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Kismat Ka Khel Part 16

Part 16

Ram had been running around frantically the whole day in order to find something that could show him where Kush was since Rajat was not confessing. He decided to go back to the jail once more before going home too see if Rajat was ready to talk but to his surprise Rajat was sitting at the desk signing some papers. Knowing immediately that Rajat had used his influences  and arranged for bail, he storms to the desk and grabs Rajat by his collar.
Ram: you bastard, where is my son? You cant leave like this, you snatched everything from me and now you are just going to run back to Dubai. NO!! NO!! This is not how it ends
Rajat (grabs Rams hands on his collar and tries to loosen his grip): Ram you have to listen to me, I did not do anything..
By now two police officers rushed to Ram and Rajat pulling them apart from each other. Ram continued yelling with the police officer holding him
The two kapoo/urs were at each others throats yelling at each other from across the police station. Both police officers were having a really hard time containing the two influential people. Cady and Rahul came running into the police station and witnessed what was going on. Rahul ran to Rams side and Cady ran to Rajats side. Their presence was just the weapon needed to silence both men deducing their battle to angry glares at each other.
Rahul: Ram uncleWoh Priya aunty I think her life is in danger.
Ram: WHAT?! Rahul, Priya is at home I will call home right now to prove it.
Ram takes out his cellphone and is about to dial the number but Rahul places his hand on the phone and lowers Rams arm to his side shaking his head in disapproval. He and Cady both take turns explaining the details of what had happened Both Rajat and Ram stood there in shockRam cursed his fate, after 5 years Priya came back into his life and now she has been snatched away from him yet again. Rahul waved a piece of paper in front of his eyes making him snap out of his self-pity.
Rahul: I think that both her and Kush might be at this address. The kidnapper called yesterday blocking his number but I was able to retrieve it. He called using this number (1234567) and he is at this address (XYZ Any Street)
Ram snatched the paper from Rahul, before leaving he told Rahul to inform everyone at the KM Rajat stopped Ram who was leaving, by placing his hand on his shoulder telling him that he is also going to come with him to that addressRam didnt protest, right now was not the time. Ram and Rajat got in the car and drove off to XYZ Any Street, the Mumbai police force followed them to provide back up. Rajat was driving the car and Ram was trying to call Priya on her cell but it was shut off. He got angry and slammed his hand on the dashboard.
Rajat: Dont worry Ram, we will find them even if we have to look for them the whole night I dont care but we will find them
Ram sat there silently. He wasnt sure what to say or what to do. Saddness, anger and confusion is a dangerous cocktail that he wasn't keen on sipping at the moment. They reached the destination, which was an abandoned cottage surrounded by numberous trees and bushes. The stars in the night sky provided them with a hint of light that the darkness engulfed simultanously forcing Ram to switch on the flashlight application on his phone. Everyone searched for Priya and Kush calling out their names to no avail. Hope is the most paralyzing emotion and with every passing minute without any sign of Priya or Kush, Ram's body was becoming numb.
Suddenly a police officer called out to his boss, "Sir, i found something". The anticipation to analyze the discovery was brought down faster than it had built up inside Ram as he stared at the dead body on the ground that the police officer had found.
Rajat: that's my driver...
Ram looked up sharply at Rajat, this meant that Rajat was telling the truth, his heart quivered at the thought of what this man would have done to Priya and Kush Another police officer walked up to Ram and Rajat with two cellphones in his hands.
Police Officer: does this belong to anyone you know?
Rajat: yeah that phone is my drivers and I dont know about the other o (interrupted by a frantic Ram)
Ram:  thats Priyas phone
He dropped down to his knees and covered his face with his palms. It was evident that he was drained out.
Rajat (places his hand on his shoulder): Ram saamalo apne aap ko.. Let's go home we will try to look for another lead.
Ram (brushed his hand off his shoulder and stood up quickly): no we are not going anywhere until I find Priya and Kush. I know that they are here. (he begins to scream) PRIYA!! KUSH!!! PRIYA!!
Commissioner (takes the phones from the police officer and tells him to go call an ambulance and take the body to the hospital, then he shifts his attention to Ram and walks towards him): Mr. Kapoor you have to calm down
Ram: CALM DOWN, how the hell am I supposed to calm down? My wife and son are missing, I dont know in what state they are and you are telling me to calm down? Instead of wasting your time telling me that why dont you look for my son, why dont you do your job?
Rajat intervenes as he notices Rams anger, although justifiable, was getting out of hand.
Rajat: Ram, commissioner is right. We will achieve nothing by getting angry. We have to find Priya and Kush. They were here, and now they are gone. But this is a good thing, atleast we know that they are still alive.
Ram: Yaar mein kya karoo? Everything is slipping out of my hand and I cant do anything about it. (he gets emotional again)
Commissioner: We will do everything that we can. The entire police force is here looking for Priya and Kush. We will find them. They were here but maybe they knew we were coming and they left. Either way they could not have gotten too far. Please go home, we will call you if we find anything.
Rajat (squeezes Rams shoulders): Ram, commissioner is right. Lets go from here and let them do their job.
Ram and Rajat leave the place and are driving back. Both were silent as ever but the pain in Rams heart was eating away at his flesh. He just wanted Kush and Priya back. What will he tell Pihu? He was angry at Priya for not trusting him enough to tell him about her investigation. Why does this lady feel the need to do everything on her own? What does she think of herself? A vision in front of his eyes at the side of the road pulls him out off his emotional rollercoaster. He yells,
Rajat who was also lost in his thoughts is startled but immediately slams on the breaks. Ram does not know if what he saw was an illusion, was he going crazy, was the stress getting to him or was it really what he thought it was? He gets out of the car and runs to what looked like a child hovering over a body lying on the side of the road. By now Rajat also sees it and chases after him.

