hand still on it he closes the door slowly.
Ram: (pins Priya against the door) Why are you calling me Mr. Kapoor? I am Ram, your Ram, the father of our baby. (a tear fell down her cheek upon hearing this) You can't just tell me to leave.  And I won't! Mujhe pura hak banta hain is khusi mein samil honai k. And u can't strip me of this right. You know what Priya today I am the happiest man in the world having my own child, our own child was a dream we dreamt together. But today I am also the saddest husband in the world because this gift, our baby (he places his hand gently on her stomach) can hurt you. And (he takes his hand off her stomach and holds both her hands in his and falls to his knees) I can't live without you Priya. Haan it's true that the last two days I was avoiding you because I did not want to get you pregnant. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I want to start a family with you so badly but your presence is more significant to me than anything. You are the most important person in my family and without you I don't want and I can't have a family. That day when I went for my check up I heard the nurses talking about a patient who died during childbirth because she was older in age. They said that they told the husband to not have a baby because age complicates the pregnancy and can be hazardous to the well-being of the mother. So I said that I wouldn't ever let that happen to you. That's the reason why I wanted to have this vasectomy, not because I don't love you and don't want to touch you, not because I don't want to be a father to our own baby but because I want to protect you… Please forgive me Priya, I did not want to hurt you. (he let go of her hands and folds his hands together with his head down almost begging for forgiveness. Priya's heart melts with his words. Ram was so concerned about her health that he was willing to sacrifice his own happiness and desire to have a baby. She bent down on her knees, at the same level as Ram. He was looking down with his eyes closed. She cupped his face lifting his head up. He stared at her with teary eyes, she wipes the tears off his cheeks with the palm of her hand. He grabbed her into a hug, his hands around her waist and hers around his neck, ruffling his hair. Now she is also sobbing.
Priya: (while still embracing Ram) Ram I am sorry I misunderstood your intention.
Ram: no Priya don't say sorry, I should have asked you about this it's my fault.
Priya: I love you Ram. I love you so much. My happiness is our love and there no greater evidence of our love than this nanai se jaan.
Ram: (breaks the hug) but Priya what if something (she hushes him up by placing her palm on his lips)
Priya: Ram we can't control everything that happens. It's true age complicates things but that is not true with all pregnancies. We will talk to the doctors, we will go for regular check ups. I won't leave you that easily. (his eyes still don't seem convinced). Ram issme saab ke khusi hain. Okay tell me one thing, you love me right?
Ram: of course I love you Priya what kind of question is that.
Priya: If you love me than you want to see me happy right? (he nods) well my happiness is our family and our family is not complete without (she takes his hand and holds it against her stomach) our baby!
Ram: Priya this is not fair you always emotionally blackmail me.
Priya: but it works na? (she smiles cutely)
Ram: Haan it does! But promise me you will listen to me and the doctors and will take complete rest and will not worry and.. (she kisses him softly and whispers, "I promise)
They both get up off the floor, Ram lifts Priya up in his arm and takes her to the bed. Places her down gently and crawls next to her. He wraps her arms around her and pulls her closer, she rests her head on his shoulder secured in the crook of his neck. He strokes her belly with his other hand ever so gently and kisses her on her head.
Ram: can you believe it Priya we are going to be parents. (Priya has drifted off to sleep in the comfort of his arm. He tilts his head to the side and sees her sleeping peacefully and kisses her on the head once again and says, "Good night, my love." He continues to rub Priya's stomach gently and slowly drifts to sleep).
Shipra came in the room to ask them if they needed anything and saw them sleeping so peacefully and smiles. With her ring finger she takes some kajal from her eyes and places it on Priya, than her stomach and than Ram before she covers them with a blanket and shuts off the light.
Priya woke up when she felt a soft, warm and wet sensation on her stomach. She opened her eyes to see Ram kissing and carressing her stomach. She observed silently.
Ram: good morning gudiya. Main apki papa bol raha hu. (He kisses again) pata hain apki mama ap se bahut pyar karti hain. Aur mein bhi ap dono se bahut bahut bahut pyar karta hoon. (He kisses again) Ap ki mama ne mujhe jeena sikaya. Aur ap dono mera jeenay ke wajai hain. Baas ab ap jaldi se aajayai tab hum dono milkai khoob masti karenge. Sorry gudiya mein ne almost ap ko jeenai nahi diya. But then ap ki mama ne saamjaya mujhe ki ap sub ki khushi hain. She is so smart na. Ap uski tara smart aur khoobsurat rehna BUT be golu like me. Trust me everyone thinks golu is cute aur u will be the cutest golu ever. (Priya chuckles softly making her stomach move slightly.)
Ram: (confused) arey wah, babies can move this early in the pregnancy, must be a really golu baby. After all I am the father.(He smiles a proud smile)
Priya couldn't resist, she burst out in laughter. Ram feeling embarassed.
Ram: Priya u were awake all this time and u didn't tell me.
Priya: sorry Ram I was having so much fun.
She sits up in bed, her body turned sideways towards Ram, one side of her body leaning against the headboard. Ram props himself next to her, his face inches away from her admiring her with a soft smile as she laughed.
Priya: ur right Ram, golu jr will be just like my golu (she pulls his cheeks, he scrunches his nose) handsome.. (He interupts)
Ram: Priya don't u mean beautiful, it's gonna be a girl bikul ap ki tara. 
Priya: how can u be so sure? It's gonna be a boy, handsome, smart and caring bikul apnai papa ke tara. 
Ram: (he shakes his head from left to right as he gets closer to her and cups her face) she's gonna be smart like her mama (he kisses her forhead) beautiful like her mama (he kisses her right cheek and than left) she's gonna have big, dark brown beautiful eyes like her mama (he kisses her eyelid as she shut her eyes, drops of tears rolled down her cheeks. He wiped it with his thumbs) But unki papa usse aur uski mama ko kabhi rhonai nahi dayga. She will always smile a big bright smile just like her mama. (He sandwiches her lower lip in between his and kisses passionately. She also responds with the same amount of passion. He breaks the kiss hovering over her lips, whispering, "Priya get ready fast, we have to go for your check up. I made the appointment this morning".)
They get ready and go to the doctors. Ram is paying very close attention to the doctors instructions. In fact he wanted to bring Jenny to take notes but Priya told him no. So instead he was taking notes and struggling very badly but still trying very hard. He didn't want to miss a thing. The doctor reassured Ram that there are no complications in Priya's pregnancy yet. And with continued check up Priya and the baby can both be healthy.
Ram,: "r u sure doctor. Last time I was here I heard that age complicates pregnancies and that poor lady passed away during childbirth"
doctor,: "yes Mr.Kapoor, Mrs. Kapoor is just fine but in this state she should have  no stress and should rest. Ram waise I can't disclose other patients information to anyone but I will tell u and Mrs. Kapoor to not worry. That woman had many other health complications that Priya does not have thankfully"
Ram,: "don't worry doctor I will ensure that she rests and has no stress."

