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Kismat Ka Khel Part 29

Part 29
Our relationship is strange PriyaEverytime I enter your life I create havoc unintentionally. This time was no different. Although Ram and I were on good terms after my attempt to wedge a wide barrier between the two of you, there was no forgiving my one-night-stand with his sister after he entrusted her in my care. In the heat of the moment even great men get carried away, add a few drinks to the mix and all hell breaks loose. Notice that I didnt use the term mistake to describe what transpired that night. How can I label it such when it was one of the best things that ever happened to me? Love is crazy right, but arent we all for willingly falling prey to it? However, I wasnt one of those people to surrender my heart without a fight. The last time I truly loved someone she broke my heart to pieces and the only way that I was ever able to move on was by putting up a brick wall around it. But after seeing your immense love for Ram and his love for you despite the misunderstandings, my heart became jealous. It wanted to break free and search for something as genuine as your love but my mind was not about to let its guard down and the brick wall remained intact only until love laid its next trap. Apeksha was a blessing in disguise an explosion in the solitude that I once used to call my life. Destiny must have had a blast watching me fall to my knees as every single brick crumbled to mere pebbles in just a little over a month of meeting her.
Everything happens for a reason, if it wasnt for you and Ram I would have never witnessed love in its truest form. And nothing happens before its time, which is why I met Apeksha only after I was able to properly describe and believe in my feelings towards her. We both knew that whatever happened that night had to be special because the feelings associated with that memory were definetly rare. Eventually Apeksha and I managed to sort out the awkwardness and transform a one-night stand into a relationship that although was born under the influence of liquor it was definitely meant to be. Spending time with each other we delved deeper into each others lives discussing our deepest secrets, our insecurities and greatest accomplishments. It was at that time that I revealed to her my prior desire to separate you from Ram for the betterment of his life. It was then that I realized why couples keep secrets from each other because although we say I love you no matter what, there is always a what that matters. For Apeksha this was it, she could not phantom the fact that I deliberately tried to ruin your relationship with her beloved brother. Moreover, she felt that I did this so that I could make you mine, she thought that I loved you and that I still do and therefore I couldnt have possibly loved her. I dont blame her. There was a time that I believed that I had fallen for you. But the truth is I never loved you, I loved the way that you loved everyone around you.
I couldnt live without calling her many times a day trying to get a hold of her so that I could translate this truth to her. But it was too late; she had changed her number and moved to Mumbai. Just like I put up a fight before I accepted love and let it into my heart, now that love was in my life, I had to put up a fight for it to stay. So I packed my bags and followed her to the Kapoor Mansion where I received the greatest news, I was going to be a dad! This happiness was short lived as an enraged Ram tousled me up for deceiving him before he threw me out of the mansion threatening to call the police if I ever came near Apeksha again. If I was in Rams shoes I would have done the same thing, but being myself, I felt that it was wrong of him to separate two lovers. I knew Apeksha loved me and I had to tell her that I loved her and ONLY her before she does something drastic to injure herself or our baby.
Priya You are a lifesaver. The way that you fought to keep Apeksha and me together was commendable. I knew I could count on you and all you wanted to hear was that Apeksha loved me just as much as I loved her. Remember that night you called me into the Kapoor Mansion so that you could sit and talk with Apeksha and I?
Priya watched as Ram slept peacefully on her lap. The thought of Apeksha and Rajat troubled him so much so that he was unable to sleep. He even gravitated towards sleeping pills for assistance but Priya stopped him in the nick of time Ram verbally lashed out at Priya for stopping him but his anger was nothing in comparision to the soothing effects that her words had on him. She rested his head on her lap while he wrapped his arms around her waist as she began stroking his head and caressing him to sleep. There was a hint of disarray on his face, undertoning the predominant peaceful expression that her careful gaze was not able to comprehend. The KM was dangerously quiet that week with all the joy sucked out from its occupants. The atmosphere was mimicking the silence that would prevail before a massive storm is about to erupt. She knew that Apeksha and Rajat liked each other but Ram refused to talk about the option of getting the two of them married. The SMS alert from her phone brought Priya back to reality. She read the text message, it was from Rajat and it read, I am outside. She replied, Okay I am coming. Stay there. She gently placed Rams head on the pillow and tucked him in. Before she left the room she kissed his forehead and thought, Dont worry Ram, everything is going to be okay. Priya brought Rajat into the guest room where Apeksha was also waiting for his arrival.
Rajat: Apeksha (he went towards her but she looked away and he stopped dead in his track with a look of sheer disappointment on his face)
Priya: ApekshaRajat what is all this?
Rajat told Priya everything that happened between them and why Apeksha decided to leave him. Apekshas ears perked up hearing Rajat confess that what he did was wrong but he only loved Apeksha and no one else.
Apeksha: why did you do it Rajat?
Rajat: (holding on to both her hands) I was stupid Priya got me so angry that day and I could not think straight. But Apeksha, I do not regret it
Apeksha: (she pulled her hands away) What???? why?
Rajat: Because Priya taught me how to love. She loved everyone despite all their anger and hatred towards her and I admire that. I actually accepted Cady and Raina because of her. Moreover, if it wasnt for the misunderstandings that I created than I might have never met you. Ram would have came to Dubai with me instead of sending you Apeksha today I realize the importance of love because of what Priya and Ram taught me. Today, tomorrow and forever I will profess and express my love for you, the same love that I shunned in the past. I cant live without you. Since the day that you left, I could only think of you and I know that we have only known each other for a short while but when we are together it feels like we have known each other for a lifetime. (he places his hand on her belly) I want our baby to come into this world as a symbol of our love and not be labeled a mistake (he grabs her hand and bends down on one knee) Will you marry me?
Apeksha pulls her hand back and turns to face away from him
Apeksha: its too soon Besides you are only asking me now because I am (she rubs her belly)
Priya observes, shocked by Apekshas rejection and is about to intervene when Rajat continues desperately.
Rajat (stands in front of Apeksha): Even if you were not pregnant, I would have asked you to marry me. I only want you and I only love you and from the moment I realized my feelings for you, all I wanted to do was marry you. So why should we delay? Why should we give the world an opportunity to point their fingers at our relationship, at our child? (he pauses) unless you dont love me. Thats the only explaination for your refusal Do you love me Apeksha? (she says nothing) Tell me Apeksha Answer me I love you like crazy Do you love me? Yes or No? (She does not say a word and turns away from him yet again) OkayI got your answer
He walks towards the door defeated
Apeksha: Wait!!
Rajat looks back at her She run towards him and hugs him tightly
Apeksha: I love you too Rajat! And yes, I will marry you
Upon hearing those words from Apekshas mouth, Rajat pulls her closer tighting his hold on her. Priya wipes away her tears of happiness.
Priya: (clears her throat loudly) thora toh sharaam karo I am still here. (they quickly back off of each other blushing profusely Apeksha shyly hugs Priya)
Apeksha: Thank you Bhabhi (she breaks the hugs and the smile on her face disappears as she says) But Bhai aur Ma?
Priya: dont worry; the three of us will pacify them I am sure that they will understand once they realize how much you two love each other. (She strokes Apekshas head) Now we have to convince them to get you two married (She is interrupted by an angry tone that rips through the serenity of the room)
Mein yeh Shaadi nahi hone dunga!!!

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