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Kismat Ka Khel Part 12

Part 12

The tear rolled down his chin and hid somewhere in the crook of his neck and the Rajat that Priya knew very well came back into his mysterious character. She could see his frustrations through his expression as his forehead scrunched up; he looked Priya directly in her eyes and ripped the divorce paper in half.
Priya looked at Rajat with a confused expression on her face. The common question running through everyone's flustered minds was, "what is Rajat up too. What is the meaning behind his action?" Ram lunged towards Rajat and scrunched his collar into his fist. Rajat was so mesmerized by Priya that he did not notice an angry Ram lunging towards him. Rajat was brought back to reality when Ram scrunched his collar into his fists.
Ram: Rajat, I am so ashamed to call you my friend. I always talked to you about Priya and how much I love her and can't wait 'til I meet her, which is why I had no reason to live. I waited for death so I could be with her. (tears formed in Priya's eyes as she heard that sentence. thank god Ram did not try to kill himself so that he could be with Priya, otherwise Priya would never be able to forgive herself.)
Rajat (shrugs Ram's grip off of him): Love? You always talked about love but when Priya was in front of you all these days your actions were driven by hate and jealously. I always thought based on what you told me that you loved Priya very much and because she left you and did not inform you about Pihu I felt that your love deserves someone worthy of loving. But yaar I was so wrong. Throughout this month I saw Priya shower you with love despite the hatred she got in return. When you got drunk and passed out on the sofa, she laid you to sleep comfortably. She hurt her finger picking up the shattered glass off the floor that you threw in anger so that when you woke up in the morning it does not pierce your foot.
Ram swallows hard; he was completely unaware that it was Priya who put him to sleep that night. He always thought it was Soumaya or Bansi Kaka.
Rajat: Priya didn't eat since morning you want to know why? Because RAMMM did not eat so how can she possibly eat. At my one instigation you snatched Pihu from Priya's life, why didn't your so called LOVE stop you then to make you think before you acted in rage? Is your rage and ego greater than your love? Throughout this month you and your family flooded Priya with insults for something that is not entirely her fault but she just drowned silently on the inside. Did she try to turn Pihu against you or against anyone else in this room? Nope, instead she hesitates to take Pihu away from here now because she has grown so attached to you... Kush calls you Papa, Priya never once questioned the formation of this relationship. It was only tonight due to the unruly circumstances that she found out that Kush is Sid's and Ayesha's son. She never wanted to know because she trusted your love completely. I don't know much about love Ram, I had given up on love the moment jyoti betrayed me and you know this... but one thing I do know about love is that trust and respect are equally important pillars that give love the strength that embodies it. But Ram you never respected or trusted Priya and you also never stood up for Priya when everyone else disrespected her or pointed a finger at her character. AND today you placed the biggest stain on her character because it appears that we are married and we are getting closer to one another? You are the stupidest man in this world, honestly! If you loved Priya you would have been able to see that PRIYA ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE YOURS and instead of noticing that you are pushing her away...

Rajat stared at Priya who had her eyes shut tight and only had tears escaping through the corners.

Rajat: Priya kash you were mine. My family and I would have treated you so nicely. But khair, my destiny is so cursed that the people I love always leave me behind. I want to thank you so much for showing me the spiritual meaning of love in it's true sense through your caring action towards those that hated you. This love goes beyond anything physical that captivates the perverted mind of the people in your world who claim that they love you but only at their convenience. Ram you are so lucky (He picks up the ripped divorce papers from the floor and walks towards Priya who looks away) Priya my heart is always open to you and if destiny wills than we will be together one day. If not I still hope that we can be friends. And I pray to god that you get all the love in the world that you deserve even if I am not the one to give it to you. (He lends out his hand with the ripped divorce papers in his grip.) Priya these papers have no meaning because we were never married. How can I marry an already married Priya Sharma? I wish I had the chance to marry you so that I can proudly say that once I had a wife like you. (priya looked at him confused). The paper I got you to sign in Dubai were forms to change your name to Priya Kapur with a U; they weren't marriage certificates like I had made you believe. I wish they were marriage certificates but at that time I hated you so much that I did not want any relation with you and now when I do(he stops) anyways forget it, none of that matters anymore but I hope one-day destiny will allow it too.

That day when I left, I knew for sure we would meet again. Our paths crossed for a reason and we came together with too much difficulty to be separated so easily. Today I am the happiest person in the world Cady is here, Raina is here, Dhaijaan is here and so are you
Rajat stopped typing when he was rudely interrupted by a pinch on his arm. He looked to see her wide-awake sitting up against the headboard pouting with her arms crossed across her chest.
Rajat: Sweetheart, what's the matter? Is everything okay? I am so sorry I was so busy typing this
She interrupted him and said, "Yeah you are so busy these days that you don't have time to notice me. I am no one to you."
Rajat (places his laptop down on the bed and goes near her): why are you saying that darling, you are the most important person in my life
She said, "Oh yeah, I can see how important I am in your life as you didn't even mention me (she points to the laptop)"
Rajat (smiles at her innocence): Arey baba! You did not let me finish typing it's not that I forgot you.
She gets up to leave but he pulls her back quickly, she lands on his lap. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her on the neck. Baby, pick up the laptop, I want you to type the part where I describe you. She refuses and tries to get up, but he holds her firmly and makes her sit in between his legs on the bed. With one arm wrapped around her waist he grabs the laptop with his free hand and hands it to her. She has no choice but to take the laptop and type, knowing very well how insistent Rajat can be.
She rests her back on his hard toned chest and tries to say confidently like she was in charge, "okay tell me what I have to type. Hurry up I don't have..." He nuzzled the crook of her neck making her go quiet, stripping her of any control that she was trying to portray. She moaned softly, "StopRajat" she pleaded pathetically, his touch making her nerves go haywire. He loved it! He moved his way up slowly to her ears; his hands softly caressing her baby bump as he whispered in her ears, "every time I kiss your ear (he places a kiss demonstrating what he meant) you type in a period. Okay?" His lips brushed up the length of her ears as she nodded that she understood. "Good", he replied. He began to whisper in her ears continuing to caress her baby bump, his breath providing a tickling sensation for her nerves to try and digest. She began to type continuing where he had left off

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