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Kismat Ka Khel Part 18

Part 18

Her back kissed the mattress, she could not go down any further but he kept moving closer to her. She tries to push him but he grabs both her hands intertwining his fingers with hers and resting it against the bed on either side of her. Priya swallows hard as Ram continues to stare deep into her eyes...
Priya: Ram what are you doing? Stop this right now!
Ram (a soft smile shapes his lips as his face is hovering over hers. His warm breath kissing her trembling lips as he spoke softly): And if I dont?
He sensed anger in her determined voice but there was confusion in the emotions he read in her eyes. She heaved her chest up, squirming underneath his upper body trying to get free; he gripped her hands tighter causing her to shut her eyes in pain a stream of tears rolled down her cheeks.
Ram (notices the tears and lets go of her hands immediately): Priya I am so sorry... I did not mean to hurt you
Priya (her voice a little shaky): No Ram, you dont ever mean to hurt me but some how you always manage too. (She opens her eyes, gets up slowly and rests her back against the headboard)
Ram (is standing up now and looking at Priya who is sweeping her palms across her moist cheeks trying to dry it off): Priya please dont say that. I just wanted you to rest I want you to get better I lov
Priya (stops him mid-sentence): Love? Is that what youre going to say? THE Ram Kapoor loves me, how nice Should I just forget everything and run into your arms because YOU love me? What about my love? Huh? When I told you that I loved you, you doubted my love and my character You never acknowledged my love and Rajat abused my love I dont believe in this word anymore (she covers her face and is crying) Please let me go, I want to go and stay with Pihu, her love for me was the only thing that remained constant in all this mess
Ram sat down on the bed again and tried to grab Priyas hand from her face but the moment that she felt his quivering touch on the back of her hands she shrugged it off. She screamed, JUST STOP IT RAM! I DONT NEED YOUR FAVOURS! Suddenly she grabbed her head with both her hands, aahh she moaned in distress.
Ram (worried): Priya? Priya are you okay?
He took the jug of cool water from his night table and poured some water in a glass for her. He asked her to drink some but she refused.
Ram (in an angry tone, his voice raised): Stop this stubborness right now and drink some water...
Priya (still holding her head, her eyes shut tighter hearing Ram's loud voice): no i said i wont drink. dont force me and stop yelling... ahh my head...
Ram (lowers his voice but still is angry. He sits on the bed close to Priya putting his arm around her back to support her and puts the glass of water to her lips): drink Priya! You will feel better, it will calm you down...
She refuses once again. Ram does not know if his anger is attributed more to his past rude behaviour that hurt priya or Priya's current negligence that is hurting him more than her. More than anything in the world he wants to love Priya, to give her the happiness that she is the rightful owner too but in this moment her happiness is her obstinate demand to be away from him . If his presence is causing her more pain than happiness he must suffocate his desires for the sake of her happiness. He removes his hand from around her back and gets off the bed. 
Ram: Priya you want to stay with Pihu right?
Priya looks up, her pain starting to diminish slightly, his words confusing her. she nods her head slowly since she has now realized that any sudden movement causes her a great deal of pain, "yes" she whispered softly.
Ram: okay as you wish! but first you have to get better...
Her mouth opens to trigger the second round of her verbal assaults but  before she  shot at him, he places his finger on her lips making her freeze dead in her tracks.
Ram: before you say anything hear me out (he slid his fingers off her lips purposely, knowing very well that this movement would send her nerves in an outrageous fit) for Pihu's sake.
Her ears perk up, wondering what he might say, her eyebrows scrunch up...he hands her the cool glass of water again..
Ram: Priya don't think so hard. I will explain what i mean. please drink some water (he sits down on the bed by her knees, looking at her with pleading eyes. she takes the glass from him).. I know I messed up really bad but please punish me, dont punish yourself or Pihu. For Pihu's sake stay with me in this room until you are better than you can go to Pihu and i wont stop you. Think about it Priya, Pihu is just a child how can she take care of u when ur head starts hurting. and even if she could, think about how guilty she will feel when you are in tears and she cannot do anything about it. None of this is her fault, it is my fault and i will die thinking that my baby girl has to clean up the mess that i created. I should have trusted you and than maybe you would have trusted me enough to tell me what you, Rahul and Cady were doing to save Kush. Priya it was my job to protect you and I could not do anything. Please let me take care of you until you get better atleast. I know I am the worst kind of husband, I never acknowledged your love when you were showering it on me and today when I desperately want to show you how much I love you I am feeling exactly how I made you feel, rejected and hurt. 
