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Kismat Ka Khel Part 28

Part 28
Priya: nothing (she walks towards the change room) I am going to change have fun watching your unromantic movie and stuffing your face with popcorn. If you need more than I will bring it for you after I am done changing, afterall I have no other use in your life. 
She locks the change room door, while Ram slams his palm on his forehead.
Ram: yaar yeh kya hogaya hmmm now think!! (he slums down on the bed and stuffs a handful of popcorn in his mouth and chews quickly as he thinks)
Priya gripped both ends of the wooden dresser table in a fit of rage, an emotion that was an unfamiliar reflection in the mirror that was hoisted in front of her. The feeling of rejection crept and forcefully sustained its place in her mind coercing a lone tear to spiral down her cheek making her even angrier. Her palm obstructed the tears journey down her cheek as she thought, Why the hell am I crying? Hes probably out there doing whatever relaxing thing he had in mind. Atleast he could have acknowledged my effort to impress him. Bawari thi main uss duffer ko impress karne ke chakar main meri pura mood off hogaya Still gripping on to one end of the dresser, she lifts her other hand up and was about to sweep it across the table pushing everything to the floor when she heard a knock on the locked change room door. 
Ram: Darling Darling Darwaaza khollo na darling Kyun itni naraaz ho jati hain? (She stops at the sound of his voice, her hands gripping the dresser tighter as she shuts her eyes and hangs her head low) Accha janta hoon, mujhe phir se galti hogaya I am sorry that I unknowingly hurt you BUT trust me darling its not what you think!!! (Her eyes open, her grip on the dresser loosens as she glances sideways at the door confused) Kuch toh bollo na Darling (His husky pleas successfully soothing her anger word by word as she walked towards the sound of his voice standing right across from him, separated by the locked doors) Accha theek hain kuch maat boliye but please hear me out Darling ap toh jaanti hain ke mein theory mein bahut acha hoon but practical mein thora weak hoon (She smiles silently through sobs as she remembers the night he told her that) That hasnt changed in the past five years, especially inn sub cheezo main, after all my darling wasnt here for me to practice with. (Ram scratches his temple, not believing that he had just said that. He was always bad at expressing his feeling when it came to matters related to love but for Priya he was willing to try everything sincehis happiness was in her smiling face.) Darling, what did you think I meant when I said, lets do something relaxing? (She blushed profusely knowing now exactly what he was referring too all along). Please darling, darwaza khollo main apki beegaar kaise relax karoonga? Aur agar relax nahi karoonga toh mein practice kabhie strong nahi bun paoga Darling if you love me, please open the door
She was flying in ecstasy at his words but hearing his repressing footsteps distancing away from the change room doors she quickly brought her feet back to the ground. The moment that she had re-collected her scattered thoughts and adorned herself to a presentable state she clicked open the door. Ram stopped dead in his tracks looking back at Priya who thankfully still had on her brilliant red, spaghetti strapped nightgown that he wanted to have the pleasure of removing from her body. His arousal returned as his heartbeat quickened, pumping blood vigorously to his erection, this time he walked confidently towards her with no intention of suppressing it. He stood in front of her, tagged by her gleaming eyes that watched him intently as he traced his fingers across her luscious lips. As he reached the corner of her now quivering lips, he twisted his hand slightly so that his fingers pointed towards her ear. She inhaled deeply and rolled her eyes shut as he grazed his fingers along her cheek to her ear. The overwhelming sensation of his touch was like no other; the expression on her face indicated a slight discomfort as she was clearly unable to contain her raging emotions but she unconsciously leaned towards his touch trying to experience more than she could possibly handle all at once. With his index finger resting just below her ear and the remaining digits caressing her neck, he slowly lifted her head up and placed a soft yet firm kiss on her forehead. Than with the same intensity he kissed both her eyelids, still caressing her neck he placed several gentle pecks along her cheek creating a trail to her lips. But before he reached his destination, she whispered, good night and walked past him towards the bed with a mischievous smile on her face.
For a split second she had thought that she had gotten away from him without a protest but the firm grip of his fingers wrapped around her wrist brought her back to the actuality of the situation. She turned around and saw his darting gaze travelling up the length of her body trying desperately to make contact with her shy lowered gaze. The gentle recoil of his arm tugged her closer to him as she looked up helplessly lost in his love with no desire to be found as she walked. An army of goosebumps assembled on the soft skin covering her waist as his hands crept slowly to her back She wanted to resist his touch but couldnt; it was like a sweet sword slaying her softly and she wished to remain defenseless because his victory ensured her the unlimited pleasure that she so badly craved. She crashed into his abdomen with her hands automically positioning on his chest as he yanked her close to him. He bent his fingers slightly moving his hand to her face and caressing her cheek making her grip his kurtha in her fist. Her lips parted as her eyes closed and he whispered against her lips, I am not letting you sleep tonight. She quickly turned around feeling him moving in for the kiss. He ran his fingers down the length of her arms intertwining with her delicate fingers and wrapping his arms around her abdomen pulling her closer. She was completely trapped in his hold as he nuzzled her shoulder causing her to squirm in his grip. The more she squirmed, the more he nuzzled and the more he nuzzled the wetter she got. Completely lost in the muscle pulsating sensation of his kisses, her sighs mingled with soft erratic moans.
