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Kismat Ka Khel Part 17

Part 17

Ram and Rajat were shocked to see that the kid was Kush and the body lying at the side of the road was Priya. She had blood on her face and was holding on to Kush's hand. Kush was crying and shivering, poor kid was so scared. He was so relieved to see familiar faces and practically jumped into Rajat's arms when he picked him up. Ram immediately rushed to Priya and picked her up. He sat in the backseat holding priya's head up to his chest, hugging her tightly, crying and pleading,
Ram: Please Priya please wake up. Priya, please...
Rajat passed back a bottle of water to Ram telling him to sprinkle some on her face. Rajat caught a glimpse of Kush as he turned back to look at the road. Kush was sitting in the passenger seat, wiping his tears , he was visibly frightened and so Rajat stroked his hair with one hand while keeping the other one on the steering wheel. Ram was watching him through the corner of his eyes.
Rajat (to Kush): don't worry Champ, everything is going to be fine.
Kush (starting crying loudly): aur Bade Ma? This is all my fault. The bad guy hit bade ma on the head with a shovel and (he sobbed) he was going to shoot her. This is all my fault.. Bade Ma told me to run away, but I could not leave her alone, she came for me and how can I leave her. I am so sorry Bade Ma...
Rajat: Kush please do not cry. You don't have to say sorry, it is because of you that we were able to find Bade Ma. We saw you sitting with her on the side of the road; you did not leave her and that's why she is safe. (Kush quiets down absorbing Rajat's words and sniffling)
Kush: Really?
Rajat: of course.
Kush (tears roll down his cheeks once more as he asks, his voice shaking): is Bade Ma going to be okay?
Rajat (looked in the rearview mirror at Ram who was desperately trying to wake Priya up, she was in really bad shape. He was not sure what to say to Kush as he did not want to give him any false re-assurance but he had to say something as Kush was glaring at him intently waiting for an answer): Bade Ma is hurt right now, we will get her to the hospital very soon and the doctors will take care of her. But Kush if she sees you crying than she will be even more hurt na? So show Bade Ma that you love her and wipe your tears, so that when she opens her eyes she sees you smiling. Okay?
Kush nodded and wiped his tears. Looked back at Bade Ma and his Papa and said, "I love you Bade Ma". Kush looked ahead and directed Rajat, "Drive fast Rajat uncle, we have to get to the hospital fast. Rajat said, "Yes boss"

Ram heard the entire conversation between Rajat and Kush. The part that pierced his heart the most was what the man did to her, he was going to shoot and he hit her. Just once if he catches whoever did this to her, he would Kill him...He took some water in his hand and began sprinkling it on Priya's face. As the cold droplets kissed her face, she scrunched her eyes, regaining consciousness slightly but still her eyes were shut tight and she was wincing in pain; her hand tried reaching for her head but failed. Ram stroked her head gently and kissed her on the forehead. She is startled by his touch and begins to murmur softly in between moans, "Kushjao betaleave beforebefore they come back Bade Ma is fine listen to mego Kush" hearing her pain and seeing her condition creates a pathway for Ram's tears as they roll down his cheeks and land on Priya's eyelids. She blinks for a split second trying to see where she was, why she was moving... But before she could make sense of anything the pain acts as a catalyst forcing her eyes to close. She murmurs, "KushDon't cryrun away Kush"
Ram (pulls her shoulder up closer against his chest so that her head is against his lips. he whispers through tears): Priya it's me Ram Kush is safe Priya, you did it!
Priya (murmurs): Raam..
Ram: Yes Priya I got you now. Don't close your eyes okay? keep talking!! tell me where Pihu is..
Priya (murmurs): Pihu?