9 months passed by in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Priya was pampered to the max by everyone around her. And why wouldn't she be after all she is the Kapoor family bahu. Ram worked mostly from home, attending meetings over the phone n video chat. Rishab took more responsibility of the business knowing very well that his bhai was only focused on Priya and their soon to be baby. He turned out to be a very good businessman following identically in his fathers' n older brothers footsteps. Bansi kaka had never worked so hard in his life either. Dadi was so excited about being a pardadi, she had bansi kaka make several dishes for priya throughout the day with extra ghee off course. Ram was showering Priya with love and affection throughout the course of the pregnancy. He made sure she took her vitamins on time and went with her to her check ups. They went shopping for things for the baby's room. Ram would gravitate towards the girly things and Priya would go towards the boys section. Finally they decided to keep the room and the contents in the room gender neutral. Priya teased him that even if they have a boy he would still want a doll like his papa and then she would mollify Ram, but he was never really angry at priya. He just wanted her to be happy even if it was at his own expense. Every morning he would give Priya a kiss to wake her up and then a kiss on her stomach. He was baffled when he felt the baby kick for the first time and everytime he spoke to the baby he felt it move, like it wanted to get closer to that voice which was so familiar and soothing to it. Ram indulged in parenting and pregnancy books. Reading it with Priya every night. He took every opportunity to get naughty when he had her to himself. Teasing Priya with his wet kisses, nuzzling her until it drove her crazy. Ram made sure she knew that she was a queen, his queen and she felt like she was on top of the world.