Meanwhile in the KM Ayesha is in her room sitting on the bed worried. She gets a call on her cell, the number flashes as the phone vibrates Unknown Name 1234567 She heaves a sigh of relief, closes her room door and answers the phone.
Ayesha: So youre safe now. Right?
Man: yeah all thanks to you, if you hadnt called in time we would have never known that the police were headed to the location. But how did you know?
Ayesha: I overheard Vikrams son telling Krishna that Ram and Rajat were headed there with the police.
Man: thank god!
Ayesha: So is Kush and Priya alive or dead?
Man: I dont know why Priya always gets so lucky, god must have written her destiny with a golden pen. I was just about to shoot her making our mission even more easier BUT thats when I received your call that Ram was headed to the cottage I had to plan our escape.
Ayesha: she is so dumb, always trying to interfere. Now our plan is harder with Priya alive. Now I cant even blame Priya for Kush's kidnapping so how will Ram hate her and kick her out of his life voluntarily?
Man: Dont worry about that. I have another plan.
Ayesha: what about this kidnapping plan, were just going to scrap it?
Man: we have no choice. This Priya came and ruined everything. While we were planning our escape from the cottage, she ran off somewhere with the kid. She is pretty injured and will probably die in the jungle anyways. We would have chased her down, it would have been easy but we could hear the sirens from miles away.
Ayesha: Arrghhhh (she screams) Great now what do we do?
Man: Dont worry I will think of something else.
Ayesha: How long will it take you too think? Huh? Itne acchi plan tha aur Priya ne saab messed up kaar diya. Now sid will be very angry.
Man: dont yell at me! It was all because of your sister. Sid has three more months in jail before he can apply for parole. In that time we have to fix this
Ayesha: I know I am so excited. I cant live without him. Kush was a mistake, at the time Sid did not love me but now I am sure he does. He has apologized so many times and he said next time we have a kid it will a symbol of our love and not a symbol of his deception like Kush is

She hears a knock on the door.

Ayesha (whispers): I have to go someone is knocking on the door.

She quickly hangs up, puts on a worried look and opens the door to see Shipra. Let the acting begin!!!

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