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Kismat Ka Khel Part 14

Part 14

An arrest warrant was issued in Rajats name and soon local authorities had him arrested before he boarded his flight to Dubai. Ram went to visit him in jail the next morning. Nobody slept that night and apologies were postponed in the mayhem but not forgotten in the minds of those who committed the crime of false accusation against the most innocent person in their lives, Priya.
Priya sat in Pihus room trying to make sense of the chaos unfolding around her. She had been in this room since last night and refused to talk to anyone. Ram tried to see her once before he left in the morning but she did not answer the door. He feared that his Priya had shattered to pieces; all the accusations against her may be starting to take its toll on her both mentally and physically. She tried to recall everything that happened yesterday. First she got the call from Ayesha, than she was going to Hotel Exquisite when Rajat bumped into her, together they went to get Ayesha and on the way Priya explained everything to Rajat. When he heard that Kush might also be in danger he told his driver to go and pick him up from the party. She cursed herself for not checking up on Kush to see if he was home but she assumed that since everyone was peacefully sleeping he might have been home, moreover no one told her that he was sleeping over at Ms. Roys house What ate at her heart the most was the fact that Ayesha pointed her fingers directly at her. And how did she know that Rajat even sent a driver, no one told her. Was Ayesha responsible?
No Priya she is a mother and it is her right to be stressed out if her child is in danger, she thought. But why did she jump to the conclusion that I wanted to secure Pihus financial status in KM. That thought is so farfetched. She heard a knock on the door and ignored it. Than she heard another knock
Pihu: Mumma??
Priya: oh shit, I forgot to check up on Pihu.
She opened the door hastily and saw Pihu standing there rubbing her sleepy eyes. She took Pihu in her arms and gave her a kiss. She took Pihu to their bed and made her sit down.
Pihu: mumma where were you yesterday? I missed you a lot mumma and than when papa and I got home you werent home either. I wanted to call but Papa said that you might be busy.
Priya: Sorry Pihu. Mumma spent the whole day yesterday with her papa just like Pihu.  
Pihu (says excitedly): Nana!! Mumma I want to meet him please mumma please.
Pihu had given her a great idea. Priya had no interest in staying in the KM she had to get out. Ayesha had just been attacked and seeing Priya around was causing her a great deal of stress. Something did not add up in Kushs kidnapping, although she was angry with Rajat she had no reason to believe that he would do something like this. In fact he was with her the whole time after they rescued Ayesha so his involvement did not fit well in Priyas mind. But she could not tell Ram, he would never understand.  She had to get proof before she said anything so that she can show Ram that she is supporting the evidence and not Rajat. Ram has his mind made up that it was Rajat who had Kush kidnapped and if she says otherwise he might jump back into his jealous rage. There was only one way that she would be able to figure out the truth freely, she had to leave the KM and gather some evidence without anybody pointing fingers at her.
Pihu: Mumma what are you thinking?
Priya: huh?... Pihu did you know that you are the smartest girl in the world?
Pihu: yes I know because I have the smartest mom in the world.
Priya (smiles): pihu you are right. We should go meet Nana he was asking a lot about you yesterday.
Pihu: can we go today??
Priya: yes but first Pihu has to get ready and Mumma will pack our stuff so we can stay with Nana for a couple of days and have lots of fun..
Pihu: yay!!
Priya laughed at Pihus enthusiastic response. Soon they were ready to go she told Krishna that they were going to stay at her Papas house for a couple of days. Krishna asked her if she was mad at her and was about to say sorry but Priya interrupted her saying that she is much older than her and she would actually get mad if Krishna apologizes to her. Furthermore, she explained that she is mad at the circumstances that were created and not at anyones reactions. Moreover her being in the KM right now during all this mayhem would cause a lot of grief to Ayesha. She said quietly so that Pihu does not hear her, I will come back into this house when Kush is found safe and sound. Before she left she asked Krishna to tell Ram that she has gone to her Papas house. Krishna nodded in approval but deep down inside she was sad to see Ram and Priyas strained relationship, which was not going to be fixed if they stayed away from each other. But there was no explaining anything to either Ram or Priya as both were stressed out about Kush being kidnapped, if only they worked together, the outcome would be much more efficient. Pihu gave Krishna and everyone else a hug before she held on to her mummas hand and left to go see her Nana for the first time.