One night when Ram and Priya were returning home from a long drive Priya felt her water break. She was in a great deal of pain and Ram was freaking out. He took her to the hospital immediately. Lifting her up in his arms he carried her inside the hospital screaming for help he placed her on the stretcher. He called vikram and told him what happened. Vikram told him to stay calm and remain with Priya, he will notify everyone else. The nurse took Priya into the delivery room but Ram insisted he would stay with her. The nurse had no choice against stubborn Ram's demand. He saw the nurse inject the epidural in Priya's back and started feeling woozy. Before he knew it, the room got dark, he heard, "Ram... Mr.Kapoor" and than it all went silent!

Ram woke up on a hospital bed. He quickly got up remembering he had brought Priya to the hospital. He ran to the delivery room where he had left her. The doctor came out with a sad face. He ran to the doctor,
Ram: my wife, my wife was here, Is she okay?
Doctor: sorry sir, we couldn't save ur wife or the baby.

Doctor: sorry sir, we couldn't save ur wife or the baby.
Ram: What!!???? (He grabbed the doctors collar) what kind of doctor are u? I followed all the instructions, I did everything according to plan.
Doctor: SECURITY!!! Sorry sir but she was bleeding too much, we did all we could.
Ram: (now security guards are holding him back and began escorting him out of the hospital. He had rage in his eyes and tears were flowing uncontrolably.) Doctor I will ruin u how dare u not save my wife.
He is screaming as security is dragging him down the hall.
Neha: doesn't that sound like fatty.
Ram: (screaming) I am RAM KAPOOR I will take this entire hospital down.
Vikram: arey haan, it is.
They both ran outside the room and saw Ram being dragged out. Vikram ran to the security guard and asked him what had happened. The security guard explained. Vikram is in shock.
Vikram: listen there has been a BIG misunderstanding here. (He walks to Ram) Ram, Priya is alive.
Ram: What? Where...where is she? (He is so shaken up, his eyes are just craving to see his wife)
Neha: fatty she was shifted out of the delivery room. She is in there. (She pointed to a room in front of them) 
He shrugged the security guards off and ran towards the room. (Vikram begged the security guards to let him go it was just a huge misunderstanding. He assured that Ram will not create anymore commotion. They agreed, understanding the situation)
When Ram entered the room he saw Priya sitting up in bed. He ran towards her, bent over and gave her a big hug. Practically squeezing her. He would not let go. Priya felt his heart beating so fast. He was sop scared. She rubbed his back assuring that everything is okay. He was completly oblivious to the fact that the entire sharma and kapoor family was in the room. He broke the hug still holding on to her hands.
Ram: Priya our baby?
Priya: Ram I was right, we had a boy.(She pointed to her mom who was holding a baby in her arms)
Ram: ooh okay! That's fine I am happy regardless.
Dadi: (came near Ram and handed another baby in his arms) golu u were right also, here is daddy's golu angel.
With the baby in his hand he looked at Priya confused.
Priya: kya hua Ram? We had twins. One boy and one girl.
Shipra handed the baby boy who had began crying to Priya. Upon hearing the baby boy cry the baby girl also began crying. Ram is startled he doesn't know what to do, he is rocking the baby in his hand but still she is crying.
Neha: welcome to parenthood fatty.
They all laugh at his confused and startled expression. He acts in his cool manner and bring the baby close to him planting a kiss on her soft, round cheeks. She stops crying and looks around trying to identify where that strange sensation came from. He gets close to Priya and gives the baby boy a kiss on his cheeks also and gets the same reaction.
Ram: (to Neha) u see this is a piece of cake. (She nods sarcastically) u said welcome to parenthood as if it was a ba... (Before he could finish his sentence the babies started crying again. Neha places her hand on Ram's shoulder and says, "Agay agay dekho hota hai kya fatty!")
Ram: (to priya) priya yeh kaaysun baachay hai? All they do is cry.
Priya: bilkul apne papa ke tara.
Ram: maatlab?
KK: maatlab, they get grumpy when they are hungry. 