He moved his hands down to her thighs gripping her nightgown and brushing his fingers against every inch of her body as he removed it. She turned around and pressed her body against his as she hugged him tightly trying to cover herself from his view. Understanding her nervousness, he carried her to the bed and placed her gently on the mattress and she quickly wrapped herself with the blanket turning on her side looking away from him. He took off his kurtha and joined her underneath the duvet and kissed her back several times making it arch to his touch before he placed his hand on her shoulder pulling her towards him until she lay flat on the mattress. He introduced his lips to hers parting it wider with every kiss and eventually surprising her by inserting his tongue slightly in her mouth making her moan. To his astonishment she returned the favour caressing his tongue with hers and running her fingers through his thick hair making his erection throb to be inside the woman that made it feel invincible. Still engaged in their passionate exchange, he positioned himself on top of her while she spread her legs apart to accommodate his presence. Placing several firm kisses on her lips, he trailed down to her ear and whispered, I need to be inside you. Following this statement, his arousal made its prescence felt inside of her; she moaned deeply as her inner walls stretched welcoming an old lover. He shut his eyes tight and groaned feeling her insides grip onto his arousal tightly with no intention to let him out without a fight. Priya, this feels more amazing than I remember. A thought eteched her mind triggered by the filling sensation of his arousal, he was much bigger and harder than she had remembered. He pulled out with great difficulty as she gripped the bedsheet anticipating a hardd thrust but instead he tortured every inch of her inner wall penetrating slowly. He noticed her lifting her pelvis up slightly to meet his as she closed her eyes and moaned. He kissed her eyelids as he moved slowly inside of her, does it feel good? her moan gave him an answer that spoke louder than anything that she could have said. He began kissing her passionately, slipping his tongue in and out of her mouth mimicking the action of his arousal. Her moans muffled by his action as she scractched her nails up his back desperate for a release. Something about the sensation of her nails tickling up his back made him increase his pace as he thrust relentlessly inside of her making her moan louder. Her body was hijacked by the pleasure of his penetrations, making her toes curl inwardly. As he continued the persistently rapid pace, he felt her insides clench several times while she grabbed the bedsheets and moaned, aahhhh.RAmm forcing him to the summit of his arousal, thrusting one last time before he fell on top of her
Priya: (Breathing heavily): Ram, get off, you are crushing me
He slid out of her body and rolled on the mattress beside her. He slept on his side facing her, while she lay flat on her back. He kissed her on her cheek and pulled her close to him, snaking his hands around her waist.
Ram: (breathing heavily): Sorry!!
Priya: (looked at him with a shy smile on her face) its okay (she looked away and up at the ceiling)
Ram: (he grabbed her hand from underneath the blanket and brought it to his lips placing a kiss as he moved closer to her) I love youDarling. (He smiled)
Priya: (looked at him joyfully and bit her lower lip) I love you tooPolar bear
Ram: arey after all this I am still a polar bear? Not fair Priya!!! (He sulked and lay flat on his back)
Priya: (smiled at his innoncence. She dragged herself close to him and caressed his face with her hands) I did not say unromantic (He looked away, she pulled his face towards her and kissed his pouting lips and whispered) Mujhe Polar bear bahut paasaand hain (His face lit up at the sound of her words and the touch of her lips. She rested her head on his chest)
Ram: (asks excitedly) Saachi?
Priya: (placed a gentle kiss on his chest) Haan Saachi
He wrapped his arm around her securing her close to him. It had been a long couple of months for Ram and Priya but by grace of God they were one again. The challenges and harsh words melted with the lovers that night, but the lessons remained forever. If you must love than love unconditionally and if you cant than dont bother. That is the farthest from the truth because for those who dont indulge in love the word unconditional is merely a word with no meaning. It is through the practice of love and the mistakes that we make while we are in love that we understand unconditional in all its purity. Ram and Priya fell asleep being blessed with one another and through their mistakes they learnt the value of love and immortalized their relationship forever.
The next morning Ram woke up rubbing his eyes and calling out for Priya. She came out of the change room all dressed up in a beautiful saree that complimented her flawless physique.
Ram: (said with a satisfying grin on his face) Good Morning my darling Priya
Priya: (angrily) whats so good about this morning.
Ram: (worried) what what happened?
Priya: youre asking me this question? You should know, dont you remember what you did to me last night? I told you that if you touch me I will leave this room and last night you did more than just touch me I cant stay in this room
Ram: wait ek minute (he goes to get up out of bed but he remembers that he is completely nude underneath the duvet.)
Priya: theres nothing left to say Ram Kal raat apne meri saat baahut bura kiya Ab mai aur nahi re sakti iss khamre mein
Ram had only than noticed the stack of sarees placed on the sofa when he saw Priya picking it up and walking towards the door.