Ram: haan our daughter (she begins to lose consciousness again, the muscles on her eyelids begin to relax, ram notices this and shakes her gently) Priya Wake up!! (she scrunches her eyelids again) Rajat are we almost there, yaar drive faster
Rajat looks in the rearview mirror and says, "5 more minutes"
Priya (murmurs): she is atpapa's houseI also want togo to papa's houseI can't stay... with youanymore
Ram is startled to hear this, there is no way that he would allow that. He has gone through too many painful, sleepless nights to let the woman he loves just walk out of his life again. Death couldn't take her away and now no one will. He will explain this too priya he will show her how much he loves her and he would fulfill any of her wishes expect for any wish that requires her to be separated from him
Ram (tries to change the topic): Priya, I love you
Priya: i... dont think... so...
Ram (determined): you don't believe me well than i will show u how much i love you (he kisses her forehead giving her a soothing sensation, in that second it seemed like her pain had vanished and than re-surfaced the moment his lips left her skin) i will show u priya, just get better first.

They reach the hospital ram carries priya in his arms continuously talking to her to keep her from going unconscious. Rajat holds on to Kush's hand and they all go into the hospital. Priya is wheeled into the examination room. Rajat takes Kush to the pediatrician on the floor above and stays with him until they finish checking up on him. While waiting for the doctor to finish examining Kush, Rajat gets a call from Cady and he informs her that they are in the hospital and that Kush is fine but Priya is hurt.

Time stood still mocking Ram's anxiously beating heart. When everyone arrived, they ran to him but he was in no mood to talk. He stood in front of the examination room his eyes glued to the doors from the moment they took Priya inside. They knew something was terribly wrong but Ram was not saying anything just frozen like a statue staring blankly at the closed examination doors. Rajat came downstairs with Kush and saw the entire Sharma and Kapoor family at the hospital. He gulped nervously as Kush screamed, "Dadi!" and ran to her making everyone turn back and look at Rajat. Sadness in their eyes converted to anger instantly
Krishna: you? Here? Are you not satisfied with what you have done? This is all happening because of you and your selfish ways.
Rajat did not say a word; he continued to look down in shame All these insults were part of his penance and even then it might not be enough to make amends with his soul for the havoc that he created in Ram and Priya's life.
Ayesha (notices that this is an awesome time to fill Ram's mind with doubt. Strike while the iron is hot): Aunty leave him alone. If my own sister went to such great lengths to hurt my family than for this stranger it's nothing. He will obviously support his wife, my si (she was interrupted by an infuriated Ram)
Ram (looks sharply at her; if looks could kill, Ayesha would have been cut to pieces right there and than with that stare): THAT'S ENOUGH DAMMIT! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR A SINGLE WORD AGAINST PRIYA. She did what you should have been doing when Kush was kidnapped, putting your life on the line to save him instead of sitting around and crying. Rajat (he walks towards him and puts his hand on his shoulder making Rajat look up) might have ruined my relationship with Priya but today he put his life on the line to save me. How? He brought me to my Priya and Kush. And what is this nonsense, Priya is MY WIFE, you got that? Any word further and you will regret it! I will forget that you are her (he points to the examination room) sister
Doctor (comes out of the examination room to the commotion): Mr. Kapoor please this is a hospital you can't speak so loudly.
Ram stops and takes two long strides towards the doctor and says.
Ram: Sssorry doctor. Priya? How is she? Can I talk to her?
Doctor: It is very good that you didn't let her sleep otherwise she could have slipped into a coma. Due to the blunt force trauma to the back of her head she has suffered a mild concussion. However, she has regained consciousness now and is out of danger. But you all have to take extra care of her and pay extra attention to the fact that she is completely away from any kind of stress otherwise it can create complications in her health. Right now she has been given her a dose of acetaminophen but it will wear off by tonight and she will have a splitting headache. When she does (he hands Ram the prescription paper) than give her one painkiller BUT make sure she eats first. Also, she has a bump at the back of her head make sure to put an icepack on that tonight.
Ram: Yes doctor I will do everything you say.
Rishab: bhai, don't worry we are all here for bhabhi.
