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Kismat Ka Khel Part 30

Part 30
Priya: dont worry; the three of us will pacify them I am sure that they will understand once they realize how much you two love each other. (She strokes Apekshas head) Now we have to convince them to get you two married (She is interrupted by an angry tone that rips through the serenity of the room)
Mein yeh Shaadi nahi hone dunga!!!
They turned around in sync to put a face to the voice that left them puzzled.
Priya: Ayesha, Tum!! Yahaan?
Ayesha: I live here di. You should be asking that question to Rajat. Oh wait, I forgot you are the one who called him here in the first place.
Priya: Ayesha this is none of your business. So it would be better if you dont interfere. I thought you would be the last to intervene in this situation I mean werent you the one who falsely testified against me to support Sid on the basis of love? So why cant Apeksha and Rajat love each other without your input?
Ayesha: Yes youre right I did But di I am shocked Atleast I supported my love and what are you doing? You know very well that Ram will never agree to this shaadi and instead of supporting him you are encouraging your (she scans Rajat from top to bottom with an annoyed glare in her eyes) ex-lover
Apeksha: Shut up Ayesha!!
Apeksha took two giant steps towards Ayesha. She raised her hand, driven by the sheer rage ignited by her words, which were still ringing in her ears as she pulled back to slap her. Her hand stopped en route to Ayeshas face as Ram intervened obstructing her hand with his grip before he flung it down to her side.
Ayesha: (excitedly) RamRam Its good that you woke up. I was just about to come and get you. Do you see whats going on here behind your back? Priya di didnt respect your love, while you were sleeping she
She stopped talking when she noticed that Ram was completely oblivious to her words. He walked past Ayesha, Apeksha and Priya, his angry gaze fixed on Rajat. Before Rajat could say anything, he grabbed his collar with one hand and dragged him out of the room; he released his collar, pushing him forward when they reached the living room. Priya begged him not to act irrationally out of anger as she followed him closely. But her words were miniscule in comparision to his fury.
Apeksha: (pleading) Bhai please we love each other and we want to get married
The commotion stirring in the living room startled everyone out of their sleep as they followed the noise and made their way into the living room
 Ram: (shouting) SHUT UP APEKSHA!! If he (points to Rajat) could deceive me, his best friend, by doing all this with you behind my back than what will stop him from deceiving you in the future? You have only known him for a little over a month, I knew him for over four years and STILL he didnt even have the decency to tell me I would have gladly agreed to your marriage than but not now not like this
Rajat: Ram I am so sorry that you are hurt by all this and you are right we should have told you sooner and you shouldnt have found out like this But Ram at that time we were so lost in each other and I swear in due time we would have told you but than things got out of hand, we had a fight and Apeksha came here. I love Apeksha so much Ram, (Ram listens angrily, his nostrils flared as he breathed heavily trying to calm himself down) and I promise to take care of her and our child. (He walks over to Krishna who turns her head so that she is not looking at him) Auntyji, (he glues his palms together while talking) please can you grant me Apekshas hand in marriage? I know you are angry auntyji but please iske saaza mujhe dijiye and not our innocent child who deserves a loving family.
Krishnas heart softens listening to his sincere request. Deep down in her heart she wanted Apeksha and Rajat to get married from the moment that she came to know about Apekshas pregnancy. The child growing in Apekshas womb was indeed innocent but the world would punish him severly for being conceived illegitimately. Krishna looked at Dadi with confusion in her eyes. Dadi walked towards Rajat and turned him to face her; she signaled Apeksha to come near her as well. The whole family watched anxiously as Dadi placed Apekshas hand in Rajats hand making it clear what her decision was regarding their marriage. Apeksha and Rajat smiled at each other before they bent forward and touched Dadis feet for blessing. They turned towards Krishna to seek her blessing as well but Ram interrupted.
Ram: WAIT! (Rajat and Apeksha looked at Ram along with the entire family) Ma, Priya I need to talk to you two alone in my room now
He walked up to his room; Priya and Krishna followed him in complete oblivion as to what might be stirring in his mind. Everyone glared intently at the closed doors as if the notion was that if they all stared long enough than they might be able to decipher what was conversing between the three of them in that room. 10 minutes passed by, than 15 and than 20 but there was still no crack in the door and everyones curiousity was now screaming desperately for confirmation. Finally the door opened and Ram stormed out, followed by Krishna Both Ram and Krishna were sporting the same infuriated expression on their face. Priya followed shortly after, wiping her tears as she walked through the open door. By now Ram and Krishna were at the bottom of the stairs.
Dadi: what happened? Krishna, Golu yeh saab kya hain?
Krishna: sorry mummyji but I am with Ram on this one I am also against this marriage
Ayesha was overjoyed with the news and seeing Priyas distraught face she knew that it was only going to get better for her
Priya: (She made her way down the stairs and stood next to dadi and in front of Apeksha and Rajat. Staring helplessly at Ram she said) I am with DadiRam bahut hogaya apka ziid. Janti hoon ki mein apki patni hoon but iska maatlab yeh nahi ke main apka galat facela mein apka saath rahoon (She stared at Ayeshas angrily as she spoke) I love you Ram (she looks back at Ram) but I cant let you ruin three lives because of your stubbornness Main yeh shaadi karwa ke rahoongi aur isme (she held Dadis hand) Dadi humare saath hain  This shaadi is going to happen and it will happen tomorrow, whether you like it or not... Tomorrow at 10am at the Shiv Parvati mandir, Apeksha and Rajat will get married and whoever wants to come is more than welcome.
