Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kismat Ka Khel Part 31


Priya awoke with a jolt, Pihu she screamed into the darkness and opened her eyes only to be greeted by emptiness, the bittertruth theme of her existence. She sat up in bed and gasped for air, her lungs were extra greedy, refusing to be satisfied with her intake. Breathing heavily she yanked the duvet off her body, which was completely drenched in sweat. She grabbed her phone from the nightable and clicked it on to check the time. Her vision blurred as tears blocked her sight and fell upon her phone that read proudly, 2:42am”… Wiping her tears she stared into the darkness immune to any fear associated with it, she whispered, Happy Birthday Pihu”… It was almost as if her phone was waiting for her to finish her sentence before it buzzed politely interrupting her train of thought. The number of missed calls and messages that she had received from Angel alarmed her. She thought, He must be missing her too. Browsing through her messages, she opened each one that he had sent her
Angel: [first message] Hey! Why arent you answering any of my phone calls? I am going to call again, please answer…” [Second message] Still no answer!! Cmon Priya. I know its late but I really need you right now. [Third message] Are you mad at me Priya? Why have you been dodging my calls? I tried calling many times yesterday and I wont stop until you talk to me. [Fourth message] Okay, so youre not going to answer? Thats okay I will just keep tryingGood luck trying to catch any sleep tonight dear. [Fifth message] Fine, dont answer my phonecalls but atleast text me about how your day was? [Sixth message] I missed you a lotWaise I miss you everyday but today I miss you so much Priya why are you ignoring me? Acha I am sorry for whatever it is that I have done to piss you off. Now please receive my call Today is her birthday Priya I need to talk to you; I have to clear the guilt from my conscience. Please answer; I need you to comfort me We both need each other please confide your sorrows to me [Seventh and last message] DAMMIT PRIYA!! I have had enough I have been trying to communicate with you because I am desperately craving your prescence but you are behaving so stubbornly. I want to know what is troubling you, why you have not been eating properly ever since you left with Rajat and why you are ignoring my calls? Dont I have the right to know the answers to these questions instead of being pushed away like I am nothing more than a stranger? Fine, you dont want to talk than I will just act like a stranger that you take me as and not call or message you anymore. Good night!
The anger in which he wrote his last message was as false as his claim to not call again. His name vandalized her call logs intermittently for the rest of the night. Heaving a sigh of uncertainty she collected her scattered emotions and selected, create new message on her phone. Before her thumbs could attack the keypad to reassure him with the fake belief that she was absolutly fine, the phone buzzed in her grip. It was a message from him She quickly opened it trying desperately to conceal the intense joy that was overfilling in her heart at the sight of his message, which read, P.S. I forgot to tell you something Although it goes without saying, I must say it regardless so that you are constantly reminded of your importance in my life I LOVE YOU PRIYA!!! <3 more than you can ever imagine more than I can ever express and more than you can ever feel but nonetheless I love you so so much!! His words were divine; each letter kissed her heart passionately creating an impactful spark that roamed freely thorough her soul pushing it closer to the joy that the current situation had forbade her to indulge in Her thumbs pounded the keypad viciously as she couldnt help but reply
Priya:  I love you too Ram oops I mean Angelji…”
Angel:  (she received almost instantly after she sent her message) Thank god Priya I cant tell you how happy I am to finally hear back from you Waise Priya you can call me whatever you want because any way that you choose to address me would always sound sweet when it passes your beautiful lips. I have just registered this phone number under the alias Angel so that no one can trace our conversation, but I am always YOUR Ram
Priya: (blushing): haan janti hoon do you want me to call you or will you call?
Ram: NO! I dont want you to call me and I dont want to call you either
Priya: kyun?
Ram: Kyun ki my darling ab sirf phone call se nahi chalenga I want to not only hear your voice but also see my beautiful wife Come on videochat please for oldtimes sake woh kya hain na mera sabse important file is lost and I want to look for it
Priya: Acha so your file is here in Rajats house?
Ram: Exactly!! Woh kya hain na, Rajat is taking care of this file until I take care of other pending business Cmon Priya get up, go grab the laptop and sign in to videochat Trust me itll be well worth your while. I have a surprise for you! ;)
Priya: Fine Baba! Ek Second!!
Ram waited impatiently online for Priya, who was taking her sweet time He texted, Ek second is over darling. Waiting another five minutes he texted, Yaar Priya. What the hell are you grabbing your laptop or building one from scratch? Hurry up, I cant wait any longer. The SMS alert tone acted like her alarm, with each message she tried to move faster. Finally she signed on and immediately saw his chest heave up and down slowly as he sighed, thoroughly relieved to see the love of his life after so long. Prior to this encounter they had kept in touch with each other through phone calls but this was magical. Ram took charge initiating the conversation:
Ram: You look amazing I missed you so much
Priya:  I missed you too Waise youre looking……
Ram: Haan boliye I am looking???