Rishab takes the prescription paper from Ram and tells him that he will go and get the medication. Ram goes in first to see Priya and Kush insists that he also wants to go. Ram lifts Kush up as he wanted to give Priya a kiss on her cheeks and tell her thank you. Priya stroked his hair and kissed his forehead and told him that she loves him and to not say thank you as his Bade Ma it is her job to keep him safe. Ram leaves Kush down telling him to go outside to his dadi; Kush does as instructed, he had accomplished what he had come into room to do; to show his Bade Ma that he was still smiling and that he loved her a lot. Priya continues smiling at him as he leaves. Ram takes Priya's hand in his but Priya pulls her hand out of his gentle grip and looks away. Ram's heart sank and shattered thinking about what Priya had said in the car about going to her dad's house and he prayed to god that she would not act stubborn with this matter.
Ram: Priya naaraz ho humsay?
Priya (still looking away): where is Pihu?
Ram: At your dad's house with Natasha and Karthik.
Priya: Mujhe bhi jaana hain.
Ram: No way!
Priya: with what right are you stopping me?
Ram: you are my wife (he said proudly)
Priya: Wife? (she chuckles) Wife-husband relationship is built on more than just namesake. There is no trust, no respect so what's the point of such a relationship. Just leave it.
Ram: You are right, i should have trusted you and my lack of trust surfaced as disrespect but Priya husband and wife relationship is built on love too and we both love each other... (she is silent still looking away) I know I was wrong Priya to say those things to you.
Priya (her voices raises, she looks at Ram): YOU WERE WRONG?? That's all? I am so hurt Ram, I did not expect this from you.. (she stops and grabs her head, closes her eyes tightly. Ram notices that this conversation is causing her distress.)
Ram: Priya you are right! But let's talk about this later; everyone is here to see you. I am going to go and get them, okay?
But why should we talk about this later? Priya wanted to talk now but before she could say anything he left the room knowing very well that she was not about to let the conversation go. Soon after he left, everyone started to come in to see Priya. Ram looked through the glass window on the door and saw that she was smiling and was evidently happy, this made him very happy. Before Sudhir went in to see Priya Ram took him into a corner and begged him to convince Priya to stay with him. He told him that he knew that he made a big mistake by doubting her and saying those cruel words to her. Sudhir told him that for the first time he felt that he made a mistake by making Priya marry him and that he cannot make any promises to Priya about the future of their relationship. Ram was left speechless and hopeless but than Rajat came to the rescue. Rajat told Sudhir that it would not be fair to Ram if he did the injustice of separating him from Priya, since everything was his fault. Sudhir slapped Rajat; Ram was startled he never saw his father-in-law this angry but than again both Rajat and Ram had intentionally and unintentionally hurt his baby girl. Now that Ram is a father he understood exactly what Sudhir was going through. If anyone ever dared to even think about hurting Pihu, Ram would kill him on the spot. However, he did not understand his desperation to be given another chance. As he and Rajat both continued to beg in his defense, sudhir finally agreed to talk to Priya about this matter but on the condition that if Ram hurt Priya again even if it was an accident he would make sure that the two of them never came together again. From a very young age Priya has been sacrificing her happiness for everyone else and he felt that it was high time that someone tended to her needs and her happiness. Ram promised wholeheartedly that he would be that guy but Sudhir was not bothered by his words; he didn't want Ram's words as reassurance he wanted his actions to prove his legitimacy and that was something that only time could tell. After Sudhir was done talking to Priya Ram and his family entered the room to hear her decision.