Priyas words were true to every last letter. Dadi, Priya and Soumaya conducted all the arrangements so that Rajat and Apeksha could tie the knot. Rishabs heart pinned for Rams entry as he hesistantly stepped forward to perform the kanyadaan, knowing just how much this part of the ceremony meant to him. Priya placed her hand on his shoulder to comfort him as she nodded in approval. Although the marriage was rushed and conducted halfheartedly Priya and Dadi tried their very best to keep Apeksha happy. Marriage is a huge part of every girls dream and along with the pompous atmosphere in those dreams the presence of those that she loves the most always has a magic touch of its own. However, the bitter reality in life is that not all dreams come true; at the end of the day whats destined is bound to happen.
If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would make the sky and earth one to turn all of Apekshas dreams regarding marriage into a reality. However, when you told me about what had happened that day behind the closed doors, between you, mummyji and Ram I knew I couldnt be that selfish in my desires. The marriage had to be rushed and Apekshas dreams had to be shattered because her happiness would cause the family much grief at that point in time. But we savoured the happy moments that you, Dadi, Soumaya, Rishab and Neha created for us on the day that we got married. Your combined efforts did not go in vain, Apeksha and I would always cherish it to the best of our abilities. We all know that it is indeed a hard task to remember our marriage fondly; afterall it was on that same day that Pihu was kidnapped
Ayesha waltzed into her room, closed the door and finally smiled cheek to cheek as she dialed Mamajis number. She was almost certain that if she wished for a million dollars today she would get it. It was that kind of a day when everything was going in her favour, like all the stars aligned in the sky for the sole purpose of fulfilling her wish. Now that Pihu was kidnapped, the threat to her financial security was averted. Ram blamed Priya mercilessly for Pihus kidnapping pushing their relationship off the edge and eliminating any hope of it ever resurfacing again. Priya stayed mum throughout his verbal attacks, her silence and tears indicating that somewhere deep down inside of her, she also blamed herself. She was so busy perfecting the arrangements at Rajat and Apekshas wedding that she did not check up on Pihu who was also in the mandir with them. When it was time to leave after the wedding was over, she searched everywhere for Pihu but she was nowhere to be found. Ayesha lauged to herself thinking, Priya, afterall my love is way stronger than yours. Your love for Ram left you broken. My love for Sid will leave me prosperous. That annoying brat Pihu cannot be the heir of Rams wealth only Kush can and I am his mother so main raj karoongi, not you. Sid was right this was the ultimate plan. Killing two birds with one stone, Pihu is gone and very soon Ram will kick you out as well.
Mamaji: hello, hellooo HELLLO!! (Ayeshas snapped out of her dreamworld and pulled the phone away from her ears)
Ayesha: (snapped back angrily) why the hell are you screaming?
Mamaji: Arey kaamal hain! Kabse mein hello hello bol raha thaphone karti hain mujhko aur jab hello bolo toh chilati hain
Apeksha (calms down, nothing is going to ruin her mood today): Sorry Actually today is the day to celebrate we should not be screaming and fighting
Mamaji: Oye aaj apki birthday hain kya? Happy Birthday ji
Apeksha (kisses her teeth but remains calm shaking her head thinking, yeh bhuda bhi na) No its not my birthday Dont act so modest, you did such a big thing today and now you dont want my praises.
Mamaji: Can you please enlighten me and tell me what great mountain I moved today?
Ayesha: (looks around and checks to make sure her door is locked before she says softly) you kidnapped Pihu today Iss khushi ke liye celebration to banta hain our plan is moving forward really well Ram is on the brinks of kicking Priya out if Pihu is not found and how will she be found, when we have her
Mamaji: what I didnt kidnap her
Ayesha: (chuckles) Mamaji stop playing around
Mamaji: its not my age to be joking around haar waqt I am serious I dont have her Wait if we didnt kidnap her than who did?
Ayesha was about to say something when she was interrupted by Rams enraged voice HOW DARE YOU COME HERE AGAIN?
Ayesha: Mamaji I have to go, looks like somethings about to go down. I hear Ram screaming I will keep you posted.
That day I went to the Kapoor Mansion alone but I left with you. Ram very rudely made it clear that he refused to have you in his life until Pihu was found. Ayesha was the elephant in the room; while everyone wept seeing you leave not a single tear dared to ruin her make up. While everyone pleaded Ram to rethink his decision, not a single word leaked through your cunning grin. Sometimes, if you try hard enough from the bottom of your heart to achieve something even destiny allows you to succeed. That day Ayesha thanked her stars for the success that fell to her feet. Pihu was gone, you were gone, and all that remained of importance to her was Ram, her new bank account

PRECAP: Present time (Flashback ends): Priya awoke with a jolt, Pihu she screamed into the darkness and opened her eyes only to be greeted by emptiness, the bittertruth theme of her existence. She sat up in bed and gasped for air, her lungs were extra greedy, refusing to be satisfied with her intake. Breathing heavily she yanked the duvet off her body, which was completely drenched in sweat. She grabbed her phone from the nightable and clicked it on to check the time. Her vision blurred as tears blocked her sight and fell upon her phone that read proudly, 2:42am”… Wiping her tears she stared into the darkness immune to any fear associated with it, she whispered, Happy Birthday Pihu”… It was almost as if her phone was waiting for her to finish her sentence before it buzzed politely interrupting her train of thought. The number of missed calls and messages that she had received from Angel alarmed her. She thought, He must be missing her too.

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