Everyone laughs! Ram makes his upset golu face!

5 Years Later!
Aastha and Raj (Raya's kids) were 5 years old. The KM filled with joy and laughter watching them grow. Ram's family finally became complete. He was a very good father in addition to being a good husband, son, brother and uncle. Yes that's right, uncle. 1 year after Aastha and Raj were born, Natasha and Karthik had their first child, Yash. Sid and Ayesha got married last year and Ayesha is now 5 months pregnant. Ishika stayed with her in-laws and is actually enjoying it a lot there.
Aastha is a complete replica of Ram from their eating habits, likes and dislikes. Whereas Raj is more similar to Priya, he likes to read, he is not to keen on eating meat, he actually like fruits and vegetables and is not a fan of sweets. Raj is 1 minute older than Aastha but she is definetly more controlling. Raj is very chilled in nature, enjoying every little moment as they come, whereas aastha is energetic and seeks adventure. Both love each other very much and Raj is absolutely protective of Aastha and Yash.
This is truly a happily ever after story with a few mishaps here and there which are all part of Gods way of strengthening individuals. The Sharmas and Kapoor were extremely close. In fact both families were going to mount abu for a week tomorrow. This would be Aastha, Raj and Yash's first vacation so they were very excited. By now Rishab was more than capable of handling the business so he took on that responsibilty to give Ram and Amarnath a break.   

The night before their trip to Mount Abu, Krishna and Priya were finishing off the preparations for dinner and Ram and Amarnath were in the study room. Aastha came in the kitchen. She wanted a ladoo. Krishna convinced Priya to give her one. Aastha knew her dadi would convince her mom. But Priya made Aastha promise that she will have dinner as well. Aastha quickly agreed. She ran off with the ladoo in her tiny hand. Almost instantly after Aastha left Raj came in the kitchen and was asking for a ladoo as well. Since Priya gave one to Aastha she had to be fair and give it to him as well. Both Krishna and Priya were shocked because Raj did not fancy sweets that much. So they told bansi kaka to finish preparing dinner and they followed Raj to the study room. He ran excitedly to his dada (Amarnath) and handed him the ladoo. Aastha had already handed her ladoo to Ram. Aastha and Raj sat in the same room and continued playing.
Amarnath: good plan Ram! Ur mom will not let me eat any sweets but this is a treat.
Ram: haan dad I know, ur bahu is the same. She just wants me to eat healthy all the time.
Amarnath: by sending Aastha and Raj we get to eat this delicious ladoo without hearing our wives lecture us. What more can a man ask for?  Let's quickly eat before they come.
Before the ladoo reaches their mouth Ram and Amarnath catch a glimpse of their wives standing by the doorway with their arms crossed across their chest. They look at each other and than back at their wives angry faces. Ram breaks the silence and walks up to Priya.
Ram: woh priya, actually the kids they were going to waste it so we thought that we might as well (priya sticks out her hand indicating with her eyes for Ram to place the ladoo in her hand. He sadly places it)
Amarnath: (walks to Krishna) I didn't want to eat but Raj was insisting. And what kind of dadi would I be if I didn't… (Before he can finish his sentence Raj says.)
Raj: nahi dadi, dada asked me to get him one because u will never give him one.
Aastha: haan and papa asked me to get it for him.
They both look at the kids but they were exposed already. They look back at their wives scared.
Priya: (looks at Ram shaking her head in disappointment) Aastha, Raj let's go freshen up and then have dinner. They all turn to leave when ram stops them.
Ram: ma woh priya (he looks at Priya nervously) umm priya took my ladoo soo (priya gives him a stern look) nahi mera maatlab it's good she took it but Dad still has his ladoo so, it's not fair na. (Krishna snatches the ladoo from amarnath's hands and priya, aastha, Raj and Krishna leave)
Amarnath: it's not fair (mocks ram)
Ram: nahi dad I was just sucking up.
Amarnath: (he shakes his head in disappointment) ab chalo Ma ke chumcha, let's go downstairs for dinner and eat ghaas poose.. Ek ladoo mila tha mushkil se aur ap ne...