Ram's heart was beating rapidly against his chest. He was as anxious as a child would be, waiting for the results of his examination. His forehead sweating profusely, a natural reaction that even Priya could not ignore. Priya's decision caught everyone off guard. She concluded that she would return to the KM on the condition that her mom returns home to her Papa. Nobody is there to take care of her Papa, Natasha and Karthik are busy with work and her poor papa is all alone. If everyone is forcing her to go back with Ram than it is only fair that her mom goes back with her Papa. If Shipra goes back to Sudhir, than only will she return back to Ram's house. Shipra protested using the excuse that she had to take care of her daughter Priya. Ram agreed with Priya and begged her to go back home and that Priya was right. He also told her not to worry about Priya's well being, he will personally take care of her every second of every day. Shipra has no other choice but to agree and they all leave for KM. Priya is wheeled to the doorsteps of the KM... Dadi order Ayesha to get the Aarti thali and than she does the aarti for Ram and Priya before Ram wheels Priya into their house. Ayesha is burning with jealousy and Shipra is cursing her fate since her free ride was now officially over. She heads to her room and begins to pack her belongings. Priya sits in the living room with Dadi, Krishna and Soumya when she begins to feel extremely tried. She decides that she will excuse herself and go up to her and Pihu's room.
Priya: I am feeling very tired (She tries to get up off the wheelchair) I am going to my room to sleep.
Dadi: Priya Putaar, can you go by yourself? Oye Golu (before she could finish her sentence Priya interrupts her insisting that she is fine)
Priya: haan dadi I am fine. (she gets up and starts feeling a bit dizzy but tries to hide it, surely she will be okay once she lies down for a bit)
Before she could take a step forward, she felt a familiar pair of arms grab her from behind. She turns around to see Ram and before she knew it he had lifted her up in his arms.
Priya (gets nervous): Ram let me go.
everyone watches...Krishna is very happy that her son is trying to rectify his mistakes, his injustice towards Priya in the past couple of days...
Ram (grabs her tighter): no Priya I won't let you goever
Before anybody had a chance to tease him, he walked to the base of the stairs.
Ram: Ma, Dadi I am taking Priya up to her Room to rest. I will come back down when she has fallen asleep. Tell Rishab to bring the medicine to my room when he comes back from the pharmacist.
With those last words he began walking up the stairs with priya in his arms. She stared at him in shock, he looked back at her and smiled before he looked up and continued to walk.
Priya (thinking): oh no is he taking me into his room. Am I seriously going to his room after 5 long years?
She remembered the last time she came close to entering his room to see Pihu but he stopped her and than they had their huge fight. The words of the fight rushing back to her re-fueling her anger towards him; his hateful words ringing in her ears. She began to fidget in his arms trying to get down but he just gripped her tighter, looked at her sternly and continued to walk.
Priya: Ram I said leave me. I am not going to stay in your room.
He just kept walking
Priya: Do you hear me Ram? Stop ignoring me and put me down this instant.
He reached the room, her protesting stopped. He kicked open the door gently. Walking into the room he looked at her face. Her eyes wandered from place to place admiring the beauty of the room. A slow smile battled its way on to her lips accompanied by fresh forming tears as an excited and overwhelming thought danced in her mind, "Wow this is just the way that I left it. Not a single thing is different." She looked up at Ram and noticed that he was admiring her display of contentment with the room. She immediately wiped her eyes, tucked the smile deep down inside of her threatening it to never show itself again in front of Ram, she was angry at him. The beauty was so overwhelming that even her anger hesitated to re-surface on her face but her will was strong and she changed back into her angry avatar as Ram laid her down on their king sized bed decorated with the same green duvet. He smiled at her now angry face making her even angrier. An enraged Priya thought, "what is he mocking me by smiling?" Ram walked to the door, closed it and locked it. Priya thinking, "OMG why is he locking the door. What are his intentions? Let me get up before he does something that even I can't resist." She sits up in bed and was about to remove the duvet when he stops her by grabbing her hand. He sits down on the bed next to her, placing his hand on either side of her so she can't get up or go from side to side. There was only one direction that she could go and he was the one holding the map. Locking his eyes with hers, he leaned forward inching his upper body towards her, which forced her to slowly lay back down. Her back kissed the mattress, she could not go down any further but he kept moving closer to her. She tries to push him but he grabs both her hands intertwining his fingers with hers and resting it against the bed on either side of her. Priya swallows hard as Ram continues to stare deep into her eyes...

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