Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kismat Ka Khel Part 19

Part 19

I never felt guiltier in my entire life than I did that same evening when I met Ram before leaving for Dubai. How can a man like Ram Kapoor look so defeated despite having people and things at his fingertips? And how can that same defeated man have so much determination and hope in his eyes for you that may be impossible to actualize? Money is the most misguided possession because although everyone loves money and needs money and can even fall in love for money; money can never experience the greatest feeling in the world because money can never buy love. Today, yesterday, and forever millions of girls will line up to marry Ram for his money, one of those girls being your own sister. But today, yesterday and forever millions of girls will be rejected because Rams heart beats only to the rhythm of your love.
Before boarding the plane to Dubai I gave your heart felt inscriptions to Ram, which was only for Ram since in every page of your diary there was always Ram. I offered to talk to you on Rams behalf umpteen times that day but my countless offers were rejected with sincerity. I remember his exact words,
Ram: Rajat, like you I also did not believe in love and even today I question love. But like you I was taught to love Priya style, absolute and pure. And I have no doubts in the love that Priya taught me. Her love is so strong that even Anjaan (he chuckled) who only wrote tragic love stories had to acknowledge its existence (rajat nodded). Right now she is very angry with me but love is something that can never be hidden and her love for me is visible in her pain.
Rajat: Wah kya baat hain Ram ji, now the student will teach the teacher.
Ram (says mockingly): haa haa very funny!! (they both laugh) Wish me luck yaar, Priya is very mad
Rajat (feels guilty): I am so sorry Ram this is all my fault, I dont know what I thinking when I decided to remove Priya from your life for your well-being.
Ram: dude thats enough. Its my mistake too, I should have been more trusting. Can I ask you for a favour.
Rajat: please dont embarrass me by asking such a question just tell me what I have to do. I am already feeling so guilty for straining your relationship with Priya.
Ram: Okay fine. My sister Apeksha who runs the Australian company is going to be coming to Dubai. She will be completing the observations for the malls you own and than sending me a report. Can you help her she is fairly new to the business world. I planned on going myself but Priyas health is not good and
Rajat (interrupts him): I will make that my top priority and you dont have to give any explanations. Priya needs you and I will be cheering for you from Dubai as you try to mend your relationship.
Ram: thanks yaar.
Rajat: dosti mein no Thank you
Ram: and no sorry either. Lets just forget everything and move forward
Both men were taking the initiative to iron out the kinks in their friendship when Ram gets a call from his mom. He excuses himself as Cady arrives on the scene with two coffees in her hands, one for herself and the other for Rajat. She hands it to him but his curiosity filled gaze is on Ram who is talking worriedly on the phone.
Krishna: Ram, where are you? Come home fast.
Ram (worried): What happened Ma? Priya? Is Priya okay?
Krishna: She is okay Ram but she is refusing to eat anything, maybe if you feed her.
Ram (shakes his head in despair and thinks, She will never eat from my hands Ma. Why the hell is Priya doing this, why is she behaving like a child?): okay Ma, make sure that she rests, I am coming just now.
He hangs up and turns around to see Cady and Rajat worriedly watching him. Calming himself down and resuming a balanced expression he tells them what happened.
Cady: Baas, itne si baat aur aap dono (she looks at Rajat and Ram) itne worried ho gaya
Ram: you dont understand Cady, Priya is very stubborn; she will never listen to me especially when she is angry she dons her sherni avatar and I stand no chance.
Rajat: Haan Cady this is not a joke. If Priya does not eat than how will she get better?
Cady (shakes her head and closes her eyes, she is clearly irritated): Rajat uncle, Ram uncle I like you both very much but you guys are overreacting. Khaair its not your fault entirely, cant expect too much from guys. The solution is quite simple; never send a guy to do a girls job. 
Rajat: what do you mean?
Cady explains the plan to both Ram and Rajat who instantly smile looking at each other and than back at Cady ecstatically. Ram bids adieu to them and thanks Cady numerous times before leaving to carry out the master plan.

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