Priya: You are looking (she swallowed and than bit her lower lip before she said) absolutely the same. Ekdum Golu
Ram: Priya yaar, this is not fair I gave you such a nice compliment and you (he pouted with his arms folded across his chest as he looked away from the camera) Chaliye, I dont want to talk to you anymore
Priya: Arey, Ram it is a compliment I love Golu because there is more of you to love
Ram: (looked at her excitedly) Saachi??
Priya: (shyly looking down) Haan saachi! Okay Ram tell me whats the surprise?
Ram: Gosh you are so impatient Priya Wait a little bit longer In the meantime, tell me how is Apeksha and Rajat?
Priya: They are good Apeksha is still a little mad because she doesnt know that everything that happened that day was all a plan. But in her anger there is love She has immense love and respect for you, Kaash meri sister bhi mujshe pyaar karti. But instead she only wanted to hurt me And if she hurt me thats fine but she wanted to kidnap Pihu to tear us apart
Ram: Haan I know Apeksha loves me a lot and I love her too. I regret that I could not do the kanyadaan for her, Priya you know that that was always my dream Kahin na Kahin Ayeshas selfishness is my fault. I should have never supported her financially. Unintentionally, I stripped her of the independence that could have taught her to be disciplined and also a good mother. She never had to struggle to achieve her dreams so she took everything for granted. That day when I heard her talking about her evil intentions on the phone I knew that her desire had become so toxic that she is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to accomplish her goal; she plotted her own sons kidnapping so that I could get mad at you and kick you out of my life. If it werent for Soumaya I would have thrown her out of the mansion that very same night. But she was right, if I had done that it would have been like whacking a beehive she would have just become more enraged and dangerous I had to keep her close and watch her every move; that was the only way that I could defeat her, mamaji and Sid. So I traced her phonecalls, each and every single one that she made to mamaji. It wasnt a difficult task since I am the account holder of all the cellphones registered in the Kapoor Mansion.  The week that I found out about Apeksha and Rajat was the same week that I overheard Ayesha talking about excuting the master plan. After digging further into this plan I realized that it revolved around kidnapping Pihu so that she could not be the inheritor of my wealth. I just played along with her plan and stole a page from her book
Priya: it breaks my heart that my baby has to go through so much just because she is our daughter. When you took me into the room with mummyji I couldnt believe my ears but my hands were tied. I knew Ayesha had changed but I never knew that she would be so blinded by her love for Sid that she would use her own son as a means to her selfish end. Kush was nothing more than a blank cheque and it was time for her to cash him in but before she did that she had to eliminate Pihu and than subsequently me.  Thank god Ram, the way that you investigated calmly into their evil plans and protected your family from any harm speaks volume to who you are as a father and I am proud that you are my husband
Ram: This is all thanks to you (she looks at him confused) You are ACP Pradyuman na so I also learnt a few tricks from you
Priya: Very funny (They both share a laugh)
Ram: No but seriously Priya I am blessed to have you in my life You equipped me with my greatest weapon and that is to not just glance at the surface of a situation before arriving to a conclusion. I am so so so sorry for saying those harsh words to you
Priya: Its okay Ram your hateful words might have hurt you more just saying it to me than it did for me to hear it from you Besides we had to make Ayesha believe that our relationship had shattered indefinitely. We had to make the effects of Pihus kidnapping on our relationship look real so that she does not suspect that you had Pihu moved to a safe location in Dhaijaans care. Dhaijaan should be enjoying the happiness of being served by her daughter-in-law and despite her ailment she still volunteered to live in an undisclosed location with Pihu. Baas I just want all of this too be over soon, so that we can come home and be a family again. So that Apeksha knows your intentions and you can bless her marriage. Did you know that she is in her 8th month of pregnancy? Pretty soon you will be a Mama Ram!!
Ram: Yeah she is two weeks into her eighth month I have anxiously counting down the days, it is about time that we see our share of happiness for good this time Do you really think that she will forgive me? Especially since I kept all this away from her?
Priya: No I dont think so I know for sure she will forgive not only you but all of us it is better that she keeps away from all this tension so that it doesnt have a negative impact of her child. Now enough of all this!! Tell me one thing, where exactly are you? This does not look like our room
Ram: thats because its not our room. Im in a hotel room... in Delhi
Priya: KYA??? What are doing there?
Ram: ummm woh, Suhagraat ka tyaari

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