Finally Priya arrived at Sudhirs who was waiting anxiously to meet his granddaughter. He had asked Natasha and Karthik to bring lots of sweets for her. At the moment no one knew that Kush was kidnapped. They all sat down and had breakfast together. Pihu was not nervous at all, she was extremely talkative with Sudhir, Karthik and Natasha. Her smile did not leave her face not even for a second as she continued to talk, asking a million questions in attempts to regain every minute she spent away from her Nana
Priya: okay Pihu thats enough now my dear, Nana needs to rest
Sudhir: no Priya let her talk I find peace and innocence in her words, two things that disappeared with you when you left.
Pihu gives a winning smile to Priya. She loved this part of the relationship where her Nana stood up for her and her mumma abided.This is something that she could definitely get used too.
Sudhir: Pihu beta I want to show you something. You know when your mumma was your age she used to be just like you. Always wanting to talk with me about everything and anything. Would you like to see some of your mummas childhood memories?
Pihu nodded with an excited smile on her face.
Sudhir: okay first go and wash up.
Pihu: yes Nana
She was about to run to the washroom, when she stopped, ran to Sudhir and kissed him on the cheeks. He was taken aback by her sudden action.
Pihu: I love you Nana
Sudhir: I love you too my baby 
Priya smiled, she was always amazed at Pihu's ability to put a smile on her face despite the stress surrounding her. She watched as Pihu ran to the washroom and took this opportunity to tell her Papa about what happened in the KM from start to finish and her decision to stay here until Kush was found. Sudhir was shocked but he knew something was off in Priyas behaviour. She seemed tired and defeated, two attributes that were as noticeable as a stain on a white carpet. Kushs kidnapping left him baffled and Ayeshas accusation on Priya made him die a thousand deaths. It is a parents responsibility from god to keep their family together but his family has fallen apart with siblings fighting each other ruthlessly. In the midst of all this warfare their innocent offsprings have to suffer; although Sudhir did not interact with Kush on any level, since Ayesha did not wish to keep any relation with him after she was kicked out of the house,  his heart still hurt knowing that he was in trouble. Kids may not care about their parents but their parents do not think of anything other than their well-being and safety. Priya told him that she does not want Pihu to find out. Sudhir agreed, he told Priya to work together with Ram but Priya cut him off refusing any contact with him at the moment because she is not sure about their relationship. It seems like everything that was between them is now only a fragment of their past sealed in beautiful memories that might never be explored again. Sudhir did not force this opinion on Priya as she insisted that the focus is about finding Kush and she needed Sudhir's help to keep Pihu safe in the meantime since he is the only one that she can truly trust. She explained how Ayesha claimed that she knew about Rajat picking Kush up from the party and then her lie that Priya had told her on the way to the hospital when no such thing transpired between them. She also explained her fear that Rajat is behind bars suffering for something that he did not do. Sudhir told her what he always did in any difficult situation, the most fool proof solution tested against the worst of circumstances in their live, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART Pihu came out of the washroom.
Pihu: Nana I am done!
Sudhir (remembering what Priya told him about Pihu not finding out. He forced a smile on his face and lodged the new found information to the back of his mind): Thats my good girl
Priya: now pihu and Nana will have some fun together. Mumma has to run some errands. Pihu (she kneeled down and spread her arms out, Pihu ran into her arms almost as if it was instinctual) be a good girl and dont trouble Nana too much. Okay? (pihu nodded) Give Mumma a kiss (she gave Priya a kiss on her cheeks) I love you baby
Pihu: I love you too. Come fast okay Mumma?
Priya: Yes Pihu, I will be back before you know it.
She got up, grabbed her purse and went to the door and opened it to leave. Just as she opened it someone was about to knock on the door. She was surprised, happy, confused and worried to see this person given the circumstances she did not know how to react and how much this person knew about all that had happened.
Pihu (came running to the door. Today was one of her happiest days, first she met her Nana and now one of her old friends was back): CADY DIIIIIIIIII

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