Priya: I am taking these sarees for now because I cant stand to be in this room for another second After last night mujhe bahut daar lag raha hain I cant take any more chances, I am moving to the guest room and I will tell bansi kaka to bring the rest of my clothes downstairs.
Ram: Priya wait what happened last night was (She left the room and shut the door. Not allowing for him to finish his sentence)
Ram scrambled out of bed searcing for his kurtha, which he recalled to have thrown on the floor. However, there was not a single shred of clothing on the floor. He thought out loud, Priya must have cleaned up Very smart But what the hell has gotten into her? Last night she was fine. He managed to get dressed and ran downstairs to the guest room where he found Priya tidying the bed, dressing it with new linen. He walked into the room and grabbed her wrist, puling her to face him
Ram: what the hell Priya What is all this?
Priya: I already told you (She turns around and resumes tidying picking up the new linen from the bed. Ram tugs the linen from her but she also holds on tightly)
Ram: Priya let go of that and mera baat suno. I need an explanation damnit.
Priya: Ram I have to tidy my bed
Ram: (angrily) this is not your bed damnit; your bed is upstairs Chalo yahan se We will talk in the room
Priya: why in the room? Anyways that is not my room, this is my room so lets talk here. (she tries to loosen his grip on the linen, pulling it from him with all her might)
Ram: Accha theek hain (He lets go off the linen and she falls on the bed Before she realizes what had happened, he comes on top of her, pinning her hands down)
Priya: (she says nervously, looking at the open door) Ram what are you doing? Somebody might come in the door is open
Ram: So let them come What exactly did I do to you last night, which you didnt enjoy? Was it the way that I kissed you, because I felt you kiss me back just as passionately? Was it the way that I touched every inch of your body because I never heard you tell me to stop? Was it the way I made love to you, because I sensed your pleasure in your moans and the way your body responded to me inside of you? Tell me damnit What was it that made you decide to leave??? 
Apeksha: Bhaiya?
Ram: I said tell me Priya!!
Priya: Ram (She squirmed underneath him, trying to break free from his grip but he held her even tighter)
Ram: what is it Priya? I am not letting you go until you tell me
Priya: Ram Apeksha is here thats what I forgot to tell you (she signals for him to look at the door)
He quickly gets off of her and stands up lending his hands down to her and pulling her up as well.
Apeksha: bhai sorry am I interrupting?
Ram (nervously): nahi woh actually Priya fell on the bed
Apeksha: and you fell on top of her yeah I get it it makes perfect sense. (She chuckles as Ram and Priya look at each other and stare at the ground) Are you two going to spend all the love amongst yourself or will you share some with me (she walks towards Ram and hugs him and than she hugs Priya)
Ram: apne kaab aiya? You should have called, I would have came and picked you up
Apeksha: I did call But you were sleeping so bhabhi sent a driver. Its all good, I am here now with my family (she gets sad)
Priya: kya hua Apeksha? Why are you sad?
Apeksha: no baas woh I just missed everyone (She changes the topic) Bhabhi did you bring a saree for me?
Ram: (interrupts) saree??
Apeksha: haan bhai, actually bhabhi told me that everyone was going to the mandir this morning so I also wanted to go with them. But the problem is, the airline lost my luggage and so I only have this one pair of clothing. So I asked bhabhi if I could borrow one from her.
Ram looks at Priya angrily; she holds her ear gently and mouths, sorry”… He leaves the room saying, Apeksha, I will see you in a bit I have to change and get ready for the office. He didnt glance at Priya as he spoke.
Priya: Apeksha I brought you a few you can choose which one you like best and if you dont like any of these than I have more in my room
Everyone got ready and waited in the living room for Apeksha. She finally came out of the room dressed in a blue saree and walked towards everyone wearing a fake smile. Three steps in she felt dizzy, darkness overshadowed as she collapsed on the room. Priya screamed, Apeksha”… Ram came running down from his room and ordered Rishab to call the doctor. He lifted her up and took her to her room. The doctor arrived promptly, while everyone waited impatiently outside the room. Ram and Priya rushed to the doctor as soon as he stepped out of the room
Ram: what what happened to my sister?
Doctor: there is nothing to worry about. She seems a little stressed It is very important for her to take it easy, especially in this state she is resting now but when she wakes up, make sure she eats and takes care of her health
Priya: in this state?
Doctor: Haan Ms. Kapoor, Your sister-in-law is pregnant
Everybody is shocked at the news and once the doctor leaves Krishna breaks down crying Priya and Soumaya rush to her side
Priya: Ma calm down Soumaya go get Ma some water. (she rubs arm trying to sooth her) Ma its going to be okay..
Krishna: Priya nothing is going to be okay. Every mother dreads the day she hears that her unmarried daughter is (she sobs unable to finish the sentence)
Ram: Wait  til I get my hands on the man who did this to her Uss nalayak ke mein choorunga nahi Who can his father be?
Rajat: I am the father of this child

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