Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kismat Ka Khel Part 11

Part 11

She slapped Ram. Everyones jaw dropped, now they were wide-awake, no sight of the slightest bit of sleep in their eyes. Ram was rudely brought back to reality snapping out of his egotistic rage.
Priya (She grabbed his collar): what did you say Ram?? That I am characterless??? What truth was so bitter that it led you to make that judgment about me? Huh?
She pushes the collar out of her grip. Wipes the tears off her cheeks and continues to talk.
Priya: Is it because I married Rajat? The only reason that I got married to him was because you took Pihu away from me.
Ram: So what? Your married him to take revenge? Couldnt you have done it yourself, do you need a mansorry sorry I mean a RICH man to hold your hand in all your battles in life? What could I possibly do to you if you came alone?
Priya: I have all the answers to your question if you would just let me explain.
Rajat: no priya, you dont have to explain anything to this worthless man. I will explain since this is entirely my fault.
Priya: no Rajat, you helped me out like a GOOD FRIEND (she emphasizes those two words looking directly at Ram) when my own, who claimed to have known me like the back of thier hands turned their back on me you stood by me (she looks at everyone standing there, their heads stoop in shame but their eyes sparkle with a hint of confusion and eagerness to finally get some answers).
Rajat: no Priya a good friend does not take advantage of their friends vulnerable position. (she looked at him confused). Haan Priya its true I did all this on purpose to create misunderstandings between you and Ram. That day when you slapped me in front of the hotel staff I was so angry. You were so proud of love and this love was what kept you smiling through your struggles, through the 5 years of my torture and insults. I got hold of your diary, read it and was instantly briefed on your story. Realizing that you were Rams Priya, the one that he spoke highly off and the one that you love so much, I decided to damage your relationship and take you away from Ram because Ram deserved better than you. But today I feel like you deserve better than him. I told Ram about you being alive and how Pihu is his daughter that you kept away from him. I also instigated him against you by telling him that you are really awful for keeping such a big secret from him, this made him angrier and practically pushed him to take such drastic measures to keep you away from Pihu. I knew all along that Ram fought to clear your name, in fact I lied when I told you that Ram said if you ever step foot in Mumbai as Priya Kapoor he would have the police arrest you. Thats when I made you change your name to my surname, Kapur with a U. I wanted to ruin you Priya, I wanted to shatter your faith in love by creating so much hatred around you and everything was going according to plan when something happened. I dont know why the more I hurt you the more it hurt me. And the more Ram or your family members hurt you, the more you loved them. Everything was out of place. Than I realized that everything is in place, you being here with Pihu the only thing that is out of place here is me. (he turned his back to Priya) I dont know when or how but I know that I lo
Before he could finish Priya turns him around and slaps him. He stands there frozen. She slaps him once more.
Priya: Rajat how could you do this I kept telling you that I love Ram and you kept doing things to create misunderstandings.
Rajat: Priya to be quite honest, I dont know why you love him he doesnt deserve you. The love you give to him and your family members is not the same love you get back. Ram loves you on the condition that you are his only. Your family members love you only when they see fit. You left Ram 5 years ago because you wanted him to move on with his life. You knew that if you remained in jail he would never be able to move on and he would be miserable. What a sacrifice and for who? A man who cant sacrifice his ego? For that man you sacrificed your life? Today we went to hotel exquisite for Ayesha but NO ONE believed you. You told everyone that Ayesha called and she needed help but your own mother said that you were jealous of her success. But no one sees that if today she is here it is because of your love. You fought for KK, for her right to come back into Rams life; but for the past month when everyone was saying the cruelest things to you, she did not even say a single thing in your defense and even worse she did not even bother to listen to your side of the story. I dont get it Priya, why do you want to stay here with these people, why dont you come with me? You deserve so much better.

Ram and his family stood there with their heads hanging in shame. As Rajat spoke they remembered everything that they had done or said to Priya.

Rajat: Priya I am so sorry... please forgive me

Priya walks to her room, Ram leaps forward to grab her but his guilt forces his hand back at his side. Everyone wondering what she is up to, she walks back out of the room with papers in her hand. She walks in front of Ram and holds the paper upright so he could see.
Priya: this is the truth Ram and this is my decision.
Ram: Divorce
Everyone in the room stood there shocked. Priya wanted to divorce Ram, but why? Even Ram was oblivious to Rajats intentions. Although he did say some really nasty things to Priya, he was instigated and misguided by the misunderstandings that Rajat created. Rajat got happy hearing that word from Rams mouth. But his happiness was short lived as Priya walked towards him, pulled his hand forward and placed the divorce papers in his hands.

Priya: Rajat, if you are really sorry than prove it. Sign those papers and get out of my life forever.

Priya was shocked to see a tear roll down Rajats cheek. It symbolized that he was actually sorry he was regretting his actions. In the 5 years that she knew him he always walked around with his head held high but the pain in his eyes was visible to everyone from a mile away even though he never cried. Miracles do happen but when they do they might come and go faster than you realize it has happened. That was exactly what happened here. The tear rolled down his chin and hid somewhere in the crook of his neck and the Rajat that Priya knew very well came back into his mysterious character. She could see his frustrations through his expression as his forehead scrunched up; he looked Priya directly in her eyes and ripped the divorce papers in half.

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