They head downstairs to the dining table. Both of them are on their best behaviour. Ram's favourite butter chicken dish was prepared but he stayed away from it eating only vegetables. Priya notices but acts like she doesn't care. Krishna also notices Amarnath doing the same thing. When Ram and Amarnath are looking down at their plates krishna and priya exchange a victory smile. After dinner everyone headed up to their bedroom, they had to wake up early to leave for Mount Abu. After Raj and Aastha said good night to everyone Priya was taking them upstairs to their rooms but Ram grabbed Aastha in his arms and took her upstairs volunteering to help. Priya tucks them both in and Aastha says, "MaMa story sunao na, please." Before Priya could say anything Ram said, "Aastha, Raj I will tell a story tonight. Is that okay Priya?" He looks at her apologetically; she just shrugs her shoulder like whatever. Ram sits on the bed next to Raj and Priya is on the other side next to Aastha stroking her head gently.

Ram: once upon a time in Mumbai there was a really big castle. Inside the castle there lived a king and a queen. The king was very cool, everyone loved him a lot but he only loved the queen. The queen was very beautiful, (she looks directly at Priya) and the king did everything he could to make her happy. One day the king was on his way to have dinner with the queen, she was waiting for him and told him not to be late. But on his way he saw a big delicious ladoo on the table. It was a magical ladoo and whoever ate this ladoo would fall fast asleep. The king did not know that this was a magical ladoo and he loved sweets so when he saw this magical ladoo he gobbled it up and fell asleep. The next morning when he woke up, the queen was very angry at him because she waited for him at the dinner table and he never came. The queen said there is only one way that I will forgive u. U have to bring me a little prince and a princess. So the king went searching deep into the forest for a prince and a princess. He searched everywhere but could not find what the queen wanted. When he was about to give up he remembered his mom told him never to give up. (The kids are getting drowsy) So he tried to look one more time and this time he found a baby prince and a princess by a long blue river. (Raj is asleep) He brought them back to the queen and she was very happy. The queen told him that she would be even happier if he could put them to sleep. (Aastha is asleep too. Ram notices this) And off course the king was soo cool that he put them both to sleep (he winks at Priya).

Priya kisses Aastha on the forhead and then leans over and kisses Raj. She looks up at Ram, he points to his lips. She just shakes her head and gets up off the bed. She turns towards the night stand to turn off the light when she feels Ram wrap his arms around her waist. She closes her eyes and takes in the sensation of his hands resting on her stomach. He moves her hair to one side his fingers tickling the back of her neck as he moves it. He then kisses her shoulder moving up to her earlobes. He feels her stomach move up and down faster with his every kiss, as she begins to breathe faster. Their romantic encounter was interrupted by the sound of snoring. They both look at each other and than Aastha and Raj who were snoring n than back at each other and smile. Turning off the light and shutting the door they leave and go to their room.

