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Kismat Ka Khel Part 15

Part 15

Cady had come to Mumbai once she heard I was in jail; she had complete faith in my innocence and was ready to fight anyone to prove it. However I could not keep her in the darkness I had to tell her about everything that happened, everything I did so that she could fairly weigh her options before she made her final decision. I was so ashamed to tell her but I had to scatter all my mistakes out in the open in order for me to truly repent. That is exactly what I did and to my surprise Cady was on my side even then. She said that she will do anything to get me out of jail and I told her to ask you for help. I have the utmost respect for your strength to overcome any hurdle. I needed to know that you believed me and I knew that if you believed something strongly no lie could overshadow reality and Ram would definitely hear me out if his Priya told him too. At that time I did not know that you decided to leave KM until Kush was found but when Cady went to KM asking about you she was re-directed to Sudhirs house.

Cady was introduced to Sudhir before he took Pihu into Priyas old room to look at all her old toys and childhood pictures. He knew that Priya needed some time alone with Cady to discuss the problem at hand. Cady explained everything that happened leading up to her arrival in Mumbai as well as her conversation with Rajat in jail and his confession of his wrong doings.
Cady: even after all this Priya aunty I am sure that Rajat uncle would never do anything like this. He is stubborn and it can be argued that he did all this to get revenge on Ram uncle but I do not believe that to be true. Please Priya aunty you have to help me, I cant let Rajat uncle stay in jail for something he did not do. We need to find out the truth. If Dhaijaan finds out than she will be stressed out, which will affect her health. Rajat uncle is all that we got, he always took such good care of us and this is the only chance I have to repay him. Please priya aunty I need your help.
Priya: Haan Cady, I also believe that Rajat did not do this. That night when Ayesha was attacked he stayed with us. Even after when Ram and I had our argument he was there. Shortly after he left Ram issued an arrest warrant for him and he was locked up the whole night. But what confuses me is that soon after he left we received the phone call, which informed us that Kush was kidnapped. So (she hesitated)
Cady (understood the reason behind her hesitation): Priya aunty, I know what you are thinking but this is not true. Rajat uncle showed me his phone and the outgoing call log did not have KMs number. I know its hard but we need to figure out whose number that was and I have just the tech saavy friend who can help us. He lives here in Mumbai, hes the same one who told me about Anjaan.

Priya and Cady leave to meet Cadys friend, Rahul. Rahul was home alone for the week; his parents and two other siblings went to Agra to attend a relatives wedding. His face lit up seeing Cady, he wanted to be alone with her in person for so long and today his dream had come true. Cady had informed him about the nature of her visit and she said she would do anything for him if he was able to assist her. Rahuls smile on his face and plans in his mind vanished when he saw Priya. He thought, yaar yeh Cady bhi na. She brought her aunty as a bodyguard. Then he thought, wait a minute, I have seen her somewhere but where? Churning the gears in his mind his memories finally meshed together and gave him an answer that he blurted out, Priya Aunty? Priya was just as stunned as Cady was with his words.
Cady (puzzled): How do you know Priya aunty?
Rahul: She is my uncles wife yaar. He has her picture everywhere. In his room, on his phone, on his tablet, I mean everywhere. He was so devastated when she passed awa
He stopped before he completed his sentence realizing what he was about to say. He stepped back, priya realized his hesitation, and she stepped inside the house to calm him down and explain everything that happened. But her moving forward freaked her out even more.
Rahul (frightened): Cady you brought a ghost into my house... (Continuing to step back he did not notice that he was about to hit the sofa. Priya leaped her arm forward to grab him but he stepped back faster and in that haste he fell on the sofa)
Cady (laughing at his immature behaviour, she knew the entire story but she did not know that Ram was Rahuls uncle)
Rahul (annoyed): yaar why are you laughing at me, first you bring this bhoot, no sorry bhootni into my house and than you laugh at me.
Cady (reached her arm out, Rahul grabbed it and Cady pulled him to make him stand up): Stupid!!! She is not a ghost.
Rahul (standing behind Cady looking at Priya): no I am not stupid. If someone who is supposed to be dead is standing in front of you than she is a ghost.
Priya: no Rahul. I am not dead.
Rahul: omg this bhootni even talks, yaar looks like her soul is troubled.
Cady (slaps his arm): She is NOT dead and therefore she is not a ghost.
Priya (explains everything that happened and how she shifted to Dubai. and how now Kush is kidnapped and she desperately needed his help)
After hearing Priyas story he stands face to face with Priya and says in a cocky manner, yeah I knew that! Umm I was just playing around. Priya has no time to probe around further about his relationship to Ram and how he is his uncle. She still does not recognize that he is Neha and Vikrams kid as her mind is all over the place and her main focus is getting Kush home safely.
Cady: yeah whatever. Now is not the time to play around. Did you get what I asked for?
Rahul: yeah your driver is in Mumbai still, he is staying at XYZ location
Priya: how did you know that?
Rahul: I tracked him using his cell phone number. I have the most high tech software the one that they use in the FBI (He looks at Cady trying to impress her but she is in no mood for romance, she is only in the mood to kick ass)
Priya: Can you trace unknown numbers?
Rahul: it depends I can try
Priya: okay so you and Cady try and trace that unknown number of the kidnapper who called the KM last night. In the meantime I will go and talk to the driver to see where he dropped Kush off. (she was about to leave when she turned back) Trace the number only, dont do anything else, I mean focus. Cady, youre in charge.
Rahul: yaar she is so bossy, she made you in charge in my own house. No wonder Ram uncle is so scared of her.
Cady punches him on the arm
Cady: Dont say that about my aunty and get to work we have to find the real culprit or else my uncle and poor Kush (her eyes begin to tear up helplessly, despite her efforts to not cry in front of Rahul).
Rahul (says empathetically): Dont worry Cady. I am here na? We will find out who the real culprit is together.

Priya reaches the destination that Rahul had pulled out for her. It is a deserted forest, the car that belonged to Rajat was trashed, and the driver was nowhere to be found. After further analysis of the environment she finds the drivers cell phone lying on the ground. She picks it up reassured that she was in the right place. She takes out her cell phone to tell Rahul and Cady about what had happened. There is strange danger in the air as the setting sun aided the atmosphere in creating a suffocating sensation for priya, her subconscious pleading her to leave the area as soon as possible. But a determined Priya, clouded by her motivation to find Kush decides against her better judgment. The phone rings and Cady answers,
Cady: hello Priya aunty is everything okay,
Priya: nothing is okay Cady. The location is correct and I found the drivers cellphone and the car but the driver is nowhere to be found. Were you able to find out who the unknown numAAHH!!
Before she could finish her sentence, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head followed by sudden darkness in front of her eyes. She dropped the phone both her hands grabbing her head as she landed on the ground abruptly.
Cady (scared): Priya Aunty, Priya Aunty [Phone disconnected]

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