Priya (sipping on the water, thinking about what to do. Ram has a point, she cant burden her injury on Pihu and everyone deserves a chance to rectify their mistakes. She moves the glass from her mouth and twists her upper body slightly to put the glass on the night table but Ram quickly takes it from her and puts it down himself. She clears her throat): Okay, fine I will stay in this room until I am better but I will not sleep here on this bed. (she looks towards the sofa and Ram follows her gaze, knowing exactly what the next words out of her mouth will be)
Ram: No priya, I will sleep on the sofa.. You sleep on the bed.
Priya: no! This is your room and your bed.. (with her right hand she reaches for the corner of the duvet to pull it off her body but Ram grabs her hand clenching his teeth and thinking, "god this woman is so stubborn but i love her so much") ram leave me (she is pulling her hand out of his grip unsuccessfully, her heart begining to accelerate)
Ram: yeah u r right!
she looks at him and than at her hand and than back at him, tightening her lips and struggling to pull her hand out. Ram wanted so badly to kiss out the tension in her lips, to relax her lip muscles with his lips but he had to hold back
Ram: this is my room, this is my bed and... you are my wife so...
He moves closer, she swallows hard. completely infuriated, she thought, "Off course i am just his property, he is comparing me to his bed"? But the next words out of his mouth surprised her)
Ram: that doesnt mean that i will have my way with you right here, right now no matter how much i want to, even if i have the right to this pleasure as your husband... I love you, and i am only attached to you; this room, my business and even my life means nothing without you. Our love is more than sharing a bed together.  And i will only sleep on this bed if you are sleeping next to me and for that luxury i will wait until you are ready. Until you tell me that you want me beside you... (He let go of her hand and she pulled back immediately)
Priya (she is glaring at him angrily): Ram, you cant do this
Ram: what did I do?
Priya: You cant always come so close to me and practically force yourself on me. If you do this again, I swear I will leave this room RIGHT AWAY.
Ram: Okay fine I wont touch you I will just love you from afar
Priya: No stop with this love
Ram (interrupts her): you cant stop me from loving you if you can't even stop yourself from loving me! (she is quiet and looks away) You dont want me to touch you or get close to you? Fine I wont. And if I do you can leave this room and go to the guest room or to Pihu's room immediately BUT I have one condition
Priya (curious): what?
Ram: in front of everyone we will act like we have patched upokay?
Priya: why?
Ram: the reason we got married in the first place was for the happiness of our families So once again, for their happiness, lets just pretend that everything is okay
Priya (she says angrily): okay, whatever!
Ram: Priya get some rest
He goes to help her lay down but than remembers his promise to not touch her and pulls his hands back, she notices his hesitation and thinks, Ram I will see how long you can keep your hands off me. Youre a man after all and all men want one thing. For men love equals sex and I saw the desire to make love burning in your eyes from the moment you locked the door. I will keep it burning, after all it is my ticket out of this forced predicament.  She lay down on the bed, turned to face away from Ram, pulled the cover over her shoulders and closed her eyes.
Ram smiled at his wifes pathetic attempt to conceal her love for him in the name of anger. He knew she was angry and she had every right to be but he also knew that in the face of love anger always loses. Adoring his wife as she slowly drifted off to sleep, he thought, Priya, I am so sorry, I hurt you so much in the past few weeks. But for all the hateful words I said, I will fill your world with the love that you deserve as best as I can I will shower you with the same love that you filled in my heart when I hated everything about this world.
He leaned forward, being careful not to touch her he whispered in her ears, I love you Priya.

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