Priya and Ram enter their room. He stops to close and lock the door with one hand and with the other hand he grabs Priya's hand to stop her from going anywhere. He has some unfinished business that Priya was trying to avoid but in her mind she knows very well that once the desire to make love is ignited in Ram's mind, there is no shutting it off. Clicking the last lock into place Ram turns around and pulls Priya close to him. He moves her hair off her face with one hand, his touch making her get butterflies in her stomach. Her eyes closed she can feel his next move since she feels the warmth of his breath brush against her lips. She turns her face to the side as she quickly hugs Ram. While she is embracing him tightly, preventing him from going any further, he is doing the opposite. His fingers unhooking her blouse then opening the dori, than unpinning her pallu. She knew the moment she broke the hug he would finish undressing her. She hugged him tighter, he realized what she was doing and smiled naughtily. He lets go of her, she is still holding him tight, he moves his hands in between them to her stomach, squeezing her at her waist and them moving down to her neatly tucked pleats. She turns to run but he quickly holds her from behind wrapping his one arm entirely across her stomach while the other hand is removing her blouse, nuzzling her neck to shoulder and back to keep her in the mood. She is overcome with pleasure and tries to break free but to no avail he is not letting her go. It's been a week since they made love and his body ached to be inside her. He moved her against a wall, she was bare to his eyes, covering her cleavage with her hands and shyly looking down. With his hands on either side of her, he moved down to her lips and engulfed them passionately, relaying his desire to her through his tongue, exploring and stimulating ever corner of her mouth. She forgets her shyness and is lost in the kiss, her arms around his neck, her hands dancing through his hair. He began removing his clothing, taking off his shirt, unbuttoning his pants. He lifted her leg, she wondered what he was doing, soon enough she found out as he entered her forcefully. His penetrations were similar to an animalistic drive, wild, fast and rough. With all his wild thrusts she had nothing to grab on to, no bedsheets just the flat wall, she naturally dug her nails in his back. His grip so tight on her, her moans melodious to his ears. With each thrust getting deeper and harder her moans became mingled with the expression of pleasure and pain. This didn't go unnoticed to Ram as he slowed down his stroke, whispering sorry in Priya's ears. He got her to wrap her legs around his waist, still inside of her, he carried her to the bed and laid down with her beneath him. They look into each other's eyes.
Ram: I love u Priya. Sorry, was I hurting u?
Priya: no Ram I don't want u to stop, I want my husband to give me all his passion, desire and love. (She pulled his head down to her face and caressed his lips with hers. She didn't want her husband to hold back, she was also craving his love so her pain was miniscule in comparision to the pleasure that his forceful thrusts instigated for both lovers)
He did as she wanted, and resumed the pace, the passion, the built up desire. Her moans emphasized by the roughness of his display of affection. His back punished by her nail when tugging the bedsheets didn't suffice.  His body ached to make love to her and her body ached after he made love to her. The night was witness to an epic love war in which both lovers won in their own way.
The next morning Priya woke up to a familiar sensation, her husbands kiss on her excited lips. She opened her eyes,
Ram: good morning lazy bones
Priya: good morning (her eyes fell on his watch which read 7:30am. Ram notices her worried expression seeing the time. She tries to get up but Ram resists) Ram leave me please. We have to leave soon and I still have to get ready and also get Raj and Aastha ready.
Ram: Priya calm down. (He gets close to her face, looking deep into her eyes, he kisses her lightly) My darling wife, raj and aastha are already ready. In fact they are playing downstairs with yash.
Priya: (was about to say oh god, even nuts and karthik are here. But ram kisses her again before she can say anything)
Ram: (his tone gets apologetic)Priya last night I was kind of rough, u must be tired and so I didn't want to wake u up. Even though I was rough u never stopped me even though it was hurting u. I am sorr...(Before he could apologize she kisses him)
Priya: don't apologize Ram I am not complaining. I love u Ram and I love when u make love to me (she says this and blushes)
Ram: (notices her blush) oh really? (He begins nuzzling her)
Priya: please Ram I really have to get up, we will be late. What will everyone think?
Ram: hmm. A wife and husband inside their room with the doors locked. I think they will get the picture.
Priya: (punches him gently on the chest) Ram tum bhi na ek dum besharam ho.
Ram: (laughs) okay my beautiful wife. (He caresses her face while he talks) I am going downstairs, I brought u ur favourite aadarak wala chai (he points to the table). Spend all ur time on yourself getting ready, having chai. I will handle everyone downstairs.
(He gets up to leave but Priya holds his hand)
Priya: but Ram how can u leave like that what if I need help.
Ram: Help?
Priya: hAan woh meri blouse ka hook.
They both laugh and hug each other.
Priya: I love u Ram
Ram: I love u too Priya

She gets ready in a stunning pink and blue saree and goes downstairs. Ram's jaw nearly drops to the floor seeing her. Rishab and Neha tease Ram. Priya blushes. Dadi comes to the rescue and tells them to stop bugging her golu. Before they leave Raj says, "papa we should take a family picture before we go"
Aastha: Haan Papa it's our first family vacation.
Ram: arey wah what a great idea.
He calls bansi to take the picture. Yash, Aastha and Raj run to Ram and Priya and Priya loses balance. Once again Ram support her they are looking into each others eyes when they are brought back to reality by the flash of the camera. They laugh remembering the first time that had happened and today again.

On this positive note, the sharmas, kapoors and shergils head to mount Abu for their first of many family vacations.

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