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KIsmat Ka Khel Part 13

Part 13

His lips brushed up the length of her ear as she nodded that she understood. "Good", he replied. He began to whisper in her ears continuing to caress her baby bump, his breath providing a tickling sensation for her nerves to try and digest. She typed continuing where he had left off

But there is one person who plays the most significant role in all of my happiness and she is my beautiful wife, the curve to my smile, the mother of my child, a blessing in disguise she is the love of my life (he kisses her ear, it makes her shiver since she was so lost in typing her praises and feeling his touch that she did not see it coming. She punches in a period and fell back into his teasing trap, into her anticipation of the tickling sensation of his lips on her ear). I. Love. You. Three words that I felt were so insignificant are now the epitome of my life because of her. And every time I utter these three words to her it means more and more to me. You taught me the meaning of love in theory and today because of her I am eager to apply it each and every single day. I love (he kisses her ears slowly three times and whispers her name) Apeksha.

By now they are both completely aroused and the kisses did not suffice. He took the laptop from her and placed it on the side table and fulfilled both their desires to make love. In the aftermath of their love making, Apeksha rested her head on Rajat's chest as he pulled her closer.
Apeksha: Sleep now Rajat finish the rest of the work tomorrow.
Rajat (kisses her forehead): there is nothing I want to do more than sleep with my beautiful wife but I really have to finish this book by tomorrow evening and send it to the publisher. Just two more chapters to go, I want to gift this to Ram and Priya on their anniversary.
Apeksha: (she got sad) Rajat, do you think bhai will come back for bhabhi? Bhabhi is missing bhai so much and I know bhai is too why can't they just come together. How will you write the ending, when no one knows how it will go?
Rajat: I know sweetheart. It worries me to see Priya so sad, ever since she came here she did not eat properly and from her baggy eyes, I know she doesn't sleep properly either. But I believe in the power of love and Ram and Priya are the definition of love, so their relationship won't fail this test. Everything that Ram is doing, he is doing for a reason, I know he loves Priya very much Now enough of all this, don't think too much and stress yourself out. (He places her head gently on the pillow and kisses her softly on her lips.) Darling, if I may can I get back to finishing these last two chapters? 
Apeksha (smiles and nods in approval. He gets up and grabs his laptop; she turns towards him and watches as he types with his determined sexy look. She glances at the screen to the text that she wrote and how he transcribed it to her and what followed after that paragraph was finished. She smiled with the thought that that part of the book will have a special meaning to them that will remind them of this night time and time again. Ram aur Priya's love story has a hint of Apeksha and Rajat's love hidden in the text. She blushed at the thought and watched him type not knowing exactly when she fell asleep

Apeksha and I always argue about who is more responsible for us being together. She says that it is you and I say that it is Ram. But as always she is right... It is definitely you as she explains, if it wasn't for you Ram would be unknown to the feeling, value and expression of love. Ram and Priya, two bodies, one tormented soul. Sacrifice is the undertone of your relationship, you sacrificed for Ram 6 and a half years ago and he sacrificed for you and Pihu 3 months ago. I know you are experiencing a great deal of sadness being away from them but trust me you will be happy in the end. That day after I left, Ram and his entire family were overcome with guilt, all but one person. The same person who we rescued just hours before, had been scheming your destruction weeks in advance.

Ram looked at Priya standing there with her eyes shut tight. She was having a very hard time consuming what had just happened. But one thing was for sure, she was equally mad at Rajat and Ram. Rajat took advantage of her love and Ram left no stone unturned to question her love. Both of them made a mockery of her love. She wiped her tears and opened her eyes to see Ram advancing towards her with guilt brimming off the tip of his eyelids. She moved back, she was not ready for an apology from him. How can he even know the value of his apology unless he reflects on what he has done? When Priya stepped back it emphasized the guilt he was experiencing. He wanted to whisk her off her feet, hold her tightly in his arms and caress all the scars away, all the scars that he had given her with his nasty words. She saw him part his lips to say something; she knew very well what he wanted to say but did not want to hear it. In this moment his sorry is guided by his guilt; his sorry could simply be an unconscious means to rid his heart of the guilt he is experiencing by knowing the truth in this very moment. Before she could stop his words dead in their tracks, bansi kaka interupted...

Bansi kaka: Sir there is phone call for you.
Ram (stops walking and turns to bansi kaka): take a message. I am busy. (he looks back at Priya).
Bansi kaka (does as he's told but the person on the phone gives him a message to relay to Ram): Sir (ram turns to Bansi kaka more angrily this time) the person on the phone said that your negligence would be punished. and...
Ram: what?? why r u hesitating so much now that you have interrupted why don't u say what u have to say.
Bansi Kaka: he said that Kush is in his custody...
Ram: what nonsense. Kush is sleeping over at his friend's house. Soumaya call Ms. Roy to confirm.
Soumaya calls Ms. Roy and she informs her that Kush was picked up by one of their drivers a few hours back. She asked if Kush's mom was okay, the driver told her about the attack on her and said that that was the reason why Kush had to leave and go home.
Soumaya tells them what Ms. Roy said and everyone is now realizing what had happened. Soumaya checks in Kush's room regardless and sure enough Kush was not there. So if the driver had picked him up to come home than why had he not arrived? Ram called all the drivers and questioned them. The driver who Priya had asked for directions to Ms. Roy's house and Hotel Exquisite spoke up.
Driver: sir none of us were informed to pick Kush up until tomorrow morning. But Priya maam was asking for Ms. Roy's address before she had left in the evening.

Priya knew where this was going, she had been there before, cornered by her loved ones suspicion. Before she gave her account of what happened, she was interrupted by a shrieking Ayesha.

Ayesha: what happened to my son? Where is my baby?
Priya: Ayesha please relax, the doctor told you not to take any stress.
Ayesha: di you told me before taking me to the hospital that Rajat jiju had sent his driver to go pick Kush up.
Priya: Ayesha i never told you that...
Ayesha: so what? Am i lying? Did jiju not send his driver?
Priya: first of all he's not jiju and secondly yes he did call to send his driver but i never told... (She was interrupted yet again)
Ayesha: so did you call and check if he was picked up and dropped home.
Priya was silent
Ayesha (screams): answer me di please...
Priya: no i didn't call to check up but Ayesha
Ayesha (interrupts): why??? oh wait i know why because you are jealous of Kush that he calls Ram papa. Hai na?
Priya: Ayesha have you lost your mind?
Shipra: Ayesha, Priya would not do that she is also a mother and don't forget she raised you and your brother and didn't let any harm come to you two so why would she do this?
Priya is stunned, is she hearing correctly? Is her mom actually standing up for her?
Ayesha: it is because she is a mother that she did all this, she wanted to protect pihu's financial well being in this house...
Ram: THAT'S ENOUGH AYESHA!!! (to shipra) can u take her to her room to rest... (Once Ayesha left yelling and screaming, "why di why", Ram walks towards Priya the guilt now hiding behind responsibility and determination to get Kush back) Priya i dont blame you, you didnt even know that Rajat had this plan in his mind to kidnap Kush and get back at us. I will solve this.
He picks up his phone and dials the commissioner's number and explains to him everything that has happened. An arrest warrant was issued in Rajats name and soon local authorities had him arrested before he boarded his flight to Dubai. Ram went to visit him in jail the next morning. Nobody slept that night and apologies were postponed in the mayhem but not forgotten in the minds of those who committed the crime of false accusation against the most innocent person in their lives, Priya.

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